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(1) DataSonic

Datasonic Group Berhad was incorporated under the Act on 13 March
2008 as a public limited company. We subsequently converted to a
private limited company on 22 June 2011 to facilitate the acquisition of
Datasonic Corporation Sdn Bhd, Datasonic Technologies Sdn Bhd and
Datasonic Smart Solutions Sdn Bhd.

Datasonic Group is involved in the provision of ICT solutions including

the smart card personalisation (such as secure ID or chip-based credit /
debit / bank cards), customisation of software and hardware solutions,
project management, consultancy, R&D and technical consultancy

Our history began with the operations of Datasonic Corporation Sdn

Bhd (Datasonic Corporation) which was incorporated on 22 October
1980. Datasonic Corporation was originally named Bumi Packaging &
Storage (M) Sdn Bhd. At the initial stage, the company was selling ICT
products in the form of computer forms and credit card imprinters to
financial institutions in Malaysia.

The company then subsequently ventured into the personalisation

services and started its business relationship with Datacard Corporation
in 1983. In 1991, Datacard Corporation became a 49% joint-venture
partner in Datasonic Corporation (which was named Datacard Toppan
Moore (M) Sdn Bhd at that point). As a result of the joint venture, we
were awarded the distribution rights for Datacard Central Issuance
Systems and Solutions in Malaysia.

Since 1999, Datasonic Corporation has been the technology provider

and exclusive sub-contractor of Dibena Enterprise, who was appointed
as the Chairman and key member of GMPC Corporation Sdn Bhd, a
consortium of five companies for the national ID or MyKad project.
GMPC Corporation was formed to implement the pilot phase of the
GMPC project in 1999. Under the Multi Purpose Card Flagship
Application agreement between the Government and GMPC
Corporation, dated 1 June 1999, the Government has agreed to award
the GMPC project to GMPC Corporation, a consortium company, which
consist of 5 members namely Dibena Enterprise, IRIS Technologies (M)
Sdn Bhd, Unisys MSC Sdn Bhd, Tricubes NCR JV Sdn Bhd and CSA
MSC Sdn Bhd, to undertake the GMPC project.
Datasonic Corporation through Dibena Enterprise is the only consortium
member who was assigned to design, set up and commission a
personalisation centre as well as to supply smart card personalisation
systems and solutions, consumables and provide technical support and
maintenance services to NRD. The other consortium members include
CSA MSC Sdn Bhd which provides the networking and
computer hardware; Unisys MSC Sdn Bhd which conducts the system
integration services and interface to legacy system; TricubesNCR JV
Sdn Bhd which provides smart card readers (Card Acceptance Devices)
and IRIS Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd which provides raw cards (MyKad),
chip with OS and readers. Upon procuring the GMPC project, GMPC
Corporation will then sub-contract the entire GMPC project to each of its
consortium members based on their respective roles.

Datasonic Corporation is the only ICT vendor involved in three (3) major
smart card programs in the country, namely the GMPC, PMPC i.e. ATM
chip-based card and EMV chip-based credit card migration in the
country. The GMPC project was officially launched in 2001 with the
purpose of migrating paper based IDs card with new smart IDs card
with multiple applications for all Malaysian citizens; and the smart card
ATM and EMV migration underwent a national rollout in 2003 as part of
the goal of reducing fraudulent financial transactions which were
then prevalent with magnetic stripe cards.

In 2003, Datasonic Corporation established an RPS centre in

cooperation with Bank Simpanan Nasional to provide outsourcing
services for the personalisation of financial PMPC, ATM and EMV credit
cards for major banks in Malaysia. In 2007, Datasonic Corporation
established its own independent RPS centre in order to increase its
production capacity to accommodate its increasing number of clients
from the financial sector. Datasonic Corporations Central Issuance
Card Printing System (operated by the RPS centre) was well-received
particularly from Malaysian financial institutions and this spurred the
companys growth in the market.

In 2005, Dato Abu Hanifah bin Noordin acquired Dibena Enterprise and
assumed the position of Executive Chairman/ CEO of the company and
was also appointed as Chairman of GMPC Corporation Sdn Bhd. In
2006, following the acquisition of Datacard QSS Sdn Bhd (now known
as Datasonic Corporation) by Dibena Enterprise, he assumed the
position of CEO of Datasonic Corporation.

In February 2006, Dibena Enterprise acquired from Datacard

Corporation its entire shareholdings in Datasonic Corporation to expand
its technology and solutions services. This was to be followed by the
acquisition of Datasonic Technologies a year later in 2007. Datasonic
Technologies, (formerly known as Guthrie Technologies Sdn Berhad)
was incorporated on 26 June 1991. The acquisition of the company by
Dibena Enterprise from Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad occurred during the
latters merger with the Sime Darby Group and Dibena Enterprise has
since met the acquisition objective which was to further expand Dibena
Enterprises portfolios to provide large-scale government ICT projects
and solution services and project management services.

Datasonic Technologies is involved in the provision of ICT solutions and

services which include project management for the implementation of
ICT system solutions. These solutions are customised software and
hardware solutions for the government ministries and agencies, and
large industries like healthcare, telecommunications, and others.

Over the years, the business of our Group has grown from the provision
of secure ID and smart card personalisation into more diversified
products and services e.g. government ICT projects and services,
project management and provision of other ICT solutions services,
namely provision of customised integrated ICT software and hardware
systems and solutions.

Datasonic Smart Solutions was incorporated in Malaysia on 2 April

2004 as a private limited company to provide R&D and technical
consultancy to both Datasonic Corporation and Datasonic
Technologies. Our Group utilises Datasonic Smart Solutions as our
main channel to conduct R&D activities for the smart card OS solutions
and other key ICT developments which include development
of centralised and decentralised card issuance system and solutions,
multi-purpose ID system, integrated front-end and back-end system
solutions as well as web-based total HIS system solutions to support
the current and future business of our Group.

Datasonic Innovation Sdn Bhd (Datasonic Innovation), a 70% owned

subsidiary of Datasonic Group was incorporated on 25 July 2014 to
carry on the business of providing biometric solutions.

Datasonic Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (Datasonic

Manufacturing) (formerly known as Asia Pacific Card & System Sdn
Bhd), a 99.45% owned subsidiary of Datasonic Group together with its
wholly-owned subsidiary, Constant Ahead Sdn Bhd (Constant Ahead),
were acquired by Datasonic Group on 16 July 2014. The principal
activities of Datasonic Manufacturing are manufacturing of electrical
integrated circuit (I.C.) cards, or commonly known as smart cards and
its related products. Whilst Constant Ahead has not commenced
operations since incorporation.

Datasonic Group had on 26 September 2014 acquired a 30% stake in

Electric Vehicle Automotive (M) Sdn Bhd (Electric Vehicle
Automotive). The intended principal activities of Electric Vehicle
Automotive are to

manufacturing of automobile and various vehicles and spare parts.i