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San Francisco, CA Emmeline Lan Emmeline.Lan@gmail.

Ph: Email to request
Technical Skills
Strong: JavaScript, HTML, JQuery, CSS, MongoDB/Mongoose, NoSQL, TDD, Unit Testing, MySQL/Sequelize,
React, React Native, Express, RESTful API, Webpack, Git workflow, npm
Experienced: Angular, Backbone, Ruby, Python, Gulp, Grunt, OAuth2 framework,
Callback, Software Engineer
A personal recruiting service available on web, mobile, and as a Google extension.
Skills used: React, React Native, Express, MySQL, Exponent, HTML5, CSS3, MaterialUI, Webpack2
Built mobile platform using React-Native and integrated with Express Server and MySQL
Migrated React-Native mobile app to Exponent for cross-platform mobile OS support
Implemented features for Web Client using React and MobX state management for easy scalability
Extended Express/Node API designed for web to support mobile platform and mobile authentication
Polished front end design using CSS3 and Material UI for consistent UX across platforms, Software Engineer
An interactive color scheme generator for web design.
Skills used: React, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Chrome Extension API, Express, MongoDB
Created Google extension with React that interacts with websites for cross-site CSS analysis
Designed responsive React components used in both the web application and Google extension
Extended Express/Node API designed for web client to support Google extension interface
HRGotchi, Software Engineer
A digital class pet that responds to user actions.
Skills used: React, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Express, MySQL
Managed data flow between web client, Express server, and MySQL to simulate a living pet
Designed animated and interactive components with React and Bootstrap for game-like interface
Genentech, Case Manager Oct 2015 -
Analyzed client data using Salesforce CRM to increase product success rate Nov 2016
Consistently exceeded service level expectations and demonstrated product expertise,
which lead to being chosen to support multiple teams and products
Toshiba America Electronic Components, Junior Developer Aug 2015 -
Built a data analysis platform using Microsoft SQL, PHP, and HTML on Apache server Dec 2015
Constructed complex SQL queries to diagnose root causes of hardware issues
Implemented Project Ultron, a computer networking project that reduced data transfer
time by 60% and received the Japan Best Practice Award from Toshiba Japan
University of California, Los Angeles - BS in Materials Engineering 2008 - 2013
Hack Reactor - Advanced Software Engineering Immersive Program 2016