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Program Manager

Class 6145 week 7 Project

Theresa Tolbert

Project Name Project Management 6145
Project Online Certification programs
Project Manager Theresa Tolbert
Project Sponsor PM 6145

Baseline Actual
Start Date 08/31/2016 09/20/2016
Finish Date 10/20/2016] 10/16/2016
Hours 1752 1752
Days 73 73
Budget $50.000 $14,848.00
Project to create four (4) online certification programs to achieve grant from PPTP
to train future ID professional to meet the current need in the state. To begin with
current classes did not fit the need of the certification programs and the Craiger CI
staff was reluctance to even try the online classes. Dr. Tsagas work to convince
them to look at the future increase in enrollment and additional classes that would
be available for instruction. Malcolm had difficult time converting current classes to
meet the certification needs. He enlisted SME from other school to help with the
design. The project was on time with online modules and proposal for submission.
The project actually come in under budget.
Lessons learned to spend time on the immediate needs and delegate to other.
Trying to train Craiger CI staff was difficult as well as getting feedback on direction
module was taking. Seeking SME up front will save time and frustration. Ensuring
daily meeting are attended and problems discussed immediately allow for time
spent wisely. More time required.
[Summarize project administrative closure activities such as procedure
Communication Type : The close out meeting was held on October 20,2016 along
with module training. Communication with face to face, conference videos and
emails worked well during the project. Certification modules completed on time
and was attached and submitted with the proposal. Received the grant. Schedule
to start on the additional classes.
Program Manager
Class 6145 week 7 Project
Theresa Tolbert

Contract is not closed additional modules design is required to maintain grant.
All emails, designs, and PPTP proposal are in Dr. Tsagas office.

Craiger University located in one of the top five technology states and ranked third in the
number of high-technology companies. Because the state is desperate for skilled employees to
meet the demand of skilled IT personnel, several IT companies have formed an IT Consortium
with the support from the state government. Their mission over the next five years is to increase
substantially the number of skilled IT graduates to fulfill the demand for skilled IT professionals
The Consortium released a Preparing Tomorrows Technology Professional (PTTP), Request for
Proposals that would offers financial support to educational institutions that propose innovative
methods for preparing and increased number of technology professionals for the workplace. One
of their proposal for a possible way of preparation was an online certification and degree
The creation of four (4) Certification Programs within the PTTP guidelines that could be used for
stand-alone certification for updated knowledge or as an add-on. Each certification class will run
a forty (40) hours lasting for an eight weeks program. Certifications will also be used to
accelerate a B.S. degree in Computer Science. The program will consist of existing face to face
classes and introduction of online classes.

Gaining support of CS faculty and structure design online modules that will deliver a
valuable eight-week certification class. Designing current classes for online instruction.