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Grade 2
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Grade 2

( 1 ) (20) ( ) 12
1 34

1 Bert was very hungry, so he ordered a big steak for dinner. When it arrived,
it was ( ). He could only eat about half of it.
1 offensive 2 abrupt 3 enormous 4 familiar

2 When Paul quit his editing job, his boss started looking for a ( ).
The boss interviewed many people and nally hired someone to do the job.
1 replacement 2 distributor 3 navigator 4 witness

3 Bruce Machado received a lot of ( ) for his new album when he

gave a free concert in the park. The concert was even shown on TV.
1 poverty 2 publicity 3 solution 4 separation

4 A : Honey, the Moonstar Airlines website says that each passenger can bring one
20-kilogram bag on the ight, but I dont know how much that is in pounds.
B : Just multiply the number by 2.2. That will ( ) it into pounds.
1 melt 2 reuse 3 strike 4 convert

5 In order to ( ) for a job as an assistant chef at the hotel, Keith took a

cooking course. Soon after he received his license, he got the job.
1 protest 2 qualify 3 betray 4 illustrate

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Grade 2

6 The builder did not give an exact date for when the work on Marys house
would be nished, but he said it would take ( ) three weeks.
1 peacefully 2 voluntarily 3 consciously 4 approximately

7 James has to be more careful with his money these days because he now has
to pay for his parents medical costs. This has become a heavy nancial
( ) on him.
1 terminal 2 whistle 3 burden 4 voyage

8 The little boy asked his mother not to ( ) him by kissing him in
front of his friends. He said that they would all laugh at him.
1 envy 2 exaggerate 3 embarrass 4 enlarge

9 Money ( ) into Hawaii during the holiday season because of the

large number of tourists during that period.
1 ows 2 shares 3 argues 4 marries

10 Mary kept talking about somebody in the ofce, but John was not sure who
she was ( ) to.
1 fading 2 referring 3 maintaining 4 supplying

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11 A : Honey, I have to go to Daves house. I promised to help him x his car this
B : OK. Hey, ( ) cars, could you put gasoline in ours while youre out?
1 speaking of 2 waiting for 3 dealing with 4 heating up

12 When Ellie bought her house, she borrowed money from the bank. But she
also paid in ( ) with money she had saved.
1 detail 2 trouble 3 part 4 touch

13 Howard Baker is a comedian, but he is appearing in a movie that is serious

( ) funny. It is about a man recovering from an injury after a car
1 much more 2 at best 3 except for 4 rather than

14 A : Why do I have to show my ID every time I visit this company?

B : We ask all visitors to show their ID as a ( ) of course.
1 sense 2 number 3 title 4 matter

15 A typhoon warning was ( ) along the coast all morning. People were
asked to stay indoors until the storm had passed.
1 in fashion 2 on demand 3 in effect 4 on duty

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Grade 2

16 When Judy gave her presentation, she spoke loudly ( ) of the people
in the back of the hall.
1 for a change 2 for the benet
3 at the sight 4 at the expense

17 The hiking trail had been ( ) for such a long time that it was
covered with tall grass and weeds.
1 out of use 2 out of place 3 on the go 4 on the run

18 Erica ( ) about her bosss decision to give her a pay raise. She had
thought he did not like her work performance.
1 was confused 2 was confusing
3 confused 4 confusing

19 Ben went to work as usual this morning ( ) he was not feeling well.
1 still more 2 for instance 3 even though 4 in case

20 ( ) down at an empty desk in the library, Greg took his books from
his bag and began his homework.
1 Sit 2 Sitting 3 Sits 4 Be sitting

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Grade 2

A B (21) (26)
2 A
( ) 1234

Over the past 20 years, more and more individuals have been buying locally
produced food because it is better for both peoples health and the environment.
Seeing these benets, some retirement homes in the United States have switched
from packaged food made in large factories to homemade dishes made with local
ingredients. They were surprised to nd that this change ( 21 ) as well.
They found that by preparing meals at the retirement home, they were able to
reduce the overall amount of money spent on food.
Two of the major costs of food production are packaging and transportation.
When people buy from local farmers, the farmers can spend much less money on
both. ( 22 ), the farmers lower the price of their products. As a result, the
retirement homes can save money while the local farmers are able to make a
larger prot, allowing more money to remain in the area. Thus, the local economy
also improves.
FutureCare Cherrywood is one retirement home which has started using
locally produced food. Sandy Stallings, the food service director, says that one of
the most important results is how residents now feel about their food. They are
more satised with their food and happier in general. Of course the improved taste
of the food is important, but Stallings believes that getting residents ( 23 )
has also led to this change. Residents help to decide which foods will be served
and even grow some vegetables themselves. By buying locally, a number of
problems can be solved at once.

21 1 had economic advantages 2 caused medical problems

3 reduced environmental damage 4 decreased the availability of food

22 1 Like before 2 In turn

3 At least 4 For once

23 1 involved in choosing 2 interested in exercise

3 to eat vegetables 4 to use fewer services

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Grade 2


The sense of smell is an important tool for animals that live together in
groups. Dogs and wolves, for example, use smell to communicate with their
families and with other groups. In a similar way, smell is important for humans.
In fact, it also helps us ( 24 ). Some scientists say that without smell, we
would have trouble recognizing family members and learning how to get along in
a group. This is because smell is closely related to our memories.
Katherina Hauner, a researcher at Northwestern University in Chicago, did an
experiment to learn about smell, memories, and feelings in particular, fear. She
showed participants a picture of a man while causing them pain. ( 25 ), she
had them smell roses. Later, when the people saw the picture again or when they
smelled roses, they became afraid. This is because they remembered the smell, the
picture, and the pain together as one memory.
Before beginning her experiment, Hauner had believed that there was a way
to use smells to help people get rid of their fears. She knew that when people see
something that they are afraid of many times, they learn not to be afraid of it. In
her experiment, Hauner had the participants sleep in a room that smelled like
roses. While the participants were sleeping, the smell caused them to remember
the picture in their dreams many times. When they woke up, they were less afraid
of the picture. Hauner was ( 26 ). She hopes doctors will use these results to
develop treatments for fears in the future.

24 1 improve academic ability 2 develop social skills

3 reduce stress easily 4 forget pain quickly

25 1 With luck 2 For this reason

3 At the same time 4 By then

26 1 not able to help them 2 worried they might get hurt

3 not surprised by the results 4 ready to start new research

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Grade 2

A B C (27) (38)
3 A

From: Jenny Myers

To: Kenneth Cho
Date: October 9
Subject: Golf membership renewal

Dear Mr. Cho,

This is Jenny from Myrtle Country Club. Id like to inform you that your golf
membership is going to expire at the end of next month. Please remember that the
fee for current members is $4,000 per year. However, if you do not renew your
membership by October 31, you will have to pay the fee for new members if you
wish to get your membership back. The fee for new members is $4,500.
We would also like to let you know about some new benefits for our members. Until
now, members had to purchase a pass if they wanted to bring guests. From now on,
however, well be giving each member 12 free guest passes per year. Also, the gift-
shop discount will increase from 15 to 20 percent for people who have been
members for over 5 years.
We hope you will choose to renew your membership. You can do so now online at by clicking Renew on the Membership page. Then,
follow the instructions and make the payment online. If you prefer to renew by mail,
print out the renewal form attached to this e-mail, fill it out, and send it to us. You
can then make your payment by bank transfer.
Jenny Myers
Myrtle Country Club

27 Why is Jenny Myers sending an e-mail to Mr. Cho?

1 To remind him to renew his golf membership.
2 To show him how to replace his golf members card.
3 To tell him the fees for his golf membership are decreasing.
4 To answer his questions about how to become a golf member.

28 What is going to change at Myrtle Country Club?

1 The gift shop is having a sale because it is closing soon.
2 Golfers will get a discount if they buy a 5-year membership.
3 The cost for a daily pass is going to increase by 15 percent.
4 Members will be able to bring some guests for free.

29 Members can pay for their membership by

1 sending Jenny Myers an e-mail with their bank information.
2 mailing their payment and a renewal form to the country club.
3 going to the country club and lling out a payment form.
4 using the online payment system on the country clubs website.

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Grade 2


The Threat of Tourism

As air travel gets cheaper, more and more people are visiting famous sites around
the world. Although this increase in tourism brings economic benets to the areas around
these sites, tourists also cause unexpected problems. In particular, some famous works of
art are being affected. This is because peoples breath increases carbon dioxide and
humidity levels. Gradually, these levels damage old paintings and other works of art.
One famous site facing this problem is the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican in Rome.
The 500-year-old paintings, especially the famous ceiling by Michelangelo, are so popular
that as many as 2,000 people may be viewing them at a time. In 1994, after noticing that
the visitors breath was damaging the paintings, the Vatican purchased an expensive air-
conditioning system to protect them. However, the crowds continued to increase, so in
2014, the Vatican decided to limit the number of visitors to about 6 million a year.
Another site that faces a similar problem is the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, China.
These caves are full of beautiful Buddhist paintings and sculptures that attract thousands
of visitors every year. Many of the artworks are very old and, as with the Sistine Chapel,
the carbon dioxide in the breath of visitors is gradually damaging them. Originally, 40 of
the 400 caves were open to visitors, but this number was reduced by half in 2014. In
addition, the number of visitors allowed into the caves has been greatly reduced.
A different solution is being tried in the Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra, India. The
caves also have many ancient Buddhist paintings in them, and these too are being
damaged. In order to protect the paintings, visitors are quickly rushed through the caves.
However, many visitors complained about the short time, saying they could not look at
the paintings properly, so the local government built a visitors center with exact copies
of the caves. Visitors are allowed to study these copies for as long as they like. The local
government hopes this will provide a good balance between protecting the paintings and
giving tourists a good experience.

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30 As the number of tourists increases,
1 unexpected economic problems occur among people living around famous
2 the carbon dioxide and humidity in their breath harm the things they go to
3 air pollution caused by the carbon dioxide from airplanes increases.
4 people have trouble breathing because of the high levels of humidity.

31 In 1994, the Vatican

1 allowed only 2,000 tourists to look at its paintings by Michelangelo.
2 invited 6 million visitors to see its 500-year-old wall paintings on one day.
3 installed an air-conditioning system in order to make visitors more
4 tried to reduce damage to its paintings by buying an air-conditioning

32 What is one thing that has been done to protect the Buddhist artworks in
1 More of the Mogao Caves have been closed to visitors.
2 Visitors are being asked to avoid breathing too close to the paintings.
3 Some of the visitors are being taught new ways to preserve paintings.
4 The number of visitors has been reduced from 400 to 40 a day.

33 Why were some visitors to the Ajanta Caves unhappy?

1 The majority of the paintings have turned out to be copies.
2 There were not as many Buddhist paintings as they had expected to see.
3 They did not have enough time to look at the paintings inside the caves.
4 The long lines at the visitors center have prevented them from seeing the

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Grade 2


Purifying Plants
During the 1970s, as oil prices rose rapidly, the United States, like many other
countries, had trouble producing energy cheaply. As the price of fuel rose, people looked
for ways to reduce the amount of energy they used on heating and cooling buildings. One
way to do this was to make buildings that let very little air in or out. In winter, these
buildings keep the warm air from heaters inside for longer, and in summer, they do the
same with the cool air from air conditioners. This greatly reduces the amount of money
people spend on fuel.
Unfortunately, though, these new buildings had an unexpected side effect. Many
modern materials, such as plastic, release small amounts of poisonous chemicals into the
air. When air remains inside the buildings, the amount of these poisons gradually
increases, and people who work or live in them begin to feel ill. This problem is known
as sick building syndrome. One solution to this problem, however, came from a
surprising area space research.
NASA, the U.S. space agency, employed a scientist named Bill Wolverton to study
ways to keep the air clean inside spaceships. Spaceships, of course, cannot get air from
outside because there is no air in space. In order to study ways to keep the air in
spaceships free from poisons released by modern materials, Wolverton created the
BioHome, a completely closed building made entirely of articial materials. When people
entered the building, they would suffer from sore eyes and nd it difcult to breathe. To
solve this problem, Wolverton tried introducing various kinds of plants into the BioHome.
He found that most of them were effective at helping to clean the air.
According to Wolvertons research, a plant can absorb chemicals through its leaves
and then use them to feed itself. He wrote a number of books explaining which plants are
most effective against the various chemicals found in the air inside buildings. He also
developed a new kind of container for plants that makes them even more effective in
removing poisons. Thanks to Wolvertons research, many buildings can save energy and
keep their air clean by using plants.

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34 Why did people start making buildings differently in the 1970s?
1 They were trying to reduce the amount of energy that was being used.
2 They were trying to make buildings that could have air conditioners in
3 They wanted to increase the amount of air getting in and out of the
4 They wanted to make homes warmer and more comfortable in the winter.

35 Sick building syndrome is caused by

1 modern materials on which bacteria and other unhealthy things can grow.
2 materials releasing poisonous chemicals that get trapped in buildings.
3 a reduction in the amount of air available for people living in the building.
4 an increased number of people living and working together in the same

36 Why did Bill Wolverton create the BioHome?

1 To provide a place for NASA to keep the plants that it will send to space.
2 To discover what types of poisons are created by articial materials.
3 To learn more about the types of plants that can be grown in space.
4 To nd ways to make the air in spaceships safe and clean.

37 What was one result of Wolvertons research?

1 Wolverton reduced pollution by teaching people to use energy efciently.
2 Wolverton developed plants that are more effective at removing poisons
from the air.
3 Wolverton wrote a book that recommends the safest building materials to
4 Wolverton created a container that helps plants reduce dangerous
chemicals in buildings.

38 Which of the following statements is true?

1 Many buildings made of articial materials have been rebuilt to prevent
2 Plants are able to clean the air with their leaves while getting food for
3 The United States made a lot of money as a result of rising oil prices in
the 1970s.
4 People doing space research commonly suffer from sore eyes and
breathing problems.

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Grade 2

Some farmers grow fruits and vegetables without using chemicals. Do

you think more farmers will grow fruits and vegetables in this way?

The environment

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Grade 2

! 1 2


1 He was chosen to play in the game.

2 His favorite team is winning.
3 A team member visited his house.
4 The game is nally over.

1 In a library.
2 In an ofce.
3 In a gym.
4 In a caf.

1 Close her bank account.

2 Stop spending so much money.
3 Borrow some money from him.
4 Give up her vacation.

1 She is not good at sports.

2 She will not go to college.
3 She needs more time to study.
4 She wants to practice basketball more.

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1 He often goes to Stone Mountain.
2 He is not a very good skier.
3 He likes camping in the mountains.
4 He works for a travel agency.

1 He does not look well.

2 He should go to the doctor.
3 He must go to school.
4 He has missed the bus.

1 The guide is a volunteer.

2 The city pays the guide.
3 It is a walking tour.
4 It is only a few minutes long.

1 Give her a clean plate.

2 Bring her a glass of water.
3 Move her to a different table.
4 Let her use a cloth.

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1 He can pick up a book.
2 He must pay for a book.
3 He should return a book.
4 He has borrowed the wrong book.

1 To offer to move some boxes.

2 To tell him about her cat.
3 To ask him about a hospital.
4 To nd out what his problem is.

1 He can make many different dishes.

2 He cooks dinner every night.
3 He was afraid to try cooking.
4 He does not like to eat soup.

1 He spends too much time reading novels.

2 He did not study much in high school.
3 He does not have enough friends.
4 He was good at sports in high school.

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1 She began gardening this year.
2 She works at a gardening store.
3 She will give the man gardening advice.
4 She enjoys gardening.

1 Help Judy nish a math problem.

2 Help Judy choose which classes to take.
3 Help Judy nd her biology textbook.
4 Help Judy do her biology assignment.

1 Go to the bus station.

2 Get a taxi at the train station.
3 Get off the bus.
4 Take a train home.

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Grade 2

1 Buy a new CD.

2 Ask for a discount.
3 Sell some old books.
4 Meet her favorite author.

1 He wants a larger kitchen.

2 He wants to drive to work.
3 He wants to live closer to his job.
4 He wants a yard for growing vegetables.

1 Improving the quality of their products.

2 Making enough shirts on time.
3 Training workers in the new factory.
4 Canceling some clothing orders.

1 He spoke many languages.

2 He was raised in a big family.
3 He was not famous when he was alive.
4 He wrote music for some of his movies.

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1 She taught some high school students.
2 She started working at a chemical company.
3 Her teacher taught an interesting lesson.
4 Her father made her a study plan.

1 They washed peoples cars.

2 They played with some children.
3 They worked in a hospital.
4 They shopped at a supermarket.

1 It swims faster than they do.

2 It makes a sound that they like.
3 It uses its tongue to attract them.
4 It uses poison from its mouth.

1 How to become a police ofcer.

2 How to prevent trafc accidents.
3 Which cities are the safest.
4 What he liked about school.

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1 How to get customers.
2 How to hire new staff.
3 How to motivate employees.
4 How to write a newspaper article.

1 His phones camera broke.

2 His friend canceled their hiking trip.
3 He could not nd a place to rest.
4 He had to stop hiking.

1 The older ones collect food.

2 The younger ones do not work.
3 They do not like cleaning.
4 They live for several years.

1 She moved to a new city.

2 She thought that driving would be fun.
3 She thought it would help her get a job.
4 She is now old enough to get one.

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1 People must eat a lot of cheese to win.
2 Cheeses from many countries are used.
3 People learn how to make cheese.
4 The prize is a large cheese.

1 Study in Boston.
2 Volunteer in Thailand.
3 Become an English teacher.
4 Meet a girl she used to teach.

1 Spend a night in a forest.

2 Plant a tree in his garden.
3 Learn how to grow berries.
4 Read a book about building shelters.

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