5-6 Mar 2017

terrorism cases,» the (the) political regime.» The
ministry said. announcement, coming
Authorities have piled just a day after Bahrain›s
pressure on the country›s parliament approved a
Bahrain justice ministry constitutional amendment
seeks to dissolve opposition in recent
opposition group months, dissolving the Bahrain files lawsuit to allowing military tribunals
largest opposition group dissolve secular political to try civilians , recalled the
clampdown that followed
Bahrain›s justice ministry al-Wefaq last year and party
filed a lawsuit on Monday revoking the citizenship the nation›s 2011 Arab
seeking to dissolve a of the country›s top Shi›ite  Bahrain›s government filed Spring protests.
main opposition group Muslim cleric. a lawsuit Monday to dissolve
on the grounds that it a secular political party, the
undermined security, Anger has mounted among second-such organization read more
state news agency BNA the Gulf island kingdom›s it has targeted in the last
reported. Shi›ite majority since the year as part of an intense
«Arab Spring» protests crackdown on opposition
The secular National they led were repressed by in the island nation.
Democratic Action the Sunni-led government
Society, or Waad, had in 2011 with the help of The country›s Justice,
perpetrated «serious Gulf Arab states. Islamic Affairs and
violations targeting the Endowments Ministry
principle of respecting the read more accused Waad in a
rule of law, supporting statement of «incitement
terrorism and sanctioning of acts of terrorism and
violence by glorifying promoting (the) violent
people convicted for and forceful overthrow of

The amendment drops a «Civilians cannot be tried
clause limiting military militarily, but attackers who
trials to members of carry out acts of terrorism
the armed forces or Bahrain advances and armed violence will
other security branches. military trials for have their crimes face
Bahrain approves Civilians charged with suspected militants military justice,» Sheikh
military trial for civilians «damaging public interest» Khaled bin Ali al-Khalifa
or with terrorism, a vague Bahrain›s top government was quoted as saying by
Bahrain›s upper house legal term, could now face advisory body passed a BNA.
of parliament on Sunday courts martial. constitutional amendment
approved a constitutional allowing suspected militants «Their combat deeds and
amendment which grants Sunni-ruled Bahrain last to be tried in military courts armed egression put them
military courts the right month marked six years on Sunday, state news in a place far removed from
to try civilians, sparking since protests demanding agency BNA reported, in a being civilians,» he added.
concern for the fate constitutional reform move criticized by activists. The government executed
of activists already in in the Shiite-majority three men in January
kingdom erupted in the Bahrain›s Shura Council
custody. approved the amendment convicted of a deadly 2014
capital Manama. bomb attack against police,
The 40-seat Shura Council, on the grounds that it would
the upper parliamentary protect the Gulf island and in February three
chamber appointed by read more kingdom from militant fugitives were shot dead in
the king in the Gulf state, attacks, and the justice a gun battle at sea while two
unanimously approved an minister said that those security officers were killed
amendment to Article 105, perpetrating attacks had in militant attacks.
members of the council forfeited access to civilian read more
told AFP. courts.
to the U.S. Navy›s 5th
Fleet. Loyalists of Bahrain›s
rulers call the change
necessary to fight terrorism
as the persistent low-level
Bahrain parliament unrest that followed the
approves military trials 2011 demonstrations has
for civilians escalated recently in tandem
with the crackdown.
Bahrain›s parliament The island›s 40-member
on Sunday approved a Consultative Council, the
constitutional change upper house of the Bahraini
allowing military courts to parliament appointed
try civilians, the kingdom›s by King Hamad bin Isa
latest rollback on reforms Al Khalifa, voted for the
made after its 2011 Arab measure Sunday. Their
Spring protests that likely approval came less than
will stoke an ongoing two weeks after the 40-seat
government crackdown on Council of Representatives,
dissent. the parliament›s elected
Activists warn the lower house, passed it with
amendment will allow an little opposition.
undeclared state of martial read more
law on the island near
Saudi Arabia that›s home