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Aging Infrastructure

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Christopher G. Duffy
March 1, 2017

Agenda • Start with the Organization • Find the Money .

Start with the Organization • Evaluate then modify organization to meet mission – Understand the money – Developed Planning Department centered around master planning. space management and sustainability – Eliminated redundant capabilities in Design & Construction – Aligned like missions under single Directors • Empower Leaders – Built budgets from the ground up to identify shortfalls – Gave authority and responsibility to execute budgets – Developed bench depth in critical specialties .

Find the Money .Internal • Benchmarked using Sightlines and APPA – Identified maintenance shortfall compared to inspirational Peer Institutions – Confirmed process/leadership issue vs manpower in Bldg Services • Strengthened budgetary process – Total cost recovery: Salary. Operational Expenses and minor Capital Improvements – Improved Reimbursement program with Auxiliaries – Prioritized Preventative Maintenance .

$8M annually) – Seven buckets: roofs. Health and Safety – Matrix for racking and stacking requirements • PECO Major – Capital Improvement Program is blend between maintaining existing assets and new buildings – 12 SUS schools going after same pot – Currently no bonding or infrastructure set aside .External (State) • Developed Long Range Infrastructure Plans • PECO Minor ($5M . bldg systems. infrastructure. interior. ADA and Life. exterior.Find the Money .

Find the Money .External (OPM) • Student Programs – Green Energy Fund – Capital Improvement Trust Fund • Public Private Partnerships (P3) – Housing – Publix Grocery – Utility Companies • Energy Savings Performance Contracts .

Questions? “The Village” Morsani College of Medicine P3 Residential Project & Heart Institute .