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Aging Infrastructure

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Christopher G. Duffy
March 1, 2017
Start with the Organization
Find the Money
Start with the Organization
Evaluate then modify organization to meet mission
Understand the money
Developed Planning Department centered around master
planning, space management and sustainability
Eliminated redundant capabilities in Design & Construction
Aligned like missions under single Directors
Empower Leaders
Built budgets from the ground up to identify shortfalls
Gave authority and responsibility to execute budgets
Developed bench depth in critical specialties
Find the Money - Internal
Benchmarked using Sightlines and APPA
Identified maintenance shortfall compared to
inspirational Peer Institutions
Confirmed process/leadership issue vs manpower in Bldg
Strengthened budgetary process
Total cost recovery: Salary, Operational Expenses and
minor Capital Improvements
Improved Reimbursement program with Auxiliaries
Prioritized Preventative Maintenance
Find the Money - External (State)
Developed Long Range Infrastructure Plans
PECO Minor ($5M - $8M annually)
Seven buckets: roofs, infrastructure, bldg systems,
interior, exterior, ADA and Life, Health and Safety
Matrix for racking and stacking requirements
PECO Major
Capital Improvement Program is blend between
maintaining existing assets and new buildings
12 SUS schools going after same pot
Currently no bonding or infrastructure set aside
Find the Money - External (OPM)
Student Programs
Green Energy Fund
Capital Improvement Trust Fund
Public Private Partnerships (P3)
Publix Grocery
Utility Companies
Energy Savings Performance Contracts

The Village Morsani College of Medicine

P3 Residential Project & Heart Institute

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