Period 1 January 1964 through 31 March 1954

During this reporting period 17 ~ 101 flyiEig hours wer~ reported for IJSAl? on-loan aircrai't.. Six (a) major on--loan airaraft accidenh end ten (10) mnol" aircraft accident. ware reported.. Computed by the USAF stllJ1dard Q.f the number o£ s'ccidenta per lOO~OOO fl:ying bcura, tb1e ill 8. rate of 56 major eocf.dentis 1IU'Id. an overall (major and minor combined) r-e'te ot 105.. This 1ndioit~Ei B_ slight dO'llr:t1vurd tranc1 during the reporting poeTiod.

Seven (7) pet-sene nave been ki Lked atnoe 1 JanuB.ry 1954 in CAP a:i rcraft accdd-, ants. Four (4) o£ these nta,1itie5 nocur-ed on 'Wl8.uthal'iz.ed fligh.ts.,. cbeervence af OM .s.nd nAP Regulations iIlight have prevented these acoidents.. The following incid ... ants could be examples of ..my one lif'e insurance company told a retiring USAF Colonel that thetr o0ll1paIlY~5 polic)" would COVer him for everything e.xaept tlyin,g with CAP.

A CAP pilot took an Lm6 .... without;; authorization of' his unit cOl'!lllle.llder~ on a

night flight tor whioh he WaS not qualified and with a. non ... CAJ? member as a passenger. Both were killed in a to.ke-off aooident.

A CAP pilot l'fh.o had allow-ed hie ell medical (lartii'icate to e fepse , toOkt an L-16 on an \1Z18uthorized flight with a passenger who was not a CAP mEIImber~ The pilot wee killed and the peaaenge r seriously injured when the plane str.1ck a pow!;:l" line durin.g an illege..l "buzz jobn near the howe of the paasenger ,

J\ CAP pilot was on. a visual flight rule c Iearunce ror au actual rescue eear ch flight in Ii. Ryan PT .. 22.. The aircraft was la5t seen entering a thick fog bank. The airOl"a.tt was ne-xt sean whan it 'YfB.S recovered f'rom the water. The obl;:erver,Q II. CAP Om..plain~ and the pilot were still in the 8ircrat'to

A CAP pilot devj_ated from his flight p Lan to land 75 miles away on a dirt road in an t-16. It lias a hot day and in making his takezoff from the road the oraft "as involved in a staU",s.pip, aooident killing both the- pilot and peaaeuger ,

Ground acoidents t"!1rgly reBul t in deaths or serious injuriEils to pe r-aonne L but the annual cost of these miahaps amounta tu thousands of dollars., Almost a.1lground eccddenee ar-e a result of ~ither pilot or supervisory error ..

There was the case of the L-16 pilot whQ ,started the planE! with no one !Lt the oontrols or chocks in front ot the wheels.,. (Have you be>ard this story before?) The parking brake held just long snou.gh -t.o allow the pilot to get o\'+: of uhe way (»f the airplane.. It cr-eesed tho ramp and collided wi_'tb a J.eSB06, 195 caulling c:onsiderab1u dB.m.ftgeo to both 8irei"aft ..

Pilot error and supervisory error &r"" so olosely related that 1 t is often dti'fioult 'to draw e line between them~ If the un! t commanders insist 00 the proper U.!I1!t of flight profioiency bo-ards - end th(:> fUgh,t pro.fic iOl1cy board does its joh. th. pilot e:rt"or factor can be Ieeeeued considerably.. Col!l!ll.!l..Dders and ohsck piloto ha"e

a responsibility to see that eYery CAP pilot is profioient in the: type of airaraf't

he 18 to fly and that he understands the rules gonI'Iling the operation 01' that aircra£t~

CAP should be composed Q,t individude who will abide by- regula.tions and g\l:i~ pUblic roe Ipact &.1iI a. well diBoipl in~dtly1ng organi:'9.tio-n6 If tho8e peoplE" who a.re sincerEily interested in betteri.ng tho reputation of OAP will keep their eyes open, they cen help iu re-forming, or di6charging,. tho.B(t irresponsible i:ndividuala who

are ghil:Jg CAP a bad name through their UDe.uthorized viola.tions of CAP principles and regulations ..

It is. a prhilega to belong to' Civil Air Pa.trol I'l.nd fly CAP airoraft. With -tha-t privilege ehoufd oome the individuo.ls' responsibility to do his utmost to bear out the t['U5t and rl9Bponaibili ties. pla.ced in hitno


(Extract.!! from .liroraft Aooident Reporte: sof;IInt to thia Headquarters)

No aircraf't accideuts 1"9Ilorted. si.ncJ:I l6 May 1953~

ARIZOHA~ Minor aocident - 1.-5 #44-16919 - 21 1Ia1"0h 1954 .. The aircraft

ground looped to t'Ei"'""!Tg'iit"""OnT""a.nding~ The left wing t;ip~ ",ileron, horizontal sta.bUhal',. devlltor md wheel 'lfere all IlIlightly damaged.

ARK.A.lIISAS: Minor accident __ L-ISA #47-1078 - ~11laroh 1954 - Pilot bit TV

antenna. on tinal approaoh to 1and.1ng.. '!'he TV &D.tenna. -wall OD. e, tower approximately 30 feet above the house whiQh 'lfa!! located 150 feet from the approaoh end of the rUJ1WaY in use at the t:i:m.e~ The lea.d1ng edge of the right 'wing and the ri~t strut were damaged ..


No airoraft Mcidents repo~E1d since 8 "November 1953"

CALIFORRIAt llajor o.cQident _ Fa.iroh11d P'l.' 26 1l6756a _ 31 January 1954 .. Fi.ne.l report uot y.'It recll1ved - liror!il't hit power lines Oil f'in!11 a.pproacb. to b.nd:1ng~ No personnel injuries but p0lf81"1inea and aircrflf't were both dl!l.m9.ged oonaiderably.

ViDQr accident _ '[..16A #4-7 .. n11 ... 21 Maroh 1954 - Engine out out iD flight {the cause wee not reported) end the pilot made !1 foroed landing in a mud.dy field. Damage 'MJ.B reported BIi: i'alight" with no :injuries to peeeccnet ,

CONNECTICU'l'1I Ms.jor Acoident - L-5G ;1f4&.34966 '" '1 JEULUary 1954 _ l'ilot~ l'Iho 'lfG.S

inexperisnCled :tn the use ot wirg; flapB .md ha.d onlY' 3i houre in airoraft o'9EIr B5 bnrsepower,. was attempting 8. f"ull i"lap landing with a 'rlnd of 20 lOPh with guats to 28 :mph. He- oar:r,-"d partia.l po1rel' on fillal a.pproach but stalled out and hit on f'roz .. en twor e.bout 60 .teet .ahort .Dt the :rtmWfty~ The pilot and observer wars un1njurad~ The aircraft landing gear Mld ,fuutlag,e WBre substanti&lly damagede TM airorai't accident board recommended mora care in seleoting and. check::i.ng out pilot ... to fly

L-5 ai:rorai"to


No aircratt aco1dents reportJ:ld sinca 5 Ootobar 19530

~~~~ It guat j::'tQhl:;i:~:!h;!~~~:nN;4:=a ~_"1 p:::,:rt~:~e: P1~~:twa.

applied full throttle for II. go-arolWd but was oarri-od ott the rW:DI'BiY" 8Ild intc a COrD o:rib... The 1II.1roredt was d&.m8.@;Qd ~nd ;:IQooolllioal. repair, 1'he pilot reoehed major itljuriBB md the observer muol' injuries",

GEORGlJ\:s- hti..:o.ol" a.ooident _ L-IBB fl4a-.457 - 17 Je.nuary 1954 _ Airoraft nosed over when pilot applied b;i".f3,1!1 upon receiving e red light :trom tC'lA!ll' op(lration. fM p:ropeller had to be replaced"

Minor aoeident _ I-15A f;l:7~1257 - 10 l\arch 1954 - The pilot lost oontrol of' the aircrif't during landing roll and broke a rwlWBy boundary light. '!'he aircrAf't was not damaged. The pilot was grounded until he oompleted eo flight proficienoy check by a member' of the Squadron Flight Proficiency Board ..

Ilajor aooid!!lllt - L-l6JI. #41""194 - 18 1I!a.t'ch 1954 - Tb'EI p9.$!3-e-nge!" oeeupded thllil front seat o.nd the pilot was :in the rear GEld.. The Aircraft ace.i denu investigatioll bOiU'd believed that the peasengar attemp'ted the take orf ~ The airoraft W$nt into !!. "-limhing left turn i.mmedhtaly after take off end stalled -ELt Elpprorlma.tely 150 feet. The ILirCTIlf"t hit the groWld left wiDg first with both 'she pilot and pRssenger attempting to ccz-rec't for the left turn. The aircraft WB.ll damaged beyond eo.ollom.io.d repair and the passenger Ilu£'f'ered mUlOT injuries.. The: pUot and passenger both claimed that the rudder puda.ls .... ere tou'led.. The board d$termined

that it is possible for tht71 safety belt in the front sea.t to 1"ou1 the rudders if ilnproperly secur-ed by the oooupa.nt or the front seat. The aircraft accident board reocaaended that tM pilot occupy the troct ses.t at all time£! unless .aoting as 8. qudi£'iad instructor pilot~ the pilot use a. oheok lht a.t all times and that paaaante re be briefed !lOt to uae the fl:i.ght controls. The pilot was grounded with diaciP"" lin.a,ry aotion to 1'01100 ....


No tl.'iroreJ't acoid~llts Toported !lince 26 October 1953.


No aircraft eccdden'ta reported 5iIlQe 8 July 1950.

llIDIANA.t Ilajor ac();I.dent - t.-:l6A 1/47-985 _ e Maroh 1954: - Two -runways were in un and a haild1:ng prohi bi ted the pilot of' 985 takillg off from fleeing a 18JJding I!l.iroraft in the time to abort the ttl.k:e-off.. The pilot of" 985 attempted a. "Itaep turn at low al ti tude en d low airspeed in order to !1void a mid-air colli6.ion~ The airoraft 5hll~d and f'eU right wing £ir,!!t oa.using liIub;ste.ntial dame.ge~


No ,air-c:.raft aoctrterree a-ince 28 May 1953 ~

No airoraft aced dezrtrs since 10 August 1953~


No &ireratt accidents dnea 24 OGtober 1953.

WUISIAlU..t Ground Aocident - L-1GA 147-1022 _ 16 March 19M - Report ebaeeea

"Operator statEild that be 1r88 pulli~ propallEilt" through tor pr:i.ming purpoeea with switch off:" with no one 'in cockpit of' aircraft when eng1na started o,au3iDg the left tied,own rope to part. Restrained only by right tie-d,01Il1 rope, airorai't rotatad. through approximately IBO(i da.m.e.ging wing of' privately owned a.irore..rt :i.n adj&oent th down

wi th propeller., Operator further stated it was hh intention to obtain assiet.ance

in starting engine af'ter priming it. Igni tiOD switch and wiri.ng were e-heokad by competent pez-aoune L iJmned1a tely after accident and no. defeots llOted.. Tha re were no

'Wi meeeee to the ~coident" There was no toil wheel mooring.. Operator sta.ted that wheels we-re chocked out brokes were not 51;1t.. Chocks inspected by this board were oonsidered su.b .. EJtl\Ddard. Tie-down rope which failed was found to be badly rotted .. inadvertently or otherwise the ignition was on at the tl.m8 the prop was p'Ulled tb.rou@ih.. PrilDlU"y cause was cOIlBidered to be tailure of operator to OOlOP1y with presoribed 6ta,rting pr-ccedw-ee ;" GAP Reg 62-~lO",


Ho air-cre..rt acoideIlt!l, reported 6inooe- 25 November lS63.,.


No airoraf't accidar.r1::is reportod emee 10 May 1953.


MASSACHUSETTS, Minor Accident - 1-16A #47-1140 ... 7 January 1954 - Pilot wee ~;~~t-

ing to par-k the aircra.tt- when 'the left wheel hit a two toot $D.(lW bBnk, the lttf't saar collapsed and the propeller hi't the snow b.a.nk. the lat't gear end prop had to be- repla.cad ...


No airaraJ't eccddentia eepcr+ed amoe 22 June 1954 ..

lIlNNESO'lAx bjor aocident - Swift 125 N'76192 - 26 January 1964 - Pilot on en

aotual IHJU'oh mission got oaught o~t in bad weather.. He a.ttempted land.ing at hf.a

home base where the (Idling was approximately 100 feet with 1- m.-he vie.i bili ty in blowin,g Ij:now~ an hilll third a.pproach to landing he touched down in a. e.eeb and believed himJl.e-lt to be driftiIlg orf the runway eo he !!.ttempted to go ILround~ J,s he applied. power he retraoted hiB flapa. The a.irera.1't settladJ oonta.otell. A. ann .... ridge and crvQl"turned.. The pilot and obl;lI')1M'er Buffered minor injuries. The COBt of dllJ!lago to thll aireraf"t was approzi.ma.tely $1.000.

llISSISSIPPI~ No aircratt eceLdeube l"eportod dnc" 18 December 1952.

JUSSOURI I No aircrait ac:c1deuts. reported since :n July 1953 ..

J.[ONT.AlU.r No &:ircraft accidents reported ~dn(Ju 23 July 1952.

HEBBA.Sn~ . lIo a.iroraft aooidents t"eported sincs 17 ~ptelt.lJer 1953.

NEVADJ.:R No oil."oraft aooidents reported since 6 ~roh 1950.

Nft H;A)lJ'S"HIHE~ No airc.ratt. Q,lJoideu.-ta reported staee 16 February 1960-0.

NEW JEBSEYt Jlinor accident - ~16A f/47-828 - 4 February 1954 _ Le:tt wheel

clroppl;ld into • ama.ll rut ana; gusty wind made tail come up alloring propeller -to strike the g.rouod. Only one blade was beDt and the engine did not come to an abrupt atop.

known origin de8tJmahr!~~~ :t ro!:!n~!:!.~18ir~:~:b;:~? !9~~ ~~r~~~'r~t U:d

one USAF on ... loan 1.-16 were destroyed in the F'1 rEl'.

NEW" I'EnCOt No aircraft accidents reported amce 1 AuguJ:lt 19539

NEW YORK a No aircraft aooidents. reported since 6 or 7 Deoember 1953 ..

NORTH CAROLJNA: No airoraft aoo1dente. reported ad nee 13 Decembar 1953~

NoRTH DAKaU~ lIiDOr accident - L-l6A #47-897 ... 14 February 1954 - Pilot ran out of J'u.d on a. G.O .. C. :missIon. is-de fl .ror-ced landing in fl sod field and got propeller tip in Ii- snoW' bank.

Killor aoo.ident _ )(ooDey M-18L NC385A. _ 14 February 1954 - While returning from a G.O.c. lId:ss1c!l the gear aolla.plilod on landing, requiring rsplaoeIllDnt of' th!!l propeller.


No aircra.f't eccddentra reported since 5 March 1953 ...

OKI.AllOMl, ltitlQr acoident - L-16i. #47-944 - 14 ICarcb. 1954 - l'he pilot bad just

comple1ied a eheck out Ul the t:ls. He 'lll'a.S dragging the airport prior to 18.1lding:. 'i'lhen be reaohed .II. pORi tiOD a.ppro.xim!l:tely 2/S down -the runway he applied power .t0i' go

I1round, the: eDgin~ would not take pcwez and be Lended on the last -third of thet run= way~ rhe aircraft over'-r.QIl the runwe.y and, demag ed the prop" oowling~ landine;. gear and right winga The aooident inve-.!Itigating boa.rd believee all l'ilots should 'be war-ned

of tha poeaibili ties of engine- secppege ill L-16 type aircraft alter pro1ollSed glides at idl~ RPM and/or liIudden advancement of 'the throttle ..

OREGON~ 'Windstorm damage"'" I,..4 ;f4,3-"29459 - 6 February 1954- - The aircn£t

WEIS tied dol'm with a ain!!;le P rope to m~oring pine from left and right wing tiemdown Iocpe and from ta.il wileBl.. "tnde of up to 65 mph brokl3l the- tie dcwn ropes .and the al.l"(:ra.f't eart wheeled over 8. dirt road and came to rest !1g11inst an abandoned shMk

300 teet &head. The 8.ircraft was dllJD.a.ged. to the extend that it required 250 maD.

hours to repair. An L-16 tied 1Ti th double tie down rope approximately 40 fe-8't

away was Dot damaged~ The aooident investigating board, r-acomnended the use of at hast 3/41'1 tie ... down rope ~n.d psriodic inspections of the rope for weak npots.. Also reoo.wmended f'Ql'" e~["8ma wind conditions W8:$ (i.) whenever possible hEUlgar the aircraft .. (z.) USB double rope for tie-dOlUl.. (:5) Accomplish tie-do;m vri tb aircraft heeddng into the wind .. with main wheels sunk into depr-ees t.cna dug out or the ground or securely bfoeked, with tdl .section elevated and secured sufnoiently high to present .& lIegat:i ve angle of a.ttaCl-k, EIJ'ld wi th controls look-ed in B. neutral po:;;itiOl:lD

=~~~~~ours ~~i~; :~:d;: ~u;-!~gt7:!O~~r~s! ::n~ ~ii:h;~Pi~~t~~d:ed

his llUlding pa.ttern and hit & house while attempting to avoid some power lines" 'The pilot auffered 'Very mlnori,njuriu. the aircraft was destroyed QJJd it requir_,d approxims.tely ssoo to repair the house 0 The Wing COUIlllIiuder, in an eff'ort to prevent future aocideDts of this type~ required each pilot to be flight cheeked B.S required by CAP Regulation 6Ow1 ..

I'/ind dwnage ..... L-16 -#4-7-1094 - 1 March 1954 ... Fi.nu report late ..

Airoraft tota_l~y demolishedby high winds While awaiting repe:.irs f rom p revdeue accident in September 1953~

RHODE ISLANlh lio aircraft aooidents eepor+ed emce 30 July 1953 ..

SOU'!'H CAROLIH.l.Jl: Ho aircraft aooidents repce ted sinoe 23 NovembEir 1953.

SOU'fH DAKOTA, No lliroraf"t accidEinte reported since 21 September 1955.

TENNESSEE" Ho aircrai"t acc tdenea reported e mce 19 September 1953.

TEXAS g :Minor inoident ... L-16A i/47-934 _ 2 January 1954 - The right main

wing span. II("EI,B shattered when the ai l'oraft was atruok by Ii rifle bullet in flight. The Pilot was not awar-e o£ when the accident oceured , (Hot OO'Utlted as an Ilirorai"t accident .. )

M'aj£;, accident _ L-5G :#45-34993 ... 27 January 1954 .- The following d e quoted from the aoc i.den'a report~ "'On 21 JallUary 1964 a.t 2205CST - III. ra.ted CAP pilot took oI"f in an I,..SG #45-3499a -c on &D ww.uthorized 1'lio;ht~ ce.rrying an unauthorh;ed paaeenge r-; Gregg County radio operation who 1fB_1J in the cODtro1 tOlJElr at the tilna and wi tnes sed the accident ste.ted that l'ollow:Lng take-off trom l'\Ul"'~y 22 the aircres.f't pulled up s.bruptly, was seen to recover end gain altitude to approximately 500 feet. Another pull up and steep bank was entered" the aircre.ft lost e.1t- .. i tude and cr-eabed in a. wooded area. The a.iroraf't wee completely destroyed, having hit the ground in an a.pprQxilMte 80 degr-ee altitude.. Bodies ot pilot Il.I1d p~6Ben,gflr were badly mangled.. No :fire oceured , The rummy in use at this time of the aocident was rUlIWl'ly 4.... Th~ accident investigating board ccuc Iuded th~t the pilot 'WHoa

probably under the intluenee of alcohal .. Dot qualified &s ~ night pilot .. neither weather nor mechOOlice.l failure were contributing f8.ctors~ that these night operations wera ear-r-Led 'On without the knowledge or approval of the WiD!; Comman.der .. and that

the eauee ot the accident was pilot orroro The board rE!cOBllllended that !my vioh:Uon of' the reccgm eed rules and regulationB of safe fJ.png practilMl'I be the cause of immedie.te disciplinary aotioD and that Group and Squadron COlDIll.!lDders be held eeeeuat-. able for the ar::ti"l"i ties of their flying personnel"

UTAH~ Minor o.ooident - L-5 142-99103 _ '-::3 Je.nu,e.ry 19M _ aircnft made

a. foroed hUiding because 01 Qarburator ice. The aircr&tt nosed ever and damaged the propeller. Report 1'l8.9 very incomplotu.

VERMONT II: .!.fillor Aooident - L-SB #44-17568 _ 7 Febl'Uary 1954 - The pilot. llUld-

ed too tar down the runway and p~oor bX"l:lking action allmred him iIo hit Il 8ll0lfbank at the end of the runway.. The prop4Jller required reple.oitJ.g<:>


No airoraft eccddente repor-ted eance 13 August 1963.


No a.ircrait !lr.ooident2 reported C3 inca- 24- Octob.ar 1953.


No aircraft !l.Cl:oidenta reported since approximately 15 Dotobar 1953.


NO aircraft accidents reported sdnee 9 A.uguat 1953.


No a1r¢ra1't acoidents reported SiDQe e4 AugUBt 195a ..

ALASKA6 ](inor I!LOcidetrt - I-5C #44-1'1939 - 11 ICarch 1954 - Pilot landed long all the r"Ll.En'nliY and r'!!.tI. J.ntc sllowbWJk at the end of' the rum\Iil.y. Thee runwa;y WIll'! icy and I11d1te-d the use of' brakeBo Damage W5.S limited to the propeller tips~

No e.ircraf't ecc tden-ae reported ednce 6 September 1955.

NJ.TIOHAL .cAPITOL2' Win~torm dmnage .. t...16.1 #47-816A _ 11 FebruaJY 1954 - The aircraft 1f'I!l8 tied dcnm with 5/s· ropes from the mooring. rings in ea.ch wi~ and .. chain from the td111heel,," The right wing tie:-doWII rope broke and the -tail wheel Bt~, with oha.in atta.chedM was pulled from the ground. The aircraft was partially held by the left t1e-dOJnl rope and came to rest ~g:aiI1e:t a nea.rby PT-13. The L-16J. was dmnaged beyond E'0.omoDioal repair. nu, National Capitol Wing normally usee ohains with spring hooks and padlocks: to tie dOWD thoir airorif't.

l'1'indBtorm dl!l.l!ll!.ga - L-1SA 4/41-1172 _ 1 Mgroh 1954 - The airera.tt W!i.S tied dOim with chains atta-ched to 3 ccacre'te deadman (16 inoh ~ubeB of cODc,rete) which were pullttd f'romthe ground and the airoraft wee Qverturned and daml'J,!l;4lId beyond ElOoUwOal repait'(Io The Ground had been Lcceened by tha.wi.ng of: the froat and 8a'ie:u,l hourI;! of' rain leaving the ground extremely 80tt ..

PUERTO RICOt Jlajor Aocident ... ~4J 145-4943 .. 5 lIarch 1954 - Pilot WBII t!1%ling out tor 'the t:alm-Ol'r when a gust of approxi..mately 30 mota flipped the &iroraft over on its beok, The I'liror~ft wile damaged beyond eoonomical repair. The p"aaenger receivod. minor inju:rieB" The winda 8.t the time of the accident 'Were reported at 19 mph with gusts to 28mphoO- Co:rmna.nders are again urged to establi9h Ii. bble of ~ aUlD. 'wind oonditione ae req,uirl3ld 'by OAF R"guhtion SO-I.



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