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Strengths Weaknesses

Weak system of
Store procedures and controlling the inventory
practices are the same for and unrecorded sales.
all branches. Untallied discounts given
Continuous growth and to costumers
expansion of the business Stock cards are not up to
towards different areas. date.
Physical counting takes so
much time.
The salesgirls bring the
payment to the cashier.
Mrs. Bello oversees all
branches by herself despite
the presence of branch
Opportunities SO1 WO1
Opening of new branches. Hire an expert on Use tear-off inventory
Plan to impose an inventory management tags to track down all
alternative system. sales of individual pairs of
Impose policies on
management- client
relations that the costumers
must be the one to bring
their payment to the
Hire capable managers as
overseer on branches that
cannot be visited regularly.
Threats ST1 WT1
Incompetence of Hiring of additional Lay off student trainees
employees regular sales ladies rather and hire properly trained
Rush of works during peak than open another branch regular employees
hours hinders proper Implement a discounting WT2
recording of sales system in all the Confetti Impose an alternative
Possibility of having Fraud Shoes stores. Every time system that allows
discount claimers the customers buy shoes salesladies to keep track of
Stock-outs are not always they will be rewarded with sales even at the
counted points. They can use the occurrence of busy peak
Weak security measures points to avail discounts. hours
This can be used by the WT3
friends of Mrs. Bello Hire one security
personnel for all the
1.2 SWOT Analysis
1.3 Central Problem

How can Mrs. Bello impose an alternative system to control the records and transactions

in all the branches of her store that is efficient and effective?

1.4 Minor Problem/s

Stock cards are not up to date.

The salesgirls bring the payment to the cashier.
Incompetence of employees
Possibility of having Fraud discount claimers

1.5 Objectives

To be able to monitor the records and transactions efficiently and objectively in all the

Confetti Shoes branches.

To have competent employees
To have a more secured environment for all the branches

1.6 Alternative Course of Actions

1. Tearoff Inventory Tag System

In this Tear off Inventory Tag System, each saleslady will detach a small piece of paper

(or stub) that is attached to every item. Each stub has its unique code that identifies the

style, color and product code of the purchased item. Each saleslady may now track down

which items were purchased even if they were not able to list the purchases down on the

notebook. Near the end of store hours, each saleslady will have to record the stubs that

they have obtained from the days purchases.

Pros: This is a more systematic system since this way, it is easier to record the items purchased.

Moreover, with the records stubs, they do not need to do physical counts on their inventory on a

regular basis. Also, this will allow them to record their transactions periodically. The sales ladies
do not have to spend a lot of time recording a transaction every time a sale to a customer is

made. This will avoid confusion for the sales girls during peak hours.

Cons: Since the stubs are detached from the items, the possibility that the sales ladies lose their

stubs is inevitable.


Mrs. Bello can upgrade her system to be partially automated. She will have to purchase

devices and software that would make monitoring, accounting, and transacting easier and

more convenient to avoid further losses. In time they may be able to recover because the

system would help them avoid the losses.

Pros: It would be easier for Mrs. Bello to monitor all transactions. Furthermore, physical

counting would be no longer necessary through the use of devices that would monitor the

stock-in and stock-out of merchandises. Through

Cons: Expensive devices, installation and maintenance.

2.1. Discount Cards

Mrs. Bello could provide discount cards to her friends and other loyal customers. They

could develop a systematic way of giving away discounts through the points system.

Wherein, every time customers avail any shoe merchandise available at the store they

will be given points proportional to its amount, the more they buy, the bigger the points,

the bigger the discount. Though there would be a limit to the amount of discount given to

avoid possible fraudulent acts.

Pros: Through this discounts would be certainly and systematically recorded. This kind of

discount system is a form of meritocracy, giving credit to whom credit is due which will

encourage customers to be loyal to her store and this could also encourage the customers to

buy more to have more points and to have bigger discounts.

Cons: This system requires automated technology which is expensive. This could also lead to

more expenses for the shoe store because of the giving of discount

1.7 Recommendation

Automation may be costly at first because of the expensive devices and installation but

through this the collective cost of losses that the store incurs in the status quo which will

continue to exist in the future if automation will not be adapted, will continue to exist. How does

automation lessen the losses? The inventory of the store is monitored by a computer software

which will make it less probable for human error which is prevalent in the status quo.

Tear-off Inventory Tag System will also aid in the systematic monitoring of the inventory

of the store. This system will be further utilized if assisted by the automated technology.

Wherein, the tags/stub will have imprinted in it a barcode which if scanned by the automated

technology will identify the products stock number and along with it is the transaction or

process that the product undergoes. This will be done every stock-in and stock-out and every

time an item is sold. Even if it is inevitable that the sales ladies could lose their tags it is going to

be a rare situation and if compared to the status quo this ACA is definitely an option for


Discount cards will not only help in monitoring discounts given out by the store, this will

also control it and at the same time encourage and create loyal customers.

1.8 Conclusion

Through the proposed ACAs Mrs. Bello will be able to minimize losses on the

part of the shoe store and at the same time adapting the said ACAs will only demand minimum

visits on Mrs. Bello and in the long haul this could reduce the costs of the store operations.