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Each student could get a worksheet with the following questions (or the teacher could ask
them to the class or write them on the board...) :

What do you know about superheroes, what are superheroes ?

Find examples.
Where can you find superheroes?
What are their usual features? What are their goals in life?
How do you call their opponents/enemies? What are their usual features?

(A few ideas : Superheroes are fiction characters, they were invented by cartoonists / comics
artists. You can find them in American comics such as Marvel Comics. Theyre very strong,
they have special powers /superpowers. .Theyre often mutants / their genes or body or limbs
etc have undergone some kind of mutation. Their goal is to protect the innocent / save the
planet from all sorts of aggression. They often fight terrible enemies (who themselves have
superpowers) who are called villains or "super villains". Theyre also very strong, and
usually want to dominate or destroy our planet! )

Fill in the grid

Their origin Their physical Their Their duties

and moral abilities/capaci
characteristics ties
They are fictional They can be men or They have They are in
characters. women. superhuman charge of
They initially They have double powers which enable defending
appeared in identities, them oppressed
American or alter egos (e.g. to do incredible people.
comic books (the Clark Kent things like They must use
first alias Superman). flying, jumping from their
Superman dates They often one superpowers to
1938). act under a secret building to another in fight evil.
The most famous identity. a They have to
American comics in They have a very single bound, defend noble
which superheroes special clinging to causes.
appeared are Marvel dress style: they walls like spiders,
Comics. often wear running
masks, capes, boots, faster than a speeding
and bullet.
colourful skin-tight They are incredibly
clothing strong.
which reveal their They have the ability
athletic to
build. regenerate within
There are often seconds
symbols on of receiving a wound.
their chests (S for They have enhanced
Superman) senses so they can do
They sometimes use extraordinary things
accessories: Wonder such
Womans lasso and as seeing through
bracelets, walls
Batmans Batmobile, (thanks to X-ray
Spidermans vision),
webbing feeling a presence
They sometimes before
have young anything is visible,
helpers: for example, hearing
Batman from a very long
and Robin, or distance
Captain When they are not
America and Bucky. endowed with
There are also many superhuman powers,
superhero teams (e.g. they
the are at least able to
Fantastic Four and master
X-Men). skills like martial arts
forensic science.