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It is an oversimplification to assert that Yeltsin single-handedly orchestrated the collapse of

Communism. Rather Communism in the USSR collapsed due to the actions of both Yeltsin and
Gorbachev. Yeltsin served as the immediate cause for the collapse of the USSR as his
opportunism and exploitation of the failures of Gorbachevs reforms contributed to its
disintegration in 1991. However, prime responsibility for the collapse of USSR lies with
Gorbachev, who played an active role in initiating internal and external reforms that
created conditions for its eventual demise. It was Gorbachevs reforms, implemented to
address the systemic economic weaknesses in USSR, which resulted in a consistent and
direct impact on USSR, leading to political death of CPSU and collapse of USSR.

1.Yeltsin served as the immediate cause for the collapse of USSR by challenging CPSUs
legitimacy, hence contributing to the eventual disintegration of USSR in 1991.

2.However, it was Gorbachevs internal reforms of Glasnost that facilitated the rise of
Yeltsin and allowed Yeltsin the opportunity to capitalise on the August Coup to
subsequently undermine the political legitimacy of CPSU and triggered the eventual
dissolution of USSR.

3.Gorbachev played a bigger role in facilitating the collapse of USSR through his
economic reforms that were meant to resolve the systemic weaknesses of Soviet
command economy, but instead resulted in disastrous economic effects that deteriorated
USSRs political legitimacy.

4.In response to the increasing discontent caused by the failure of Perestroika,

Gorbachev implemented Glasnost, which called for greater transparency in USSR, led to
the creation of a legitimate channel for challenging CPSU, thus further undermining
CPSUs political legitimacy.

5.Also, Gorbachevs new political thinking, which resulted in his inaction and
breakaway from Eastern Europe, facilitated the rise of ethnic nationalism in USSR that
sparked a series of events that eroded the legitimacy of CPSU and ultimately led to the
physical dissolution of USSR.