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UNSTRUCTURED Field Experience Log & Reflection

Instructional Technology Department Updated Summer 2015

Candidate: Mentor/Title: School/District:

Margareta Tripsa Jeffrey Thomas Vision International School,
Course: Professor/Semester:
7305 Data Analysis and School Improvement Dr. Jim Wright

(This log contains space for up to 5 different field experiences for your 5 hours. It might be that you complete one field
experience totaling 5 hours! If you have fewer field experiences, just delete the extra pages. Thank you!)

Date(s) 1st Field Experience Activity/Time PSC Standard(s) ISTE Standard(s)

Oct. 19th, 2016 Rediker Gradebook Committee Meeting [1 hours] 1.3; 2.7; 3.2; 3.5; 6.1; 6.3 1b; 1d, 3e; 6a; 6b

Nov. 1st, 2016 Gradebook [5 hours] 1.3; 2.7; 3.2; 3.5; 6.1; 6.3 1b; 1d, 3e; 6a; 6b

First Name/Last Name/Title of an individual who can verify this Signature of the individual who can verify this experience:
Jeffrey Thomas

(Place an X in the box representing the race/ethnicity and subgroups involved in this field experience.)
Ethnicity P-12 Faculty/Staff P-12 Students
P-2 3-5 6-8 9-12 P-2 3-5 6-8 9-12
Native American/Alaskan Native
White x x x x
Students with Disabilities
Limited English Proficiency
Eligible for Free/Reduced Meals
(Minimum of 3-4 sentences per question)
1. Briefly describe the field experience. What did you learn about technology coaching and technology leadership from completing this field

This year was the first year teachers had been required to use Rediker. The process of entering the grades into the Gradebook was a challenge for many staff
members due to the fact that no staff member received prior training. Therefore, a Gradebook committee was formed to address many issues in this regard.
The school is going through an accreditation process, as well, therefore many other aspects in regards to grading needed to be addressed. As part of the
Gradebook committee, I pointed out the importance of discussing the grading scale, the importance of having a common understanding of the grading scale
used at our school, as well as of using sound standards- based assessment practices.

2. How did this learning relate to the knowledge (what must you know), skills (what must you be able to do) and dispositions (attitudes, beliefs,
enthusiasm) required of a technology facilitator or technology leader? (Refer to the standards you selected above. Use the language of the PSC
standards in your answer and reflect on all 3knowledge, skills, and dispositions.)

Knowledge I have learned about the use of the Gradebook as a tool for storing student grades and generating report cards and I have learned how to
troubleshoot the Gradebook software. Technology facilitators and leaders need to have a solid knowledge in regards to modeling and facilitating the use of
these kinds of tools.

Skills The skills I acquired through this field experience will help me throughout the year, as teachers will be required to import an increasingly higher
number of grades each term. It also empowered me to help other fellow teachers utilize this tool and to help them increase their productivity and professional

Dispositions Storing grades electronically is very important. This is the first year when teachers at my school are asked to import their formative and
summative grades into an online Gradebook. Up until this year, the teachers were asked to record only their summative, end of term grades online. This is
an important step in ensuring transparency and in allowing parents to track their children progress. Therefore, I have been excited to learn new skills.

3. Describe how this field experience impacted school improvement, faculty development or student learning at your school. How can the impact be

The work I started doing as a member of the Gradebook had an impact on school improvement and faculty development. Also, at the division level I have
worked closely with my teaching partner and have analyzed the technicalities that came with using the Gradebook for hosting student grades. The
curriculum director will review the work done in the Gradebook at the end of this first term, which is December 6th, 2016.