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Central & State Government sponsored schemes in operation in Karnataka

1. SGSY : The Govt. of India has restructured the poverty alleviation programmes
such as IRDP, DWACRA, SITRA, GKY, TRYSEM, MWS etc., and a new programme
known as Swarna Jayanthi Gram Swarojgar Yojana has been launched from April
1999. The programme covers all the aspects of self employment such as
organisation of the poorer sections into Self Help Groups.

Implementing Agency : ZP through Taluk and Gram Panchayats in rural areas


Eligibility : Targeted group below poverty line

Loan Amount : No investment ceiling other than unit cost. The credit-
subsidy ratio shall be of minimum 3:1

Repayment : Depending upon the activities. The installment is limited

to 50% of the incremental net income.

Subsidy : 30% of the project cost or Rs. 7,500/-, whichever is less.

For SC/STs 50% of the project cost or Rs. 10,000/-,
whichever is less. For groups 50% or Rs. 1.25 lacs
whichever is less. Subsidy is back ended.

Further contact Contact EO of Taluk Panchayats, PDO of Grama

2. SJSRY : Swarna Jayanthi Shahari Rojgar Yojana is implemented
in urban, semi-urban centers

A. USEP Individual Scheme

Elibility : Unemployed urban youth below poverty line with 18

years and above age. No minimum education

Project cost subsidy : Rs. 2,00,000/- maximum

25% of the project cost subject to maximum Rs. 50,000/-,
whichever is less (Back-ended)
Beneficiary contribution 5%

Security : Hypothecation of assets created out of the loan

B. UWEP : Group activity. No limit for project cost

Eligibility : A group of 5 urban women who are not defaulters to the
bank and below urban poverty line shall take up an
economic activity. Should be a resident for at least 3
years. Age 18 years and above. No minimum education
Subsidy : 35% of Project cost subject to Maximum Rs. 60,000/- for
member of group or Rs. 3 lacs. (a special provision of 3%
for disabled women). Group contribution of MM 5%.
Security : Only assets crated out of loan.
Further contact Contact Municipal Corporation, Municipalities, Town/
Pattana Panchayats
3. Udyogini

Eligibility : Women of 18-45 age group to take up income generating


Unit Cost : Maximum Rs. 1.00 lac

Subsidy : 20% of loan to General category not exceeding Rs.

7,500/-. 30% of loan to SCs/STs, Widows/Physically
handicapped beneficiaries not exceeding Rs. 10,000/-

Income : Family income not to exceed Rs. 40,000/- p.a.

Further contact Women & Child Dev Department in each Taluka
4. Chaitanya & Swavalambana Schemes of BC & MD Corporation

Eligibility : All backward classes under Chaitanya

All minority community under Swavalambana

Age limit : 18 to 60 years

Income : Rs. 22,000/- p.a.

Loan amount : Based on project cost (maximum Rs. 1.00 lac)

Subsidy : Upto Rs. 10,000/- 50% or Rs. 5,000/- whichever is less.

No margin money
Rs. 10,001/- & above Rs. 5,000/- and 20% margin money
Further Contact Backward Class & Minority Dev Corporation in the district
5. PMEGP (Prime Ministers Employment Generation Programme)

Age : Any individual above 18 years of age

Education : No minimum qualification. For setting up of project

costing above Rs. 10 lakh in the manufacturing sector
and above Rs. 5 lakh in the business / service sector, the
beneficiary should possess at least VIII Standard pass
educational qualification

Project Cost : Maximum Rs. 25 lakh under manufacturing sector

Maximum Rs. 10 lakh under Business / Service sector
Assistance under the scheme is available only for new
projects. Self Help Groups are also eligible.

Subsidy : General category : 15% in urban and 25% of the project

cost in rural area
Special category : 25% in urban and 35% of the project
cost in rural area

Margin contribution : 10% to general and 5% to Special category

Security : Assets created out of loan. No collateral security and no

third party guarantor to be given and the loan is to be
covered under CGTMSE Scheme
Further Contact Dist Industry Centre, KVIC, KVIB
6. Schemes of Karnataka SC/ST Dev. Corporation :

1) SEP

Eligibility : Should belong to SC/ST category

Income : Rs. 11,000/- p.a.

Age limit : 18 to 58 years

Loan amount : Upto Rs. 1.00 lac

Subsidy : 50% of the project cost or Rs. 10,000/-

2) ISB

Eligibility : Should belong to SC/ST category

Income : Rs. 31,952/- p.a. in rural areas and

Rs. 42,412/- in urban areas

Subsidy : Nil
(However, for Autorickshaw loans Rs. 10,000/- of subsidy
and Rs. 14,000/- margin money available)

Margin : 20% of project cost upto Rs. 10.00 lacs

Further Contact District Office of SC/ST Dev Corporation

7. AMRUTA YOJANE Implemented by KMF

Scheme : Providing She-buffaloe or graded cow to women


Eligibility : Widows, Destitutes, Devadasis, Labourers, 3% to PH

Age : 18 to 60 years

Income : Annual income not to exceed Rs. 40,000/-

Reservation : As per Govt. policy 90% from rural areas, beneficiaries

member of milk societies

Unit cost : Rs. 35,000/-

Subsidy : 50% to general, 60% to SC women, 75% to ST women

Other agencies : Veterinary Dept. and Women & Child Development Dept.

Further Contact KMF, Milk collecting Societies, Vet Dept, WCDD