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A. Name of the Business (you may provide a logo)


B. Address

Vista del Rio Building, Patag Road, Waling Waling Street,

Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City

C. Nature of Business
Kenko Nai Cha Tea Lounge primarily offers different variety of hot and
cold milk teas
and offer a wide variety of desserts like Bevato egg rolls, omurice and
D. Detailed Product/s and Service/s
pwede pictures?!
Kenko Nai Cha Tea Lounge has a vast array of milk tea and
other drink choices such as the different varieties of Asian
Milk Tea, Iced Tea Latte, Snow Tea, Au Lait, Yakult Tea, Fruit
Tea, Caffeine-free Tea, and Freshly Brewed Tea which cost
from Php75 to Php110 each and can even include chewies
in additional to ones chosen level of sweetness also.

Kenko Nai Cha Tea Lounge has go into food fragility also
with these products: BEVATO Egg rolls is an Asian-inspired
product originally from Taiwan. They are completely
different from the more popular barquillos; Frozen Brazo is
a play on the popular Brazo de Mercedes frozen cakes
today being infused with ice cream. However, instead of
ice cream, Kenkos Frozen Brazo uses whole cream made
from their special hatch eggs. The eggs used for these
are special hatch eggs only from the Vista Fresh
Eggs farm. These pasalubong egg rolls are manufactured
only from fresh and organic ingredients with no
preservatives and artificial ingredients added, hence the
somewhat short shelf life. Even while focusing on milk
teas and other beverages, Kenko finally launched the
onlyBrewed Coffee using 100% pure local Arabica coffee
beansand also the new Banana Muffin with chocolate bits.
All of these other items cost from Php100 to Php150.

All the ingredients for all the Kenko Nai Cha products are
either taken from different national suppliers or from
foreign suppliers, but are never replaced with artificial
alternates. They must all be fresh or organic or both with
no preservatives and additives.

E. Current Organizational Chart (position should be divided among

group members)
F. Identification of supplier (name, business picture/logo, address, raw
materials being supplied)

G. Marketing Strategy
3.1Product Marketing

Kenko Nai Cha Tea Lounge is known for constantly innovating out of
the ordinary beverages suited for adventurous food lovers with
discerning tastes. It ensures their customers that all their beverage
creations are made with the best ingredients available, resulting in
the best-tasting flavors. In addition, it prides itself in the variety of
tea offerings, giving their customers a reason to try something new
with every visit. (See Picture 1 &2)


All products will be competitively priced relative to the

competition. Kenko Nai Cha will try to compete with other tea
houses by cutting off prices by P10-P15 for all drinks. It is
important to compete in terms of pricing because in Cagayan
de Oro tea houses has had a growth and many tea shops offer
more affordable pricing than that of Kenko Nai Cha. Pricing
low means more demand from customers especially since
their main product line are drinks. (See Picture 3)


As a new entrant in this business industry, Kenko Nai Cha Tea

Lounge must limit their promotional tools to flyers, posters, social
media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and other
websites which are commonly visited by most people. It will make
sure that their promotional tools are detailed yet brief for customer
awareness. It will also ensure that the flyers and posters are
presentable to catch attention. (See Picture 4-12)

Advertising End Date Budget Manager Department
Flyers Design 6/1/2016 6/15/2016 P0 Existing Design
Poster Design 6/1/2016 6/15/2016 P0 Existing Design
Printing 6/16/2016 6/30/2016 P2,500 Existing Design
Other 6/1/2016 6/30/2016 P0 N/A N/A
Total Advertising Budget P2,500


Kenko Nai Chas location is strategically advantageous. It is located

near campuses, workplaces, residential areas and located where
there is the main road. The tea house offers a comfortable, quiet
and relaxing ambience to the customers. Outside, there is also
parking space for customers who have cars. The Tea Lounge can
have more potential customers having a location of a densely
populated area. Concessionaire is a great way to reach potential
customers other than their own branch location. Putting up
concessionaires where many people will gather like a sporting
events, festivals, or city-wide week-long celebrations. (See Picture

H. Customer Profile
Market Analysis
Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb.
Potential Customers Growth
High School Students 6% 200 212 225 239 253
College Students 4% 350 364 379 394 410
Young Professionals 3% 300 309 319 328 338
Middle-Aged Professionals 5% 150 158 166 174 183
Others 0% 0 0 0 0 0
Total 4 % 1,000 1,043 1,089 1,1351,184


Market Segments Age Allowance Purpose

High School Students 11-16 P75-150 Refreshment, Snacks
College Students 16-21 P150-300 Studying
Young Professionals 21-30 P300-500 Catching-up w/friends
30-45 P500-above Just relaxing

I. Details of Competitors (name, business picture/logo, address)

2.4.1 Direct Competition

Chingkee Tea Arch. Hayes corner Pabayo Streets,

Cagayan de Oro City

Sweet Leaf Bubble Tea Caf Lifestyle District on

Corrales Extension, fronting Capitol University

Wangs Tea Fuzion a simple but comfortable and

relaxing tea caf. Its no-nonsense interiors attract a lot of
customers day in, day out. Wangs serves Boba teas such
as the all-time favorite milk tea, plus other varieties like
fruit teas, tea latte (Caramel, Caramel Macchiato, and
Hazelnut), and freshly brewed teas (Jasmine Green Tea
and Ceylon Black Tea).

Teamptation Its one of those hole-in-the-wall milk tea

shops that you never thought existed. But, regardless of
this, it is guaranteed that Teamptation is an awesome milk
tea place. Its fun flavours are: Drive Me Crazy, Adore Me,
Love Me, Hold Me, Date Me, Marry Me, and Take Me Home.
These teampting treats can be customized with teasers
like coco jelly, tapioca, grass jelly, egg pudding,
peppermint, rocksalt& cheese, and coffee
jelly.Teamptation also serves snacks like one of their
bestsellers, the Popcorn Bowl.

2.4.2 Indirect Competition

Indirect Competitors include stores that sell beverages

and foods too like Jollibee, Dunkin Donuts, 7-Eleven,
Shoppe 24, Chams, Gram Mini-mart, Karens
Bakeshop, Goldilocks, Stellas Bread Basket, Sweet
Surrender Coffee Shop, JL Junction, and fast foods seen
in between the building of SSS and GSIS. Street
vendors are not exceptions at all. These stores offer
products that Kenko Nai Cha Tea Lounge doesnt have
and so potential customers might stick to their usual.

J. Personal & Commercial Strengths

Kenko Nai Cha Tea Lounges advantage from other
tea shops is the health benefit they offer to the
customer in choosing their products, other than
that, they also offer comfortable, more quiet and
relaxing ambiance for the customers to enjoy their
milk teas and structured conversation system. They
also serve meals which are not usual to other tea
shops. The company also has excellent staff who
are highly trained and customer attentive.

Milk tea was loved by the Kagay-anons when it was

introduced to the market and so this field on the
business industry boomed because of the
increasing number of Filipinos who are patronizing
this kind of beverage.The owner saw this
opportunity and with the love for milk tea, Kenko
Nai Cha Tea Lounge was established. It experience
an increasing sales opportunities as people become
familiar with the advantages of the structured
conversation system of its place. Also, with the
increasing number of health conscious people,
Kenko Nai Cha Tea Lounge was designed to support
healthy lifestyle.
K. Contribution to the Local Economy

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