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The two-day vocabulary lesson plan was delivered to the morning kindergarten class at

my assigned grade school. The lesson plan was designed to teach the kindergarten students three

Tier II vocabulary words burrows, commotion, and scattered. The words were selected from

Jan Bretts book The Mitten. As part of the lesson, there was a phonics component, an

example/non-example activity, and an activity where students could act out the vocabulary words

through a song. There also was a vocabulary worksheet used to assess student learning of the

new vocabulary words.

From my point of view, this lesson engaged the students attention and promoted a high

level of participation largely in part because of the story that was used. In addition, I feel that the

students made a connection to the words and their meanings. It also beneficial for the students to

hear the words used in context during the story. An original song was created to go along with

the story that incorporated the three new vocabulary words. The students enjoyed participating

in the activity. An ESL student who is Level 1 was overhead singing the song in English after

the activity.

From the students point of view, a positive aspect is that they participated in activities

where they could apply the words they learned and apply it. First, the students enjoyed singing

and acting out the story by using the Tier II vocabulary words. The students also had the

opportunity to practice the words through an example/non-example activity. Another positive

aspect for the students was that they were exposed to three new words.

Overall, this lesson went well and I felt good about delivering it to the students. One

thing I would change is how I closed the lesson. I closed the lesson using the vocabulary
worksheet and just collected it when the students finished completing it. If I were to do this

lesson again, I would review the worksheet with the students.

Below are three examples of completed student vocabulary worksheets. Student A is a

grade-level student who speaks fluent English. Student A was observed circling the correct

pictures for the word burrow but then decided to circle the picture of the dog. When Student A

was asked why he chose the dog, he responded with I like dogs. Then for the word

scattered, he proceeded to draw over the ice cream cone. Student B is a grade level student

who speaks both English and Spanish. She circled the correct pictures that corresponds to the

vocabulary words. Student C is a ESL Level 1 student and he also circled the correct pictures

that corresponds to the vocabulary words.