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Voice Poetry Project Rubric

Excellent A Good B Average C Needs Work D/F

Biographical The group presents The group presents The group presents No biographical
Information a full biographical some biographical an incomplete background exists.
(20 points) background of the background of the biographical
poet. These details poet. These details background of the
SOL 10.8 a) Use contribute to our somewhat poet. These details
technology to understanding of contribute to our do not contribute to
research, synthesize, the voice of the understanding of our understanding
and present author. the authors voice. of the authors 13 points and below
information voice.
18-20 points 16-17 points 14-15 points
Voice Description The group presents The group presents The group presents The group does not
(30 points) a detailed analysis an analysis of the a summary rather discuss the poets
of the poets voice, poets voice, than an analysis of voice or what makes
SOL 10.4 h) Analyze including themes including either the poets voice, that poet unique.
how word choice, that the poet is themes that the briefly including
syntax, tone, and voice concerned with and poet is concerned either themes that
shape the intended stylistic techniques with or stylistic the poet is
meaning of the text unique to the poet. techniques unique concerned with or 20 points and below
27-30 points to the poet. stylistic techniques.
24-26 points 21-23 points
Analysis of Poem The group presents The group presents The group attempts The group does not
(30 points) an original and a detailed analysis to analyze the poem attempt to analyze
detailed analysis of of the poem, with interpretations the poem with
SOL 10.4 h) Analyze the chosen poem, including supported of tone, syntax, and interpretations of
how word choice, including convincing interpretations of word choice; some tone, syntax, or
syntax, tone, and voice interpretations of tone, syntax, and elements may be word choice.
shape the intended tone, syntax, and word choice. lacking in attention
meaning of the text word choice. or analysis.
27-30 points 24-26 points 21-23 points 20 points and below
Teamwork and All of the groups Most of the groups At least half of the Many of the groups
Preparedness (20 members are members are groups members members are not
points) prepared and prepared and are prepared and prepared or do not
contribute to the contribute to the contribute to the participate in the
SOL 10.1 b) oral presentation. oral presentation. oral presentation. oral presentation.
Collaborate to group Group members are Group members are Most group Many group
process, c) include all also respectful respectful during the members are members are not
members in during the presentations of respectful during the respectful during the
presentation, i) listen presentations of other groups. presentations of presentations of
actively other groups. other groups. other groups.
13 points and below
18-20 points 16-17 points 14-15 points