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Bhannavichaya Vadhanasiriphongs


DM Compositions Recital

27 Feb 2017, 3-4 PM

Museum 205, College of Music, Mahidol University

1. Piano Sonata No.4

Piano: Krit Niramittham
Duration: 4.20 minutes

2. Trombone Sonata
Piano: Krit Niramittham
Trombone: Thanyaret Sricham
Duration: 12 minutes

3. Sonata on a theme Kheak Chern Chao

Flute: Chayapon Kanlayasiri
Duration: 4.20 minutes

4. Piano Quintet on a theme of Matyas Seiber

Flute: Chayapon Kanlayasiri
Oboe: Jedbadin Winijsit
Clarinet in B-flat: Pafa Oonmun
Bassoon: Watchanin Pramokshon
Piano: Krit Niramittham
Duration: 6.30 minutes
Piano Sonata No.4

This is a single movement Sonata in C major with a simple first theme. This theme develops
throughout the piece. The second theme is more complex and joyful. The development and
recapitulations motive mostly came from the first theme, which leads to Coda.

Trombone Sonata

The piece is inspired from Ferdinand Davids Trombone Concertino. This Sonata presents as
Trombone Concerto, the piano as tutti and trombone as soloists. It is composed of three movements
with different characters. All are in Sonata form. The first movement is the longest part with the
hardest details. Second movement, the piano part is written as piano reduction score. The finale is
short with humor.
Sonata on a theme Kheak Chern Chao

Kheak Chern Chao is a Thai traditional music piece which was composed in the reign of
King Chulalongkorn of Thailand by Khom, a poet teacher. It is mainly for farewell ceremony. The
original version on Thai instruments is quite mournful but most of the versions for western
instruments are cheerful and active. In this version, the composer tries to decorate Thai melody in a
suitable form of western music. The piece starts with slow introduction and it is followed by
enthusiastic character and firm ending.

Piano Quintet on a theme of Matyas Seiber

This piece is inspired from the novel and cartoon The Animal Farm. The original theme is
composed by Matyas Seiber, present arouse and socialist character, which match to the original
story. Although the piece is written for Piano Quintet, the concept is a Concerto, which winds as tutti
(Flute as soprano, Oboe as alto, Clarinet as tenor and Bassoon as bass) and piano as soloists. The
piece is written under Sonata form, with an effort of balancing the original character and new
decorations of harmony and rhythm.
Bhannavichaya Vadhanasiriphongs

He was born in 1985 in Bangkok, Thailand. He started learning electone when he was in
primary school at Siam Music Yamaha, Ladphrao campus. Since primary 4, he has started learning
piano lesson with Aj. Somboon Viriyasophon until he finished his bachelor degree in Marketing
from Chulalongkorn University in 2009.

He finished his junior high school at Bodindecha 2 and senior high school at Triam Udom
Suksa School. During this period, he got the interest in writing music. He started learning private
composition with Aj. Narongrit Dhamabutra. After high school, he studied in the Faculty of
Commerce and Accoutancy at Chulalongkorn University. His major was marketing. During this
period, he passed LTCL Diploma in piano recital from Trinity Guildhall.

After he graduated from Chulalongkorn University, he decided to take master degree in

music composition at Rangsit University (2011-2014). Among his music instructors were: Aj.
Boonrut, Aj Jiradej, Aj. Narong, Aj. Denny, Aj. Zurazak and Aj. Wiboon.

At present, he is a DM student in music composition at Mahidol University under the

supervision of Aj.Thomas Cha and Aj. Julia Bozone.
Composer and Performers contact information

Composer: Bhannavichaya Vadhanasiriphongs

Piano: Krit Niramittham
Trombone: Thanyaret Sricham
Flute: Chayapon Kanlayasiri
Oboe: Jedbadin Winijsit
Clarinet in B-flat: Pafa Oonmun
Bassoon: Watchanin Pramokshon