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Cement Mixer


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Warranty 2
Introduction 3
Environmental protection 3
Description of symbols 3
Specifications 3
General safety instructions 4
Additional safety rules for cement mixers 5
Know your product 7
Individual components 8
Assembling the cement mixer 11
Changing the drive belt 13
Maintenance 13
General inspection 13
Repairs 13

r -
Full 2 Years Home Use Warranty
Whilst every effort is made to ensure your complete
satisfaction with this tool, occasionally, due to the mass
manufacturing techniques, a tool may not live up to our
required level of performance and you may need the
assistance of our service department
This product is warranted for a 2-year period for home
domestic use from the date of the original purchase. I f
found to be defective in materiab or workmanship, the
tool or the offending faulty component will be replaced
free of charge with another of the same item. A small
freight charge may apply.
The warranty replacement unit is only made available by
returning the tool to the place of purchase with a
confirmed register receipt. Proof of purchase is essential.
We reserve the right to reject any claim where the
purchase cannot be verified.
This warranty does not include damage or defects to the
tool caused by or resulting from abuse, accidents,
alterations or commercial or business use.
It also does not cover any bonus accessories unless the
tool is a GMC Platinum Professional model.
Please ensure that you store your receipt in a safe place.
Conditions apply to the above warranty.
I f you need direction of what constitutes a free of
charge warranty claim, please review the guide given on
the rear of the Receipt Holder. An indication is given as
to the types of claim that are permissible, and those
that are not
Dear Customer Description of symbols
I f you require any help with your product, whether it The rating plate on your tool may show symbols. These
is a Warranty claim, spare part or user information, represent important information about the product or
please phone our Help Line for an immediate response. instructions on its use.

Phone 1300 880 001 in Australia or 0800 445 721 in Wear hearing protection.
New Zealand. Wear eye protection.
W Wear breathing protection.
Your new GMC power tool will more than satisfy your Earthed Appliance
expectations. It has been manufactured under stringent
GMC Quality Standards to meet superior performance Conforms to relevant standards for
criteria. electromagnetic compatibility.
You will find your new tool easy and safe to operate,
and, with proper care, it will give you many years of
dependable service. Specifications
Caution. Carefully read through this entire Instruction Nominal voltaqe: 230-240Vac ~ 50Hz
Manual before using your new GMC Power Tool. Take Power input: 3/5HP ( 450W)
speciat care to heed the Cautions and Warnings.
Your GMC power tool has many features that will make Gross Drum Volume 110 Litres (4 CUFT)
yourjob faster and easier. Safety, performance, and Unmixed Dry 85 Litres (3 CUFT)
dependability have been given top priority in the Mixed Wet 60 Litres (2.2 CUFT)
development of this tool, making it easy to maintain
Drum Mouth: 400mm (16")
and operate.
Weiqht: 64kq
Environmental protection
Recycle unwanted materials instead of
Mr disposing of them as waste. All tools, hoses
( jT and packaging should be sorted, taken to
the local recycling centre and disposed of
in an environmentally safe way.
General safety instructions Dress correctly. Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery.
To use this tool properly, you must observe the safety They can be caught in moving parts. Rubber gloves
regulations, the assembly instructions and the operating and non-slip footwear are recommended when working
instructions to be found in this Manual. All persons who outdoors. I f you have long hair, wear a protective hair
use and service the machine have to be acquainted with covering.
this Manual and must be informed about its potential Use safety accessories. Safety glasses and earmuffs
hazards. should always be worn. A face or dust mask is also
Children and infirm people must not use this tool. Children required if working in a dusty environment.
should be supervised at all times if they are in the area Do not overreach. Keep your footing secure and
in which the tool is being used. It is also imperative balanced at all times.
that you observe the accident prevention regulations in Look after your tools. Keep tools sharp and clean for
force in your area. The same applies for general rules of better and safer performance. Follow the instructions
occupational health and safety. regarding lubrication and accessory changes. Inspect
Warning. When using power tools, basic safety tool cords periodically and, if damaged, have them
precautions should always be taken to reduce the risk of repaired by an authorised service facility. Inspect
fire, electric shock and personal injury. Abo, please read extension cords periodically and replace them if
and heed the advice given in the additional important damaged. Keep tool handles dry, clean and free from oil
safety instructions. and grease.
Keep the work area clean and tidy. Cluttered work areas Disconnect idle tools. Switch off the power and
and benches invite accidents and injury. disconnect the plug from the power point before
Consider the environment in which you are working. Do servicing, when changing accessories and when the tool
not use power tools in damp or wet locations. Keep the is not in use.
work area well lit. Do not expose power tools to rain. Remove adjusting keys and wrenches. Check to see that
Do not use power tools in the presence offlammable keys and adjusting wrenches are removed from the tool
liquids or gases. before switching on.
Keep visitors away from the work area. All visitors and Avoid unintentional starting. Always check that the
onlookers, especially children and infirm persons, should switch is in the OFF position before plugging in the tool
be kept well away from where you are working. Do not to the power supply.
let others in the vicinity make contact with the tool or Use outdoor rated extension cords. When a tool is used
extension cord. outdoors, use only extension cords that are intended for
Store tools safely. When not in use, tools should be outdoor use and are so marked.
locked up out of reach.
Do not force the tool. The tool will do the job better
and safer working at the rate for which it was designed.
Use the correct toot for the job. Do not force small tools
or attachments to do the job best handled by a heavier
duty tool. Never use a tool for a purpose for which it
was not intended.
Stay alert. Watch what you are doing. Use common Additional safety rules for cement mixers
sense. Do not operate a power tool when you are tired. Read and understand the owner's manual and
Check for damaged parts. Before using a tool, check labeb affixed to the mixer. Learn its application and
that there are no damaged parts. I f a part is slightly limitations as well as the specific potential hazards
damaged, carefully determine if it will operate properly peculiar to it.
and perform its intended function. Check for alignment Do not operate the mixer while under the influence of
of moving parts, binding of moving parts, breakage of drugs, alcohol, or any medication that could affect your
parts, proper mounting and any other conditions that ability to use it properly.
may affect the operation of the tool. A part that is
Check your mixer before turning it on. Keep guards in
damaged shouLd be properly repaired or replaced by an
authon'sed service facility, unless otherwise indicated place and in working order. Form a habit of checking
to see that keys and adjusting wrenches are removed
in this Instruction Manual. Defective switches must be
from tool area before turning it on. Replace damaged,
replaced by an authon'sed service facility. Do not use
a tool if the switch does not turn the tool on and off missing or failed parts before using it.
correctly. Always wear safety goggles and/or face shields. Any
Guard against electric shock. Prevent body contact with mixer may throwforeign objects into the eyes. This
can cause permanent eye damage. Everyday eyeglasses
grounded objects such as water pipes, radiators, cookers
have only impact resistant lenses. They are not safety
and refrigerator enclosures.
Use only approved parts. When servicing, use only
Improper use of extension cords may cause inefficient
identical replacement parts. Use an authorised service
operation of the mixer which can result in overheating.
facility to fit replacement parts.
Be sure the section of extension cord is enough to allow
Warning. The use of an accessory or attachment, other sufficient current flow to the motor. Avoid use offree
than those recommended in this Instruction Manual, and inadequately insulated connections. Connections
may present a risk of personal injury. The tool must be must be made with protected material suitable for
used only for its preschbed purpose. Any use other than outdoor use.
those mentioned in this Manual will be considered a case
of misuse. The user and not the manufacturer shall be Check that the electric circuit is adequately protected
liable for any damage or injury resulting from such cases and that it corresponds with the power, voltage and
frequency of the motor. Check that there is a ground
of misuse. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any
connection. Prevent body contact with grounded
changes made to the tool nor for any damage resulting
from such changes. surfaces: pipes, radiators, ranges, and refrigerator
enclosures. Mark sure your fingers do not touch the
plug's metal prongs when plugging or unplugging the
The mixer is not to be towed by any vehicle. It will do
a better and saferjob at its design rate. Don't use the
mixerfor a purpose for which it was not intended.
Do not attempt to load or unload the materials untit

the mixer has stopped. Keep hands out of the way of safety devices and parts must be repaired or replaced by
all moving parts. an authorised service facility.
Keep children and infirm people away from the machine Have damaged switches replaced by an authorized
when it is connected to the power supply. service facility.
Check the power cord. Never use a faulty or damaged This tool complies with the pertinent safety regulations.
power cord. Repairs are to be carried out only by qualified
I f the cordset is damaged take the saw to an electricians at authorised service centres, using original
authorized service centre for repair or replacement. replacement parts. The user may suffer an accident if
Never attempt any repairs yourself always take it to an this condition is not observed.
authorised service centre for repair or parts replacement. Always switch the mixer on, when the drum is empty,
Keep the cement mixer and your workplace clean of before loading the unit with mixing material.
debris and any unnecessary objects. Do not place the shovel into the rotating drum while it
Keep the area free of tripping hazards. is rotating.

Persons working with the machine should not be CAUTION: It is strongly recommended to use a RCD safety
distracted. switch when using this product.

Periodically check that all nuts, bolts and otherfixings Wear hearing protection.
are properly tightened. Wear eye protection.
Adjustments, measurements and cleaning jobs are to be Wear breathing protection.
performed only when the motor is switched off and the
mains plug removed!
Before you switch on the machine, check that all
wrenches and adjustment tools have been removed.
When you leave your workplace, switch off the motor
and pull out the power plug.
It is imperative to observe the accident prevention
regulations in force in your area as well as all other
generally recognised rules of safety.
Never use the cord for any purpose other than that for
which it is intended!
Unless otherwise stated in these instructions, damaged

Know your product
1. Drum
2. Tilting handles
3. Motor housing
4. Pneumatic wheels
Main frame 1
Main frame 2
Mainframe 3
Grease nipples (3)

Individual Components

D Drive Shaft with Gear 1 set

E Motor with Drive Pulley 1 set

H Motor Housing 1 set

L M e Puttey 1 pc

0 Support Shaft with Shims 1 set

R Loose Part Bag 1 pc
(Containing the following Items):
C e m e n t M ix e r
Self Tapping Screw 04X10 4 pcs
Hex. Screw M6X20 4 pcs
Hex. Screw M8X20 4 pcs
Hex. Screw Ml 0X25 8 pcs
Hex. Screw M10X30 8 pcs
Hex. Screw M10X40 4 pcs
Q Instruction Manual 1 pc
Hex Nut M6 4 pcs
Hex Nut M8 4 pcs
Hex Nut M10 20 pcs
Lock Nut M10 4 pcs
Fiat Washer 06 4 pcs
Flat Washer 08 4 pcs
Flat Washer 010 20 pcs
Flat Washer 025 2 pc
Flat Washer 050X4 lp c
Cotter Pin 05X40 2 pc
Cotter Pin 06X60 lp c
Hex L-key 4mm lp c

Assembling the cement mixer

Step 2: Wheel mounting Step 4: Motor housing back panel

Hex. Screw M 10x30
Flat Washer 010
Hex. Nut M10

Step 5: Pulley and motor mount

Step 6: Motor and belt

Changing the drive belt General Inspection
The drive belt is located between the spindle of the motor Regularly check that all the fixing screws are tight They
and the idle pulley of the drum. It can be seen only when may vibrate loose over time.
the motor housing is removed. I f the drive belt starts to
slip, or the belt is damaged or broken, the cement mixer
should be taken to an authorized service centre for a belt Only an authorised service centre should replace the
replacement by a qualified service technician. The belt cordset or drivebelt or effect other repairs. I f the cordset
should not be replaced by a nonqualified person. is damaged or worn, have it repaired or replaced by an
authorised service centre.
1. Clean the cement mixer after every use.
2. Remove dust and dirt regularly. Cleaning is best done
with a rag or a soft brush. Wear safety glasses whilst
brushing away dust and dirt.
3. Re-lubricate all moving parts via the grease nipple at
regular intervals.
4. Never use caustic agents to clean plastic parts.
Caution. Do not use cleaning agents to clean the plastic
parts. A mild detergent on a damp cloth is recommended.
Water must never come into contact with the motor.

Carefully read the entire Instruction Manual
before using this product.

Before returning this product for a With continuing product development changes may
have occurred which render the product received
Warranty Claim or any other reason
slightly different to that shown in this instruction
Please Call 1300 880 001 (Australia) manual. The manufacturer reserves the right to
or 0800 445 721 (New Zealand) change specifications without notice. Note:
Specif cations may differfrom country to country.
When you make your call, please have
the following information at hand:

GMC Product Type GMC Product Code

A GMC Service Engineer will take your call and, in
most cases, will be able to solve your problem over The GMC 777 Helpline operates from 7am to
the phone. 7pm, 7 days a week (EST). This allows you
You are welcome to use this phone-in service to to contact GMC directly with any queries and
make suggestions or give comments about any technical questions you have regarding
GMC product. our products.


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