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Good morning, ladies and gentleman.

In this occasion, let us praise the Lord. Because of Him, we can gather
at this place in good health.
We know what is August 17th, 1945 and we also know who has
struggled for Indonesia in the battlefield. August 17th, 1945 is our
independence day, and the heroes and heroines have struggled for
Indonesian and Indonesia against the colonists.
We only know what is August 17th 1945, but we never try to think
what would it be if theres no heroes and heroines that struggled until
death for us? The sparker of woman emancipation is R.A. Kartini. She
wanted to proof that woman and man are same. Woman must get a
good education. They must look for a lot of interesting experiences.
They must find themselves. Second, the composer of Indonesia Raya is
W.R. Supratman. He created Indonesia Raya and that song is heard for
the first time on October 28th, 1928. And, Indonesia Raya has been the
Indonesia national song. Ir. Soekarno and Drs. Muhammad Hatta were
the first president and vice president that ruled this country. And there
are a lot of miretorious heroes and heroines. What would Indonesia be
without them?
As the second generations of Indonesia after the revolution, we
have an obligation to continue their struggle. Not to fight against the
colonists, but fight against the poverty, stupidity, criminals,
corruption, and also we must return the good image of Indonesia to the
whole world. There are still many people outside not to pay much
attention to the five basics principles of Indonesia, especially for the
humanity, democracy, and social justice. And even, they dont take
care of the struggle of the heroes and heroines for Indonesia.
We must build a good relationship with the people around us. We
must have a spirit to keep up the struggle. Because we are the next
leaders of Indonesia, because Indonesia needs us, because Indonesia is
our home, because we love Indonesia, because Indonesia is our life,
because the heroes wanted us to continue their struggle, and because
we realize that we are here because of the heroes.
As John F. Kennedy said, Ask not what your country can do for you
ask what you can do for your country. Ask not what Indonesia will do
for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of human.
A country is called as a big country because the country esteems
their miretorious heroes and heroines struggleand we must continue
their struggle to let Indonesia free, we must incite the spirit to keep
up the struggle.
So, mark this words into our hearts, I am proud being Indonesia. I
will always love Indonesia ever and ever.
Therefore, ladies and gentleman. In this occasion, to celebrate the
Independence Day, lets give a real contribution for nation, so our
ambition to make Indonesia to be better can be realized soon. Lets
believe that an action where started by a strong willing, well reach
our target and itll be happened. May the spirit keep up the struggle
always be in ourselves.
Once free always free!

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