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Department of Pediatrics
Seminary Road, EDSA, Q.C

Community Report for October 2014

Community Rotator Resident: Sobrepeña, Girly D., MD

Community Consultant in Charge: Ma. Corazon Estevanez , MD,FPPS,FSPC

I. Endorsement From Previous CommunityRotator (September 2014):
Dr.Larry R. Aquino, MD,
 Free clinic/ consultation was conducted wherein majority of the
cases were Pneumonia, AURI ,AGE with no signs of dehydration,
Skin infections like Impetigo, scabies and well baby consult.
 Lectures
 Free medicines
 Medical home initiative (visiting families enrolled at community

II. Present community Plans :
Schedule of activities:
October 3 Meeting community coordinator at the Chapel
(Ate Amy)
October 8 Meeting previous families enrolled in the community
Program at the Chapel (25 families were endorsed)
October 10 House visit with each of the families and follow up
Check-up with their sick children
October 25 House Visit to the enrolled families


Free clinic were conducted at SitioMilitar Chapel. Lectures were conducted with the use of visual aids and demos for easier learning and adaptation of each case presented. Since it was the time of rainy days flooding is a major occurrence in the area. majority of cases were Pneumonia. Wednesday/Friday of each week. Skin infections like fungal infections. each families were encouraged to have a good sanitation.  Free Medications Available:  Paracetamol/ ibuprofen drops and syrup  Carbocisteine  Ambroxol/Salbutamol syrup QUEZON CITY GENERAL HOSPITAL Department of Pediatrics Seminary Road. impetigo and hypersensitivity reactions secondary to food/insect bites and Acute Gastroenteritis were noted. Every clinic hours.C SitioMilitar( FemaMataas) – Chapel Area October 13 Free clinic and lecture on Leptospirosis October 18 Free Clinic and Mothers Class for pregnant mothers and Breast feeding lectures for lactating mothers October 20 Free Clinic and Lecture on Tuberculosis in Children October 27 Free Clinic with follow-up on patients for re-worming  Free clinic / Consultation: Free clinic was done every Monday. Q. Department of Pediatrics Seminary Road. AURI . Q. cough.C . What to do in cases of sick children with fever. skin infections and diarrhea. then the community follows. EDSA. EDSA. A good and healthy lifestyle always begins at home. parents were lectured and taught for them to be aware and educated on what was happening in their children within the community. good grooming and good hygiene in each family members.

better lifestyle and for their children to acquire good grades and performance in their respective schools and especially to avoid and awareness of community acquired -infectious diseases. free clinic/consultations. III. To have Wellness and Livelihood programs for unemployed mothers.  Amoxicillin/ Co-amoxiclav  Cefaclor/Cefuroxime syrup  Cetirizine/Loratadine syrup  Pyrantel Embonate syrup  Ascorbic acid/ Ascorbic acid with zinc syrup  Multivitamis drops and syrup  ORS. To recruit more families in the community . good grooming and good nutrition for their children. To continue encouraging children on the awareness of good eating habits and good hygiene to achieved a better school performance. to conduct free lectures/demos and free medicines not only for the enrolled families but for the whole community. Recommendation: Still to continue regular home medical intiative. For them to have a good health. Educate family members on proper/ good hygiene. Lectures were also conducted on the basis of the family needs and improvement. bacillus clausii and Pocari sweat  Cereal  Visiting Families enrolled in our Community program Medical Home initiative was done every Friday of the week.