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Call # Source Title Play Title Author Character Gender Lines

9 Parts of I named my daughter Ghada --
9 Parts of
812 RAF Desire (pp. 28- Heather Raffo Umm Ghada Female - My full name is dead with
31) them.
9 Parts of Now theyre digging through
9 Parts of
812 RAF Desire (pp. 35- Heather Raffo The American Female mass graves --- Ive never
38) seen anything like it.
Great Books:
Hail, joyous light of justice-
882.08 Aeschylus,
Agamemnon Aeschylus Aegisthos Male bearing day!
AES Sophocles,
Euripides . . .
Great Books:
Aeschylus, Men of our city, Argive elders
Sophocles, Agamemnon Aeschylus Clytemnestra Female here,
Great Books:
Sophocles, Agamemnon Aeschylus Clytemnestra Female Though much to suit the times
Euripides, before was said,
882 Sophocles : the Ah, who would have supposed
Ajax Sophocles Ajax Male
SOP complete plays it possible
882 Sophocles : the
Ajax Sophocles Tecmessa Female You shall hear all that passed,
SOP complete plays
882 Sophocles : the O my lord Ajax, in the ills of
Ajax Sophocles Tecmessa Female
SOP complete plays men
10 plays /
My friends, I deem the fortune
882 Euripides ; a
Alcestis Euripides Admetus Male of my wife
EUR new translation
by Paul Roche
All My Sons I was fast asleep, and --- too
812 MIL All My Sons Arthur Miller Mother Female
(Act I P. 20) soon to plant a tree for him.
All My Sons
The man was a fool, but don't
812 MIL All My Sons (Act I pp. 31- Arthur Miller Keller Male
make --- It ain't right.
All My Sons For me! Where do you live,
812 MIL All My Sons (Act II pp. 70- Arthur Miller Chris Male where ---- Jesus God. What
71) must I do?
Would you like to know. . .
An American
.Theres nothing quite so
812 An American Daughter (Act Wendy Lyssa (hidden
Female satifying --- but theyre still
WAS Daughter 2, Scene 30; Wasserstein monologue)
twisting in the wind just like the
pp. 92-94)
rest of us.
Angels in
Hello and good morning. I am
Kushner, Rabbi Isadore Rabbi Isadore Chemelwitz of
812 KUS Angels in "Millennium Male
Tony. Chemelwitz the Bronx Home for Aged
America Approaches"
Act 1, Scene 1
Angels in
Joe (Hidden
Kushner, monologue, Stop it . . .All I will say is --- but
812 KUS Angels in "Millennium Male
Tony. Harper I'm not going to let you do that.
America Approaches"
Act 1, Scene 8
Angels in Kushner, Roy (Hidden AIDS. . .No. Like all labels . .
812 KUS Male
Angels in America Tony. monologue, .No. I have clout . . .{The

America "Millennium Henry Presidents wife} I dont want
Approaches" responds) you to be impressed . . . And
(Act 1, Scene what is my diagnosis, Henry? .
9; pp. 51-52) . .--- No, Henry, no. AIDS is
what homosexuals have. I
have liver cancer.
Angels in
America People who are lonely, people
812 KUS Angels in "Millennium Harper Female left alone, sit talking nonsense
America Approaches" to the air, imagining . . .
Scene 3
Angels in Night flight to San Francisco.
America Kushner, Chase the moon across
812 KUS Angels in Harper Female
"Perestroika" Tony. America. God! It's been years
Scene 10 since I was on a plane!
Anna Christie, I s'pose if I tried to tell you I
812 Four Plays by O'Neill,
Act III (223- Anna Female wasn't -- that -- no more you'd
ONE Eugene O'Neill Eugene
224) believe me, wouldn't you?
Aunt Dan & My father didnt know about my
812.54 Aunt Dan & Wallace
Lemon (pp. 74- Lemon Female mothers conversations with
SHA Lemon Shawn
75) Aunt Dan in the garden.
The Bachelor
The television Paddy Mary, give me an outside line --
812 CHA Party, Act I; pp. The Bachelor Male
plays. Chayefsky ---- Goodby. Go back to sleep.

The Bachelor Say to her what you said to me

The television Paddy
812 CHA Party, Act III; Charlie Male ------Thats what everybody is
plays. Chayefsky
pp. 265-266 looking for..
I collected towels, if you must
know. You know, from all the
812 Lanford Wilson Balm in Gilead Wilson, (Hidden
Female big hotels -- . . . . .We used . . .
WIL Collected Works Act II (48-53) Lanford monologue)
to really have some . . . times
Ann responds)
What he's saying -- about
renting rooms and all -- see --
Balm in Gilead there's no reason for it but
812 Lanford Wilson Wilson,
Act One (25- Dopey Male when a girl -- or around here
WIL Collected Works Lanford
26) anyway most of the girls have
a guy that -- kinna looks after
Jerry (Hidden
Betrayal (Act ii, Look at the way you're looking
822 PIN Betrayal scene 9; pp. Harold Pinter Male at me. . . .Everyone knows . . .
136-137) --- Youre wonderful.
Bus Stop (Act I, Getting married is a careless
812 ING Four Plays William Inge Dr. Lyman Male
pp.164-165.) habit. . .
Cherie (hidden I never did decide to marry
Bus Stop (Act monologue, him . . .Id never seen a
812 ING Four Plays William Inge Female
II, pp.183-184.) Elma cowbow before --- I'm gonna
responds) end up in Montana.
If one man in all the world can
be found, now or forever, to
822.912 Caesar and Caesar and Shaw, know that you did wrong, that
Caesar Male
SHA Cleopatra Cleopatra Bernard man will have either to
conquer the world as I have,
or be crucified by it.

Yes, it's too bad because you
cant wring their necks if
Tennessee Cat on a Hot
812 Williams, they've got no necks to wring!
Williams: Plays: Tin Roof, Act I Margaret Female
WIL Tennessee . . . !- Of course it's comical
1937-1955 (883-884)
but its also disgusting since it
so obvious what they're up to!
Yep, got th' report just now? it
Margaret didn't surprise me, Baby? . . .
Tennessee Cat on a Hot (Hidden You don't take dope. . . .
812 Williams,
Williams: Plays: Tin Roof, Act I Monologue, Female Brother Man Gooper claims he
WIL Tennessee
1937-1955 (885-886) Brick exercised his influence t' keep
responds) it from goin' out over AP or UP
or every goddam "P".
Well, sooner or later it's bound
to soften you up. It was just
Tennessee Cat on a Hot beginning to soften Skipper
812 Williams,
Williams: Plays: Tin Roof, Act I Margaret Female when -- I'm sorry. I never
WIL Tennessee
1937-1955 (891-893) could keep my fingers off a
sore -- I wish you would lose
your looks.
Brick, y'know, I've been so
God damn disgustingly poor
all my life!- that's the truth,
Brick! Always had to suck up
Tennessee Cat on a Hot
812 Williams, to people I couldn't stand
Williams: Plays: Tin Roof, Act I Margaret Female
WIL Tennessee because they had money and
1937-1955 (907-908)
I was poor as Job's turkey. . . .
Never should have confessed
it, a fatal error, tellin' you about
that thing with Skipper.
Barbara's afraid we shall go
and fall in love with each
Anton other. Day after day she never
891.7 The Cherry Chekhov
Chekhov's plays Trophimof Male leaves us alone. With her
CHE Orchard.
narrow mind she cannot
understand that we are above
Anton I bought it. Wait a bit; don't
891.7 The Cherry Chekhov
Chekhov's plays Lopakhin Male hurry me; my head's in a whirl;
CHE Orchard.
I can't speak. . . .
Why doesn't Leond come?
Oh, if only I knew whether the
891.7 The Cherry Chekhov Madame property's sold or not! It seems
Chekhov's plays Female
CHE Orchard. Ranevsky such an impossible disaster,
that I don't know what to think.
Anton Please don't go; I want you. At
891.7 The Cherry Chekhov Madame
Chekhov's plays Female any rate it's gayer when you're
CHE Orchard. Ranevsky
The Children's
812 Six Plays by Hellman, We're not going to suffer any
Hour, Act III Karen Female
HEL Lillian Hellman Lillian more. Martha is dead.
Mary Warren
I never knew it before. . . . She
812 The Crucible, Monologue,
The Crucible Miller, Arthur Female never knew no
MIL Act II (54-55) Proctor and

John, it come to naught that I
should forgive you, if you'll not
The Crucible, forgive yourself. . . . .It were a
812 Monologue,
The Crucible Act IV (126- Miller, Arthur Female cold house I kept. . . .Forgive
MIL Proctor and
127) me, forgive me, John I never
knew such goodness in the

Nothing more? Just a fatuous

smirk? Oh come, there are
Cyrano de
842 Cyrano de Rostand, fifty- score varieties of
Bergerac, Act I Cyrano Male
ROS Bergerac Edmund comment you could find if you
possessed a modicum of
Dark at the Top
I always worry that maybe
of the Stairs
812 ING Four Plays William Inge Sammy Male people aren't --- telling you
(Act II, pp. 270-
about myself.
Rubin (Hidden I come home here t' apologize
Dark at the Top
812 ING Four Plays William Inge Monologue, Male to you . . . --- It's a damn good
of the Stairs
Cora responds) job, pays good money.
Business is definitely
Death of a
812 Death of a business, but just listen for a
Salesman, Act Miller, Arthur Willy Male
MIL Salesman minute. You don't understand
II (80-81)
812 Three plays
ONE Desire Under Will ye ever know me . . . . ----
http://gutenberg. The Elms, Part ONeil Ephraim Cabot Male Are ye any the wiser fur all
Also II, scene 2 Ive told ye?
online 0400081h.html
Look, Peter, the sky. . . .I wish
you had religion, Peter. . .
Anne (hidden .Just to believe in something!
The Diary of Goodrich and Monologue, When I think of all . . . I know
812.5 The Diary of Anne Frank, Hackett Peters lines its terrible, trying to have any
FRA Anne Frank Act II, scene 4; (original and some of faith... when people are doing
pp. 97-98 version) Annes are such ------I still believe, in
eliminated) spite of everything, that
people are really good at
The Diary of Goodrich and
812.5 The Diary of Anne Frank, Hackett Our last month together. -----
Mr. Frank Male
FRA Anne Frank Act II; pp. 68- (Adapted by All that remains.
69. Kesselman)
Ah, Faustus.
Now hast thou but one bare
822 Doctor Faustus Doctor Faustus Marlowe, hour to live,
Faustus Male
MAR Christopher And then thou must be
damn'd perpetually!

No, I tell you: they made a

doctor of me in spite of
The Doctor In myself. I had never bothered
842 The Misanthrope
Spite of Himself Moliere Sganarelle Male my head about being that
MOL and Other Plays
Act III Scene 1 learned; and all my studies
went only up to seventh


We wont have any

melodrama . . . --- Well, thats
A Doll's House Helmer (Hidden all over it must be; from now
839.82 A Doll's House
(Act III, pp. 220- Ibsen Monologue) Male on, therere be no question of
IBS and Other Plays
222.) Nora responds) happiness, but only of saving
the ruin of it the fragments -
the mere faade.

A Doll's House Helmer (Hidden Were both saved both you

839.82 A Doll's House
(Act III, pp. 222- Ibsen Monologue) Male and I. --- Nora, I swear it
IBS and Other Plays
223.) Nora responds) Ive forgiven you.S
Try to calm down and set your
A Doll's House
839.82 A Doll's House mind at peace --- Not in bed?
(Act III, pp. 223- Ibsen Helmer Male
IBS and Other Plays Youve changed your
You've never loved me,
A Doll's House Nora (Hidden you've only found it pleasant
839.82 A Doll's House
(Act III, pp. 225- Ibsen Monologue Female to be in love with me. . . . ---
IBS and Other Plays
226.) Helmer listens) Thats what our marriage has
been, Torvald.
What? Do you want us to bind
ourselves for good to the first
842 Tartuffe and Don Juan Act I object that captivates us, give
Moliere Don Juan Male
MOL Other Plays Scene 2 up the world for her, and have
no more eyes for anyone
I don't have much trouble
understanding it; and if you
knew this character, you'd find
842 Tartuffe and Don Juan Act I
Moliere Sganarelle Male the matter pretty easy for him.
MOL Other Plays Scene 1
I don't say that he has
changed his feelings about
Dona Elvire,
You know I believe Martin
Luther King has done some
Boolie (Hidden
mighty fine things . . .I want to
go . . . I still have to conduct
812 Driving Miss Driving Miss Daisy responds
Alfred Uhry Male business in this town . . .A lot
UHR Daisy Daisy; p. 41 and some of
of the men I do business with
Boolies lines
wouldnt like it---- Doctor King
are eliminated)
will never know the difference,
will he?
The Effect of
The Effect of He told me to look at my
Gamma Rays
812 Gamma Rays on hand, for a part of it came
on Man-in-the- Zindel, Paul Tillie Female
ZIN Man-in-the-Moon from a star that exploded too
Moon Marigolds
Marigolds long ago to imagine.
Act I
The Effect of
The Effect of I got the cat from the
Gamma Rays
812 Gamma Rays on A.S.P.C.A. immediately after
on Man-in-the- Zindel, Paul Janice Female
ZIN Man-in-the-Moon it had been killed by a high-
Moon Marigolds
Marigolds altitude pressure system.
Act II
The Elephant The most striking feature
822 The Elephant Pomerance,
Man, Scene III Treves Male about him was his enormous
POM Man Bernard
(5-6) head.
839.8 An Enemy of the An Enemy of Ibsen Dr. Male Gentlemen, Mrs. Stockman,

IBS People the People Stockman Miss Stockman . . . In other
(Act II, scene 2; (Hidden words, more like Men, more
pp. 93-94) Monologue) like a People.
others respond)
An Enemy of
839.8 An Enemy of the the People Please one more minute . . . -
Ibsen (Hidden Male
IBS People (Act II, scene 2; -- The water is poisoned!
p. 95)
others respond)
An Enemy of
They want me to buy the
839.8 An Enemy of the the People Dr.
Ibsen Male paper --- prowling like a lion in
IBS People (Act III, pp. 122- Stockman
the streets!
822 Equus, Act II Look, Doctor: you don't have
Equus Shaffer, Peter Dora Female
SHA (77-78) to live with this.
822 Equus, Act II All right! I'll take it away! He'll
Equus Shaffer, Peter Dysart Male
SHA (107-109) be delivered from madness.
Fences, Act I,August Like you? --- You understand
812 WIL Fences Troy Male
scene 3, p. 38.
Wilson what I'm saying, boy?
Troy. . .I done known you
Fences, Act II, August seem like damn near my
812 WIL Fences Bono Male
scene 1, p. 62. Wilson whole life. -- - Rose a good
woman, Troy.
Fences,Act II, Rose (Hidden I done tried to be everything a
812 WIL Fences scene 1, pp. Monologue, Female wife should be. --- tell me
67-68 Troy responds) something like this.
Fences, Act II,
August All of the sudden it's we. ---
812 WIL Fences scene 1, pp. Rose Female
Wilson That's all you can say to me.
Galileo (hidden They used to hug the coasts. .
832 Galileo, scene monologue, .By that time . . .You see
Galileo Brecht Male
BRE 1, p. 48-49 Andrea nothing --- Gawking is not
responds) seeing.
Hm, well at least you have
found out that it. . . . My dear
Galileo (Hidden
man . . . You are also . . . As
832 Galileo, scene monologue,
Galileo Brecht Male much as the truth gets . . .
BRE 7, pp. 84-86 Little Monk
Here is the writ --- I wonder
how long I shall be content to
discuss it with my dog.
In my spare time, I happen to
have gone over this case. ---
Galileo, scene
832 Any man who does what I
Galileo 13, pp. 123- Brecht Galileo Male
BRE have done must not be
tolerated in the ranks of
I have suffered a good deal in
this house. To keep him at
Mrs. Alving
home in the evening -- and at
839.8 Four Great Plays (Hidden
Ghosts Act I Ibsen Female night -- I have had to play the
IBS by Henrik Ibsen Monologue)
part of boon companion in his
Manders listens
secret drinking bouts in his
room up there.
Mrs. Alving I will tell you what I mean by
839.8 Four Great Plays (Hidden that. I am frightened and
Ghosts Act II Ibsen Female
IBS by Henrik Ibsen Monologue timed, because I am
Manders obsessed by the presence of

listens) ghosts that I never can get rid
of. . . . Ghosts.
And so the following evening I
The Glass brought Jim home to dinner. I
812 Six Modern Menagerie Williams, had known Jim slightly in high
Tom Male
SIX American Plays Scene VI, pp. Tennessee school. In high school Jim
307-308. was a hero. ---- He was about
to discover that I did.
The Glass Now just look at your mother!
812 Six Modern Menagerie Williams, This is the dress in which I led
Amanda Female
SIX American Plays Scene VI, p. Tennessee the cotillion. --- And then I met
310. your father.
You know what I judge to be
The Glass
the trouble with you?
812 Six Modern Menagerie Williams,
Jim Male Inferiority complex! --- Think
SIX American Plays Scene VII, pp. Tennessee
of yourself as superior in
some way!
I didn't go to the moon, I went
The Glass
much further -- for time is the
812 Six Modern Williams, longest distance between two
Closing Tom Male
SIX American Plays Tennessee places -------- Blow out your
Monologue. P.
candles, Laura and so
The Hairy Ape, Sit down before I knock yuh
812 Four Plays by O'Neill,
Scene 1(256- Yank Male down! . . . . Yuh're yellow,
ONE Eugene O'Neill Eugene
257) dat's you.
Please do not mock at my
812 Four Plays by The Hairy Ape, O'Neill,
Mildred Female attempts to discover how the
ONE Eugene O'Neill Scene 2 (265) Eugene
other half lives.
The Hairy Ape,
812 Four Plays by O'Neill, I scared her? . . .She'll belong
Scene 3 (279- Yank Male
ONE Eugene O'Neill Eugene den.
The Max (Hidden Oh, yes, you are. . . Before he
822 PIN Homecoming; Harold Pinter Monologue, Male died Sam --- What have you
Act I; pp. 39-40. Sam responds) done?
Collins Complete The Ideal
828 Well, Tommy has proposed to
Works of Oscar Husband, Act II Wilde, Oscar Mabel Chiltern Female
WIL me again.
Wilde (545)
Well, I must say Algernon,
The Importance
Collins Complete that I think it is high time that
828 of Being
Works of Oscar Wilde, Oscar Lady Bracknell Female Mr. Bunbury made up his
WIL Earnest, Act I
Wilde mind whether he was going to
live or to die.
I beg your pardon for
The Importance Jack (Hidden
Collins Complete interupting you, Lady
828 of Being monologue,
Works of Oscar Wilde, Oscar Male Bracknell, but this
WIL Earnest, Act IV Lady Bracknell
Wilde engagement is quite out of
(410) responds)
the question.
When you've been a lawyer
as long as I have -- a
Inherit the Lawrence, thousand years more or less -
812 (Hidden
Inherit the Wind Wind, Act III Jerome and Male - you get so you can smell the
LAW Monologue,
(108-110) Robert E. Lee way a jury's thinking. . . .
Cates listens)
Someday I'm going to get me
an easy case.
828 Collins Complete Lady Duchess of Don't you really know? {Omit
Wilde, Oscar Female
WIL Works of Oscar Windermere's Berwick Ah, what indeed, dear? That

Wilde Fan, Act I (426- (Hidden is the point.} {Omit But it's
427) Monologue, quite true, my dear.} {Omit
Lady Ah, the dear pretty baby . . .I
Windermere really don't know what they
responds) teach them there.} {Omit Oh
all of them . . .better.} {Omit
Yes we begin like that} . .
.And don't make scenes, men
hate them!
Collins Complete
828 Windermere's Lady Why doesn't he come? This
Works of Oscar Wilde, Oscar Female
WIL Fan, Act III Windermere' waiting is horrible.
Collins Complete
828 Windermere's Believe what you choose
Works of Oscar Wilde, Oscar Mrs. Erlynne Female
WIL Fan, Act III about me.
The Laramie
Project , Act I;
Ive lived in Wyoming my
812 The Laramie MOMENT: Moises Jedadiah
Male whole life.. . .Maybe you can
KAU Project Angels in Kaufman Schultz
tell him.
America; pp.
We never called him Matthew,
The Laramie Romaine
actually..I did hear from
Project , Act I; Patterson
812 The Laramie Moises Matthew about forty-eight
MOMENT: (Hidden Male
KAU Project Kaufman hours before his attack ---- he
Matthew; pp. Monologue;
was really happy about being
19-20 others respond)
The Laramie
Project , Act I;
812 The Laramie Moises Well I, uh, I took off on my
MOMENT: Aaron Kreifels Male
KAU Project Kaufman bicycle . . . .
Matthew; p. 35
The Laramie
Project , Act II;
812 The Laramie Moises I really havent been all that
MOMENT: Sherry Johnson Female
KAU Project Kaufman involved . . . .
One of Ours; p.
The Laramie As the grandmother and the
812 The Laramie Moises
Project , Act III; Ms. Thompson Female person who raised Russell. . .
KAU Project Kaufman
pp. 82-83 .
The Laramie
812 The Laramie Moises Dennis My son Matthew did not look
Project , Act III; Male
KAU Project Kaufman Shepard like a winner. . . .
pp. 95-96
Birdie (Hidden
I'd like -- Two things. Two
The Little Monologue,
812 Six Plays by Hellman, things I'd like most. . . . Oscar.
Foxes, Act I Oscar, Regina Female
HEL Lillian Hellman Lillian Please let me have Lionnet
(163-164) and Ben
Poor hands! You'd never
Long Day's Mary (Hidden
Long Day's believe it, but they were once
812 Journey Into O'Neill, Monologue,
Journey Into Female one of my good points, along
ONE Night, Act III Eugene Kathleen
Night with my hair and eyes, and I
(106-108) responds)
had a fine figure, too.
Long Day's Long Day's To hell with sense! We're all
812 O'Neill,
Journey Into Journey Into Edmund Male crazy. What do we want with
ONE Eugene
Night Night, Act IV sense?

Andy (Hidden
812 Love Letters and Love Letters; Monologue,
AR Gurney Male Dear Mrs. Gardner:
GUR two other plays pp. 53-55. Melissa
M. Butterfly Act
812 Butterfly, Butterfly. . . --- Im
M. Butterfly I scene i. pp. 1- David Hwang Gallimard Male
HWA the one who lifts their spirits.
M. Butterfly Act I've played out the events. ---
M. Butterfly III scene 3. pp. David Hwang Gallimard Male also know as Madame
91-93. Butterfly.
Ma Rainey's
812 Ma Rainey's Wilson,
Black Bottom, Levee Male Levee got to be Levee!
WIL Black Bottom August
Act I (68-70)
The Government of your
822.912 George Bernard Major Barbara, country! --- I am going back to
George Undershaft Male
SHA Shaw's Plays Act III, p. 264 my counting house to pay the
piper an call the tune.
I saved her from the crime of
Undershaft poverty. . . .The worst of
Major Barbara, Shaw,
822.912 George Bernard (Hidden crimes . . . . He will be better
Act III, pp. 277- George Male
SHA Shaw's Plays monologue, fed . . . . I was an east ender.
278 Bernard
others respond) ---- we shall have an England
worth living in.
No matter at all if you have no
purpose of your own, and are,
Tanner (Hidden
Man and Shaw, like most men, a mere
822.912 George Bernard Monologue,
Superman, Act George Male breadwinner. . . . . . ___ And it
SHA Shaw's Plays Octavius
I (93-94) Bernard is all the deadlier because, in
your romanticist cant, they
love one another.

812 The television Marty, Act I; p. Paddy Hello, is this Mary Feeney? . .
Marty Male
CHA plays. 146 Chayefsky .

Marty (Hidden
Monologue, I can recognize pain a mile
812 The television Marty, Act II; Paddy Girls lines and away . . . . Ill tell you some of
CHA plays. pp. 165-166 Chayefsky some of Martys my wisdom . . . ----we aint
lines such dogs as we think we are.
So. Po po po. I think we
812.54 Master Class, Terrence
Master Class Maria CallasFemale should stop here. ---- Well,
MCN Act II, pp. 49-50 McNally
thats that.
"Master Harold" Which meant I got another
822 "Master Harold" .
. . . and the Fugard, Athol Hally Male rowing for hanging around the
FUG . . and the boys
boys (26) "servants' quarters."
"Master Harold" It started off looking like
822 "Master Harold" .
. . . and the Fugard, Athol Hally Male another of those useless
FUG . . and the boys
boys (28-29) nothing-to-do afternoons.
"Master Harold" Hello, Mom . . . No,
822 "Master Harold" .
. . . and the Fugard, Athol Hally Male everything is okay here. Just
FUG . . and the boys
boys (48-49) doing my homework . . . .
Frankie (Hidden I expect Janice and Jarvis are
The Member of
812 The Member of Carson Monologue, almost to Winter Hill . . .Jarvis
the Wedding, Female
MCC the Wedding McCullers Berenices lies talked about Granny . . . Did
Act I; pp. 36-38.
are eliminated) you hear . They were

talking about whether to vote .
. . She said she thought I was
a lovely size . . .-----She said
to me
Katie, I will not have it!!
The child practically . . . .What
The Miracle Keller (Hidden
The Miracle William in heavens name . Katie, I
812 GIB Worker, Act II, Monologue, Male
Worker Gibson did not bring you . . . .The fact
pp. 71-72 Kate responds;)
is . . . .I want you to give her
Mrs. Keller, I dont think
Helens worst handicap is
Annie (Hidden deafness or blindness. . . . Alll
Monologue, of you here are so sorry for
The Miracle
The Miracle William Kate responds; her . . . . Give up, why, I only
812 GIB Worker, Act II, Female
Worker Gibson eliminate a few today saw . . . . I mean day
pp. 75-76
of Annies and night . . . .[For] Everything
responses) . . . .----You wont use your
chances and you wont let
The asylum? ..the graves.
The Miracle Annie (Hidden No, it made me strong. But I
The Miracle William
812 GIB Worker, Act II, Monologue, Female dont think you need to send
Worker Gibson
pp. 77-78 Kate responds) Helen there. Shes strong
Popeye I'm Popeye Jackson. . . .Oh,
The Miss The Miss (Hidden well its not my original name .
Firecracker Firecracker Beth Henley monologue, Female . . Actually the fortunate part
Contest Contest Delmount is I can now hear voices
responds) through my eyes.
Mrs. Warren Everybody dislikes having to
Mrs. Warren's Shaw,
822.912 George Bernard (Hidden work and make money . . .
Profession, Act George Female
SHA Shaw's Plays Monologue, .but I should have been a fool
II (39-40) Bernard
Vivie responds) if I'd taken to anything else.
I can't bear it. They're so
Emily (Hidden
young and beautiful. . . Oh,
Our Town, Monologue,
812 Wilder, Mama, just look at me one
Our Town Act III (107- Mrs. Webb and Female
WIL Thornton minute as though you really
109) young Emily
saw me. . . .I can't. I can't go
on. . . . I'm ready to go back.
She should have loved me
not just for falling down . .
Love! Valour! (Katherines
A Perfect .Instead you waited . . . Six
812.54 Compassion and Terrence dead son)
Ganesh (act I, Male young men with chains and
MCN a Perfect McNally (Hidden
172-174) bats . . .I stood there -- But
Ganesh monologue,
thats when you waited to love
others speak)
me, Mama.
I had my big chance and blew
it . . . Id just bought him a
Love! Valour! Margaret Good Humor bar . . .His little
A Perfect
812.54 Compassion and Terrence (Hidden face was covered with
Ganesh (act I, Female
MCN a Perfect McNally monologue, chocolate. . . . He was four
Ganesh others speak) years old . . . .Ive never told
anyone about Gabriel
Comin for to carry me home.

Berniece. . .I be at home and I
Avery (Hidden
The Piano get to thinking. . .You know
The Piano August Monologue,
812 WIL Lesson, Act II, Male how I feel about you . . . You
Lesson Wilson Berniece
scene 2; p. 66. too young a woman to close
up, Berniece.
You trying to tell me a woman
The Piano can't be nothing without a
The Piano August
812 WIL Lesson Act II, Berniece Female man.--- Well you tell me,
Lesson Wilson
scene 2; p. 67 Averyyou knowhow much
woman am I?
The Piano See now. . .I'll tell you
The Piano Lesson Act II, August something about me. --- Other
812 WIL Boy Willie Male
Lesson scene 5; pp. Wilson than that, I ain't thinking about
93-94 nothing Berniece got to say.
Madge, how do you talk to
boys? . . . How do you think of
things to say?. . . .Supposing
nothing ever comes into my
Millie (Hidden head? . . . I think hes a big
Monologue, show off. . . . And he was
Madges lines braggin all afternoon . .And
Picnic (Act I,
812 ING Four Plays William Inge and some of Female he says he used to make
Millies have hundreds of dollars . . .
been Madge, I think hes girl crazy.
eliminated) . . . Alan took us into the Hi
Ho for cokes. . . .Madge, do
you think hell like me?. .. .. I
dont really care. I just
Shaw, There! That's all youll get out
822 Pygmalion, Act
Pygmalion George Higgins Male of Eliza. Ah-ah-ow-oo! No use
SHA II (43)
Bernard explaining.
822 Pygmalion, Act Dont say that, Governor. Dont
Pygmalion George Doolittle Male
SHA II (58) look at it that way.
822 Pygmalion, Act
Pygmalion George Doolittle Male It aint the lecturing I mind.
SHA V (120-121)
I want a little kindness . . . I
could just kick myself.
(Omitting lines by Higgins.
Eliza (Hidden
822 Shaw, Also omitting Elizas lines
Pygmalion, Act monologue,
SHA Pygmalion George Female Thats not a proper answer to
V (138140) Higgins
Bernard give me and Wring away.
What do I care? I knew youd
strike me one day.)

Me? . . .Me? . . . Me, I'm

nothing . . . Me. ______ I
A Raisin in the (Hidden
812 A Raisin in the Hansberry, wanted to cure. It used to
Sun, Act III molologue, Female
HAN Sun Lorraine matter. I used to care. I mean
(116-117) Asagai
about people and how their
bodies hurt . . .
The Rose Rosa (Hidden "I don't' think I will---ever see
Plays, 1937- Tennessee
812 WIL Tattoo, Act III, monologue, Female you again. .
1955 Williams
scene 2; pp. Jack responds) . --- Look for me! I will be

731-733 there!
Yes: they told me you were
822 Saint Joan, Act Shaw, fools, and that I was not to
Saint Joan Joan Female
SHA VI (138-138) Bernard listen to your fine words nor
trust to your charity.
Jokanaan, I am amorous of
Collins Complete (Hidden
828 Salome, Act I thy body! ________ I will kiss
Works of Oscar Wilde, Oscar Monologue, Female
WIL (589-590) thy mouth, Jokanaan. I will
Wilde Jokanaan
kiss thy mouth.
Treplyov Why: She's bored. Jealous.
891.7 Anton Chekhov's The Sea Gull, Chekov, (Hidden She's already turned against
CHE Plays Act I (7-9) Anton Monologue, me, ________ and suffered
Sorin responds) deeply from humiliation.
Men and women, the lions,
Nina (Hidden
the eagles and the partridges,
891.7 Anton Chekhov's The Sea Gull, Chekov, Monologue,
Female the antlered deer . . . .
CHE Plays Act I (13-14) Anton Treplyov
________ I see his terrifying
crimson eyes . . .
Treplyov Why: She's bored. Jealous.
891.7 Anton Chekhov's The Sea Gull, Chekov, (Hidden She's already turned against
CHE Plays Act I (7-9) Anton Monologue, me, ________ and suffered
Sorin responds) deeply from humiliation.
Hmm . . . Here you speak of
fame, of happiness, of some
kind of brilliant and exciting
life, _______When I die,
891.7 Anton Chekhov's The Sea Gull, Chekov, (Hidden
Male those people I knew will walk
CHE Plays Act II (25-27) Anton Monologue,
past my grave and say: "Here
Nina responds)
lies Trigorin. He was a good
author, but not as good as
Sisters Gorgeous
Let me tell you . . . .Let me
812.54 Sisters Rosensweig, Wendy (Hidden
Female finish. . . .Im not finished!. . .
WAS Rosensweig Act II, scene 2; Wasserstein Monologue,
.----even if he is a fake!
pp. 91-92. Sara responds)
Sidney Poitier, the future
Six Degrees of
812 Six Degrees of Jackie Robinson of films, was
Separation (22- Guare, John Paul Male
GUA Separation born the twenty-fourth of
February 1927 in Miami . . . .
Six Degrees of Can you believe it? Paul
812 Six Degrees of
Separation (81- Guare, John Ouisa Female learned all that in three
GUA Separation
82) months.
Streetcar You're a fine one to ask me
Tennessee (Hidden
812 Named Desire, Williams, how it went! _______ I let the
Williams: Plays: Monologue, Female
WIL Scene 1 (479- Tennessee place go! Where were you! In
1937-1955 Stella
480) bed with your --- Polack!
Tennessee He acts like an animal ----
812 Named Desire, Williams,
Williams: Plays: Blanche Female donT hang back with the
WIL Scene 4 (510- Tennessee
1937-1955 brutes!
Blanche Well -- if you'll forgive me --
Tennessee (Hidden he's common. You can have
812 Named Desire, Williams,
Williams: Plays: Monologue, Female forgotten that much of our
WIL Scene 5 (479- Tennessee
1937-1955 Stella bringing up, Stella
responds) ________(Omitting lines by

Stella, also omitting Blanche's
line: Suppose!) _______ In
this dark march toward
whatever it is we're
approaching . . . .Don't -- don't
hang back with the brutes!
Tennessee He was a boy, just a boy -----
812 Named Desire, Williams,
Williams: Plays: Blanche Female any light thats stronger than
WIL Scene 6 (527- Tennessee
1937-1955 this kitchen candle.
Streetcar Stanley (Hidden This is all I'm going to undress
812 Named Desire, Williams, Monologue, now. . . .___ I guess we are
Williams: Plays: Male
WIL Scene 10 (550- Tennessee Blanche both entitled to put on the
551) responds) dog.
Pop! . . .I dony want to leave.
Timmy (Hidden
. . .But Im leaving . . . .Listen .
The Subject Monologue,
Complete Full- . . .Listen to me . . . .I had that
Was Roses, Act Johns lines
812 GIL Length Plays Frank Gilroy Male dream again last night . . .Its
II, scene 4; pp. and some of
1962-1999 true you never say . . .I say
108-109. Timmys are
them now--- I love you, Pop.--
--I love you.
Summer and
812 Smoke, Part 2; Williams, Im afraid that you and I ----- I
Williams: Plays: Alma Female
WIL scene 1 (587- Tennessee call it a desecration!
Summer and
Tennessee How everything reaches up ---
812 Smoke, Part 2; Williams,
Williams: Plays: Alma Female -- but some of us are looking
WIL scene 6 (611- Tennessee
1937-1955 at the stars!
Tennessee Summer and
812 Williams, You know what I mean -----
Williams: Plays: Smoke, Part 2; Alma Female
WIL Tennessee Then the answer is no!
1937-1955 scene 11 (635)
Tennessee Summer and
812 Williams, You talk as if my body ---- It's
Williams: Plays: Smoke, Part 2; Alma Female
WIL Tennessee making me dizzy
1937-1955 scene 11 (638)
To love eternal beauties far
above Is not to be immune to
Tartuffe, Act III, (Hidden
842 Tartuffe and other love; _____Accept our
Scene 3 (276- Moliere Monologue, Male
MOL Other Plays hearts, and you will find, my
278) Elmire
dear, Love without scandal,
pleasure without fear.
Father died exactly one year
ago _______ (Omitting other
Olga (Hidden characters' lines, also omitting
Monologue, Olga's lines: Don't whistle,
The Three
891.7 Anton Chekhov's Chekov, Irina, Masha. How can you! Yes!)
Sisters, Act I Female
CHE Plays Anton Chebutykin, ______ And just one dream
and Tuzenbakh keeps growing stronger and
respond) stronger, one dream . . .As
soon as possible, off to
Moscow . . .
The Three
891.7 Anton Chekhov's Chekov, Yes . . . How strange
Sisters, Act III Vershinin Male
CHE Plays Anton everything is, in reality!
If truth were said, our Andrey
The Three Irina (Hidden
891.7 Anton Chekhov's Chekov, has been cut to pieces, lost
Sisters, Act III Monologue, Female
CHE Plays Anton whatever depth he had.
(140-141) Olga responds)
_______ I've lost heart, why

I'm still alive, why I haven't
killed myself before now I
don't understand . . .
Oh, where is it, where did it
go, my past life, the time
when I was young and happy
and clever ______ And the
The Three spark of God is extinguished
891.7 Anton Chekhov's Chekov,
Sisters, Act IV Andrey Male in them, and they in turn
CHE Plays Anton
(152) become the very same pitiful
corpses, each resembling the
other, as their fathers and
their mothers did before them
To kill a
mockingbird ;
Excuse me. Do you have a
812.54 Tender mercies ; Trip to Bountiful
Horton Foote Jessie Mae Female match? ---- Thats all the
FOO and, The trip to p. 179
children I need.
Bountiful : three
To kill a
Mrs. Watts
mockingbird ; I wasnt in love with my
812.54 Tender mercies ; Trip to Bountiful husband . . .Because his
Horton Foote monologue, Female
FOO and, The trip to pp. 187-188 papa ----- Youre lucky to be
Bountiful : three married to the man you love.
To kill a
mockingbird ; Its been so long since I
812.54 Tender mercies ; Trip to Bountiful looked at his pictures. ---- It
Horton Foote Ludie Male
FOO and, The trip to pp. 211-212 doesnt do any good
Bountiful : three remembering.
Yes . . . In ten years I've
become a different person.
Astrov (Hidden
_______ (Omitting Marina's
891.7 Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, Chekov, Monologue,
Male lines, also omitting Astrov's
CHE Plays Act I (56) Anton Marina
line: No.) ______ Why,
nyanka, you know they won't
And the professor, the same
as before, from morning until
deep into the night, sits in his
study and writes. _______
His second wife, beautiful and
891.7 Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, Chekov, intelligent -- you've just seen
Monologue, Male
CHE Plays Act I (58-59) Anton her -- married him when he
was already an old man and
gave him her youth, her
beauty, her freedom, the
radiance that is hers alone.
And for what? Why?
Well, what do you do then?
891.7 Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, Chekov,
Sonya Female You must go on living! . . . .
CHE Plays Act IV (95-96) Anton
.We shall rest!
Uncommon I'm so tired. Why doesn't
The Heidi
812 Women and Wasserstein, someone just take me away
Chronicles and Muffet Female
WAS Others, Act I, Wendi from all this? . . . . .I have to
Other Plays
Scene 4 (24- make sure something

25) happens to me.
Carter, do you think I'm
The Heidi Women and
812 Wasserstein, boring?. . . . .Carter, can I sit
Chronicles and Others, Act II, Kate Female
WAS Wendi here for a while? I'm
Other Plays Scene 5 (55-
Operator, I'd like the number
of Dr. Mark Silverstein in
The Heidi Women and
812 Wasserstein, Minneapolis, Minn. . . . . .Well,
Chronicles and Others, Act II, Holly Female
WAS Wendi thanks for talking to me.
Other Plays Scene 6 (61-
Good-bye. Thank you. I guess
Where Has
Tommy Flowers In the first place, it was a
812 McNally : Terrence
Gone? Act I, Tommy Male dumb question. ---- I was
MCN collected plays : McNally
Summer of 52; there. Holden wasnt.
volume II
pp. 92-94
Where Has
Tommy Flowers
Gone? Act Your father and I certainly
812 McNally : Terrence
I,Tommys Tommy Mother Female enjoyed your last collect call. -
MCN collected plays : McNally
Mother or I Am --Love you, Mom.
volume II
the Walrus; p.
Where Has
Terrence Tommy Flowers Nedda (Hidden
Id like to ask Tommy if he
812 McNally : Gone? Act II,A Terrence Monolgue,
Female loves me . . . .----Do you love
MCN collected plays : Quiet Evening McNally Tommy
volume II at Home; pp. responds)
Lets not be so particular in
Gregers our choice of words . . . . ----
Wild Duck, end (Hidden When I look back upon your
839.8 Ibsen volume II :
of Act I; pp. 94- Ibsen monologue, Male whole career, its as if I were
IBS four plays
95. Werle looking over a battlefield with
responds) shattered human lives strewn
all across it.
Mrs. Allonby
The Ideal Man! . . . . it
Collins Complete A Woman of No becomes a woman's duty to
828 Monologue,
Works of Oscar Importance, Act Wilde, Oscar Female forgive, and one can do it all
WIL other
Wilde II (481) over again from the
beginning, with variations.

I do not know it! I do not feel

it, nor will I ever stand before
Mrs. God's altar and ask God's
Arbuthnot blessing on so hideous a
Collins A Woman of No
828 (Hidden mockery as a marriage
Complete Works Importance, Act Wilde, Oscar Female
WIL Monologue, between me and George
of Oscar Wilde IV (507-509)
Gerald Harford. . . . . Oh, do not ask
responds) me to do this horrible thing.
Child of my shame, be still the
child of my shame!
Who's Afraid of George When I was sixteen . . .
812 Who's Afraid of
Virginia Woolf? Albee, Edward (hidden Male
ALB Virginia Woolf?
Act II (94-96) monologue; ----That was thirty years ago.

Omitting all of
Nicks lines
and George: I
wont tell you.)
Hey, hey . . . . Where is
Who's Afraid of everybody . . . ? . . . . Martha,
812 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? you'll be a songwriter yet.
Albee, Edward Martha Female
ALB Virginia Woolf? Act III (185- CLINK! CLINK! CLINK! . .
186) .CLINK! . . . CLINK! . .
Olga (Hidden
Monologue, You see, Crystal Allen is a
The Women, Clare Boothe Marys lines friend of mine . . .It was a
812 LUC The Women Female
Act 1, pp. 19-20 Luce and some of couple od months ago . . . . ---
Olgas are - the landlady says
I took the subway down to the
village .. I live in a four-story
brownstone . . . . {I}t isnt an
apartment in the East
The collected Jerry (Hidden
Seventies . . . . I dont see
812 plays of Edward Zoo Story pp. Monologue,
Albee, Edward Male why they need any
ALB Albee 21-23 Peter
explanation. . . . Youre a very
sweet men . . .But that was a
long time ago ----good old
Mom and good old Pop are


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