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Justine B.

Nacomel November 11, 2016


Descendants of Adam and Eve

In our daily lives, we walk around and see people everywhere. Given a certain place, we
would see that most of the people who live there have common features, same skin tone, same
hair color, same eye color, height, etc. And more often than not, we would ask how did this
happen. Did something happen in the old days that caused a schism in the path in which our
ancestors crossed? Did even come from the same species? Where the hell did we come from?
Africa is considered as the birthplace of the human race. The first humans traversed the
desert and field of Africa before going to other places of the globe. But who is the first human? It
wasnt known until 1974, when David Johansen found pieces of the skeleton of who is now
considered as the missing link between apes and humansLucy. As time progresses, Lucys
kind, Australopithecus afarensis, evolved into two kinds Australopithecus boisei and Homo
habilis. The Homo habilis further evolved into Homo erectus and to the modern humans, Homo
sapiens. These species began to spread out to other parts of the globe taking northern and
southern routes, and since then have continued to evolve in the humans that we now have today.
The species mutated in accordance to the kind of environment they live in. That is the reason
why people coming from different places have different features.
That theory stated above is believable enough. However, another study opposes the how
the first humans left Africa, instead of having different routes that lead to different places, the
theory suggests that there is only one major exodus from Africa that took place. The early
humans made their way out of Africa and went all the way to South Asia they continued to
spread out to other parts of the world, however, not all of them have evolved into the modern
humans. Some have become some other type of humans that have gone through another patha
path that led to the extinction of their kind, the Neanderthals. The path that lives, however, has
led a path in which our species belong now today. Even though people from different parts of the
world look different from each other, it is still believed that there is a common ancestor for all of
them. Tracing the genes of people from different races proved that there is only one ancestor,
genetic mutations have brought about the differences of the people.
Tracing the mitochondrial DNA of people from different races and finding the differences
is more of a concrete evidence of how the first humans came out from Africa as it can show how
where the differences in the DNA lies and where they started to differ. Although there are
evidences that show that the first humans came out in several ways and then spread out to the
rest of the world, there may have errors in the lineages and parts may have been disregarded.
Whatever race we may belong to today, we still belong to the same species that came
from one common ancestor.