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Family History For Youth

Newsletter for Youth and Youth Leaders in the Los Angeles Temple District (North) March 2017

The Holy Ghost and Temple &

Family History
The Holy Ghost is especially involved in temple you want the influence of dignity and wisdom and
and family history work. The Old Testament prophet inspiration and spirituality to envelop your life, involve
Elijah appeared in the Kirtland Temple in 1836 to yourself in temple and genealogy work.
restore the keys of sealing power and turn the hearts of
the children to their fathers, as foretold in Malachi 4:5-6. The Holy Ghost will help you with
We speak of the Spirit of Elijah as a special spirit your family history work. We receive guidance in
associated with family history. all the activities of our life. Family history research,
where we seek relatives who need temple ordinances, is
The Spirit of Elijah is the Holy Ghost. especially close to the Holy Ghost. Beyond inspiration,
President Russell M. Nelson said, The Spirit of Elijah is we can receive actual help in finding identifying
a manifestation of the Holy Ghost bearing witness of the information needed to request temple ordinances.
divine nature of the family.
This means we need to gain experience in
Elder David A. Bednar has described the spirit recognizing inspiration and following it. Of course, with
of Elijah as a distinctive influence of the Holy Ghost many of the resources available to us, such as
that draws people to identify, document, and cherish FamilySearch record hints, it is so easy to find the
their ancestors and family members both past and necessary information that fewer promptings are needed,
present. once we get to work.
This manifestation of the In addition, since prophets
Holy Ghost touches anyone who have told us most of the people in
engages in family history work. the spirit world will accept the
Non-members of the church as well gospel, many or most of our
as members feel it. That is why ancestors are anxious to receive
family history is such a popular temple blessings. You are not
hobby it brings warm, happy looking for the one or two people
feelings to people as they work on who might accept there are many,
learning about their ancestors. right from your own family, so you
Yes, you might feel frustrated dont need to worry about following
when the computer doesnt work a wrong line. Some branches of
right or you cant find the your family may be especially
information you want, but your anxious, and the Holy Ghost can
heart feels warm from the Holy help you identify them.
Elder Melvin J. Ballard, an apostle many years
Elder Boyd K. Packer talked about this. [You] ago and grandfather of current apostle Elder M. Russell
cannot touch this work without becoming affected Ballard, said, When you have gone as far as you can go,
spiritually. The spirit of Elijah permeates it. Many of the names of your righteous dead who have embraced
the little intrusions into our lives, the little difficulties the gospel in the spirit world will be given to you
and the petty problems that beset us, are put into proper through the instrumentality of your dead kindred. But
perspective when we view the linking of the generations only the names of those who have received the gospel
for the eternities. We become more patient then. So if will be revealed.
Therefore, you can be confident that when you Pray to know who to work for. Pray to be
find family names, those spirits are anxious to receive sensitive to impressions. Pray that the people you work
their temple blessings. If you are having a hard time for will feel the love and gratitude you have for the
finding someone, you must still go as far as you can Savior, and for them. Pray that you will be effective in
go and seek help from the Holy Ghost. your use of time.

For many righteous youth, the Family history work leads to the
companionship of the Holy Ghost feels temple. Dont forget that family history work has a
normal, not unusual. You may be doing family specific purpose to bring the blessings of gospel
history and not feel a specific prompting. That could be covenants to your ancestors. So be sure to attend the
because you are on the right track. In addition, while temple frequently. Become a regular, not someone
you are following the right course, you have become who only attends once or twice a year. When you bring
accustomed to the good feelings and may even take them your own family names, you have an open invitation to
for granted. come as often as you want weekly, even daily. (That
gives you a reason to keep working on your family
In these cases, continue doing the work, using history!)
all the resources available to you, until you feel
something is wrong. When we are on the correct path, Remember, too, that there are other important
the Holy Ghost does not need to prompt us to change ordinances that come after baptism. Some take longer to
course. So even if you dont feel specifically prompted complete than baptisms. Make specific arrangements to
while you are doing your family history work, the Holy have someone act as proxy in these other ordinances.
Ghost is with you. It feels familiar, not unusual, because Your relatives want all the blessings available to them,
you are used to that companionship. You would notice including sealing. Adults who have been endowed in the
and feel distinctly uncomfortable if it was missing. temple returned missionaries, people who are married,
many other adults can complete these ordinances for
For instance, a person who is indexing can you. Your request can motivate them to attend the
usually read the records and type the data onto the temple more often. It is a great way to help them receive
FamilySearch data entry form without much divine blessings as they complete important work.
assistance. You feel good about the indexing work you
are doing; you know you are providing an important Your devotion to temple and family history
service. However, if you make a mistake, you may feel work can be an inspiration to others, as they follow your
a prompting to go back or thats not right or I am example and feel the Spirit of Elijah/Holy Ghost in their
not a son; Im a daughter. The Holy Ghost has been lives.
with you throughout the process, but you only needed
prompting when you made an entry error.

Invite the Holy Ghost when you do

family history work. Always begin your family
history work, whether looking for relatives who need
temple ordinances, adding memories, or indexing, with
prayer perhaps even kneeling prayer. The work may
seem straight-forward, but it is deeply spiritual and the
Lord wants to help you.

We are here to participate in the work of salvation. Thats who we are, thats why were here on the
earth. ... You were prepared for this day. The time is now.Elder David A. Bednar

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