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Volume 16 March 2017

2017 Darley Family Reunion

Return to Sandy Beach Pavilion, Lake Tobesofkee in Macon
Back by popular demand, photos, documents of Darley Youngest attendee
the 2017 Darley Reunion will history you may want to Darley that traveled the
be a potluck lunch at Lake Table of Contents
share. furthest
Tobesofkee in Macon, GA. Other special recognition
For those traveling from Reunion Information .... 2
We are dedicating this year's gifts will be handed out but
reunion to the memory of our great distances, there are A Word About Family ... 3
several nearby stores with you'll have to attend to find
beloved patriarch, J.C. Darley out what they will be! Darley Research ........ 4-5
and his remarkable life. excellent picnic items availa-
ble at a moments notice. We will also be having a Milestones .................... 6
The reunion is being held raffle of different prizes to
There will also be prizes Reunion Photos ............ 7
at same location as last year help raise money for reunion
at Sandy Beach Pavilion. and raffles and once again, Obituaries ............... 8-11
we will recognize special at- and newsletter costs.
Please bring enough food for
your family plus a dessert. All tendees with prizes for: Come and enjoy food and
Important To Know
paper products and drinks will Oldest attendee from
be furnished. Bring any old each branch
$3 Admission
Charge for
Inside this Issue EACH person
Traveling the Globe for Darley History to be admitted
Each year, your newsletter to find information about to the park
staff searches high and low for our family roots. Prior to
interesting facts (or rumors, if our travels, Sylvia re-
necessary) concerning Darley
family history. This past year,
searched Darley infor- Saturday,
mation on the internet, and
your co-editors Sylvia Darley we traveled to a few loca- April 8, 2017
Peacock (and husband, Ken) tions to see what we could
and Daria Darley Hargis (and find. Look inside this issue 10 am 3 pm
husband, Bruce) had the op- to read about our fascinat- 478-474-8770
portunity to travel to Ireland, ing discoveries.
England, Wales, and Scotland
Page 2 Volume 16, March 2017

Area Hotels
Directions to the Reunion
Fairfield Inn & Suites - West
110 Plantation Drive
Macon, GA 31210

Baymont Inn & Suites
150 Plantation Drive
Macon, GA 31210

Comfort Suites, Macon
120 Plantation Drive
Macon, GA 31210

Hampton Inn Suites,
3954 River Place Drive
Macon, GA 31210

For Darleys with campers and From North of Macon: From South of Macon:
motor homes: Take I-75 S to I-475 S. Take Exit Take I-75-N to I-475N. Take Exit 5 (GA-74 W/ Thomaston Rd). 5 (GA-74 W/ Thomaston Rd). Go
LakeTobesofkee/ Go right on Thomaston Rd for left on Thomaston Rd for 0.9
Camping.asp 0.9 miles. Turn left on Moseley miles. Turn left on Moseley Dix- Admission
Dixon Rd and go about 2.5 on Rd and go about 2.5
mi. Turn left into the Sandy miles. Turn left into the Sandy
to the Park is
Nearby Stores
Beach Park entrance at John- Beach Park entrance at Johnson $3 per person!
Kroger, Plantation Center son Rd. Rd.
5928 Zebulon Rd.
Macon, GA
B The Darleyford Darley Oak
Walmart Supercenter The Darley Oak grows near Darleyford, a community on the edge of Bodmin Moor in
5955 Zebulon Rd. Cornwall, England, UK. It is possibly more than a 1000 years old and still going strong!
Macon, GA
478-471-9150 The Darley Oak has certainly seen some action in its
time and was even a venue for some rather unusual

tea parties, as long ago as 1727 inside a hollow in
Sams the trunk! Age began to take its toll and after the
4701 Log Cabin Dr. great canopy section collapsed in the 1980s the par-
Macon, GA
ties inside the trunk had to stop.

This wonderful tree is the subject of much local folk-
Fresh Market lore, too, with special healing properties for various
4357 Forsyth Rd. ailments and diseases. Its acorns were known to be
Macon, GA
used as amulets and good luck charms during preg-
nancy. Allegedly, wishes will be granted to anyone
who passes through the hollow and circles the girth.
It was chosen one of the 50 Great British Trees by the
British Tree Council in 2002.
Darley Times Page 3

By Debbie Rabara
AWordAbout Family
W here in the heck does time
goand why in the heck does
it have to fly by so fast? We hear this every
of showing and expressing my thankfulness. I have so much
gratitude for every blessing that has been bestowed on my
family and there are way too many to count. Gratitude un-
locks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough
day, but never in my life has time seemed
to have sprouted wings and soared as it has this past year! and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order,
Even though 2016 was a blur, there were some special confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house
events and memories that I will hold dear in my heart forev- into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense
er. One such event was the opportunity to have a Kirkland/ of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for
McDaniel family reunion last June at my brother Warrens tomorrow. Ive reached a stage in my existence where I am
house in Pensacola, FL. We had about 50 family members thankful and content with everything I have; I feel no need
attend which included my children, husband Vic, sisters or desire for anything else except more time and energy to
June, Helen, Bonnie, Brenda, our brother Jim & wife Mariann enjoy life and those I love.
from WA, Aunt Gladys and family, Uncle Archie McDaniel & I hope everyone reading this Darley Times Newsletter
PJ, cousins Iris, Barbara, Joel & Toinette. We had a fabulous has already made plans to attend this years reunion in Ma-
time catching up, laughing, playing games, and of course, con on April 8th. Ive just finished making my reservations
lots and lots of eating. This was a real blessing to be able to and am so excited to be able to come this year. Be sure to
come together as family from all over the country and cele- read elsewhere in the newsletter for all the information on
brate life and each other. We must seize every opportunity location, directions, and time. We have some great things
to be together as we never know who amongst us will not be planned, and Im sure each of us will part from the reunion
here for the next one. feeling happy, blessed, and looking forward to the next one!
We already know that the Darleys are one of the largest I wish each of you and your family good health and happi-
families in America, and as our family continues to grow we ness throughout the year. I may not always be in touch with
also sadly lose some very special Darleys every year. As I see many of you but please know I am always thinking of our big
more and more of our Darley elders pass away, a piece of my beautiful family and always love to see and hear from you.
heart goes with them. Weve lost some very special Darleys Always remember; we only live oncebut if you work it
the past few years; people who were very proud to be a Dar- right, once is enough.
ley and worked so hard to keep our family reunion going.
These Darleys raised some wonderful children which work Debbie Rabara
hard to carry on the love of family their parents had. Bill, Darley Reunion President
Daria, Sylvia, Debra, Kay; all of you know your parents (and
ancestors) are smiling down on you and each of us still here
appreciate all you do for the Darley family and our yearly
reunion & newsletter.
I feel truly blessed and grateful to be a Darley descend-
ant. We are one of the biggest, craziest, most loving families
in the world and I love being a part of it. Thanks again to Bill
Stephens that we know more about our Darley family and
history than ever before. I love reading every article old &
new, and hearing stories of Darley history. Many of our Dar-
ley ancestors were not wealthy with monetary riches, but
they were hard working, God fearing Christians that tried to
live life right. In looking back on how our Grandmother Jessie
Darley raised her nine children as a single parent, then her
children used the same morals and principals to raise their
children fills me with pride. I am prayerful that my children Aunt Gladys Deason celebrated her 95th birth-
and grandchildren will look back on me years after I am gone
with the same love, honor, and pride that we look back on day last November 30th. She can still bend
our Mother, Daddy, and Grandmother Jessie. over with straight legs and touch the floor with
Even in all the craziness of life I never want to miss a day flat hands.
Page 4 Volume 16, March 2017

Darley Family Research

Buttercrambe, Darley Dale, and Wales oh, my!
By Sylvia Peacock and Daria Hargis and said, "You are a Darley??" Bruce told him he wasn't, but
As mentioned on page 1 of this issue, Sylvia and I were. Then he ran over to us and introduced him-
we went to England to search for our self to us. His name was Will, and he is the church caretaker
Darley roots. Sylvia had been doing re- and an employee of the owner of Aldby Park (which is still in
search on the internet about Darleys at the Darley family).
Buttercrambe near York, England, and He showed us some Darley graves in the cemetery, and
she found a photo of an estate called Aldby Park. So we went
to the village of Buttercrambe to see if we could find more
In the
of Butter-
crambe, we
found the
Aldby Park
estate. We
also found a
church. We
drove as
close as we
could, then
Aldby Park Estate
hiked the
rest of the way in--maybe a couple of blocks---through the Buttercrambe ChurchInterior
weeds. The church appeared to be really old with a very old
looking cemetery all around it. Sylvia and I began looking at then he took us into the church. There are Darleys buried
gravestones, while Bruce went around to the other side of under the altar, and memorials about Darleys all over the
walls around the altar. Many generations of Darleys attend-
ed and supported the church for hundreds of years. Church
services are still held there every Sunday.

Buttercrambe ChurchExterior
the church to explore on his own. He saw a man weed-eating
around the gravestones, so he went up to him and said hello. Sylvia with the pipe organ Darley Chair
They started talking, and he asked Bruce what we were look-
ing for. He told the man we were looking for gravestones of There is a huge pipe organ in the front of the church, and
our ancestors. When he asked what last name we were hunt- on the altar is a beautiful ivory inlaid chair the Darleys pre-
ing, Bruce told him Darley. Then, the man got real excited sented to the church in 1953.
Darley Times Page 5

Darley Family Research Continues...

Then Will took us over to the Aldby Park manor house to He passed it on to his son George while continuing to live
meet the owner's wife. The owner, Geoffrey Winn (whose there. In 1999 the house suffered a serious fire. It is now
mother was a Dar- owned by George Winns son, Geoffrey, and he and his wife,
ley), was out for Sarah, live there.
the day, but we We also went to
met his wife Sarah. Darley Dale, a
She was having a town in the district
board meeting in of Derbyshire,
the house, and she England, with a
came out of the population of
meeting to talk to around 6,000. It is
Daria, Sarah and Sylvia at Aldby Park
us. located on the Riv-
Daria and Sylvia in Darley Dale
She was very accommodating, and she allowed us to er Derwent and
take pictures of some things in her home. We even took a the A6 Road. It is a commuter town for workers in Matlock, a
picture of her with us. There was a huge painting of the Dar- small village near York. We found St. Helens Church, the
ley Arabian horse, Mannicka, in the front room, and a church where our oldest known ancestor, Sir John de Darley,
framed photo of a letter is buried inside. It is only open on Tuesdays and Sundays,
written by one of our and we were there on
ancestors. It is a huge Thursday, so we were
estate home with beau- unable to go inside. We
tiful gardens all around took some photos on the
it, and it is used for for- outside, though.
mal events such as wed- Here is a photo of the
dings and formal par- oldest monument in St.
ties. Helens Church, which
William Darley bought was sent to us by the cur-
Buttercrambe manor rent pastor. It is a recum-
(now called Aldby Park bent stone figure of a
Darley Arabian Horse, Mannicka, Estate) in 1557. Sir Rich- knight, believed to be Sir Effigy of Sir John de Darley
in Aldby Park ard Darley's son and John de Darley. His hands
heir, Henry Darley, was which hold a heart are folded in prayer, his legs are crossed
elected Member of Parliament for Malton in 1645. It was at the knee, and he is dressed in an outer coat covering a suit
Henry Darley's son Richard who asked his own son, Thomas, of chainmail. His features are well preserved for its age. Dur-
to send the Darley Arabian from Aleppo, where Thomas was ing the 13th century the Manor of Darley was divided into
a merchant. Richard died in 1706 and was succeeded by an- two parts, the Old Hall
other son Henry, on whose death in 1720 the estate passed Manor and the Nether
to his sister Jane, all her other brothers having also died. Hall Manor. In 1302,
Jane had married John Brewster, who changed his name to the Nether Hall Manor
Brewster-Darley and built the present house around 1725. passed into the owner-
Their grandson Henry Darley died in 1810. Henry's son, Hen- ship of John de Darley
ry (1777-1846), was a Justice of the Peace and High Sheriff of who was also Governor
Yorkshire in 1827. His son, Henry Brewster (1809-1860) and of Peak Castle near
the latter's son, yet another Henry (1839-1904), also served Manchester.
as Tory justices. Cecil Geoffrey Darley of Aldby Hall was We met a lady in the
born in 1885. St. Helens Church church cemetery and
The house was requisitioned by the army during the Sec- we asked her about
ond World War and suffered severely, but was renovated Darley Abbey, a monastery near the church. She told us Dar-
after the war by Mark Winn (who married a Darley woman). ley Abbey was sold and is now a private residence.
Page 6 Volume 16, March 2017

Vanessa Anahi Con- Jose Rabara, son of Debbie Raba-
treras Martinez was ra, achieving his Associates degree
born May 28, 2016. and IT certificate. Jose retired
Her mother is Amy from the US ARMY after serving
Elizabeth Gay, and her 22 years and is currently doing an
father is Hector Con- internship at the VA hospital in
treras Martinez. Her Temple, TX.
grandmother is Sabrina
L. Gay and her great
grandparents are Bob-
bie Gould Luke and James l. Luke. Her great great grandpar-
ents are Lois Darley Gould and Gailord M. Gould. Her great
great great grandparents are Mary Lou Evans Darley and Ivey
Proud mom Debbie
Otis Darley. Vanessa was welcomed home by her brother, Rabara with her
Aiden Ivan. son Jose Rabara.
Alexandra (Lexi) Brynn Al-
lard was born on July 25,
2016, to Guy and Jessica
Brynn Csehy Allard. Lexi is Brooke Daws McCormick, daughter of
the granddaughter of Lisa and Robert Daws and grand-
Bill and Sherri Ste- daughter of Sylvia Darley Peacock,
phens. completed her nursing program in
December of 2016 to become an
RN. She works in the Oncology unit
at Archbold Hospital in
Thomasville GA.
With her previous
degree/studies and her
Landen Avery Miller RN credentials, her plan is to continue her
was born January 19 2017 studies to receive an MSN and become a
with a weight of 6lbs 9oz Nurse Practitioner with an emphasis on Critical Care and
and length of 20 1/2 inches Cardio-Pulmonary diseases. Brooke and her husband, Zach,
to parents Holly Murphy reside in Tallahassee FL.
and William Miller. He is the
great grandson of June Kirk-
land Owen.

Margaret Darley
Brantley, show-
ing her support
for Clemson.

Enjoy the little

things in life
Henry Darley kissing Desiree
For one day youll look back and Rabara approximately 25 years
realize they were the BIG things.
Darley Times Page 7
Whats in a Name?
Well if the name is Darley, you have come to the right place...
There are a number of places in England called Darley, Locational surnames were usually names given to the
including Darley Dale in Derbyshire, Darley Bridge in the local lord of the manor and his descendants or to people
same county, Darley Hall in Hertfordshire, and Darley Head who left their original home and moved somewhere else. In
in Yorkshire. Curiously, the Dictionary of English Places so doing they took, or were given, as easy identification, the
Names, a book which omits almost as many names as it in- name of their former village or town. It is unclear as to when
cludes, refers only to Darley village in Derbyshire and Darley the name was first recorded but it is a regular in the surviv-
Abbey, also in Derbyshire. This place is recorded in 1199 as ing poll tax rolls of the year 1379. These recordings include
Derlega, which means deer wood or possibly deer farm, John de Derlye of Yorkshire and Richard de Derleg of Derby-
while Darley village is first recorded in Dooms Day Book in shire while in the church registers of the diocese of Greater
1086, and has the same meaning. As far as we have been London, there is the recording of Elizabeth Darley at St.
able to research, all places called Darley have the meaning James Clerkenwell in 1587.
of the deer wood or possibly in some cases 'Dear's wood',
with Dear being an early English personal name.

2016 Reunion Fun

Page 8 Volume 16, March 2017
Inez Cook Heard, 95, of Mr. James Clive J.C. Dar-
Bainbridge GA passed away ley, age 96, of Soperton
March 3, 2017. died January 2, 2017.
The funeral service was held Mr. Darley was a lifelong
March 5, 2017 at Climax resident of Treutlen County
Baptist Church with Rev. and was preceded in death
Steve Poppell and Rev. Ste- by his parents, Will and Rosa
ve Brooks officiating. Inter- Lee Lawson Darley, his wife
ment followed at Cedar of sixty-seven years, Ruby
Grove Cemetery with Jeff Pierce Darley, six sisters and
Heard, Mark Heard, Chip three brothers. He was a re-
Hall, Chris Hall, Stevie Hall tired farmer and school bus driver and attended Soperton
and Kyle Heard serving as active pallbearers. Honorary pall- United Methodist Church. His favorite pastime was being
bearers were Senior Mens Sunday School Class, Senior La- with his horses.
dies Sunday School Class and Dr. Sydney Cochran. Survivors included daughter and son-in-law, Marilyn and
Inez Oscar Cook was born January 4, 1922, in Colquitt, Kenneth Sweat of Wrightsville; two grandchildren, Kim
GA., the daughter of Billy Cook and Sally Mims Cook. On (Charles) Greenway of Wrightsville and Vicki (Eric) Hein of
April 13, 1940, she married the love of her life Cecil Heard. Newnan; three great-grandchildren, Aiden Greenway, Ken-
She lived most of her life in Decatur County and was a mem- dall Greenway, and Ella Rae Hein, and several nieces and
ber of Climax Baptist Church. nephews.
Miss Inez was a caretaker in spirit and deed. She was Services were held in the Soperton United Methodist
considered a social butterfly at Memorial Manor and spent Church January 4, 2017 with Reverend John Drake officiat-
her days doing as much as possible for her fellow residents, ing. Burial was in Midway Cemetery.
including continuing the Bible study that was originally held
for years in her home. She loved gardening, vegetables and
flowers, and kept a picturesque yard earning the title Yard Dorcas Lane Trull, 78, of
of the Month several times in her later years. Miss Inez Odum, GA died March 28,
enjoyed quilting, especially for others, and felt sharing her 2016 in Wayne Memorial
gifts was just one way she could love others. Hospital. The Charlton
County, GA native lived in
Survivors included her children, Jerry Heard (Jeannie) of
Wayne County, GA most of
Climax, David Heard of Vada, Mary Jane Bush (Buddy), of
her life. She loved her
Climax, and Cathy Nelson (Mark), of Hobe Sound, Fla.; her
church, Odum Church of
brother, W. L. Cook, Sr.; her grandchildren, Leslie Pace, Jeff
God, and her church family.
Heard, Chip Hall, Chris Hall, April Jilg, Jessica Nelson, Ashley
She enjoyed fishing, gar-
White, Mark Heard, Eddie Heard, Cindy Heard and Jody
dening, cooking, sewing, and loved singing with her chil-
Cook; and her great-grandchildren, Jace Heard, Stevie Hall,
dren and family. She was predeceased by her husband of
Annamarie Hall, Abbey Hall, Gabe Jilg, Haley Heard, Brittany
62 years, Bobby C. Trull; parents, Grooms Alvin Lane and
Heard and Kyle Heard, Sierra Heard and James Heard. Inez
Maybell Crosby Lane Alday; sister, Geneva Wainright;
was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Cecil C.
brother, Thomas R. Lane, Sr.; grandson, Michael D. Trull.
Heard, Sr.; and her son, Cecil C. Heard, Jr.
She was survived by her son Rick (Carolyn) Trull of Man-
chester, TN; daughters Rhonda Trull and Robbin (Mike)
Manners of Odum; grandchildren Jason (Jessica) Trull of
Kinston, NC; and Becky and Brian Manners of Odum; great
-grandchildren Molly, Dylan, and Carson Trull of Kinston,
NC; brother Alvin (Jenny) Lane of Lake Butler, FL; several
nieces and nephews. Services were held March 30, 2016 at
Rinehart and Sons Chapel with Rev. Todd McDaniels offici-
ating. Private interment followed in Odum City Cemetery.
Darley Times Page 9
Earline A. Musgrove, 72, passed Thomas Brogdon Wideman, III,
away November 13, 2016. She was 66, of Murphy, NC passed away
born March 7, 1944 in Blackshear, on December 9, 2016, after a
Georgia on the front porch of her battle with cancer. He was the
mothers home. She raised her fami- son of the late T. B. Wideman,
ly and resided in Middleburg, FL for Jr. and the late Ellen Sims Wide-
most of her life, and she was a faith- man Patton. Brogdon is survived
ful member of Clay Hill Church of by his wife of 44 years, Sandra
God of Prophecy for over 35 years. (Sandy) Norris Wideman; his
She loved her family and gave un- sister, Suellen Wideman, of
selfishly to all those in need without Towson, MD; his daughter, Sa-
question. She had the voice of an angel, and loved to sing to rah Wideman McCarver (Ryan) of Dallas, TX; and his grand-
the Lord. Some of her favorite moments were spending time daughter, Kinsey McCarver, also of Dallas. Brogdon is also
with her family and friends or just sitting around talking. To- survived by his cousin, Jennie Woodlee, of Atlanta who
ward the end, she really enjoyed outings such as getting her thinks of him as the brother she never had. He was prede-
nails done or having a Frosty. ceased by his sister, Sally Wideman Yonce, (Wayne) of
Franklin, NC.
Mrs. Musgrove or "Granny" was survived by her husband;
James Virgil Musgrove, nine children; Lorena O'Steen, Mi- Born in Fitzgerald, GA, December 17, 1949, Brogdon was
chael Scoville, Vicky Lynn Wells, Ray Musgrove, Mike raised in the small Georgia town of Barnesville, the child-
Musgrove, Cynthia Evers, Ben Musgrove, Jerry Musgrove and hood home of his mother. After finishing school at Gordon
Vickie Musgrove Keller. She had 25 grandchildren, and over Military College High School Division in Barnesville, he en-
75 great-grandchildren. She also had four beautiful great- tered West Georgia College and graduated with a degree in
great-grandchildren. She loved and cherished them all so Criminology in 1972. Brogdon then pursued a career in Crim-
very much. inal Justice in the DeKalb County Police Department as Pa-
trolman, CID detective and finally assigned to the Arson
She was preceded in death by her son; Stanley Scoville III,
Unit as an Arson Investigator. In 1994 he was trained with
sisters' Lois, Dollie, and Betty Jean; brothers Robert, Carl,
Connecticut State Police and ATF to handle a canine accel-
John, Roy and WR; sisters Geraldine "Twin", Gertie, Rosie and
erant detection investigator, Ruffy
The Widemans lived for 28 years in Conyers, GA. In 2001
The funeral service was held November 18, 2016 at Clay
they retired and in 2002 moved to Murphy where they made
Hill Church of God of Prophecy, in Jacksonville, Florida. Inter-
many friends and enjoyed retirement life. A memorial ser-
ment followed at Holly Hill Memorial Park in Middleburg, FL.
vice was held December 19, 2016 at Shepherd of the Moun-
tains Church in Murphy.

Charlotte Marlene Nicholson, dan; a host of loving nieces and nephews; a lifelong special
51, passed away on February 12, friend, Jim Riefer.
2017. She was born in Ports-
mouth, VA on August 7, 1965 to A memorial service was held February 18, 2017 in Sturte-
the late William Thomas Nichol- vant Funeral Home by Chaplain Tim Minor.
son and Roberta Ann Darley Charlotte loved all her family and friends to the moon
Walston. She was preceded in and back with heart. She enjoyed spending time walking and
death by a sister, Joanne Briggs watching the dolphins. She adored music and enjoyed sing-
and a brother Billy Nicholson. ing, and she loved photography. Most of all she loved her
She was survived by two daugh- children and grandchildren.
ters, Jennifer Nicholson and her
husband Juan Campos and
Heather Lee Nicholson; two sons, Frank Nicholson and his
fiance Stacey and Robert Nicholson; a sister, Linda Evans,
whom she loved very dearly; seven grandchildren, Mat-
thew, Alyssa, Frankie Jr., Nicole, Anthony, Samuel, and Jor-
Page 10 Volume 16, March 2017
Bobbie Joyce Col. Vernon Olin Darley, 91, of
Darley, 85, the wife of Morrow, passed away December
Col. Vernon Olin Dar- 11, 2016. He was born May 29,
ley of Morrow, passed 1925 in Harlem, GA to Ellis and
away November 16, Evelyn Darley. He proudly served
2016. She was born in in the United States Air Force dur-
Eastman, GA on Au- ing the Korean Conflict and con-
gust 2, 1931 to the late tinued his service in the US Air
Alton and Trudy Fos- Force Reserves for a total of 33
ter, Sr. Funeral ser- years. He also was employed by
vices were held No- the Federal Aviation Administra-
vember 19, 2016 in tion as a contract specialist.
Fayetteville, GA with Services were held December 17,
Pastor David Tew offi- 2016 in Fayetteville, GA with Pas-
ciating. Private burial tor David Tew officiating. Burial
was in Bainbridge, GA. was in Bainbridge, GA.
They were preceded in death by their sons, Alan Darley and Terry Darley. They were survived by their son, Vern (Bert)
Darley; daughter, Marilyn Kay (Lee) Emerson; grandchildren, Trey Darley, Amanda Swindall, Stephen Darley, Jacob Alan
Darley, Amberley Riley, and Joshua Darley; and numerous great-grandchildren. Mrs. Darley was also survived by a brother,
Alton Foster, Jr., and Col. Darley was survived by his sisters, Margaret Darley Brantley and Faye Darley Thomas.

Barnell Humphrey Thigpen, Annie Ruth Camps, 73, of

age 97, passed away March 18, Macon GA passed away sur-
2016, on the 44th anniversary rounded by family and friends
of her husbands death. on January 7, 2017. Funeral
Mrs. Thigpen was born in Services were held January
Dodge County and lived in Ma- 10, 2017 in Mount Pleasant
con most of her life. She retired Baptist Church and burial fol-
from Robins Air Force Base and lowed in the church ceme-
was a member of the former tery. Rev. Paul Meadows and
Glenwood Hills United Method- Rev. Russell Whitehurst offici-
ist Church. Mrs. Thigpen loved ated.
her animals, cooking, and the Born in Peach County, she
Gaither Vocal Group -- but above all she loved her family. was the daughter of the late
She was known for her quick wit and keen sense of humor. Henry B. Taylor and Pauline Darley Taylor. She was the wid-
She was preceded in death by her husband, James C. ow of Rev. Felix Camps, III. She was the owner and operator
Thigpen; parents, Leemon Humphrey, Sr. and Eura Butler of Rooms by Ruth Interior Design, and was a member of
Humphrey; brother, Leemon Buddy Humphrey, Jr.; and Lighthouse Baptist Church, but also attended New Life
sister, Etheal White. Church. She was a devoted mother, grandmother, great
grandmother and sister.
Mrs. Thigpen was survived by her son Bobby (Patsy) Thig-
She was preceded in death by her two sons, Duane and
pen and was loved and adored as Mema by her grandchil-
Dale Camps, Sisters, Rosa Lee Garrett and Paulette Taylor;
dren, James Thigpen, Kelly Trotter (Doyle), Laura Durr
Brother, Bernard Taylor.
(Andrew), and Jenna Myrick; and by her great grandson, Will
Trotter. She is also survived by her sister-in-law, Thelma She was survived by her children, Denise Jones (Woody,
Humphrey; nieces and nephew, Naomi Gulledge, Daphine Jr.) of Byron; Darrell Camps (Tina) of Macon; Grandchildren,
Brooks, Bonnie Wagner, and Joel Humphrey; and her many Derek Camps, Jennifer Larsen, Joshua Jones, Tyler Camps,
friends at Baptist Village. Hayden Camps, and Anderson Camps. Great grandchildren,
Macayla Camps and Jackson Camps. Sister, Shirley Odom
Graveside services were held in Middle Georgia Memory
(Ray) of Byron, Daughter in law, Sharon Camps and Sister in
Gardens in Macon, GA with Rev. Mark Hudgins officiating.
law, Cathy Taylor.
Darley Times Page 11
Frances Gloria Lentile was born Mrs. Frances C. Lentile, 82,
November 14, 1953 in Toombs passed away September 14,
County, GA. She passed away April 2016. Mrs. Lentile had re-
13, 2016 in Jacksonville FL. Gloria tired from the State of Flori-
lived life on her own terms, honest da Health Department and
to a fault, speaking her mind and was a member of Arlington
had a heart of gold. Gloria enjoyed Baptist Church. She was pre
reading and spending time with -deceased by her husband
friends and family. Gloria was a of 51 years, Phil Lentile; and
devoted daughter, mother, grand- two (2) daughters, Gloria
mother, and aunt. She was loved Lentile and Ann Rahn. Sur-
by many friends and family. She was predeceased by her vivors include her daughter, Susan (Robbie) Scott; son-in-
father W.P. Lentile and her sister Ann Rahn. Gloria was sur- law, Chris Rahn; 4 grandchildren: Shawn Blackmon (Christi),
vived by her mother Frances Carolyn Lentile; her sister Susan Danielle Smith (Josh), Christopher Rahn II and Wesley Butler
Scott (Robbie); her son Shawn Blackmon (Christi); her grand- (Angela); and 10 great grandchildren. Mrs. Lentile loved her
children Savannah Blackmon and Jessie Allen; her niece family and church family.
Kathleen Danielle Butler; her nephews Christopher Rahn and Funeral Services were held September 19, at Arlington Bap-
Wesley Butler; her 8 grand nieces and grand nephews. tist Church with Pastor Eddie Lockamy officiating. Burial
Services celebrating her life were held April 16, 2016 at followed on September 20 at Providence Baptist Church
Arlington Baptist Church, in Jacksonville, FL . Cemetery in Lyons, GA.

Rev. Dr. Joseph L. "Brother Joe" Johnson, Sr. age 91 of Sandra Diane Da-
Moultrie died February 10, 2017 at Colquitt Regional Medical vis was born on
Center. Funeral Service was held on February 13, 2017 with Dea- July 25, 1966 and
con Paul Rice, Associate Pastor Mike Litchard and Bro. Mark Jor- passed away on
dan officiating. Jamie January 25, 2017.
Hunter,Joseph L. Johnson, II, Jo-
Sandra was a resi-
seph L. Johnson, III, Bill Jordan,
dent of Fairburn,
Pat Jordan, Howard Northrop,
GA. She was pre-
Garry Hay, William Jordan, Chris
ceded in death by
Jordan and James Jordan served
her mother, Glenda
as pallbearers. Honoraries were
Darley McKinney
Pastors and Ministers of Colquitt
and her father, Robert Jackie Register. She was
County Baptist Association. Inter-
survived by her son, Tim Davis, and her three sib-
ment followed in Baker/Hillcrest
lings: John Register, Robert Register, Jr. and Sher-
Memorial Gardens.
rie Moseley.
Born May 27, 1925 in Lakeland, FL
A visitation was held on January 28, 2017 at Hol-
he was the son of Colon Bowen
ly Hill Funeral Home in Fairburn, GA.
Johnson and Minnie Amy Darley
Johnson. Brother Joe was a Veteran of the US Navy serving dur-
ing World War II, he was Pastor and Member of Eastside Baptist
Church and served 74 years as a Pastor. If there ever comes a day when we cant
Survivors were his wife, Grace Windella Moll Jonhson of be together, keep me in your heart
Moultrie; son, Joseph L. Johnson, Jr. and wife Debbie of Temple
Terrance, FL; daughters, Josean Lovelle Hunter and husband Ill stay
James of Moultrie, Vanada Cornette and husband John of Tam- there
pa, FL and Melody Dery and husband Milan of Tampa, FL;sister, forever.
Virginia Jordan of Kathleen, GA; grandchildren, Joseph L. John-
son ,III, Anna Grace Hunter, Levi Hunter, Caroline Hunter, Wyatt
Hunter and Cody Hunter.
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