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Viscerosomatic Reflexes

System/Organ Sympathetic Parasympathetic

Head and neck T1-T5
Phrenic nerve C3-C5 right
Myocardium T1-T5 left Occiput, C1, C2
Coronary artery C3-C5 (sympathetic?)
Cardiac rate/rhythm T1-T2 C2 left (vagus)
Trigeminal: final common pathway,
Upper respiratory tract T1-T5
temporalis muscles, occiput, C1, C2
Lung T1-T4
Bronchomotor reflex T1-T3 ipsilateral
Asthma reflex T2 left
Occiput, C1, C2
Bronchial mucosa reflex T2-T3 ipsilateral
Lung parenchyma reflex T3-T4 ipsilateral
Parietal pleura T1-T12
Esophagus T3-T6 right
T5-T10 left [cardiac T4 right, fundus T5
left, pylorus T6 left]
Duodenum T6-T8 right Occiput, C1, C2
Small intestine T8-T10 bilateral or right
Appendix and Cecum T9-T12 right
Ascending colon T11-L1 right
Descending / Rectum L1-L3 left S2-S4
Pancreas T5-T9 bilateral or right
Occiput, C1, C2
Liver/Gallbladder T5-T10 right
Spleen T7-T9 left
Urinary Tract
Kidney T9-L1 ipsilateral Occiput, C1, C2
Proximal ureter Occiput, C1, C2
Distal ureter T11-L3 ipsilateral S2-S4
Bladder S2-S4
Urethra T11-L2 ipsilateral
Genital Tract
External Genitalia T12 bilateral
Fallopian tubes
Seminal Vescicles T10-L2 ipsilateral S2-S4
T0-T11 ipsilateral
Uterus T9-L2 bilateral S2-S4
Pituitary C1-C2 (midcervical, upper thoracic) cranial
Thyroid T2 (upper thoracic flexion hump) C2 (vagus)
Adrenal glands T8-T10 ipsilateral

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Viscerosomatic Reflexes
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