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Venus Retrograde in the Birth or Natal Chart

Venus is retrograde approximately 7-8% of the time, so that approximately 7-8% of

people are born while Venus is retrograde.

When Venus is retrograde in the natal chart itself, the feeling nature is deep.
Socializing is taken seriously, and rarely lightly. They can be somewhat shy in youth,
as there can be an awkwardness felt concerning small talk and social graces, and an
aversion for superficialities. Love is extremely important to a person with a
retrograde Venus, but they may not be explicit about it enough for others to know
just how deeply they can love. There is always more to this person than meets the
eye. Their love life (and sometimes financial life) can be hidden in some

People born under Venus retrograde have to watch for self-sabotage in love
relationships. There may be an underlying feeling of not being good enough,
attractive enough, or loveable enough. Deep insecurities can be present. Self-love
can be an issue. Fears can lead them to overcompensate, such as overeat, serial
date, etc.; or can have the opposite effect wherein the person tells themselves they
dont need love. The same person can swing from both poles in one lifetime. A
balance, of course, is ideally sought.

It is especially important for Venus retrograde people to avoid looking for happiness
outside of themselves. Create happiness within, take responsibility for your own
happiness, and then the love that you deserve will come to you.

Relationships can seem to make or break a person born with Venus retrograde, and
this is because they take relationships so very seriously. There is a deep-seated fear
of rejection with this position. Emotionally, there can be a very long recovery period
after a break-up, unusually so, whether the Venus retrograde person has physically
moved on or not. It can take many years to
emotionally get over a difficult relationship or break-

Venus retrograde people can have an unusual set of

values regarding love relationships at least thats
what others may think. Nevertheless, their ideas are
very important and real to them, and many Venus
retrograde people follow a strong moral code its
just not necessarily the same code the majority

Some retrograde Venus natives seem to be buying

love, or they may show their love through
materialistic attention more than others if they are not comfortable with what they
have to offer as a person. Love and money can be tied together too closely with this
position. Venus retrograde natives may in fact lose money through relationships.

There can be privacy or secrecy around finances with retrograde Venus. Perhaps
they keep a hidden stash, or conversely, they might privately struggle with debt,
they could be a closet shopaholic, or they might secretly gamble, for example.
There may also be a problem asking for what they are worth. There may be
inhibitions when it comes to accepting money, asking for a raise, or going after
high-paying jobs. People with Venus retrograde in their charts may not charge
enough for their services.

There can also be too-high standards for themselves with this position. While
retrograde Venus people abhor superficiality in others, they may be focused on
superficial aspects of themselves, such as through excessive body
awareness/shyness or worry about their physical beauty. This is ironic, and people
with this position should seriously consider why they have different standards for
themselves than they do for lovers.

Insecurities can lead to over-compensation, often with the traits of the Venus sign,
as a means to avoid laying their hearts on the line. For example, emphasis can be
on sex rather than intimacy, or material gifts rather than more spiritual or direct
demonstrations of affection.

Venus retrograde is sometimes associated with delayed love or delayed marriage.

However, many retrograde Venus natives do form early close unions. Generally
speaking, though, they often take a long time to really give themselves up to the
whole process of union. There can be a lot of hesitancy.

Retrograde Venus natives are often misunderstood. This has to do with two things:
for one, their ideas about love, marriage, womens roles, and relationship are not
necessarily traditional; for another, they may keep their true feelings to themselves,
compounding the problem. Defense mechanisms can make it appear that
retrograde Venus natives are not as emotional as they truly are. In fact, they feel
very deeply and take a long time not only to warm up to and trust someone, but
also to move on after a difficult relationship.

They can be deep thinkers when it comes to love and relationship, seeing issues
and flaws that others may not always see, and this can be one of the reasons why
their ideas and attitudes are off the beaten track. Many are strong womens rights
advocates and have a particular soft spot for victims of rigid rules and expectations.

Retrograde Venus natives can be a little difficult to love, as they seem to need more
reassurance than others. There can be difficult childhood or early love experiences
that contribute to complicated needs and fears in their current love life.
I do not believe that when Venus transits retrograde, people born with Venus
retrograde have a grand old time. They may be a little more accustomed to the
energy that is present during the 40 or so days of Venus retrograde, however, so
they might appear to handle this period better than others.