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Pax Americana refers to period of relative international peace in the Post-Cold War world

brought about by American dominance.

It suggests a world with more order and stability, given the absence of bipolar rivalry
between USA and USSR.

However, in actuality, Pax Americana d

id not successfully brought about a more peaceful world
due to the rise of new and more frequent conflicts between countries and within
countries, the continued threat of nuclear proliferation and the destructive effects of US

1: Post-cold war world appeared to be Pax Americana with the apparent triumph of
liberal democracy and capitalism that seemed to promise greater international
cooperation and integration.

2. However, in reality, Pax Americana failed to deliver peace and stability to the Post-Cold
War world, given the failed transitions to market capitalism and democracy by some
Eastern European countries.

3: Pax Americana seemed apparent with the absence of geopolitical rivalry between US
and USSR, and with US being established as the sole hegemonic power and bearing the
leading role in ensuring international security through its predominant position within
international institutions.

4: In reality, Pax Americana failed to bring about peace and stability due to USs
inconsistent and selective non-proliferation efforts and support for international
organisations based on its national interests.

5. Additionally, Pax Americana failed to achieve international peace and stability, given
the rise of new and more frequent conflicts due to racial and religious differences, as well
as Western dominance.