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Name: Nicole Deciantis Cohort: A1

Lesson Plan
Lesson Title: ___Concert Singing Preperation___ Grade: __5_ Date: __Dec. 7, 2016___

Subject/Strand: ___Arts___Unit:_Music_ Location: __Classroom___ Time: (length in minutes): __30 min__

Lesson Plan Description (What are you teaching? How does it fit into the context of the unit? What are the big
ideas/essential/enduring understandings?)

During this lesson, students will be practicing for the Christmas concert. Students are practicing a
cappella, and how to harmonize with their classmates.

Ontario Curricular Overall Expectations (numbers from documents and details)


Ontario Curricular Specific Expectations (numbers from documents and details) selected & listed from the Ont.
Curriculum, refined when necessary, has verbs that are observable & measureable, has realistic number of expectations (1 to 3), have
expectations that match assessment


Learning Goals Discuss with students: What will I be learning today? (clearly identify what students are expected to know
and be able to do, in language that students can readily understand.)

Today I will learn

How to perform (sing) a cappella as a class.
Success Criteria Discuss with students: How will I know I have learned what I need to learn? (Clearly identify the criteria
to assess students learning, as well as what evidence of learning students will provide to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and
thinking, in language that students can readily understand).
I can: sing a cappella to the song, Thats Christmas to me.
I can: harmonize with my classmates during this time.
I can: show effort in relation to my singing abilities.
Assessment How will I know students have learned what I intended?
Achievement Chart Categories (highlight/circle the ones that apply):
Knowledge and Understanding; Thinking; Communication;
Assessment For, As, Of Learning (Circle One) (Describe way(s) you and/or your students will assess.)

Assessment Mode Assessment Strategy and Task Assessment Tool - Instrument used to
Written, Oral, Performance for Students- What are the students assess task and record learning e.g.,
(Write, Say, Do) Indicate doing to show their learning? e.g. turn and rubric, checklist, observation sheet, turn/talk, role play
whether talk, role play/individual, cooperative, etc. etc.

AS Students are showing their Students will show their learning

learning through the gradual through their own self-assessment,
Oral increase in their musical and through teacher assessment.
(singing) abilities. Students will Students are asked to verbally rate
show that they are able to themselves in a scale from 1-10. The
memorize songs, and sing them teacher will then provide them with the
with effort, and clarity. level they believe the students are
singing at. This will not be a formal
assessment but will be attributed
through the amount of effort students

Lakehead University Orillia, 09 02 15


Prior Learning: Prior to this lesson, students will have

* Students practiced singing for their concert yesterday.
* Students have prior experience in relation to music especially in daily life.

Differentiation: Content, Process, Product, Environment, Assessment/Accommodations,

Students do not require any differentiation for this lesson. A & M are familiar with the song
for this concert or have memorized it.
Learning Skills/Work Habits Highlight/circle ones that are assessed: responsibility, organization, independent work,
collaboration, initiative, self-regulation
Students will be assess based on their effort, their participation, and their abilities to sing as a group to create an appealing song.
Vocabulary (for word wall and/or to develop schema)
A cappella

Resources and Materials /Technology Integration List ALL items necessary for delivery of the lesson. Include any
attachments of student worksheets used and teacher support material that will support communication of instruction. Include the use
of Information Technology (ICT) in your lesson plan where appropriate.
Lap top, projector, speakers.
Thats Christmas to me:
Piano Version:
Thats Christmas to me lyrics,
Learning Environment (grouping; transitions; physical set up)

Students will be in the normal classroom environment. Students will practice songs in relation to the relative music videos needed to
assist them.
Students may practice standing in the classroom to mimic the upcoming Christmas concert set up.

Cross Curricular Links

Three Part Lesson

Identify what the students are expected to think about or do. Write the lesson description with
enough detail that another teacher could replicate the lesson without a personal discussion.
What Teachers Do: What Students do:

Minds on: Motivational Hook/engagement /Introduction (5-15 min)

Establish a positive learning environment, connect to prior learning, set the context for learning, pre-determine key questions to guide
Time: ______-___2 min__ (Indicate time breakdown of
instructional elements)

Give me 10!
Okay class, we will be working on practicing
for the Christmas concert for the next 30
Today you will be focusing on, singing as a
group to perfect the a cappella song Thats
Christmas to me. You will work on harmonizing as
a class during this time.
And you should be showing effort in relation to
your singing abilities. Karaoke!

Should we start with the piano version, or the

karaoke version?

Okay, then we will work on the piano version


Lakehead University Orillia, 09 02 15

Action: During /Working on it (time given for each component, suggested 15-40 min)
Introduce new learning or extend/reinforce prior learning, provide opportunities for practice & application of learning.
Time: ______-___25 minutes__ (Indicate time breakdown of
instructional elements)

Teacher plays Karaoke song for the class to Students practice singing Thats Christmas
sing along to. to me.
A 6, A 7.
How would you rate yourselves during that song?
I want to hear you do better, sing like 10s

Teacher plays song again.

This time we will be working on the piano version

so that you can practice harmonizing. That
means you will work on singings at the exact
same time. As well lets remember to sing the
background sounds, and for the boys to sing
louder for their solo! A 10! A 9!

What do you rate yourselves now?

I think you were all singing at about an 8. Lets
try one more time, and I want to hear you all be
loud, and harmonized.

Teacher plays piano version again.

Great job class!

Consolidation & Connection (Reflect and Connect) (5-15 min.)

Help students demonstrate what they have learned, provide opportunities for consolidation and reflection.
Time: ______-___3 min__ (Indicate time breakdown of
instructional elements)

How do you think the last song went? It went well!

What can you work on to better this song? We can practice more. We can focus on learning
all the words.
For tomorrow, you should all go home and
practice other portions of the song other than the
chorus. You all sing the chorus very well, but its
the rest of the song that needs to be practiced.

Extension Activities/Next Steps (where will this lesson lead to next)

Students will continue to work on their Christmas concert prep until the concert date.

Personal Reflection (what went well, what would I change, what will I have to consider in my next lesson for this subject/topic)
The Lesson:

The Teacher:

Lakehead University Orillia, 09 02 15