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T h e E l e c t r i c Ve h i c l e K i t

10. 6.

Energy meter.

2. 7.
Electric Vehicle
4. School Competition
School Electric Vehicle Competition
5. Plus 2 x 12V high density gel batteries
EVolocity in partnership with Enviroschools, Assist Energy Ltd and Ara Institute of Canter-
bury is proud to launch the schools programme for the fourth year of competition.
Parts (as shown above):
1. Throttle 2. Brake handles 3. Key switch 4. Motor & gearbox
The programme, now extends from Canterbury, Nelson and Waikato, to Wellington and
5. Chain 6. Motor mount 7. Motor controller 8. Sprocket & free wheel ratchet
9. Smart charger 10. Light (Plus 2 x 12V gel batteries and an energy meter) Auckland schools who are taking up the challenge for the first time this year.

Design, Safety and Scrutineering: EVolocity Vision:

Technical Regulations. Entrants should consult these for design & safety requirements before building
and during construction to ensure compliance <>
To establish a programme that will enable participants to gain knowledge, skills and
passion in the areas of design, engineering and technology that will prepare them for
Scrutineering. Vehicles will not be allowed to compete on Raceday unless they pass inspection. To 21st century careers and empower them to create a more sustainable future.
help with compliance, vehicles will be checked against the Technical Regulations at the last Build
Forum. Changes or interpretations to the Technical Regulations will be posted on the forum <http:/ Objectives:> and confirmed by a response from the Chief Scrutineer. To involve students in exciting electric vehicle building projects embedded in school curricula
To grow the skills & confidence of student in ICT, mechanical & electrical engineering
To grow leadership & teamwork amongst students engaging in EVolocity
To promote educational pathways related to this growing industry sector
Standard class: Bikes up to 350W, Carts up to 350W, or
To strengthen the links between students and tertiary education providers
Open competition class: Bike up to 1kW Carts up to 1kW
To foster positive attitudes & actions towards environmental sustainability
If a team builds a vehicle that does not meet the standard motor and/or battery requirements they
will be entered in the Schools Open class if compliant. Some normalisation of scoring may be applied
Supreme award At the judges discretion this award will be made to teams that demonstrate
the core values of EVolocity (of sustainability, collaboration, sportsmanship knowledge, innovation and perseverance)
to enable high power vehicles to compete against those of lesser power output.
Competition Categories & Details
Performance Innovation Show Report The EVy Awards
Create a bike or cart, powered by the standard electric Need: Vehicles will be driven Teams are to report on To recognise creativity in pre-
motor kit to compete in: To develop new technologies that past a judging panel the concept, design, con- senting the sales pitch for
will improve the driving & control of with points awarded struction and evaluations electric vehicles and the effec-
Head to Head Drag & Deceleration: The maximum speed electric vehicles. for; of their electric vehicle tiveness of delivering this to
attained at the 50m mark along a drag strip. throughout its develop- their community.
The deceleration will be measured from the stop sign just Innovation challenge award #1 (5) Body design and ment
after the 50m mark. A penalty of 5m will be added if the appeal
vehicle stops outside the 2.2m lane width for carts or 1m Collision Detection/Mitigation This can be a stand alone
The Pitch Award.
for bikes. Or Avoidance (5) Quality of finish report, or your portfolio Produce a 30 second commer-
Scoring: Top speed & deceleration will be weighted equally. Build a system into the vehicle that is able of evidence for assess- cial to convey the benefits of
to detect an imminent collision. It could (5) Amount of vehicle ment. electric vehicles to viewers.
Scoring (panel of judges)
Street Circuit: The shortest time around a set circuit & back also provide the ability to react by mitigat- built from up- The report will be scored
Key messages
into the original garage park. See circuit on website. ing or even avoiding the collision. cycled / sustainable on:
materials. Creativity
Economy run: The vehicles will be released at intervals to Completeness Impact
Innovation challenge award #2
drive 10km around a circuit with a driver change at the start (5) Most creatively out- Development of ideas

of each lap. Score will be the combined (equal) ranking of: Collection & display of vehicle fitted team as Design challenges and The EVangelist Award.
shortest time and lowest energy used . performance data though they were off solutions The effectiveness of delivery
Note: Energy meters will be supplied with each kit.
Build a system into the vehicle to collect to the Rugby 7s! Clarity of explanation of the Pitch to the public.
and send vehicle performance data, e.g. Impact on sustainability
Controller: The best overall performance in the Drag, Street speed, location, electric current, battery
A) Use You Tube to deliver
Circuit and Economy Run events by a team that has built status etc. This data could be stored on- your "Pitch" to as many view-
their own controller. board for later download or (ideally) be ers as possible.
transmitted wirelessly in real time for Scoring (number of views)
Rolling Resistance: Longest roll off ramp. The motor chain immediate display.
may be disconnected. B) Use Facebook, to tell the
story of your build, the new
skills of your team members
and the benefits of electric
Scoring (number of Likes)

C) Use other methods such as

Scoring: Scoring: newspaper articles, an unveil-
Scoring: Scoring:
A written description of innovation(s) is to be sent to
Winning team will have the Will be based on points ing event, etc to celebrate the
Best ranking =1 lowest = # in field most points allocated by judg-
judges before competition day. The description with awarded for the five ideas creation of your vehicle and
Prizes for each challenge and overall. ing panel above
illustrations should not exceed 2 pages. Innovation(s) recognise your sponsors.

will be demonstrated to judges on Raceday. Scoring (on evidence sent to judges)

Teachers For integration into Technology, Physics, and Education for Sustainability curricula and standards we will be posting resources on the EVolocity website.
Case studies for curriculum integration are available from the EVolocity website.