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Direct instruction

Teacher(s): Ms. Garcia Subject: 8th grade English

Standard(s): Common Core, Arizona Career and College Ready Standards, ISTE Standards apply to this lesson

o Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text,
including its relationship to the characters, setting, and plot; provide an objective summary of the text.

Objectives (Explicit): Use Blooms verbiage and formula

Students will be able to list all characters that are seen as main characters or characters with key roles
within the Utopian society from the text given (The Giver by Lowis Lowry)
Students will be able to utilize from their lists of characters and determine how those characters affect the
main character.

Evidence of Mastery (Measurable): An actual product /Include an explanation of how you are going to grade/grading
tool? (rubric, checklist, etc.)

During class, students will take notes of what is discussed. At the end of class, students will turn in a summary of what was
discussed in their small groups as well as what was discussed as a class and answering the following questions I have given
them individually. They will write at least three questions that they would hope to have answered from the next portion of
the reading. This will show their participation within the classroom setting as well as incorporating the text in the

How does the Giver train Jonas and why do you suppose the author chose this method?
Why do Jonas parents refuse to tell him they love him?
Why does Jonas mother discourage Lily from becoming a birthmother, what does this say about the
mothers character?
Why do you think Jonas wanted to share the description to only Lily? What is her importance within the
Key vocabulary: Materials/Technology Resources to be Used:

Opening (state objectives, connect to previous learning, and make RELEVENT to real life) ENGAGE/ hook the students

Students will have read the first three chapters of The Giver
Ask students to describe what a utopian society is
This will lead into the discussion of why they think the idea of a utopian society was created and how it
correlates to the society in which we live in.
Teacher Will: Be specific Student Will: Be specific

Show video on a Utopian society Describe a utopian society and the reason
Give examples of what makes a society a why there is a want for this.
Utopian society Be able to refer characters by name
Refer back to the reading that was assigned
Recall the characters and the their correlation
within the Utopian society
Instructional Input

Co-Teaching Strategy/Differentiation How will your instruction look different for those students who need
differentiation or accommodations during your instructional input/teaching?

Not only will I be showing a video regarding of a utopian society, but I will write key terms on the board
to emphasize the importance of the characteristics that correlate to a utopian society for those who are
kinesthetic. These terms that are repeated (i.e. equal living standards, perfect world, no problems, no
sickness) will be associated with characters from the readings to help students develop a list of the
characters and the correlations of the utopian society and the effect it has on them that will lead to the
next part to the guided practice.

Teacher Will: Be specific Student Will: Be specific

Split students into small groups to discuss Be able to compose a list of characters and
among themselves the characters from the specific characteristics that are attributed
readings towards them.
Elaborate how each character has a specific Explain the link between the secondary
Guided Practice

role that is in correlation to the main characters and the main character
Co-Teaching Strategy/Differentiation/Check for Understandinghow are you going to know if EACH student is
ready to move onto independent practice? And how are you going to differentiate if they do not understand?
Having a list of characters already prepared, students will recall back to their previous reading and come
up with small details (i.e. facial detail, what job position they are working towards, their relations towards
the main character) of each character that they are capable of referring back to in order to determine their
role in the utopian society . Each student will have to have their own list they created with their partners
to help give them a reference back to the characters that were introduced.
Independent Practice

Teacher Will: Be specific Student Will: Be specific

Tests students knowledge of the class lesson Be able to develop a solid idea of what a
on a utopian society utopian society is
Tests students knowledge of the knowing of Be able to make inferences of what thee
the characters introduced thus far from the importances of each character holds in
reading. this utopian society and to the main
Co-Teaching Strategy/Differentiation How will your instruction look different for those students who need
differentiation or accommodations?
In order to test students knowledge on a utopian society and the characters from the books, students will
have to write a summary or draw a summary of what they learned about a utopian society. This will help
utilize those who are kinesthetic from those who are able to use their art to express their learning. This
will help students stay engage in a creative way that will help them remember the class lesson and retain
the information better so they can than reference back as they move forward in their reading.
Closing/Student Reflection/Real-life connections: What connections will students make to their real lives? What essential
questions will they reflect on in their closure of the lesson?

Students will be able to take the understanding of a utopian society and correlate it with our current societal
living. They will be able to describe the differences between this ideal of perfect living with the imperfect and
elaborate on how everyone plays a role within a community no matter what the job description is. An ending
question I want the students to take with them and think about is, would you rather live in a colorless world
(utopian society where everything is viewed as perfect) or live in a world full of color (todays society) and why?