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In present times managing customer relationships has become has
become the single most important element of a firms overall strategy
and planning (Harvard Business School, Working Knowledge
Publication). In light of this fact following is the solution to tasks
assigned to the recently appointed Sales Manager of The Software
Task 1: Review the current objectives and strategic planning
Sales objectives are aimed at directly supporting the marketing
strategy and indirectly the overall corporate strategy of an enterprise.
Following is an entire review of previous objectives as well as
Statement of new objectives in light of this fact:
Following diagram shows briefly the existing
objectives which are to be reviewd:
The present sales objective in alignment with the marketing
objective is to increase sales and generate more and more
prospective customer. However, these objectives can be reformed in
order to accelrate the entire sales process and planning.
Increase the sale of software estimate from current estimation of
7.5% to 12.5% by the end of year 2016.
Increase the market share in South East Asia from 20% to 30 %
by the end of year 2016
Increase the number of retail outlets by 20% during 2016
covering vital cities in South East Asia.
Strategy:A proactive and robust sales straetegy will be required to
meet the above mentioned objectives. Here is a list of key
componennets of the newly drafted Strategy to be religiously followed
bry the Sales Team:
Focused Approach:The sales team should first clearly identfity
the targeted customer and market segments across locations, both
domestic and international. Once this is done all saless efforts like
client meetings, writeen or verbal communication for sales

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promotion should be be dseigned to generate immdeiate sales
effect and demand.
Appropriate Product Selection: The Sales team should be
trained thoroughly to educate and enable customesr to choose the
best product, meeting all customer requiremenst at best possible
prices.The sales personnel should help customers to understand
which products are better than others and why.
Excellent Customer Service: The sales team must attend all
customer queries and solve them uprightly with a sincere effort to
deliver excllent service and satisfaction. The quality of service
should delight the customer and inspire him or her to referr your
brand to others.
Task 2: Commence next years sales plan
Following is the email draft as required
from the sales manager to the staff:
Dear Team,
Firstly I would like to welcome ll of you on board since I have been
recently appointed as your manager!

As you all are aware we have entered into that session of the year
where we draft a sales plan and strategy that acts as a guiding path
for all of us throughout the year. This plan is intended to constatntly
upgrade the performance of the sales department to contribute in the
achievement of marketing nad organisational objectives. And
ultimately, the plan is aimed to enhance the overall performance of the
sales department.

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I have been working continously to begin with setting of
SMART(specific, mesaeruable, attainable, relevant and timely )
Increase the sale of software estimate from current estimation of
7.5% to 12.5% by the end of year 2016.
Increase the market share in South East Asia from 20% to 30 %
by the end of year 2016
Increase the number of retail outlets by 20% during 2016
covering vital cities in South East Asia
The purpose of the above listed objectes clearly is to achieve the
companys marketing plan to increase sales and market share and
achieve organiztaional growth. I firmly believe that it si through our
better and improved performances that organizational growth will

I, therefore, desire and invite your active participation to participate in

this planning process nad provide each and every input which you feel
can help us move towards achievement of the Sales Objectives.

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Once we are done with writing our
sales plan with your valuable
cooperation, we will immensely
benfit as explained here. Clarity-
because of the plan each of us will
have a clera view of
organizational, marketing and sales
objective. And, how these
objectives are clossely are
dependent and linked to each other. Focus on strategy-with the plan
before us, every sales personnel will be able to stick to the strategy
and avoid interruptions or deviations from the planned course of
action. The sales team will be able to make improved and near to
accurate guesses regarding sales prospects, factors driving sales nad
sales processes.The sales team can easily priortize its work
depending on the milestones set basis the sales plan. Last but not
the least, the sales plan will forge a proactive attitude.
I also put forward the following points or tactics which we lal
need to learn, imbibe and practice religiously for attainment of
our objectives.
Focused Approach towards customer tapping and management.
Customer empowerment by helping them to select appropriate
High quality and timely customer service
Effective customer relationship management.
Task assignment
I have put forth all my views and ideas reagrding aour plan of action
this year. And I need all of you to come forwrad as a team and furnish
your insights on all the baove mentioned points so that we can finalize
an effectual Sales plan and strategy.

Thanking you all for your powered performance which has set a strong
pace for the companys growth!

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Sales Manager

The Software Corporation.

Task 3: Restructure The Sales Team.
Subject: Action Plan- New Sales Territories
Dear Sir,

With reference to our recent discussion on the revised sales

objectives, I have decided to go for establishment of new terrorties so
as to proactively progress towards acjhievment of Sales
nad Marketing objectives. Below are the key points of the action plan
to be adopted for developing and dynamically manging the proposed
Achieving 20% increase in number of retail stores both in domestic
and international markets through identifying the major cities across
selected South East Asian countries, that have experienced sharp rise
in the demand for products matching our compnays profile.

Begin the selection of terrotiries through in and out study of

demographics and business enviornment factors affecting software
The major and big cities will be tapped first as these drive
demand of both software and hardware due to continous increase
in income , increased commercialization, increased use adoption
information of technology better living standards in dveloping

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Once the terrotoriesare identified and established, assigning a
dedicated sales-force to take further the sales operation nad plans.
Training of the sales personnel based on different business
enviornments to perform effectively and diligently. The sales team
will be trained on thorough product knowledge nad unique selling
propositions, identyfying customer need and suggesting immediate
solution from the vailable product range, customer relationship
management etc
Assignment of performance milestones to the sales team and
establishing a performamnce based reward system to drive
increased sales.
Continous evaluation and
review of the perfomance of sales
team and terrortory dynamics to
understand the improvemnet areas
and further course of actions.
Timely and effective
Implementation of all the above steps so as to increase the overall
sales, profit margins and overall growth of turnover and market
I have hereby tried to be comprehensively present an idea of the sales
plan and strategies to adopted throughout the year to accelerate
performnace and sales. Plesae let me know if there are any
amendments or additions to be made. Your suggestions will stregthen
the overall planning and implementation.

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Task 4: Review/develop staff recruitment, induction, training and
development activities

1. Sample Job Advertisements-Copies of selected job ads are

mentioned in the appendix section. Reasons for selecting these
ads are:

The first two ads tragets the desired candidates, are very
pleasing and catchy for a candidateand contain all necessary
information in an attractive manner. The last copy is simple and to-
thepoint communication which can be alternatively advertised along
with the first two ad copies.
Describes the job concisely and comprehensively.
Captures attention of the reader
Mentions desired qualifications
Is simple and has convincing arguments.

1. The Ad designed will be a combination of First and third ad

copies. Following are the questions to be asked for candidates
walking in for an interview

Ice-breaker- introduction
Why did you choose sales?
What are your career aspirations?
What keeps you motivated in order to get through tough job of
How strong is your convincing power?

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Convince us on product X offered by Software corporation.
How is your past experience in generating new customers and
maintaining the current ones?
Do you use social media in your selling process?
What is research methodolgy for identfying prospective
customers before approaching them?
Do you think that some of the prospects can be chalked out of
the plan? Why?
How would you rate yourself on working as a team?
If we hire you, what would be your action plan for the efirst three

2. Induction Program

Industry Introduction: Giving the new employees an industry

Company Introduction: Provide complete knowledge of the
Products offered: Current & prospective products and services
oferred by the company, and, their features.
Business, Marketing and Sales objective: Clearly and
effectively communicating overall objectives.
The training period and duration can be standard dized. However,
some of the new candidates who are new to the industry or are finding
it difficult to understand the above mentioned aspects may take
longer. In such cases, the manager might take along the newly recruit
to client visits or accompany him or her to initial customer

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visits.Through this step, the manger will also get a chnace to observe
the employee.
Advertisements- 3 copies, Source: Retrieved
Advertisement 1
Advertisement 2
Advertisement 3

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