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Archaic Greece

How could democracy come to Athen

Government - Monarch(good king) began to
turn bad
- Four main types of governments:
- People called for reformation
- - At that period, once Athen
Democracy: controlled by people
become democracy, Sparta had
Oligarchy: run by a group of noble to get rid away from Athen due
to domino effect.
Monarchy: King and Queen - In the meantime, Persians were
coming to attack.
Tyranny: Dictatorship - Ephors from Sparta persuaded
However, many cities-states have - Built up strong alliance with
different types of government Sparta to go against Persian
systems. invasion.
Draco and Draconian Law
-By the 5th century BCE the military courage of
Sparta provided a good model for all other states to

-Athens and Thebes began to increase their small

army by the citizens.

-Most famous and important war were the Persian

Wars, the Peloponnesian Wars, and the Corinthian
-Population increase tremendously after the Dark age.

-Began to use coin

-Trade wine pottery and perfume to North Africa and Europe

- Trade tin, salt, slaves, wine, and pottery to Lydians, Phoenician, and Egyptians.

- Bought wood, slaves, and dogs from North Africa

- Bought glass, silk, papyrus from Lydians, Phoenician, and Egyptians

Social structure

-Greek Society was mainly broken

-Slaves were used as servants and labourers, without any legal right.
-Sometimes, the slaves were prisoners of war or bought from foreign slave
-Although many slaves lived closely with their owners, few were skilled craftsmen
and even fewer were paid.
The social classes applied to men only, unlike women.
- Development of trireme
- Red figure painting
- Cartography
- Concept of democracy
- Olympic Games
-Monumental sculpture was introduced to Greece

-Greek pottery styles went through great changes, from the repeating patterns of
the late geometric period to the earliest red figure vases.

-The early part of the Archaic period saw distinctive orientalizing influences, both
in pottery and in sculpture.

-The development of the Greek alphabet, and the composition of the earliest
surviving Greek poetry.
Ancient Greek and Latin are the most important ancient languages for
speakers of English today.

-Large number of words come from Greece.

-Because the Greeks became very powerful in the countries around the
Mediterranean Sea their language spread very quickly. Alexander the
Great even took it into Asia.
-The best known of architecture is temple.

-The second important type of building that survives all over the Hellenic world is the open-air

Other architectural forms that are still in evidence are:

-The processional gateway (propylon),

-The public square (agora) surrounded by storied colonnade (stoa),

The town council building (bouleuterion),

-The public monument

-The monumental tomb (mausoleum).

- Athens
- Corinth
- Olympia
- Epidaurus
- Delos
Athens - The Agora
- Located in the center of the city
- Marketplace and civic center of the city
- Place where people bought and sold
stuff along with discussing all kinds of
Olympia - The Temple of Zeus

- Located in the center of the city

- Built for honour of the god Zeus
- The project started in 470 BCE and
ended in 457 BCE
- Made of local limestone
Epidaurus - Epidaurus ancient theater
- Place for religious festivals and
theater performances for the honor
of god
Delos - Many Temples and Statues dedicated to the
- City and Island with many temples
dedicated to many different gods
such as Apollo, Zeus, Artemis etc.
- Has many religious buildings such
as theater, monument, stadium
Corinth - Temple of Apollo
- Built for the god Apollo
- Built in Doric style
- Built in 540 BCE
- Made of limestone
Religion - Papons slide
During the ancient Greek period, people were polytheistic, believing in many
gods. For example, Zeus was the god of the sky, lightning, thunder, law,
order, and justice. Zeus lived at the Olympus mountain. Poseidon was the
god of the sea, earthquakes, and storms.He lived at Olympus mountain and
sea.Hades was the god of underworld and death He lived in the underworld.
Their parents were Cronus and Rhea.