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Total Quality Management covers the entire organization, all the people and all

functions, including external organizations and suppliers. Total Quality

Management help in setting the philosophy, quality policy etc, and providing

motivation through leadership and equipping people to achieve quality.

This questionnaire has been devised to know the scope, possibility and practical aspects

of Total Quality Management of United Food Products, KINFRA, Kalpetta.

This is confidential and for the purpose of study. So, please provide with true input

01. Name: .. (You can input 'NA' if you don't want to disclose)

02. Gender: Male Female

03. Age: 18 to 25 26 to 35 36 to 45 45 above

04. Educational Qualification: Illiterate High school level HSC UG and


05. Marital status: Married Unmarried

06. Number of members in family: 1-3 4-6 7-9 above 9

07. Income level: Below 4000 4000-6000 6001-8000 8001-10000 10000 above

08. Nature of Employment: Permanent Temporary

09. System of work: Night Shift First shift Rotation of shifts

10. The major business of your organization:

11. The department in which you work:.

12. What is the size of your organization:

0 -50 51 100 101 500 501 1000 More than 1001

13. Are you aware of the importance of quality management, which has an important role
Yes No Cantsay
in the success of any organization:

14. Does TQM help for improving the work efficiency of employees?
Yes No Cantsay

15. Does TQM assists in alignment of companys goal as well as individuals goals?
Yes No Cantsay

16. Tick the appropriate certification obtained by your company

ISO 9001 ISO 9002 ISO 9003 QS 9000 .

The year in which it got first certified .

17. Should quality certification (ISO 9000-14000) help improving morale of employees as

well as positioning of the organization?

Yes No Cantsay

Yes No
18. Does your organization apply total quality management?

19. If your organization applies TQM, which model(s) you are applying for?

MBNQA Model ISO 9004 EFQM Model

UMIST Model Xerox Model No specified model

Other model, please specify: .

Yes No
20. Does your organization apply statistical process control?

21. What other quality practice(s) your organization are applying for?

Quality Circle ISO 14000/EMS BS8800/SMS


5S Customer Satisfaction Survey Vendor Partnership Prog

22. Employees are kept updated with changes in job skills & job designs?
Strongly Agree Strongly disagree Dont know Agree Disagree

23.Do you think the organization is quality conscious toward employees? Yes No

24. Did your organization use consultant(s) during No ISO/TQM?

25. Did your organization employ additional staff since


26. Has your organization structure change Yes since No ISO/TQM?

27. How do you feel about the recruitment & selection procedure adopted by the

company? Excellent Good Average Poor

28. (a) How many people are involved in quality circle?

Below 10 above 10 above 15 cant say

(b) How frequently the organizations have the meeting of quality circle?

Weekly biweekly monthly yearly

29. Are the organization is going for the quality audit? Yes No Cant say

30.(a) Does your organization have quality information system? Yes No Cant say

(b) Are the information system is regularly updated? Yes No Cant say

31. Are you practicing the 5s Japanese philosophy ? Yes No

32. Six Sigma focuses on improving quality and reduce waste by helping organization

which services better,faster and cheaper. Do you think , It is most effective technique of
Yes No Cant say
the TQM.

33. There is a shared vision of where your business is growing?

Strongly Agree Strongly disagree Agree Disagree Dont know

34. Are you aware of check sheet is an organized method of recording the no.of quality
Yes No Cant say
35. Are you aware of cause and effect diagrams are used extensively in quality

improvement programmes to identify quality issues and inspection point?

Yes No Cant say

36. Can Total Quality Management focus on the interaction of the external customer,
Yes No Cant say
supplier and society at large in the organization itself?

37. Should the organization eliminate barriers between departments by managing improve

communication and teamwork? Yes No Cant say

38. Is the regular and effective inspection help in measuring the quality of the service?
Yes No Cant say

39. Does the organization provide right environment to apply your knowledge from new

programs to the job? Very much Some what Little Not at all

40. Do you feel that the organization is a good place to work? Yes No Sometimes

41. Do you feel comfortable with rules and policy of the organization?

Yes No Sometimes

42. What types of relations are you having with your superior, peers and subordinates?

Good Average Poor

If bad then why it is so?

They are not cooperating. Their behavior is not good

There is no proper communication. All above

43. Do you find that your job makes the best use of your abilities?

Yes No Some Times

44. Do you find that your performance is properly measured in the organization?

Yes No Sometimes

45. Do you get any reward on your good performance?

Yes No Sometimes

How do you feel about the following in your HS S N DS HDS

46 Health measures
47 Safety measures
48 Welfare measures
49 Working environment
50 Salary Offered