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NOVEMBER 2014 | R77.


On Transport And Logistics

Renaults construction kings


All the news from Behind the wheel of
THE transport event the new Vito

How much are tyres Can SAs bus seat

REALLY costing your business? business be saved?


Iveco Sout h Africa and Larimar Group will soon inaugurate their new manufac turing facility:

Iveco South Africa Works

This site will assemble medium, heavy and extra-heavy duty commercial vehicles as well as
front engine and low f loor city buses.

The new Born in Sout h Africa logo marks this impor t ant occasion. A s t amp of authenticity,
the logo cer tifies t he quality of t hese locally assembled Iveco commercial vehicles by a Sout h
African workforce . Vehicles wit h t he Born in South Africa logo are t ailored for Africas
varied terrain and challenging conditions.

b |FOCUS| November 2014


W W W . I V E C O . C O . Z A

November 2014 |FOCUS| 1


2 |FOCUS| November 2014


The range of vehicles from
Renault Trucks has undergone
a R28-billion (2-billion), eight-
year renewal. Turn to page 8
for details on the local offering.

On Transport And Logistics

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SUB-EDITOR Innovation. Connectivity. Efficiency. Safety. Autonomous driving. These were the buzzwords
Jeanette Lamont at this years IAA. We could easily have spent a month at the show
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Jaco de Klerk
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It was a quarter of hotly contested jostling for position among some manufacturers,
email: record sales for others, and a variety of market conditions both positive and negative.
Claire Rencken We report on a very interesting third quarter.
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Frank Beeton Neglecting the cost of the tyres in their fleets is one of the biggest, most expensive
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Cell: 082 602 1004 mistakes operators make. Here are some dos and donts to make the task a little
Vic Oliver
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The relentless pace of technological advancement has meant that modern-day telematics
Tina Monteiro is an absolute necessity for effective fleet management. FOCUS explores.
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Margaret Phillipson The Electra Mining Africa 2014 exhibition took place at the Nasrec Expo Centre,
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email: Johannesburg, from September 15 to 19. FOCUS brings you some highlights.

Megan du Toit
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Bus seats are not always given the attention they deserve, even though they are vital
Bev Rogers to the safety and comfort of passengers. We speak to a couple of local bus seat
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Nelio da Silva

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November 2014 |FOCUS| 3


Hail the
commercial vehicle!
I love commercial vehicles! And years event attracted 2 066 exhibitors from suited to the rapidly growing mail-order business,
45 countries. than commercial vehicles. They serve society
this years IAA left me with a truly But Wissmann had more to beam about reliably and unobtrusively. Commercial vehicles
warm and fuzzy feeling about than the success of the actual fair; as he aptly truly are quiet heroes with no airs and graces,
the vehicles that we write about pointed out, the industry as a whole is doing a Wissmann stated.
dandy job. No other means of transport has Public passenger transport, too, would be
within the pages of FOCUS
made quantum leaps in recent years like the inconceivable without road transportation, the
commercial vehicle it is genuinely bundled VDA president stressed, and continued: Every
technology on wheels, he noted. year buses carry over five billion passengers
Those commercial vehicles do more than to their destinations which is 43 percent of
just move goods and people. No matter the total volume carried by buses and railways.
whether in large or small businesses, or in He added that coaches were writing an
urban or rural regions, from the North Sea extraordinary success story. In the first eight
to the edge of the Alps, one thing is clear: months of this year, they transported over ten
commercial vehicles ensure prosperity and jobs. million passengers, and the figure could exceed
In Germany, around 190 000 direct 15 million by the end of the year. At the same
employees give of their best, day by day, in time, buses are real CO2 champions: a fully
the production of commercial vehicles. That is laden bus consumes less than one litre of fuel
one quarter of all employees in the automotive per passenger per 100 km.
industry. Then there are also the employees Today emissions of pollutants from a
whose jobs depend indirectly on commercial modern Euro-6 truck are up to 98 percent
vehicles in operations, maintenance and less than those from a truck 25 years ago.
deployment. Of course, this includes the vehicles Compared with the previous Euro-5 standard,
best friend, the driver! Wissmann added. nitrogen oxide emissions have come down
Charleen Clarke The VDA president went on to say that both by 80 percent, while particulates have been
national and international freight traffic would reduced by around two thirds.

continue to increase in the future. All modes of So the commercial vehicle manufacturers
oull read a lot about the IAA transport would be needed for coping with the have successfully carried out the historic task
in this issue of FOCUS. Thats growing volume. Trucks, the railways and ships of reducing pollutants to almost zero. We are
because the 2014 fair lived up must all do what they do best. They have to be now concentrating on further decreases in
to its reputation for being the networked in the best possible way to keep on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In this
worlds leading commercial vehicle show making transport more efficient, he stressed. area we have already made great strides
once again. The whos who of the global Wissmann added, however, that commercial forward. Today a 40 t truck-trailer combination
commercial vehicle industry converged on vehicles were unbeatable, especially on short consumes around 60 percent less fuel, per
Hannover for ten days (including two press and medium-length routes: 78 percent of all tonne-kilometre, than a truck did in the mid-
days) to natter and view the latest and greatest road freight is transported over distances of 1960s. Achieving that required a technological
innovations. less than 150 kilometres. tour de force with high levels of investment it
Everyone was in an upbeat mood, including Commercial vehicles make roughly 2,7 certainly wasnt a walk in the park, Wissmann
the eternally jovial Matthias Wissmann, billion courier, express and parcel deliveries emphasised.
president of the German Association of the every year. One thing applies equally to books A walk in the park it was most certainly not.
Automotive Industry (VDA), which organises and shoes, items bought as gifts or for ones But cause for celebration? I think so. Hail the
the fair. It was easy to understand why; this own use: no other mode of transport is better commercial vehicle! |FOCUS

4 |FOCUS| November 2014


Achieving excellence in the transport industry is your number one

priority. Helping you get there is ours. Of course Masana provides
high quality fuel, but what makes us a leading fuel marketer is the
partnerships we develop with our customers. By understanding
your business needs, we are able to provide agile solutions and
service. Which means you can focus all your energy on achieving
success, while we fuel it.


November 2014 |FOCUS| 5


Flashing in doing so. Others are too bewildered and

freeze because they do not know what to do,
subsequently blocking our path.
Other road users are completely oblivious
of the approaching lights and sirens of an
emergency vehicle, because the music in
their vehicles is too loud or they are simply
With South African motorists decked out in blue and beige giving what was, not paying attention. Arrogant drivers who
hopefully, a stern talking to. refuse to move out of the way are also the
increasing disrespect for
(For those unaccustomed to Joburg law order of the day. It places us in the difficult
the law comes an apparent
enforcement, the blue shirt and beige pants position of having to try and weave in and
preference for certain colours, is the uniform of our Johannesburg Metro out of traffic in an attempt to move around
but this can also mean the Police Department.) a vehicle.
difference between life and This pleased me a lot. As it mustve So, what should you do if an emergency

death someone from Netcare 911, as I received a vehicle approaches? First, keep an eye on
press release but a few days later detailing your rear-view mirrors for the flashing lights

Gavin Myers Most road users dont know or care what to do when an emergency vehicle approaches.

the importance of not using the emergency (you should see them before you hear the
ike most of Johannesburgs lane and/or blocking an emergency vehicles sirens). When the vehicle gets to you, look
highways, the M1, which runs path. at the driver to see where he wants to go,
north-south through the middle The document quotes Shalen Ramduth, thereby guiding you. Move left so the vehicle
of the city, does not seem to GM of inland and aeromedical operations at can pass you on your right, or at least to the
cope with peak-time traffic. I generally travel Netcare 911: The yellow lane is there for edge of your lane to make as much room as
across one of two different overpasses to emergency vehicles only. It is illegal to utilise possible. Never tailgate an emergency vehicle
and from work each day and I feel nothing but the emergency lane for anything other than as it could decelerate or stop at any time
pity for the poor sods I see crammed sardine- an emergency or a breakdown, he says. and, please, do not use the emergency lane if
like in either direction, with nowhere to go but We often find that once we have cleared traffic is backed up.
inch-by-inch forward Especially when theyre the backlog in the emergency lane, the same Visser sums it up perfectly: The next
passed by holier-than-thou motorists who culprits who blocked the lane will pull out time you see an emergency vehicle fighting
probably think that, because yellow is their behind the emergency vehicle and follow it. its way through traffic, ask yourself: How
favourite colour, it is okay for them to shoot One can only guess that these people have a long can you hold your breath? What if the
down the emergency lane. moth-like attraction to the flashing red lights victim they need to get to is someone you
I see it every day, so I can only imagine atop the companys vehicles know? This applies whether it is the police
that a large portion of motorists like yellow Clearing the backlog, as Ramduth puts going to a robbery or a major accident
On my way home from work a few weeks it, is another problem faced by the emergency scene, or ambulances attending to a
ago, in traffic on the overpass, I was pleased services. Says Neill Visser, Netcare 911 medical emergency. Always consider that
to see some minibus taxi drivers that mustve regional operations manager for Gauteng lives can be at stake and every second
quite liked blue as well what with the West: Some drivers will try and clear the could mean the difference between life and
flashing lights behind them and gentlemen way for us, but put their own lives at risk death. |FOCUS

6 |FOCUS| November 2014



We know it takes a lot more than wheels and a chassis to keep things moving forward.
It takes a clear understanding of how your business operates. It takes expertly trained
people who care about providing the best advice and the best service possible.
Hino prides itself on delivering cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. Its why
every Hino is built for your business.


November 2014 |FOCUS| 7



Kings of Construction

Renault Trucks South Africa is poised for great things, kicking off with all-new vehicles for the mining and
construction sectors. Welcome to the new K and C ranges

uggedness, driver claims the reliability and endurance tests a high level of reliability, the C range is fitted
comfort, payload, pulling carried out on these new vehicles were the with parabolic rear suspension with a 13 to
capacity and easy body most demanding ever used in the companys 26 t capacity. New chassis air suspension
mounting all make these history. systems, available with a capacity of 13 to
the perfect tools for demanding businesses, With the improved driveline and reliability 21 t on the C range, are also available and
says Christian Coolsaet, managing director of these two new ranges, we are providing our reduce the amount of vibration felt in the cab,
of Renault Trucks SA, when describing the customers with products that are able to work thereby improving driver comfort. The K range
companys new K and C ranges. The all-new under the harshest weather conditions and on is fitted with parabolic and semi-elliptical rear
vehicles in these two distinct ranges have the demanding terrain of the African continent, suspensions, capable of supporting a load of
been designed with a focus on the trucks role continues Coolsaet. from 13 to 32 t.
as an asset and a tool to carry out projects as That driveline consists of a Euro-3 range Providing for excellent payload was a must
efficiently as possible. of engines of 11- and 13-litre capacity, when designing the new vehicles. The C 8x4
The C range is designed for superior driver with power ratings ranging from 246 kW XLoad version, for example, is capable of
comfort, exceptional reliability and optimal fuel (330 hp) and 1 650 Nm to 335 kW carrying a 22,8 t payload for a curb weight of
efficiency, making it ideal for both long-haul (450 hp) and 2 200 Nm. These drive 7 175 kg with twin wheels.
and certain construction applications, such as through the Optidriver automatic gearbox. The C range can be fitted with aluminium
delivering building material and carrying ready- This automatically selects the ratio best tanks and rims, as well as disc brakes, to
mix concrete. adapted to the speed and road profile and optimise its curb weight. The K range features
The K range, on the other hand, offers ensures fuel savings by streamlining the a chassis designed to handle heavy loads; its
even greater ground clearance and a 26 fuel consumption. It also provides lower maximum gross combination weight (GCW) an
approach angle. This makes the K range ideal maintenance costs together with optimised impressive 120 t.
for applications such as heavy earthmoving driver comfort and safety. The K and C chassis have been designed
operations, demolition, transport of construction The C range is fitted with the OptiTrack for easy body mounting. Four cab options are
equipment and road building. solution from Renault Trucks. An alternative available on the C, with two for the K range.
We believe that these new Renault to conventional rear-wheel and all-wheel With the launch of the new ranges, we
trucks fill a unique gap in the market with drive formats, the principle of OptiTrack is an are very optimistic about our prospective
their robustness and high levels of productivity, additional self-disengaging hydrostatic traction performance in the market, and in the process
together with the support services provided to solution on the drive axle, which is powered we are reaffirming our commitment to the
our customers, says Coolsaet. by two hydraulic motors integrated into the region, says Coolsaet. In South Africa alone,
To deliver on this promise, over 500 wheel hubs. we are aiming to steadily increase our market
test vehicles covered more than ten million Both the K and C ranges are available in share within the next 36 months from two to
kilometres in extreme conditions. Renault 6x4 and 8x4 configurations. To guarantee five percent. |FOCUS

8 |FOCUS| November 2014


Get your
costs in
Over time, the speed of response and
proficiency of your finance and insurance
providers can have a big impact on your
bottom line. So isnt it better to use a
specialist partner who from the moment
you pick up the phone, understands that
lost time equals lost revenue?

There is a better way.

November 2014 |FOCUS| 9

on IAA

On with the

Innovation. Connectivity. Efficiency. Safety. Autonomous driving. These were the buzzwords
at this years IAA. CHARLEEN CLARKE could easily have spent a month at the show

ore than 2 000 exhibitors! DAF below this value, with three pre-programmed
Over 320 world premieres! DAF had a delightful stand, full of colour and options available for the permitted downward
A whopping quarter of a always packed with visitors. Occupying an area deviation. Within the specified range, Predictive
million visitors! This years of 2 500 m, it showcased the companys Cruise Control determines the ideal speed and
IAA which took place from September 25 complete Euro-6 product range. The DAF trucks Predictive Shifting selects the ideal gear.
to October 2, in Hannover, Germany didnt on display included the new LF for distribution
disappoint. Here are just some of the highlights transport, the versatile CF and the flagship XF DAIMLER
of the fair. model for heavy and long-distance transport. Daimler had the largest stand at the IAA, yet
DAFs new Euro-6 range has been expanded again, with the highlight being its self-driving
BPW with a full range of three- and four-axle vehicles. truck. Read more about Daimlers IAA stand
Brake-lining wear sensing was one of many DAF also launched Predictive Cruise Control on page 18.
innovations on the BPW stand. Thanks to this which works in combination with Predictive
development within the field of telematics, Shifting. This option is available in January 2015 DONGFENG
sensors on the brakes can continually measure on Euro-6 CF and XF models with an automated Dongfengs stand had a decidedly Chinese feel
the amount of wear on the brake lining of each AS Tronic 12-speed gearbox. to it, which was terrific. It launched the Dongfeng
individual wheel. Predictive Cruise Control uses Global KX, the companys new Cummins-powered truck
The information gathered is presented on Positioning System (GPS) technology to tractor, at the IAA. Read more about Dongfengs
a display in the drivers cab and via an online determine the exact position of the vehicle IAA stand on page 22.
portal. In this way, the system provides helpful and to know which driving circumstances have
information for the predictive maintenance to be taken into account the next one to two FORD
planning of vehicles. Drivers and shipping kilometres. In fact, the system looks ahead and Ford launched the longest series Transit ever
companies receive information about anticipates slopes and descents. (7,8 m) as well as the Transit Kombi and van,
the entire vehicle through the telematics The driver sets the desired speed in advance, which can be driven with a passenger car
system. as well as the permitted deviation above and licence. It also launched a double-cab derivative




10 |FOCUS| November 2014

              !"!#$%$& $!#$%$&
on IAA

hybrid (thermoelectric) and suitable for longer

journeys and for extra-urban missions, reducing
consumption and CO2 emissions by up to
25 percent.
The real star of the stand was, however, the
New Daily. This third-generation light commercial
vehicle made its dbut before the international
public at large, following its official presentation
Top: Renault scooped the Truck of the Year accolade at the IAA.
Above: MAN displayed some drop-dead gorgeous so-called Tattoo Trucks. of the beginning of June. It is a completely new
vehicle which presents itself with a load space
of the Transit Van, which has up to seven seats that wrap around the front of the new vehicle. capacity at the top of its category, best-in-class
and can transport a volume of up to 10,6 m. Side mouldings run down the flanks to the for volume and capacity, car-like comfort and
rear, segmenting the cargo vans panels and driveability and fuel consumptions reduced even
HYUNDAI incorporating the practical sliding side-door. further.
It was great to see yet another manufacturer It looks ideal for South Africa too Some 80 percent of the components have
exhibiting at the IAA for the very first time (the been completely redesigned, but the New Daily
other was Dongfeng). The company launched its IVECO keeps its classic chassis structure; an integral
H350 van, which was developed specifically for Iveco had a real head turner on its stand in part of its DNA, ensuring strength, versatility
the European market and will be built in Turkey. the form of the Iveco Vision concept vehicle. and durability over time, as well as recognised
The design of H350 is intended to be efficient Described as a laboratory for the study and bodybuilding flexibility (for the chassis cab
and practical, while also appealing visually to development of new technological solutions versions).
customers. and future modes of transport, it boasts the
Echoing its passenger-car counterparts, the Dual Energy system, a technology which allows KNORR-BREMSE
H350 features a hexagonal grille integrated into for the use of two different types of traction. Knorr-Bremse presented two new solutions
the front bumper, flanked by stylish headlamps, One is exclusively electric, ensuring zero local specifically designed to meet market needs in
complete with LED daytime running lights emissions and low noise levels, and the other is the BRICS states (Brazil, Russia, India, China and

' #( )




November 2014 |FOCUS| 11

              !"!#$%$& $!#$%$&
focus Ivecos Dakar contender attracted a great
on IAA deal of attention at the show.

South Africa). The specially developed global Air MAN And the
Processing Unit (APU) is a particularly compact Fuel efficiency was the central theme at the winners are !
modular unit comprising an air dryer and a MAN stand, which covered an area of some
multi-circuit protection valve. This Air Processing One of the highlights of the IAA is
10 000 m. Its star exhibit was the top-of-the-
Unit is not only inexpensive, but also easy to range TGX D38 truck, which made its public the announcement of the winners
maintain. Another fully scalable product is the dbut in Hannover. Read more about MANs IAA of three of the most prestigious
BRIC TABS ABS system for trailers, offering stand on page 14. international awards in the
various mounting options and a correspondingly commercial vehicle industry, namely
attractive price. RENAULT Truck of the Year, Bus of the Year
Renault launched the stunning K 8x6. This and Van of the Year.
JOST new configuration is particularly suitable for In each case the judges are
Jost premiered its new, ultra-light JSK 34 fifth customers whose vehicles operate off-road on renowned commercial vehicle
wheel coupling. Other highlights of the stand very rough terrain in quarries or mountainous
journalists and editors-in-chief
included Jost safety systems, including the areas, as well as in wet and muddy conditions
from all over Europe, who put the
series-production-ready, fully automated KKS II where an 8x4 could not deliver the performance
products through numerous tests
coupling system and the Jost SDR roof diffuser, needed for this activity. The Renault Trucks K
which reduces the air turbulences at the rear to examine them in detail.
non-permanent 8x6 offers its users additional
of the vehicles (which, in turn, reduces fuel pulling power on demand.
consumption). With the front axle capable of being driven Here are the winners:
The Jost Group also presented hydraulic and ground clearance increased by 70 mm, International Truck of the Year
systems by Edbro for the first time at an IAA. compared with an 8x4, the 8x6 configuration 2015 Renault Trucks T
Edbro has been part of the Jost Group since allows operators to benefit from obstacle- International Bus of the Year 2015
November 2012 and it presented the newly clearance capacity virtually equalling that of MAN Lions City GL CNG
developed CS 17/18 Ultra series the lightest an 8x8 vehicle, while at the same time limiting International Van of the Year 2015
front lifting cylinder in the class of tipping weights additional weight and fuel consumption. Iveco Daily
up to 60 t. Customers therefore have the advantage of

* (  + #




12 |FOCUS| November 2014

              !"!#$%$& $!#$%$&
on IAA

Above: Some trucks at the show were green

- literally!
Above right: Green technology was a focal
point at the IAA this year.
Right: Who says a delivery vehicle cannot be
dead sexy? This Ford proves otherwise!

a tool that features very high pulling power,

while keeping operating costs under control.

Scania launched its V8 Euro with biodiesel and
the marvellous Scania Citywide Hybrid, the only
certified hybrid bus for parallel operations with
biodiesel. Read more about Scanias IAA stand more gear shifts, the more you gain with I-Shift functions on both the truck and trailer. Available in
on page 24. Dual Clutch. 11 languages, Wabcos new OptiLink application
I-Shift Dual Clutch is a further development offers easy operator access to 18 functions,
VOLKSWAGEN of I-Shift and can be described as two parallel- providing the industrys widest range of functions
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles launched the linked gearboxes. When one gear is active, the for tractor-trailer combinations through a single
e-Load up!, which offers practical solutions for next gear is pre-selected in the other gearbox. mobile device.
inner-city, zero-emission delivery or customer During the gear changing itself, the first clutch is Wabcos OptiLink technology marks another
service traffic. Equipped with a zero-emission disengaged at exactly the same instant that the milestone in remote management of safety and
electric drive, it is highly suitable for any small second one is engaged, so gear changes take efficiency functions on truck-trailer combinations
commercial vehicle running of routes of up to place without any interruption in power delivery. worldwide, while also offering considerable
100 kilometres. Volvo Trucks also launched the new Volvo opportunity to improve return on investment on
Volkswagen also launched the Tristar, a FH 16 with Euro 6. Plus it lifted the lid on the daily fleet transport business, noted Nick Rens,
beefy bakkie with an extended cab, styling bar Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid. This electric hybrid Wabco president, trailer systems, Aftermarket
and short wheelbase. It has a permanent four- city bus boasts plug-in technology, is wonderfully and Off-Highway Division. Our new OptiLink
wheel drive with mechanical rear-axle differential silent, and offers a reduction in fuel consumption mobile application enables fleet managers and
lock and 30 mm of additional ground clearance. and carbon dioxide of up to 75 percent (versus drivers to further improve vehicle safety and
Its a good looker too, with its sharp, wrap-around a conventional diesel bus). efficiency, while enhancing driver effectiveness
lines and funky, monolithic dashboard. and comfort.
VOLVO Wabco launched OptiLink, the industrys first ZF
The big news at Volvo was the launch of its mobile application that remotely controls and ZF displayed its Innovation Truck, a truck-trailer
I-Shift Dual Clutch the first dual clutch system monitors a suite of vehicle safety and efficiency combination that can manoeuvre without a driver
for heavy vehicles. A dual clutch transmission functions on truck-trailer combinations, at the wheel. The diesel engine is not used,
is a major improvement for trucks, offering far Its the first such product to provide a single either! At low speeds the truck can be controlled
smoother and easier driving. The heavier the user interface via a mobile device, such as a remotely from a tablet computer and manoeuvred
transport task, the tougher the route and the smartphone, to monitor and control multiple using electric power only. |FOCUS





November 2014 |FOCUS| 13

              !"!#$%$& $!#$%$&
on IAA


MAN kann MAN can in South African lingo
was the recurring theme of the companys IAA
stand. CHARLEEN CLARKE discovers that this
statement applies to all aspects of the companys

reen trucks, monster engines, Truck Forum in Munich, where they are now transport operators; MANs EfficientLine
global accolades and even trucks on display. vehicles have long been available here and they
with a musical pedigree MAN have also toured South Africa, earning huge
delivered lots of surprises within The perfect truck for South economy kudos en route.
the IAA showgrounds and even beyond! Africa? MAN kann! The big news at the IAA, however,
From the central station to inside Hall 12 at the was the launch of the new MAN TGX
Art trucks with a musical IAA it was great to see the perfect truck for EfficientLine 2, which is even more impressive
theme? MAN kann! South African applications on the MAN stand. than its predecessor. It boasts a bundle of
Im going to kick off with a display that didnt The TGX 25-540 is a 6x4 available in right-hand standard on-board features notably predictive
actually take place at the IAA. It did, however, drive and specifically configured for the South EfficientCruise cruise control, torque-enhancing
take place in Hannover (home of the IAA), and African marketplace. TopTorque and a more powerful version of
it marked the start of the fair. On display at I was chatting to Geoff du Plessis, CEO of MAN TeleMatics. MANs most successful
the Hannover central station were six so-called MAN Truck & Bus in this country, and he was model has just got even better!
Tattoo Trucks MAN art trucks inspired by the delighted at the prospects for this vehicle. All the
songs of Peter Maffay, a hugely famous German EfficientLine technology has been incorporated Trucks powered by CNG? MAN
musician. The trucks were painted by the same into the vehicle. Im especially impressed with its kann!
team that creates the famous BMW Art Cars. pretarder; one of the most stressful things for a We all know that natural gas rocks (much like
Each of the six trucks is unique. We are very driver is braking down a hill. It has Euro-5 SCR Peter Maffay). Forecasts indicate that 65 million
honoured that our songs served as inspiration technology that can cope with South African gas-powered vehicles will be on the roads in
for these rolling works of art, Maffay enthused. quality fuel. I believe it will afford South African 2020. The infrastructure is also developing,
The MAN Tattoo Trucks will transport the stage operators improved fuel consumption and with some 3 000 filling stations for compressed
equipment across Germany on his tour, which reduced costs which can only be a good thing, natural gas (CNG) already existing in Europe
kicks off in early 2015. he commented. Hear, hear! (22 000 are located worldwide).
After the IAA, the unique MAN Tattoo The EfficientLine technology to which Du Bearing this in mind, MAN previewed a
trucks travelled from Hannover to the MAN Plessis refers is nothing new to South African CNG-powered TGM at the IAA. This 18-t truck is

14 |FOCUS| November 2014

on IAA

powered by a Euro-6, turbocharged six-cylinder,

6,9-litre CNG engine, which churns out with
209 kW (280 hp) and 1 150 Nm of torque.
The engine is paired to a 12-speed MAN
TipMatic gearbox. The gas tanks capacity
is 140 kg and this vehicle can cover some
400 km in distributor urban transport and
around 700 km on secondary roads. Fuel
costs are around 20 to 35 percent lower
than those of a diesel vehicle, depending on
the application.
Furthermore (and this is significant in
Europe), the TGM with CNG drive is up to three
decibels quieter. This means that CNG vehicles
are ideal for use in cities and during the early
morning or late evening, when noise restrictions
apply on that continent.

Win Bus of the Year? MAN

kann! From the top: MANs top-of-the-range TGX D38 truck made its public debut at the IAA.
During the IAA, MAN unveiled six MAN Tattoo trucks in front of Hannovers central station.
Of course, the use of CNG is nothing new for
Anders Nielsen, chief executive officer of MAN Truck & Bus, is extremely proud of the companys
MAN. The company has been working in this
newly developed D38 six-cylinder in-line engine, which has a displacement of 15,2 litres.
field for over 40 years and its sold more than
8 000 natural gas buses, chassis and natural
gas engines. One of its most recent buses is with biogas or e-gas, the articulated bus is innovations ensure optimal passenger flow and
the innovative five-door articulated city bus virtually carbon neutral offering emission reduced waiting time at stops. The vehicle is also
Lions City GL CNG, which was named Bus of levels comparable to that of fully electric fitted with three fold-out chairs, which the driver
the Year 2015 at the IAA. vehicles. can control, meaning more standing room can
The Euro-6 CNG engine of the MAN The 18,75 m long articulated bus boasts a be made available in the event of a large influx
Lions City GL CNG offers an environmentally transport capacity of up to 142 passengers and of passengers.
friendly public transport mobility solution with features five double-width doors making it the Bus models from different manufacturers
extremely low pollutant levels. When filled up only five-door bus on the market. These clever have been competing against each other in

November 2014 |FOCUS| 15

on IAA

Right: MANs hybrid truck, aptly painted green, is

suited to long-distance haulage.

Hybrid trucks for long Its the first Brazilian company to test biofuels
distance? MAN kann! on Euro-5 vehicles. With studies for use of
Hybrids and long distance have not sustainable materials in our cabs, and research
traditionally gone hand in hand; hybrids into renewable fuels in our trucks and buses, we
have typically been better suited to are bringing innovative, environmental solutions
urban applications. Not anymore! developed for emerging economies, such as
At the IAA, the company Brazil, to the IAA once again, an immensely
launched the MAN TGX Hybrid, proud Roberto Cortes, president and CEO at
which is a really exciting concept MAN Latin America, told me.
(sadly it is just a concept truck
at this stage). The TGX Hybrid Deliver a safer future? MAN
has a 328 kW (440 hp) diesel kann
engine, which provides the primary Finally (and probably most importantly) MAN
source of power, and a 130 kW displayed a number of safety innovations for
(174 hp) electric motor, which the future. Obviously, because the show was in
acts as an alternator when Germany, these innovations pertained to left-
coasting and braking in so doing, hand drive vehicles, but we hope to see them on
MAN Latin America launched the Constellation 24.280, recovering, storing and reusing our roads one day!
the best-selling truck in the Brazilian market, in 8x2
braking energy. Particularly noteworthy were a lane-change
V-Tronic guise at the IAA.
The MAN TipMatic gearbox assistant (we all know how challenging it is
the annual Bus of the Year competition since transfers power to the rear axle. The recovered to change lanes in a truck) and a turning
1989. The winner is chosen by a jury consisting energy is stored in a battery with a capacity of assistant, which warns drivers about any cyclists
of 19 members of the trade press from around around two kilowatt hours. The TGX Hybrid uses or pedestrians in their blind spot when turning
Europe. The key criteria are innovation, cost this energy to provide increased torque to the right.
effectiveness, suitability for use both now and in diesel engine on gradients. The diesel engine Equally impressive was the very latest
the future, as well as safety and passenger- and can, therefore, be driven in the most economical emergency braking technology, which combines
driver-friendliness. engine rev range and the additional torque the information from the radar sensor and
This year it was MANs turn to lift this sought- avoids downshifts on hills, thereby saving fuel. camera in the windscreen in order to be able to
after trophy. Take a bow, MAN! Lets hope this concept truck makes it to recognise potential emergency brake situations
production one day! earlier. By merging these sensors, the system
Deliver a powerful yet can recognise stationary and moving objects
economical engine? MAN kann! Buses that sip sugar? MAN more quickly, saving the system valuable time
Much has been said and written about kann! and allowing it to brake earlier.
MANs truly marvellous new D38 six-cylinder The most important exhibit from MAN Latin I was also impressed with a new camera
15,2-litre in-line engine. It occupied pride of America was probably the Constellation 24.280, monitoring system that replaces mirrors. Its
place during the MAN press conference, in 8x2 V-Tronic guise. The model has a six-tonne hugely smart; drivers can see their surroundings
with the covers being lifted off this masterful payload advantage over its 6x2 sibling. But, for at a glance instead of having to look in several
machine in dramatic fashion. For the IAA, it was me, the most interesting exhibit was the low- mirrors.
fitted to the top-of-the-range TGX D38 truck, entry VW 18.280 OT, the first Volksbus with Practically, this cannot be implemented
which celebrated its public debut in Hannover. full air suspension because its powered by right now current legislation dictates that
I chatted to a number of MAN engineers and biodiesel derived from sugarcane. conventional mirrors are compulsory and cannot
they promised that this new truck would lift MAN Latin America started experimenting be replaced with camera systems. If legislation
reliability, efficiency and low running costs to with sugarcane-derived biodiesel in 2011, when changes, however, MAN is ready to deliver. As I
an all-new level. this fuel was used to power Euro-3 vehicles. said, MAN kann! |FOCUS

16 |FOCUS| November 2014


Looking for a heavy duty


range of replacement parts?


For more information visit: or call (012) 661 0110

Proud Nationwide Distributors of:

November 2014 |FOCUS| 17

on IAA

delights IAA visitors!
In keeping with its stature as the worlds number one commercial vehicle manufacturer, the Daimler
stand was as spectacular as ever with a host of world premieres on display. CHARLEEN CLARKE writes
that one could easily spend days on the Daimler stand alone

ays on the Daimler stand. offering IAA visitors 66 trucks, vans, buses sensors that monitor the sides of the truck
Does that sound ridiculous or and coaches over some 16 000 m2 from and alert the driver to the presence of other
improbable? It happened once, the stunning Future Truck to the new Vito, road users on either side of the vehicle, who
you know. I visited the IAA for which was accompanied by a brilliant stage may not be immediately visible. Its an utterly
three days with a virgin IAA-er and he spent show. brilliant feature for a truck.
all three days on the Daimler stand. Not out First of all, there was the Mercedes- Equally big news was the public premiere
of any particular loyalty to the company but Benz Future Truck 2025. I wont go into too of the new Vito (which FOCUS drove after
because he thought that the Daimler stand much detail about this truck, as its already the show; see our report on page 42 of
was the IAA in its entirety. He honestly didnt featured extensively within the pages of this issue). The new Vito is as green as
realise that there was more to see FOCUS (readers will recall that I interviewed Shrek it consumes 20 percent less fuel,
At the time, we all giggled at his naivety the truck for our August 2014 issue). The on average, than its predecessor. When it is
but, truth be told, the Daimler stand which big news relating to the Future Truck 2025, fitted with the BlueEFFICIENCY package, its
spans over two halls is always enormous. however, was the incorporation of Blind Spot standard fuel consumption can be as low as
And it does offer products from all corners of Assist, which Daimler will bring into series in 5,7 l/100 km, which is class leading.
the globe so maybe the poor chap wasnt the coming years. Speaking of green, the fully electric Canter
so silly after all. Weve seen this technology in cars for E-Cell impressed visitors, as did the entire
This year was no different with Daimler some years. Essentially it involves radar Mercedes-Benz A family (Atego, Antos,

-( ,  




18 |FOCUS| November 2014

              !"!#$%$& $!#$%$&
on IAA
The Vito was launched
in dramatic fashion, with
spectacular live shows on
the Daimler stand.

The spectacular Western

Star Transformers truck
was a real head turner.

Arocs and Actros) and the special-purpose

Zetros, Unimog and Econic vehicles.
Of course, the display also included
coaches and buses, such as the Travego
coach with Active Brake Assist 3 and the
Citaro G articulated bus with a compact and
horizontally installed six-cylinder engine (the
OM 936 h).
For us, however, the stars of the Daimler
stand were undoubtedly an American
Western Star that starred in Transformers:
Age of Extinction and the mighty BharatBenz
from India (watch this space; well be seeing
it in South Africa soon). The former featured
many of the stylistic elements of the new
aerodynamic Western Star serial model type
5700, which will be available to customers in
the United States in 2015. The BharatBenz
3143, on the other hand, boasted a gross
vehicle weight of 48 t and the proven
Mercedes-Benz OM 457 six-cylinder in-line
engine with a displacement of 12 l.
These fabulous machines were joined
by more than 1 000 Daimler employees,
who attended to visitors needs! Think thats
overkill? A quarter of a million visitors trawled
through the Daimler stand during the show.
The focal point of the Mercedes-
Hopefully, one or two actually left the stand at
Benz Vans stand at the IAA was the
some stage |FOCUS public premiere of the Vito, which
comes to South Africa next year.




November 2014 |FOCUS| 19

              !"!#$%$& $!#$%$&
on IAA

Green gift from

Thermo King revealed a host of innovations at the IAA.
CHARLEEN CLARKE was especially impressed, however, with
news that the company is helping transport operators to
slash their emissions!

he big news is the imminent for transport refrigeration applications, overall quality of life for people, says Pittard. Our
launch of a new range of trailer says Pittard. transport refrigeration solutions will contribute
and self-powered truck units that And the great news is that R-452A is to the companys overall climate commitment
are energy efficient, reliable and not exclusive to Thermo Kings new units. while playing an important role in the food
use a next-generation refrigerant, which has We can retrofit current products with the and pharmaceutical cold chain, which impacts
about half the global warming potential (GWP) next generation of refrigerant, which means almost every family around the world.
of current refrigerants. The refrigerant in that operators can increase their return on These units are not the only Thermo King
question is called R-452A (its also known as investment of units they already own, says products that are good news for the cold
DuPont Opteon XP44). Dwight Gibson, vice president, Thermo King chain. Also at the IAA, the company displayed
These new units will be rolled out in Europe, Middle East and Africa. a host of other innovations including new and
January next year in Europe, the Middle The introduction of this refrigerant is in updated smartphone apps; a training module
East and Africa. The United States will keeping with Ingersoll Rands environmental with the rather snazzy name of Professor
follow once the Environmental Protection commitment to reduce the climate impact from Kool; PharmaSolutions (a unique platform
Agency (EPA) approves this next generation the operations and product portfolio (Thermo dedicated to the needs of pharmaceutical
refrigerant. King is an Ingersoll Rand brand). manufacturers, distributors and logistics
Of course, green refrigeration units are This commitment includes reducing providers, which ensures the efficacy of
not a new concept at Thermo King the greenhouse gas emissions related to its pharmaceutical products in transport) and
company has been innovative since 1938, operations by approximately 35 percent by the CryoTech (a refrigeration solution that
when it was formed. Since its inception 2020, reducing greenhouse gas emissions offers maximum load protection and customer
by Thermo King in 1938, the refrigerated related to its products by 50 percent by peace of mind while delivering high efficiency,
transport industry has been using class A1 2020 and investing US$ 500 million (about precise temperature control and telematics
refrigerants that are safe, non-flammable R5 750 million) in product-related research integration capabilities).
and have the lowest toxicity, notes Ray and development, over the next five years, to We were also highly impressed with the
Pittard, president of Thermo King North fund the long-term reduction of emissions. Thermo King SLXe Whisper Pro single- and
America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. This will eliminate approximately 20 850 000 multi-temperature units. While theyre not
The new refrigerant will, however, propel metric tonnes of CO2 globally by 2020, which necessarily relevant to the South African
Thermo King to a whole new level of green. is equivalent to the energy used by nearly two market (since were not bothered by noise
R-452A, when used in our products, is the million homes in one year. regulation here), these ultra-low-noise units
safest, most environmentally responsible and We care deeply about the impact to the really are as silent as (yes, you guessed it) a
technically and commercially viable solution environment and improving the safety and whisper. Impressive. |FOCUS

20 |FOCUS| November 2014

on IAA

South African!
There was only one stand at the IAA that was serving biltong.
It was, of course, MiX Telematics which also dished up the
latest fleet management innovations. CHARLEEN CLARKE
discovers that local is indeed lekker

inding a South African accent at the MiX Fleet Manager, adding a richer context to HOS and remote tachograph
IAA is like discovering Castle lager incident scenarios for fleet owners. solution
in a German brauhaus; it generally Instead of waiting until incidents negatively The MiX Telematics Hours of Service (HOS)
aint going to happen. Having said impact the business, the enhanced MiX Vision and remote tachograph data download solution
that, I did once discover a pub in Germany that enables fleet operators to be proactive in is a comprehensive electronic toolkit, which
served Castle and I was even more delighted limiting the damage caused by incidents. This enables the efficient monitoring of drivers
to encounter the South African accent at the may include driver training, for instance. working hours in real-time, as well as the
IAA yet again. MiX Vision consists of a road- and driver- automatic calculation of remaining driving times
I say yet again because the 2014 facing tamper-resistant camera unit, attached according to European law. The solution is built
fair represented the fourth time that MiX to the inside of the vehicles windscreen. The on MiX Telematicss new software platform
Telematics had participated in the worlds most camera, which integrates with MiX Telematicss and provides a fully integrated driving hours and
important transport show. And, once again, the fleet management solution, now triggers the fleet management solution.
company did South Africa proud! automatic upload of a high-resolution video
Focus areas at this years IAA are clip. Footage of the incident includes views of MiX Go
telematics and connectivity. This comes as the road and the driver before and after an Also on display at the show was MiX Go, an
no surprise considering that operators are incident occurs. Android-based field services app offering real-
increasingly reliant on proven systems that In addition, fleet managers have access to time workflow management not only for fleet
boost efficiency and safety levels, Charles all footage at the end of each completed trip. owners, but for all businesses with a mobile
Tasker, chief operating officer at MiX Telematics, Footage is recorded on a 72-hour rolling buffer workforce.
told FOCUS. and can be used for driver training purposes. Keeping tabs on business-critical factors
As a business, we remain mindful of this More information and higher-quality footage like deliveries, completed jobs, customer
fact and committed to continue partnering allows fleet managers to make more informed satisfaction and pre- and post-trip inspections
with fleet owners, in Europe and around decisions around incidents that involve their has great value for any business owner in
the world, to help them achieve significant vehicles. The solution places operators at the todays fast-paced and competitive climate.
benefits that are sustainable; such as scene, enabling them to improve safety and MiX Go is our response to this reality, says
increased efficiency, reduced risks and safer lessen their business risk, explained Tasker. Tasker.
operations. We are really enjoying demonstrating our
Exactly how does MiX Telematics intend MiX Rovi display latest technology and seeing how the market
achieving this? Well, the company showcased The latest addition to the MiX Rovi responds. The IAA is a great opportunity for
a bevy of innovations at the IAA here is a family is a rugged in-cab terminal that is us to showcase these innovations with like-
nibble of the treats on its stand. designed specifically for demanding working minded businesses and operators that shape
environments. It comes with proven features the industry, concluded Tasker.
MiX Vision such as jobs and messaging, navigation and Were pretty sure that visitors to the IAA
MiX Vision has been enhanced to incorporate driver feedback. The intuitive in-cab display enjoyed their visit to the MiX Telematics stand
audio, infrared and 3G. Also, videos of incidents features a seven-inch colour touch screen and too. And not just because of the great biltong on
can now be viewed alongside a timeline within runs the Android operating system. offer. |FOCUS

November 2014 |FOCUS| 21

on IAA

Dongfeng Trucks
does it in

Visitors to the IAA are accustomed to seeing Europes latest
and greatest trucks on display, but this year they also got a
real surprise in the form of a display by Dongfeng. CHARLEEN
CLARKE reports that the excitement generated by this Chinese
brand was palpable

hree things made the Dongfeng we have established a strong
Trucks display stand out from the foothold in Southeast Asia and
crowd. The most obvious, of course, other strategic markets. Our
was the fact that the company was strategy is to continue to open
new to the IAA so visitors and members of connections with new markets
the media swarmed all over the trucks. and to evaluate new business
The second was the fact that the Chinese opportunities, he told the worlds
culture formed an integral part of the display. media.
Dongfeng Trucks is very proudly Chinese, and Many of the journalists
it embraces all things from that country. As present knew little about
such, the worlds media were treated to a kung Dongfeng Trucks and so Gang
fu display while visitors could have their names took the opportunity to give a
written in Chinese. brief company overview. We
For me, the best thing about the stand, have our own research and
however, was the presence of the companys development and production
president, Huang Gang (his Western name is resources in China. We develop
Gary; thats what everyone calls him there is and manufacture all main truck components There were obviously some question marks
no standing on ceremony with this man). He is such as engines, gearboxes, axles, cabs as to the companys participation in the IAA,
one of the most humble and nicest company and chassis. Our total production capacity given that it doesnt sell its products in Europe
presidents around. He even answers his emails is approximately 200 000 trucks a year. (and wont do so for the conceivable future).
personally! The product range covers medium and Dongfeng Trucks is, however, certainly eyeing
It was clear that he was enormously heavy-duty trucks for local, regional and export markets.
proud of his companys achievements and long-haul applications. We also participate Looking to the future, our intention is to
understandably so. Dongfeng Trucks is one of in the construction and mining sectors, he further accelerate spending on research and
the leading truck brands in China. Furthermore, revealed. development. We want to deliver competitive

22 |FOCUS| November 2014

on IAA

Below left: The Dongfeng Truck range comprises the Dongfeng KX heavy-
duty truck; Dongfeng KL heavy-duty regional and long-distance truck;
Dongfeng KC for heavy-duty construction, mining and other off-road
applications; and Dongfeng KR medium-duty truck for local and regional
Below: President of Dongfeng, Huang Gang, is keen to grow global
exposure of the company.
Below right: The reveal of the KX saw a media frenzy, as journalists from
around the world photographed the global debut of the new truck.

products for the world market, backed up by participation is that it allows Dongfeng Trucks
an aftermarket structure in line with global to cement its alliance with the Volvo Group
customer expectations. Our participation at Right now it wants to cement alliances with
the IAA exhibition is part of our global ambition existing and potential customers, however, and,
to grow the Dongfeng Trucks brand, Gang given its solid product range, theres no reason
announced. to believe that this will not happen. On display at
Yet another way of growing brand the IAA were the heavy-duty Dongfeng KL and
awareness is the companys participation in medium-duty Dongfeng KR. These two vehicles
the Volvo Ocean Race (as you read this article, are suited to regional/long-haul and local/
the boats are docking in Cape Town). This regional distribution/construction respectively.
is a tough and challenging race, which takes Top of the pops on the IAA stand, however,
place over a nine-month period and around the was the Dongfeng KX, the companys new truck
world. We have chosen the Volvo Ocean Race tractor for long-haul applications. This 6x4 is
since its values connect well with those of our powered by a 13-litre, 313 kW (425 hp) Euro-5
business. It is a huge challenge and an exciting engine. The Dongfeng KX is available with left-
exercise for all of us. hand or right-hand drive.
The Volvo Ocean Race will give Dongfeng With this product we will expand our
Trucks exposure within key markets around business to new areas and establish new
the world. It will open doors to new markets, connections with markets in Eastern Europe,
countries, people and businesses, which Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and South
perfectly matches our global strategy, he America, Gang revealed.
commented. Naturally, another advantage of Next stop South Africa? |FOCUS

November 2014 |FOCUS| 23

on iaa


of the sustaina(bab)ble
The world used to chase profit have never been heard of before, Henriksson will be applied in trucks with todays technology
at all costs regardless of the points out. remains to be seen.
environmental impact. Then The Citywide also offers low entry, which The company has also embraced the
means that this vehicle is suitable for use in conventional combustion route. Right here at
it jumped on the green fad,
dense traffic in the city centres, as well as in IAA we have 18 Euro-6 engines for trucks in our
despite the revenue knock
suburban areas, he adds. This is what makes portfolio, said Joel Granath, head of product
However, Scanias stand at this this hybrid bus sustainable management for Scania Trucks. The latest
years IAA, showed that you There is a misconception that hybrids only addition, a 13-litre, six-cylinder with 450 hp
dont have to sacrifice one for work in dense city traffic, says Henriksson. He (335 kW) and SCR-only, represents Scanias
adds that if you combine the hybrid function third generation of Euro-6 diesels. This is an
the other they actually work
with the low entry making the vehicle suitable indication of where Scania is heading it brings
very well together for both inner-city travel and suburban areas lowered fuel costs (of about 1,5 percent),

the picture changes, as operators can now together with reduced complexity due to the
ays Henrik Henriksson, executive
reach payoff in five years (including battery SCR after-treatment.
vice president and head of sales
replacement) instead of seven years. This He adds that Scanias Euro-6 range is clear
and marketing at Scania: Its
means that hybrids can stand on their own evidence of how the companys modular design
clear to us that our industry
merits; with a five-year payoff, it starts to make principles benefit its customers. Using only
needs to take a greater responsibility and lead
sense. three basic engine types that share important
the change towards sustainable transport.
The Citywide isnt, however, the only components, we can cover a range of 250 to
He adds: At Scania, a truck or bus is viewed
crossbreed commercial vehicle on which the 730 hp (185 to 545 kW).
as a piece of production equipment. It is there
company is focusing; it is also well on the way to Granath states that low fuel consumption
to make money and to create efficiency in the
developing hybrid trucks for urban settings. It is is Scanias clearest customer promise. There
transport flow. Henriksson points out that the
no secret that Scania has already come a long is, however, no single silver-bullet solution
company looks at what it takes to make its
way in this area and that we are working closely for conserving fuel, he points out. We are
customers profitable
with a number of leading players in battery and accomplishing real differences, but its all
Profitable customers are sustainable, he
control engineering for trucks, says Christopher about adding up the effect of many small
emphasises. The manufacturers who best
Podgorski, Scanias senior vice president of steps to achieve great reductions. Continuous
manage to meet customers needs for increased
trucks. improvements are a part of our philosophy and
capacity and reduced environmental impact will
It is also well known that there are the struggle for reduced fuel consumption is
be tomorrows winners.
challenges if you choose to be thorough and ongoing at Scania.
This was highlighted by Scania at its IAA
accurately calculate the costs together with the Henriksson adds: Today, all kinds of
stand. For example, on show was the hybridised
disadvantages caused by complexity and weight, customers are chasing profitability by reducing
version of the Scania Citywide, which is also
and compare them with the environmental operating costs, regardless of whether their
able to run on 100 percent biodiesel. The
benefits, he continues. Hybrid technology is business is about transporting goods or
combination of hybrid and biodiesel is really
absolutely going to happen for a number of passengers. And, with Scania lending a helping
bringing down CO2 emissions to levels that
truck applications, but exactly how broadly it hand, this is completely achievable. |FOCUS

24 |FOCUS| November 2014




You could know in 40 seconds

Driver fatigue and the associated risks are having a serious impact on South African fleet
businesses its a fact. The good news is that an affordable new fatigue management app*
from MiX Telematics can test and affirm the alertness of your drivers in just 40 seconds.

By putting drivers through basic speed and accuracy tests before they get behind the wheel,
the innovative app gives fleet managers the reassurance they need to send drivers safely on
their way.
To arrange a demo, or for more information, contact MiX Telematics on 011 654 8004.

* Currently built for Windows and Android.
November 2014 |FOCUS| 25

A dynamic


It was a quarter of hotly contested jostling for position among

some manufacturers, record sales for others and various market
conditions both positive and negative. FRANK BEETON reports on
a very interesting third quarter

he measure of year-on-year Looking at the January to September REVIEW
growth achieved by the South year-to-date comparison for the four
African truck market in the first market segments, MCV sales were running This commentary reflects the state of
nine months of 2014 stood at 6,4 percent below their equivalent 2013 level, the South African truck market for all
1,6 percent after the September result had HCV volumes were just 0,7 percent off their commercial vehicles with gross vehicle
been factored in. This was slightly less than 2013 return, while EHCV and bus sales were mass (GVM) ratings above 3 500 kg, as
the 1,9 percent margin of year-on-year growth 8,5 percent and 14,6 percent ahead of their reported to the National Association of
recorded at the completion of the second 2013 benchmarks, respectively. EHCV volumes Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa
(Naamsa). In line with the current reporting
quarter. In the most recent quarter-on-quarter, continue to be boosted by inter-Africa trade,
regime of that organisation, the market has
absolute volume comparison, the third-quarter deployment of locally purchased construction
been divided into the following segments:
outcome was 4,2 percent better than that vehicles elsewhere on the continent, and the
achieved in the April to June period. shortening of fleet replacement cycles.
MCV medium commercial vehicles,
During the review period, the market was Local bus volumes have been boosted by 3501 to 8 500 kg GVM
characterised by a surge in medium commercial continuing deliveries of new vehicles to bus HCV heavy commercial vehicles, 8 501
vehicle (MCV) and heavy commercial vehicle rapid transit (BRT) and integrated transport to 16 500 kg GVM
(HCV) segment sales in August, driven by a networks in a number of South African cities, EHCV extra-heavy commercial vehicles,
re-awakening of activity in the wholesale and as well as resumed acquisition activities by 16 501 kg GVM and above.
retail sectors of the local economy, following the a prominent privately owned bus operator Buses passenger vehicles, 8 501 kg
ending of long-running industrial action in the following a lengthy absence. GVM and above.
mining and engineering industries. However,
The review period for this commentary is
by September, sales of these vehicles had SEGMENTATION DYNAMICS
the second quarter of 2014, i.e. April to
returned to a monthly level more typical of The premium payload EHCV segment has
June, inclusive.
those seen earlier in 2014. maintained its position as the market leader
These reviews are presented on a
Strong performances by the extra-heavy during the third quarter of 2014, albeit with a
quarterly timescale, in order to reduce the
commercial vehicle (EHCV) segment and, in slightly reduced penetration level of 45 percent, impact of short-term market distortions,
particular, the bus segment, have ensured that compared to the 47,3 percent recorded in the which are often created by specific bulk-
the market has continued to grow in comparison preceding quarter. buy deliveries, the launch of new products,
with its equivalent 2013 performance, as In a mirror-image market share and/or the run-out of obsolete product
measured at the end of the respective third displacement, the entry-level MCV segment ranges.
quarters. gained some market share as a result of the

26 |FOCUS| November 2014


Manufacturer Quarterly Performance 2014 3rd Quarter

MCV HCV EHCV Bus Total Market Share Market Position
Manufacturer This Quarter Last Quarter This Quarter Last Quarter
Units Units Units Units Units
Mercedes-Benz SA 586 145 1 095 60 1 886 22,96 25,43 1 1
Change -2,47 0
Volvo Group SA 179 352 1 062 16 1 609 19,59 19,07 2 2
Change 0,52 0
Toyota/Hino 721 320 122 0 1 163 14,16 9,68 3 4
Change 4,48 1
Isuzu/GMSA 576 351 138 9 1 074 13,08 12,88 4 3
Change 0,20 -1
Scania 0 0 461 62 523 6,37 7,07 5 6
Change -0,70 1
MAN Group 0 26 357 137 520 6,33 7,33 6 5
Change -1,00 -1
Tata 133 147 51 18 349 4,25 4,30 7 7
Change -0,05 0
Iveco 130 15 103 26 274 3,34 3,93 8 8
Change -0,59 0
Volkswagen Comm. 216 0 0 0 216 2,63 2,96 9 9
Change -0,33 0
FAW 5 67 88 0 160 1,95 1,98 10 10
Change -0,03 0
Powerstar 0 3 118 0 121 1,47 1,84 11 11
Change -0,37 0
Babcock/DAF 0 0 104 0 104 1,27 0,77 12 14
Change 0,50 2
AMH/AAD 57 0 0 0 57 0,69 1,10 13 12
Change -0,41 -1
JMC 46 0 0 0 46 0,56 0,44 14 15
Change 0,12 1
Fiat 43 0 0 0 43 0,52 0,79 15 13
Change -0,27 -2
Ford 40 0 0 0 40 0,49 0,00 16 n/a
Change 0,49 n/a
Peugeot 24 0 0 0 24 0,29 0,22 17 16
Change 0,07 -1
Citroen 5 0 0 0 5 0,06 0,18 18 17
Change -0,12 -1
VDL 0 0 0 0 0 0,00 0,04 n/a 18
Change -0,04 n/a
Totals 2 761 1 426 3 699 328 8 214 100,00

recovery in trading conditions (mentioned in the purchased and registered construction carrying (midibus taxi) duties, being retained in
preceding section) and posted a penetration vehicles, and the implementation of BRT the panel van grouping (it has been estimated
level of 33,6 percent in the third quarter, up services in metro areas. that the frequency of these conversions could
from the 32,4-percent level occupied in the Equally, factors such as governments open be as high as 60 to 80 percent of the panel van
April to June period, when strike activity was preference for increased use of the rail mode total). Some chassis-cab-based freight carrier
still prevalent. for goods transportation, and its imminent units are also converted, in the aftermarket, into
A similar set of factors supported a small huge investments in hardware, will have to be tippers or commuter buses, and not specified
recovery in the cruiserweight HCV segment, supported by improved rail service levels before in the Naamsa statistics as such.
which returned a market share of 17,4 percent any significant modal shift becomes reality.
in the third quarter, having been placed at This situation makes accurate prediction MANUFACTURER PERFORMANCE
16,5 percent in the April to June period. The of the segmentation pattern going forward Please refer to the accompanying chart, which
passenger bus segment, at just below four extremely challenging, and it will be necessary illustrates the relative market performance and
percent total market penetration, gained some for market participants to monitor this picture ranking of each participating manufacturer in
0,2 percentage points of penetration over its continuously for incipient trend shifts if costly the quarter just completed, as compared to the
second quarter performance. planning errors are to be avoided. returns for the immediately preceding quarter.
It is interesting that, despite the destabilising The third-quarter review of application The groupings contained in this section
effects of industrial action and generally performance levels within the MCV segment of the report are based on the rule that, if
unsupportive economic conditions in both the lists freight carriers at 66,4 percent, integral a manufacturer/group sells more than one
domestic and overseas scenarios, there has not vans at 29,9 percent, buses at 1,3 percent brand through its distribution channels, then all
been any major diversion from well-established and tippers at 2,4 percent. This reflects a sales for those brands will be consolidated in
segmentation patterns in the local truck market strengthening of the freight carrier share, up the result for the manufacturer/group.
for some time. However, it must be noted that from 63,1 percent in the second quarter, and Thus, Mercedes-Benz includes Freightliner
it is extremely difficult to predict life cycles for a corresponding drop, from 32,6 percent, for and Fuso, Toyota/Hino contains both brands,
some of the factors that have supported the integral vans. MAN includes Volkswagen (Constellation)
current positions of the four segments. However, it should be remembered that trucks and Volksbus passenger units, but not
These include the frequently mentioned less than perfect market reporting has led to VW commercial vans (listed separately), while
shorter replacement cycle in the EHCV many units that have been converted in the Volvo Trucks includes UD Trucks, as well as
segment, cross-border operation of locally aftermarket for ambulance and passenger- Mack and Renault.

November 2014 |FOCUS| 27


HCV market segment, by a margin of one

single unit!
The launch of the Groups new MCV brand,
which will provide a replacement for the run-out
Mercedes-Benz SA based predictive servicing regime for Actros UD35/40 series, has now been delayed from
Market leader Mercedes-Benz experienced models, and re-introduced the 4x4 variant of its original 2014 timing, to early next year, but
a decline in both absolute volume sold and the Sprinter van family. Renault Trucks will have launched its striking
market share in the third quarter, finishing new K and C ranges of construction specialist
with slightly less than 23 percent of the Volvo Group Southern Africa trucks locally by the time you read this. On the
total reported national volume. All three of Volvo Group Southern Africa occupied its now UD front, a new R45-million dealership facility
the Groups constituent brands suffered customary runner-up market position during was opened by the CMH group in Pinetown,
some market share loss in comparison with the third quarter, with 0,5 percentage points KwaZulu-Natal.
their April to June outcome, with Mercedes- market penetration gain over its second-quarter
Benz declining by 0,6 percentage points to return, ending with 19,6 percent overall market Hino/Toyota
16,3 percent, Freightliner losing slightly more share. Toyota SAs truck specialist division staged a
than one full percentage point to finish at Of the constituent brands, Volvo upped significant comeback during the third quarter,
3,6 percent, while Fuso settled at 3,1 percent its penetration from seven to 7,6 percent in registering a 52,4-percent improvement in unit
share, 0,9 percentage points below its second- the quarter-on-quarter comparison, Renault sales, and a 4,5-percent improvement in market
quarter result. improved from one percent to almost share when compared to its second-quarter
During the third quarter, the group retained 1,6 percent, while UD Trucks fell slightly from performance. This resulted in the recapturing
top position in the premium payload EHCV 11,1 to 10,9 percent, despite registering of third position in the market rankings, which
category, promoted its Telligent Maintenance- third-quarter leadership of the cruiserweight had been lost in the second quarter, and

28 |FOCUS| November 2014

Iveco retained its eighth-place REVIEW
ranking in the third quarter.

Scania Iveco
Following two excellent quarters, Scania lost Eighth-placed Iveco retained the market ranking
some ground during the July to September position it had captured in the second quarter,
period, to the tune of 6,1 percent in volume despite an 11,6 percent reduction in quarter-
terms, and 0,7 percentage points of market on-quarter volume and 0,6 percentage points
share, although the Swedish manufacturer loss of market share, to finish the review period
improved its market ranking by one position at 3,3 percent.
to end the third quarter in fifth spot. The Notable in the third-quarter volumes were
most recent outcome included an overall 26 full-size bus deliveries, suggesting a return
share of 6,4 percent in the growing market, to the market by private bus operator Putco,
and an impressive 62 bus deliveries. (Please which has an association with Ivecos new
note that, following the publication of our Rosslyn assembly operation through the
previous report, Scanias market ranking Larimar Group, and is the brands major South
in the second quarter has been corrected African passenger vehicle customer.
to sixth position, following amendments to
MANs bus delivery total in the April to June FAW
period.) Now firmly established as the leading Chinese
brand reporting sales in the local truck market,
MAN Group FAW held on to its tenth position overall
The MAN Group lost some ground to finish in ranking during the third quarter, on the back
sixth position at the end of the third quarter, of a 2,6 percent increase in sales volume,
following an impressive April to June showing, and, effectively, an unchanged two percent
when an adjusted market ranking of fifth had overall market share. Early in the quarter, the
been registered (as explained above). This first completed units rolled off FAWs newly
was accompanied by a ten-percent quarter- opened Coega assembly line, while the adjacent
on-quarter reduction in sales volume, and a body-building facility, which will manufacture
one-percent loss in market share, to end the tipper and truck mixer bodies, and customised
14,2 percent total third-quarter market share. July to September period with 6,3-percent trailers, was reportedly nearing completion.
The Toyota/Hino family also took leadership penetration of the total market.
of MCV segment sales with its Hino 300/ The Group retained top position in bus Powerstar
Toyota Dyna pairing during the quarter under segment sales during the review period, with Powerstars third-quarter performance
review. Hino added a new long-wheelbase 137 units reported. The Brazilian-sourced was distinguished by its first-ever recorded
6x2 model, designated 2626, to its range, Volkswagen Constellation and Volksbus product participation in the cruiserweight HCV segment,
thus filling an important gap in its 500-Series ranges continue to disappoint with only 13 where it reported the sale of three units.
intermediate truck line-up. and 31 units delivered respectively during the Otherwise, the Chinese manufacturer retained
quarter, and the truck range, in particular, 11th position in the market rankings, with
Isuzu Truck SA (GMSA) presents as a major opportunity for MANs 1,5 percent overall market share, which was
Isuzu Truck SA (ITSA) now appears to be locked newly reorganised management structure 0,4 percentage points off its second quarter
in mortal combat with Hino Trucks over third to increase its influence on the HCV market performance.
position in the market standings. Following a segment.
second-quarter surge into this position, ITSA Babcock/DAF
fell back to fourth position in the third-quarter Tata During the July to September period, the local
listings, despite a 5,8-percent quarter-on- Tata maintained seventh position in the third- distributor of DAF trucks returned yet another
quarter sales volume improvement, and 0,2 quarter market rankings, having increased its best-ever quarterly result since entering the
percentage point gain in market penetration. volume by three percent over the second market under its own name in 2010. The
The resulting 13,1-percent overall market quarter outcome, but losing a marginal reported sale of 104 EHCV units resulted in
share was built on quarter-on-quarter segment 0,05 percentage points of share in the an overall market share of 1,3 percent, which
gains in the HCV, EHCV and bus groupings, growing market. Quarter-on-quarter volume was 0,5 percent better than its second quarter
while N-Series MCV deliveries were somewhat improvements were registered in both the return, and resulted in promotion from 14th to
lower. As you may have read in our October MCV and HCV segments, while EHCV and bus 12th position in the market rankings.
issue, ITSA showed off its impressive reworked volumes declined. Overall market penetration The Babcock organisation recently unveiled
Port Elizabeth-based assembly operation to the of 4,25 percent was registered for the third an in-house finance company to support the sale
press during September. quarter. of DAF trucks in South Africa (see page 56), and

November 2014 |FOCUS| 29


also announced that it was considering a local unit sales during the third quarter of 2014, and in the opening paragraphs. This has supported
assembly option, provided that a sustainable was, consequently, not ranked in the market an expectation that, despite the economic
annual sales volume of around 300 units could standings. problems being experienced both at home
be achieved. and abroad, at least some measure of market
European Van Manufacturers growth can be expected to persist until the end
AMH/AAD Four vehicle manufacturers compete only in the of the current year.
In comparison to its second-quarter outcome, MCV segment of this market with European- At the time of writing, prospects for further
this Imperial-owned operation gave up one sourced integral vans and their derivatives, decreases in the price of fuel look positive,
position to be placed 13th during the July to these being Volkswagen Commercials, Peugeot, assuming that the foreign exchange value
September period. This resulted in a market Citron and Fiat. of the rand does not weaken significantly off
share of 0,7 percent, 0,4 percentage points Three of these, namely Fiat, Volkswagen levels just above R11 to the US dollar, while
off its previous quarter return. At the mid- and Citron, gave up market share in the the generally better recent performance of
September opening of its Apex assembly third quarter in comparison with their second the local monetary unit against important
operation, Hyundai Automotive South Africa -quarter performance, to the tune of 0,3, truck sourcing currencies, such as the euro
said it was studying the possible introduction 0,3 and 0,1 percentage points respectively, and Japanese yen, should help to moderate
of the Hyundai Xcient heavy-duty truck range to while Peugeot improved its penetration by increases in vehicle, component and parts
the local market. 0,1 percentage points. prices.
During the review period, Volkswagen On the downside, it has recently been noted
JMC retained its ninth position ranking overall, but that restrictions have been placed on the
Chinese manufacturer JMC, which currently Peugeot was demoted in the quarter-on-quarter movement of vehicles out of countries affected
reports only in the MCV segment, returned comparison from 16th to 17th position, Fiat by the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, and
an improved quarter-on-quarter performance from 13th to 15th position, and Citroen from this may have some impact on the future
during the July to September period, registering 17th to 18th position. performance of the EHCV segment, which has
a 31,4-percent increase in volume sales, a been an important driver of local truck market
0,6-percent overall market share, and Non-Reporting Manufacturers growth, for reasons fully explained earlier in
promotion from 15th to 14th position in the Readers should note that local sales volumes this report.
rankings. of several commercial vehicle brands, including We have also noted continuing uncertainty
Dongfeng, Yutong, Foton and Ashok Leyland, over the Department of Trade and Industrys
Ford Motor Company are not yet reported to Naamsa, and are, Medium/Heavy Commercial Vehicle
Ford made its return to this market during the therefore, excluded from the comments and Automotive Investment Scheme. There appears
third quarter of 2014 with its newly introduced data contained in this report. to be little consensus, at this point, between
Transit family of panel vans, chassis cabs and the government and vehicle manufacturers/
people movers. Initial quarterly sales of 40 units GENERAL MARKET COMMENTS importers, with the former advocating
resulted in an overall market ranking of 16th, The ending of widespread industrial action, with a move from semi-knocked down (SKD) to
and 0,5 percent of total market penetration. the notable exception of the persistent South completely knocked down (CKD), including
African Post Office strike, was instrumental local cab assembly and/or trimming, while the
VDL in the improved showing of the truck market latter argue that there is insufficient financial
Bus chassis specialist VDL did not report any during the third quarter of 2014, as described justification for such a move. Negotiations are
continuing, and it is hoped that a satisfactory
outcome can be found. |FOCUS

Volkswagen Commercials was able

to retain its top-ten position.

30 |FOCUS| November 2014



Redisa 00011
South Africa is littered with millions of waste tyres. They pollute the environment, create
fire hazards and are breeding grounds for vermin and mosquitoes that spread disease.
The problem is escalating annually.

The time has come to turn this around. REDISA aims to not only reduce tyre pollution,
but also help with South Africas unemployment rate by creating over 10 000 jobs
over the next five years.

REDISA helps the tyre industry take responsibility for

its waste, by turning it into worth.
November 2014 |FOCUS| 31


Neglecting the cost of the tyres in
their fleets is one of the biggest, most
expensive mistakes operators make.
VIC OLIVER presents some dos and donts
to make the task a little easier

he cost of tyres is a major that specialises in accurately forecasting operators profit margin.
component of operating costs vehicle operating costs. Many operators outsource the
in a heavy-duty truck or bus fleet Using a long-distance operation management and control of the tyres in
and it is amazing how often the covering 900 000 km over a five-year their fleet to professional tyre management
management of this important function is period for a truck tractor and a set companies. This concept is fine and works
neglected. In many transport companies of interlink trailers, and estimating the well, provided the vehicle operator and his
there is an opportunity to reduce costs and lifespan of each tyre at 100 000 km, the drivers understand that they still have a role
increase profits by improving vehicle tyre HTM simulated operating cost program to play in ensuring that tyres in the fleet are
management. recorded the total costs of tyres at properly managed.
In order to establish how much tyres R925 560 or 6,7 percent of the variable They must also view the people, who
cost in a long-distance operation, I enlisted vehicle operating costs. are placed in their business by the service
the help of Martin Dammann from Hellberg In fleets where there is no focus on tyre provider, as part of their team and work
Transport Management (HTM), a well- management, this cost would be much together with them in the management of
respected company in the trucking industry greater and would come directly out of the this important function.

32 |FOCUS| November 2014




MhmZe Mrk^ FZgZ`^f^gm bl ma^ g^p lrlm^f ]^lb`g^] mh fZd^ rhnk ^^m hi^kZm^

pa^g Z o^ab\e^l mrk^l g^^] Z k^&\Zi hk Z k^&m' Pbma Z ahlm h_ hma^k _^Zmnk^l
bg\en]bg` gZg\bZe himbhgl _hk ma^ e^Zlbg` h_ rhnk ^^ml mrk^ k^jnbk^f^gml% Zg]
+-&ahnk khZ]lb]^ ZllblmZg\^' MhmZe Mrk^ FZgZ`^f^gm% ^q\enlbo^er _khf FZq M


November 2014 |FOCUS| 33

on tyres

The (recycled) wheels are turning

This year has seen its highs and lows much it continues its five-year rollout, more dealers and
like the Recycling and Economic Development collection points will be added.
Initiative of South Africas (Redisas) waste tyre Redisa also gained international recognition for
management plan, but both are making great its management system by winning the 2014 Oracle
headway. Sustainability Innovation Award.
Between December 2013 and the end of This award highlights to an international audience
September 2014, 35 489 t of waste tyres have our hard work creating a management system,
been collected and, ultimately, diverted from landfills. which is an effective tool to build and grow a recycling
The total collected nationally during September was industry, create jobs, deal with an environmental
7 278 t. problem and, at the same time, make a significant
The plan has created 1 503 jobs with Redisa contribution to reducing the national carbon footprint,
currently collecting from 1 292 dealers and, as says Hermann Erdmann, CEO at Redisa.

While there are many aspects to not their responsibility, because it is not 16 000 km lost
managing the tyres in a fleet, one of the best part of their job description. They assume 30 percent under inflation = 33 percent or
ways is to install a system that accurately that it is someone elses job; either the 33 000 km lost
accounts for all the related tyre costs, which person employed by the outsourced tyre 40 percent under inflation = 45 percent or
can then be tabulated to provide a true cost management company or their own 45 000 km lost
per kilometre (CPK) for each and every tyre workshop personnel. 50 percent under inflation = 60 percent or
in the fleet. Experience has shown that if we leave 60 000 km lost
The total CPK is not the cost of the the care of the tyres to these people,
actual tyre, but how many kilometres and the driver is not involved as part of There are many other reasons that cause
it has covered from the time of its the team to ensure that the tyres are tyre costs to rise, such as bad wheel
purchase to the time that it is removed correctly inflated at all times, tyre costs alignment, harsh braking, poor route
and scrapped. Accurate tyre CPK will rise. conditions, incorrect fifth wheel position
information can be used to effectively
manage tyres and will give an operator
the means to select the correct tyre for
In fleets where there is no focus on tyre
the particular operation.
management, the cost would be much greater
It will measure performance against other
depots in the group and against industry and would come directly out of the operators
standards. It will also highlight problem profit margin.
areas, such as driver abuse and vehicle and
trailer issues, and assist operators to take
immediate action to rectify any problem The following table is published by a tyre and incorrect mass distribution to name
that is contributing to excess tyre costs on manufacturer and illustrates the loss in just a few.
a vehicle. original kilometres when tyres are under The only way to professionally manage
One of the basic functions of good vehicle inflated (with 100 000 km taken as normal this important function and improve your
tyre management is to ensure that the tyre tyre life expectancy). profit margin is to have a proper system
pressures are always correct and that all in place that records all tyre costs for
the tyres are fitted with valve caps and, on 10 percent under inflation = five percent or each and every tyre in your fleet, and
dual wheels, with valve extensions. 5 000 km lost transforms the information into a CPK
Often drivers feel that this function is 20 percent under inflation = 16 percent or figure. |FOCUS

One of this countrys most respected commercial vehicle industry authorities, VIC OLIVER has been in this industry for
50 years. Before joining the FOCUS team, he spent 15 years with Nissan Diesel (now UD Trucks), 11 years with Busaf
and seven years with International. Do you have a comment or thought you would like to share based on this column?
Visit and have your say!

34 |FOCUS| November 2014

Sync - 10715 - Focus


With its large size, cohesive social dynamic and strategy of charging in formation, the Buffalo is feared by predators.
Bandags National Fleet Programme provides Fleet Customers with a platform to act as a strategic herd in fending off
bottom line predators, like the five mileage thieves. With its tailor-made fleet management solutions, national franchise
network and superior retread products, Bandags National Fleet Programme increases vehicle uptime while reducing CPK.
Thats what we do.
Tel: +27 11 439 6000, Fax: +27 86 682 7027, e-mail: or visit
November 2014 |FOCUS| 35

It all began with an

old Nokia

The relentless pace of technological advancement has meant that modern-day telematics is an absolute
necessity for effective fleet management. GAVIN MYERS explores

f there is one technological sector in load of possibilities for the industry; many Sutherland also notes that the credibility
which South Africa has lead the way, systems now being cloud-based. This means of fleet management systems has increased.
its generally accepted that it would be that they require minimal resources, are More and more, we find ourselves talking to
the in art of telematics, tracking and easier to maintain and information is also the top execs specifically in finance who
fleet management. Widely acknowledged as available anywhere, in real time, on ones require a discussion on return on investment
having sprung from the countrys high risk of mobile device. (ROI).
crime, the current tracking and telematics With the high customisability of modern David Winsper of Autotrak, says that
industry is far removed from the dot on a technology, the options available to fleet business intelligence in fleet management is
screen systems of the early days. managers today can be quite daunting. It is evident in reporting metrics, online analytics
Fleet management devices were very helpful to remember, says Stoger, that current and tools, data and process mining techniques,
basic in terms of the amount of telemetry technology offered by most fleet management business performance management,
data they could provide. They were expensive providers is more or less the same. What benchmarking and predictive analytics.
and assembled by cobbling together various sets providers apart is product quality and How then, can one guarantee ROI and have
devices, says Deon Bayly, managing director, service; ensuring firstly that the technology the system pay for itself? Its easiest to break
Electronic Tracking Systems. Yip, most units developed is tested and capable of doing what modern-day fleet management into the pillars
used that old Nokia phone as the global it claims to do, and that it is followed up with of security, efficiency and uptime.
system for mobile (GSM) communications exceptional customer service, he says.
device; the main medium was therefore SMS. As individual fleets have different needs, Security
This was costly and it limited the amount of a one-size-fits-all approach is certainly not Hein Jordt, managing director of Ctracks
data that could be sent, Bayley adds. workable. Steven Sutherland, sales director, Fleet Management Solutions division, says that
Lorenz Stoger, fleet management manager MiX Telematics (Africa), adds: A fleet while the trucks are valuable in their own right,
at Cartrack, says that the commercial management provider should represent an its what they transport that is the real core
availability of the satellite-based Global extension of your fleet operation. Youll need a of the industry. Cargo risks can be supported
Positioning System (GPS) effectively heralded company that can understand and identify the by using mobile tracking units in containers,
the start of telematics that currently defines many possibilities for business improvement while hijack recovery support via a 24-hour call
the tracking and fleet management industry. in order to make the most of your fleet centre provides comfort for vehicle protection,
The internet also opened up a whole management system. as well as the well-being of drivers.

36 |FOCUS| November 2014


November 2014 |FOCUS| 37


An interesting development that Jordt wear and tear as well as control of overtime In fact, says Stoger, telematics is capable
mentions is a jamming detection module. costs. of improving driver behaviour by 50 to 60
With jamming becoming a reality, we are Sutherland adds that better route planning percent! The result is a decrease in the fleets
now able to offer our customers the option and fleet utilisation also result from correctly accident rate, in addition to drivers operating
of installing a non-GSM jamming detention implementing fleet management systems, vehicles optimally.
module with their tracking system, to ensure boosting fleet performance, helping operators Bayley expands: A good fleet management
continuous visibility in helping to combat vehicle to deliver more, with less, in less time, while system will provide live data pertaining to driver
theft. It provides an extra security precaution reducing the overall number of kilometres behaviour and possible vehicle abuse. The fleet
to always keep vehicles visible in the presence driven. As Stoger points out, this also reduces manager can then react to these events
of jamming devices, he explains. a fleets carbon footprint. immediately as they happen and correct
them, reducing the need for unnecessary
maintenance costs.
Driver behaviour monitoring and
analysis also lowers the companys risk with
regard to accidents and third-party claims.
Accountability is ensured through the use of
driver identification features, he says.
On that point, Stoger says that driver
risk assessment by insurance companies is
a growing application of telematics services.
We believe this will become the de facto
standard for managing driver risk on our
In conclusion, Jordt notes that fleet
managers need to know exactly what their
operating challenges are, and what outcome
they expect from their fleet management
system. The risks of having inaccurate
and unreliable information about your fleet
and drivers is significant, and should be
mitigated by selecting reputable solutions
congruent to your business needs, adds
Gone are the days where quick-fix solutions
Mark Holgate, consultant to Global Jordt adds more food for thought, noting are viable, notes Sutherland. Be careful of
Telematics, says that, when going cross- that having access to the full lifecycle cost choosing cheap, or you may find youll need
border, roaming costs from other network information of a vehicle also allows fleet to un-install and start all over again to achieve
operators will come into the equation and owners to make informed vehicle replacement substantial cost benefits.
must be taken into account, so as to avoid decisions. Excitingly, says Stoger, theres so much
nasty surprises and ensure constant visibility more to come. Worldwide predictions are
of ones fleet. Uptime that were only just touching the tip of the
Closely allied to efficiency is the aspect of iceberg in terms of the capabilities and
Efficiency uptime or keeping vehicles on the road. application of telematics. In South Africa,
Efficiency refers to the ability to ensure a fleet is Sutherland notes that modern fleet operators for example, we estimate that only around
used to its full potential, and as cost-effectively are mindful of the fact that their business 25 percent of fleet and private vehicles on the
as possible. This doesnt mean cutting corners, performance is heavily based on their vehicles road have telematics capability installed, so
but rather managing costs properly a key and how they are being driven. Were seeing there is room for growth. The real innovation
principle of fleet management. more development of solutions that are driver- lies in the development of the firmware, as well
Holgate notes: Fuel savings are centric. This approach guarantees successful as the customisation thereof, to respond to
substantial and almost immediate when fuel business outcomes in terms of safety and unique customer needs.
consumption and excessive idling monitoring efficiency. Drivers welcome these tools and No doubt South African tracking and
and interventions are implemented. Other cost they often make up a part of driver training telematics providers will again be at the
controls come into play from the reduction of and incentive programmes. forefront. |FOCUS

38 |FOCUS| November 2014





We werent there when our Proven Actros recorded a 5% fuel saving.

Thats because it comes standard with FleetBoard.

&DOO0800 133

Driver and Vehicle Management System

November 2014 |FOCUS| 39


The Electra Mining Africa 2014 exhibition took place at the Nasrec Expo Centre, Johannesburg, from
September 15 to 19. CLAIRE RENCKEN brings you some highlights

anked as one of the worlds Development in Zambia, and Mike Fanucchi container workshop on site at the mines in
largest mining shows, Electra of Barloworld Logistics, as guest speakers. order to maximise uptime. Zelda Koekemoer,
Mining Africa 2014 hosted Fanucchi explained: As intra-African from Scania Engines, also spoke extensively
more than 850 exhibitors, trade is increasing, there is a need for about the engines that the company provides
showing off their innovations, products, diversification and industrialisation. Logistics for gensets, which supply power for the
services and technologies, across 38 000 m companies need to capture fragmented mines.
of exhibition space. Visitors saw many leading- markets and consolidate them. One of the biggest advantages of our
edge South African companies in the packed Davies added: Good infrastructure needs products is that we operate on a modular
halls, marquees and outside precincts. There to be put in place and must be deflationary system, where the parts are interchangeable.
were also various high-profile international rather than inflationary. So you only have to keep one set of spare parts
exhibitors. We also need to streamline obstacles for all Scania products, which eliminates the
The support received from exhibitors and such as customs bureaucracy, Yaluma problems of parts availability and downtime,
general business for the 2014 show was pointed out. African countries need to because in mining particularly, time is money,
outstanding, comments Gary Corin, MD of communicate with each other, to avoid she explained.
Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery, which bottlenecks at the borders. We realise that our solution doesnt work
organises the biennial show. All in all, Zambia is setting a good for all mining applications, but we can tailor-
There were also several conferences example for the rest of the Southern African make the offering for certain applications,
taking place alongside the exhibition, Development Community (SADC). added Taftman.
including the International Infrastructure & Scania had an impressive stand, Ever Star Industries, the holding company
Invest Convention (IIIC), which was held on showcasing its entire mining solution. Its for the Powerstar brand of trucks, made the
September 16 and 17. the first year at Electra Mining that weve most of the exhibition, using it as a platform
The second day of the IIIC kicked off had such a big presence, which has opened to launch three additional products it is
with a focus on overcoming transport and up lots of opportunities, said Alexander adding to its portfolio. These are Powerland,
logistics challenges for landlocked projects Taftman, product, marketing and business Shantui and NHL.
Zambia being a prime example. The session development director at Scania. CEO Bob Wang explained: In terms of
was chaired by Martyn Davies, CEO of The company offers something of a one- Powerland, we have designed and specd
Frontier Advisory, with Christopher Yaluma, stop shop when it comes to mining. This two vehicles from Schacman, the Shaanxi
the Minister of Mines, Energy and Water includes servicing, parts supply and even a heavy-duty truck in China. This product will

40 |FOCUS| November 2014


More about the IIIC

Held under the theme African Solutions for African
Challenges, the second edition of the biennial
International Infrastructure & Invest Convention
(IIIC) 2014 analysed current developments, as well
as project-specific progress, within the transport,
power and water infrastructure sectors of the
Southern African Development Community (SADC).
Organised by Deutsche Messe AG and the
South African German Chamber of Commerce and
Industry, in cooperation with Frontier Advisory, the
IIIC 2014 attracted more than 200 delegates and
hosted 31 speakers over two days. The conference
participants (from Botswana, Germany, Holland,
Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, United Kingdom,
United States and Zambia) participated in the
panel discussions, project profiles and sector tours
through Electra Mining.
Dr Martyn Davies, CEO of Frontier Advisory,
South Africa, set the scene, saying: High
business and transaction costs are some of the
greatest hindrances to economic development
and competitiveness in the SADC. Efficient and
effective infrastructure plays an important role
in reducing these costs. The SADC particularly
lacks cross-border, integrated transport, power
and water infrastructure, which, when in place, can
have a deflationary effect on regional economies.
Across infrastructure sectors, the World Bank
has estimated that the largest funding gaps exist
in water (US$ 14,3 billion per annum) and power
(US$ 29,2 billion per annum). These sectors also
have the largest social impact.

Below, from left: Martyn Davies, CEO of Frontier

Top: Scania had one of its Ausroad stemming trucks on display. Advisory, Mike Fanucchi of Barloworld Logistics and
Middle: This vehicle is part of the Shantui range of construction vehicles, which Christopher Yaluma, the Minister of Mines, Energy
Ever Star Industries introduced at Electra Mining. and Water Development in Zambia, on the second
Bottom: The rigid NHL dump truck also launched by Ever Star Industries at the day of the IIIC, which kicked off with a focus on
show. overcoming transport and logistics challenges for
land-locked projects.
complement our range of Powerstar DNA of Terex dump trucks.
trucks and is loosely based on the All these products will enjoy the
MAN F2000 cab, but with the driveline same level of service and quality that
similar to that of a Powerstar. Powerstar has delivered in the time
He continued: We will also be the since the purchase and restructure of
new distributors for sales and service the company in 2010, Wang assured
of Shantui construction equipment, customers.
thus expanding our market reach in The next Electra Mining Africa
the mining and construction segments. exhibition will be held at Nasrec from
Finally, NHL allows us to offer a rigid September 12 to 16, 2016. Many
dump truck, ranging from 35 t right exhibitors already booked their stands
through to 330 t, which shares the for 2016 at this years show. |FOCUS

November 2014 |FOCUS| 41

focus on

Daimlers Vitoria plant has given birth to a new baby! CHARLEEN CLARKE travels to the Basque region of
Spain to say hola to the new Vito

ever been to the Basque Furthermore, it comes in three derivatives Assist, Headlamp Assist and airbags galore
region? Stick it on your bucket the Vito panel van, the Vito Mixto and the ensure that were in safe hands.
list immediately! Its one of Vito Tourer and, for the first time in this I make the mistake of tossing my backpack
the worlds top gastronomic segment, with front, rear and all-wheel drive. in the rear of our panel van, which is rather
destinations! Think the Americans eat a lot? We wont get to experience the all-wheel silly; it gets flung around, as we navigate
Basques spend twice as much on food. drive derivatives, but we certainly will enjoy our way through city traffic. On a positive
They probably devote twice as much time to the turbodiesel engines, with five power side, it would have been easy to load just
preparing and eating food too. ratings, that are up for grabs. Specifically, about anything in the back; the large door
But, of course, I have not flown to Bilbao to these are a transverse-mounted, compact openings and low loading compartment sill
enjoy the food (although some would say that four-cylinder engine with a displacement of make loading and unloading very easy. Also
a visit to the Basque region and enjoyment of 1,6 litres (65 or 84 kW) and a four-cylinder on a positive note, we delight in the standard
local cuisine are inseparable). I am in Spain engine with a 2,15-litre displacement (100, electromechanical steering, which is just
to drive the new Vito which sounds almost 120 or 140 kW output). terrific when manoeuvring through Bilbaos
as good as pintxos (the Basque version of Then its time to hit the road and tiny streets.
tapas). experience the new van. For the first part All too soon our spell in the panel van is
Our visit begins with an introduction to of our drive, we will tackle inner-city traffic over. We have arrived at Museo Maritimo
the new Vito, which is built just down the in Bilbao. My co-driver and I select the Ria de Bilboa for lunch. For centuries,
road in Vitoria (yes that is where the vans 116 CDI panel van as our first steed. It shipbuilding was one of the regions most
name comes from). Were told that the comes with a 120 kW engine, six-speed important industries. As such, this funky
new van sets benchmarks in its segment, manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. maritime museum, located on the citys
with low operating costs, high payloads and A bevy of safety features Active Parking waterfront, uses bright and well-thought-out
superb safety features (up to eight airbags). Assist, Collision Prevention Assist, Attention displays to bring the watery depths of Bilbao

The Vito 116 CDI

BlueEfficiency sips just 5,7
litres per 100 km. #UNREAL

The new Mercedes-Benz

Vito boasts a permissible
gross vehicle weight of 2,5
to 3,2 t.

Hola to the

new Vito!
42 |FOCUS| November 2014
focus on

and Basque maritime history to life. Theres have driver aids, such as Hill-Start Assist, a My co-driver points out that we definitely
even an outdoor section where children (and rain sensor and cruise control. The Hill-Start chose the right vehicle; the panel van boasts
nautically inclined grown-ups) can clamber Assist is particularly useful as we manoeuvre an additional 120 kg payload because its
about a range of boats, pretending to be our way, up and out of the docks, and front-wheel drive. Practically, this means ten
sailors or pirates. We dont have time to underneath an incredibly low bridge (the extra cases of beer or (in this case) a
kid around (pun intended). We have eating Germans have attached a sign to it, stating seriously overfed journo.
to do! After all, were in Basque Country! As Relax; its a Vito, which gives us a good The 114 CDI panel van turns out to be my
we feast on local delicacies, journalists from giggle). choice in terms of engine and transmission
around the world chat about the Vito. The Our next port of call is the Santuario de combinations; the 100 kW motor offers
consensus is that its terrific to drive. Very Urkiola monastery, in the Urkiola nature more than enough oomph and it works nicely
car-like reserve. Were not going to church though. with the six-speed manual. And, after a quick
After lunch, we hop into a Vito Tourer We are (yes, you guessed it) eating again. detour to the Alava technology park (an
Base model, which boasts a 65 kW engine, Remember, were in Basque Country! architectural delight of note), we arrive at the
the same manual transmission and front- This time around, we feast on local cakes 17th-century Hotel Parador, which is where
wheel drive, so it feels completely different to and pastries. I decide that we need another Napoleon stayed before his assault on the
the panel van. Because its the bottom-of-the- panel van when we leave so that I can be town of Vitoria-Gasteiz.
range model, our van is certainly not plush loaded in the back. So, we select the 114 CDI We manage an assault of a completely
(theres no air-conditioning, for instance). panel van, with a 100 kW engine (it needs different type, tackling a 29-course (okay, I
But we agree that its just dandy for staff to carry a huge load, you know), the same exaggerate just slightly) Basque dinner. The
transport around town. The easy-care seats manual transmission again and rear-wheel
are great and theres certainly nothing lacking drive.
in the interior.
Significantly, it does have some nice-to-

It is the first vehicle in its

class to be available with
a choice of rear-wheel, all-
wheel and now front-wheel
drive too. #INNOVATION

Even at first glance, the

new Vitos bodywork exudes
high quality; apparent from
aspects such as narrow, even

The Vito panel van is the only

van to provide airbags and a
seat-belt reminder for both
the driver and passenger as
standard. #SAFE

November 2014 |FOCUS| 43

focus on

The bonnet of the new Vito is

constructed like a sculpture.
The new Vito is 20 percent #STYLISH
more economical than its
predecessor! #AMAZING

Both the driver and

passenger are comfortably
seated in the new Vito and
benefit from more space
than before.

Panel van meets

crewcab! Enter the
new Vito Mixto!

facility. Then its back to the reception room

(yes, more food) and then we leave for the
This time were in a Mixto, which is a panel
van morphed into a crewcab in one vehicle.
The Mixto has windows between the B and
highlight of our dinner is squid cooked in its it is optional on the Vito 114 CDI and Vito C-pillar as standard, as well as a rugged, anti-
own ink; the highlight of my next morning is a 116 CDI and standard equipment on the slip floor with a textured surface in the rear.
demonstration of the reversing camera with Vito119 BlueTEC and the Vito 4x4 with all- Buyers can choose between either a two
trailer mode. wheel drive. or three-passenger bench seats in the rear
We all know that its really hard to couple a Our choice is deliberate; it takes some (the seats all have three-point seat belts with
trailer to a van, especially when youre on your time to eat 29 courses and drink 69 bottles two-way head restraints and even feature
own. No more! Enter the reversing camera of Rioja meaning sleep was at a minimum. the Isofix child seat securing system). We
with coupling function. Once activated at the My co-driver and I both delight in the Vito, concur that the Mixto is a terrific people and
press of a button, the eye of the camera pans commenting yet again that its just like driving goods transporter (theres ample space for
down to show a reduced area behind the a car. six workers and lots of equipment).
vehicle. By aligning the vertical yellow line on The new Vitos cockpit is exemplary in All too soon, our drive is over. We have
the monitor with the drawbar of the trailer, terms of its functionality and ergonomics. reached the airport and we have eight hours
the driver can manoeuvre the vehicle straight Symmetrical in its fundamental form, to spare before flying out. What to do? We
towards the drawbar coupling up a trailer the structure is clear and uncluttered hop on the airport bus which, for about R30,
has never been easier. for maximum operational safety. This is transports us into Bilbao in comfort, safety
Sadly, after witnessing this demonstration, a Seriously Good Thing. It means that and style. (Yes, it is a Merc.) Its time for a bar
we must leave the Hotel Parador; in a Vito, everything is right where we expect to find crawl in the citys narrow alleys. This is known
of course. We pick a panel van with the it. So our drive is completely effortless. as a txikiteo, and it means noshing pintxos
120 kW engine again, but this time paired to Our destination this time is the Vitoria and drinking loads of the local hooch (avoid
the 7G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission. plant, which is where the Vito is lovingly the cider; its gross).
The worlds only automatic transmission with assembled. Naturally, we enjoy more food More food, you groan? Its compulsory!
torque converter and seven gears for vans, before embarking on a tour of this impressive After all, were in Basque Country! |FOCUS

44 |FOCUS| November 2014


November 2014 |FOCUS| 45



clean side
of waste collection
Gianenrico Griffini, from Italian publication Vie&Trasporti, drove the experimental Iveco Stralis 260S42
with hydraulic hybrid powertrain in real operating conditions. FOCUS gets the exclusive

oday, a unique combination of This solution is tailor-made for waste vehicle productivity as a result of improved
innovative ideas, technological collection in urban areas, characterised by performance when stopping and restarting
expertise, specialised construction low speed and frequent stop and go. The in terms of acceleration.
skills and deep commitment to most interesting aspect of the hybridisation The Vector 2015 project Stralis is an
research and development are required of the Stralis powertrain a 313 kW advanced serial-hybrid vehicle in which
to develop the transport solutions of (420 hp) Fiat Powertrain Technology (FPT) the internal combustion engine is directly
tomorrow. Cursor 10 internal combustion engine, which connected, via a drive shaft, to a complex
These are the features that characterise is coupled to a hydraulic system developed device consisting of several components;
the two experimental trucks with low by the North American specialist Parker is namely a transmission unit with three
environmental impact for transport in urban that the more frequent the stops and starts, gear ratios (called the Power Drive Unit),
areas a parallel hybrid based on the the greater the reduction in consumption and a primary hydraulic pump, two secondary
Eurocargo, and a series hybrid based on emissions. hydraulic motors with variable displacement
the Stralis 6x2 chassis cab both of which Over the course of a typical waste axial pistons, high-pressure diaphragm
are products of the Vector 2015 research collection job in a city, says Marco Aimo accumulators, a low-pressure tank and an
project. Boot, alternative traction and electrification electronic control unit.
Launched in 2009, this initiative was manager at Iveco, the fuel consumption of a The Cursor 10 drives the primary pump
co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Economic diesel-hydraulic Stralis is on average 30 to directly, which sends oil to the accumulators,
Development and coordinated by Iveco. It 35 percent lower than conventional vehicles compressing the nitrogen (an inert gas
focused on developing environmentally used for this purpose, with peaks of up to contained inside) through an internal
friendly, safe, interconnected vehicles with 45 percent. At the same time, trials show a membrane. The energy (which is stored
reduced fuel consumption and emissions drop in the amount of CO2 produced, directly from this process) can then be used during
including carbon dioxide (CO2), which is proportional to fuel consumption. start-up for the vehicle pick-up, by means
responsible for the so-called greenhouse Among the additional benefits of this of hydrostatic drive, which replaces the
effect. solution, it is worth mentioning the decreased torque generated by a traditional internal
An advanced diesel-hydraulic hybrid brake wear due to energy recovery during combustion engine.
powertrain with serial layout was developed deceleration, which allows drivers to use The hydrostatic transmission is backed
for the experimental Stralis 6x2, equipped the auxiliary system only when needed, as up by two secondary variable displacement
with a waste compactor. well as an increase of up to 15 percent in pumps that act, in this instance, as motors.

46 |FOCUS| November 2014


Top: Its business as usual inside the Stralis,

with an additional screen for the drive system.
Above: A hybrid EuroCargo has also been

There are two modes of traction available: energy efficiency, with positive effects on both multifunction lever, located on the right side
low speed and high speed, to bring the vehicle consumption and pollutant emissions. of the steering column.
from zero to around 50 or 60 km/h. Inside the drivers cab, the experimental In addition to the diesel hydraulic Stralis,
Beyond this speed, when the hydrostatic Stralis does not differ significantly from a the Vector 2015 project has led to the
drive becomes inefficient from an energy conventional heavy-use road vehicle. The only creation of a hybrid EuroCargo, with internal
perspective, a direct mechanical connection difference lies in the colour display that shows combustion engine and electric units
between the engine and the wheels is the energy flow along the vehicle drivetrian arranged in parallel.
automatically made. and charge level in the accumulator tanks. This solution also offers considerable
When slowing down, the two secondary The three gearshift buttons remain advantages in terms of improved fuel
pumps send the fluid to the two accumulators, unchanged. The latter, however, is not the economy and reduced CO2 emissions, with
re-charging these (regenerative braking). In standard Eurotronic 12-speed system; it is reductions of up to 25 percent compared
this manner, up to 70 percent of the energy the Parker Power Drive Unit, which controls to a conventional truck. These results have
used during vehicle deceleration can be the two hydrostatic drive phases during pick- been obtained in typical urban distribution
recovered; this would otherwise be dissipated up and low speed and, beyond the 60 km/h applications characterised by low speed and
as heat. Regenerative braking also serves threshold, the direct mechanical connection frequent stops and starts. An automatic
to slow the truck, without the need for a between the engine and the drive wheels. engine switch-off and restart system has
traditional hydraulic retarder. The integration of the powertrain been adopted on the EuroCargo, for longer
There are several advantages of the components allows the Stralis to achieve stops at traffic lights or in traffic jams.
serial-hybrid vehicle solution, specifies smooth, jerk-free, powerful acceleration. Like the Stralis, the EuroCargo also
Boot. First and foremost, in a particularly When slowing down, regenerative braking features regenerative braking, with energy
demanding field of transport such as municipal is especially effective when the vehicle is in recovery to charge the on-board battery
waste collection, which is characterised by hydrostatic mode; for example, at speeds pack. Finally, the motor generator, positioned
constant stops and starts, this technology below 50 km/h during typical waste collection between the clutch and the automated
allows for a reduction in the load on the in urban areas. This mode is activated transmission, allows the vehicle to start in
thermal engine, allowing it to run at maximum by simply turning down the multistage- electric-only mode from stationary. |FOCUS

As regular readers of FOCUS know, this magazine has been appointed an associate member of the International Truck of the
Year (IToY)! FOCUS is the sole South African magazine to have joined this prestigious body. One of the advantages of this
association is access to exclusive articles, specially written for FOCUS by ITOY jury members. This is one such article.

November 2014 |FOCUS| 47


Ups and

Weve seen some vehicles from JMC another contender
from China on our roads for the past few years now.
This is GAVIN MYERSs first time behind the wheel of one,
though. Here are his thoughts

t stands for Jiangling Motor good quality. The Vigus certainly has one of the parking sensors and auto-locking doors. On the
Corporation was my best interiors of the Chinese bakkies we have safety front, dual airbags, front and rear fog
standard response to those yet sampled its pleasing on the eye, there are lights, and ABS anti-lock brakes with Electronic
inquisitive enough to ask. Yes, no cheap-feeling touch points or rattles and the Brakeforce Distribution are fitted.
its from China, followed shortly thereafter, as trimming has been well thought out. The 2,4-litre diesel engine, as fitted to our
I explained the merits of the companys latest However, its not without some faults test unit, produces 90 kW and 290 Nm. While
entrant to our market; the Vigus. the cabin feels a bit tight for a modern bakkie; these figures arent class-leading, performance
Despite JMC having a presence (which is the drivers seat (itself comfortable) has no is acceptable. Claimed fuel consumption is
slowly growing) in the local market for some time adjustment for height and the steering wheel 8 l/100 km.
now, and being in existence since 1947, most of no adjustment for reach, making finding an The five-speed gearbox on our vehicle was
the people I encountered during my time with the ideal driving position a bit tricky; the handbrake notchy and had a tendency to lose the gate,
Vigus didnt have much knowledge of the brand. is uncomfortably positioned way over to the left with one unable to move the gearlever over
Those in the trucking fraternity will know it for of the centre consol; and the entertainment and select first Despite this foible, it is by no
its Carrying range of light trucks and Boarding systems touch screen is invisible in harsh means the worst gearbox weve encountered in
range of single- and double-cab bakkies. sunlight. a Chinese vehicle. Electronically selectable four-
The Vigus is a slightly different animal, though, The Vigus SLX offers an interesting array wheel drive is fitted, but there are no diff-locks.
as it attempts to move the brand upmarket. For of features, chief among them being the The Vigus is fitted with fairly compliant
review, JMC South Africa handed us the keys to entertainment system. Its highlight feature is suspension, treating occupants to a comfortable
the R379 990, 4x4, SLX version. a DVD player, while it also supports the usual ride. Its rubberised load bay measures 1475 (l)
The basic shape of the Vigus is made up of MP3, auxiliary and USB inputs. The system x 1475 (w) x 500 mm (h). Gross vehicle mass is
soft, flowing lines. Looks being a subjective topic, continuously dropped my flash drive, though. rated at 2770 kg while the payload is 815 kg.
some might say its almost feminine. Being Given the incorporation of a DVD player, one The Vigus SLX is something of a mixed bag.
the 4x4 variant with raised ground clearance would also have expected Bluetooth hands- In some regards, particularly interior quality and
(225 mm), our Vigus was fitted with chunky free connectivity, but this is not offered. Also its five-year/60 000 km service plan (it also has
wheel arch flares and side steps adding a bit conspicuous by their absence, on a vehicle a three-year/100 000 km warranty), it moves
more bravado. The overall design is pleasant, aimed upmarket, were an onboard computer the game up for Chinese bakkies. On the other
though. and, although not a must have, cruise control. hand, its filled with too many niggles that detract
The interior came as a pleasant surprise Other standard features include leather from its upmarket ambitions and is short on
too, showing the Chinese can do modern and seats, a multifunction steering wheel, rear some features expected at the price. |FOCUS

48 |FOCUS| November 2014


driver for a day
There is a lot
going on at Iveco
South Africa at the
moment, which
will benefit the
company and its
customers. GAVIN
MYERS reports

irst for discussion are the changes customers can order special, limited-
at the top. With Bob Lowden edition Tested By Dakar kits.
returning to the United Kingdom, Designed in collaboration with LA
Eamonn Parker has, as of Sport, these kits consist of a black
October 1, taken over the role as the local MD. powder-coated front bull bar (with
The company has also seen the arrival of Mario optional front tow hitch and 5,4 t winch),
Gasparri as vice president of CNH Industrial black powder-coated steel rims, a rear
South Africa Ivecos parent company. tow bar on the Daily, 50 w 6,7-inch LED
Then theres Ivecos new plant in Roslyn, spot lights, water-resistant seat covers,
Pretoria, which, during July, started production and a full cab wrap in the livery of the
of the companys medium range of vehicles, immortal 507 Dakar Trakker.
adding extra-heavies and buses during October. If any of these customers attended
One of CNH Industrials 63 plants worldwide, it Ivecos Tested By Dakar Experience at
has capacity to build 5 000 trucks and 1 000 the ADA Training Facility just outside
buses a year, with 20 percent of production Lanseria, during October, it would be
dedicated to export. hard to imagine some of them not
The company has also officially launched ordering these kits. The event included
Ivecos limited edition Tested
the new EuroCargo range of heavy commercial an action-packed series of mini-Dakar By Dakar kits are available
vehicles (HCVs), which you may have read activities that kept visitors enthralled. on its 4x4 models.
about when we brought you a sneak-peek back Ever wanted to take a Daily round a dirt
in September. skid-pan? Guests were able to do just that, with three bucket seats. It might be about 300 kW
To refresh your memory, the new range of a bit of competition to post the quickest time. down on the pukka Dakar racer, but, in expert
six- to 19-t vehicles consists of the 120E22, Then it was time to trade the screeching hands around the ADA facility, it was one
140E22 and 150E22 models (now offering tyres for the axle-twisting punishment of the exhilarating ride!
164 kW (220 hp) over the previous 156 off-road course, and put the Daily 4x4 Tested As team Iveco Petronas De Rooy prepares
(210 hp)), the re-introduction of the 160E24, By Dakar Limited Edition, of course through for another top performance in Dakar 2015
and the 180E28. its (quite remarkable) paces. This vehicle can (the team finished second, seventh and tenth
There are also two 4x4 models the certainly rough it with the best! this year), Iveco South Africa is preparing for
150E24W (dual wheels) and WS (single The highlight of the event, though, was its own top performance at the hands of its
wheels) and it is these that form the basis of undoubtedly Iveco SAs replica 507 Trakker, new management, as the Roslyn plant moves
the final bit of Ivecos big news you now have also built by LA Sport. Almost identical to the into full production, and as the new EuroCargo
the opportunity to own your own Iveco Dakar real thing, it features completely upgraded hits the road hopefully most of them decked-
racing truck! Well, sort of Offered on all 4x4 suspension, an altered engine configuration, out in that distinctive, green, Tested By Dakar
versions of the Daily, EuroCargo and Trakker, and a stripped-out cabin with roll cage and livery! |FOCUS

November 2014 |FOCUS| 49


The Proven Actros: A sustainable business solution.

A 5% extra fuel saving is just what is necessary to reach But, in recent years, Kobus encountered an escalating
that small target in profitability and make our business challenge. The fuel price went up by a huge margin and
sustainable, says Kobus van Tonder, Managing Member of fuel became by far our biggest expense. He had to look
Uni Freight. And, as a family-run freight company founded for an option that offered better fuel consumption, so he
in the late 80s, sustainability is exactly what his business turned to Mercedes-Benz and the Proven Actros fitted with
is about. hypoid rear axles and FleetBoard. Mercedes-Benz came
to us with an exceptional deal. a proven 5% fuel saving.

52 5% 11
Proven Actros with FleetBoard Fuel saving with Hypoid rear axles The year everything changed

Kobus uses FleetBoard as a management Put to the test along the Penhoek Pass in Until 2011, Uni Freight didnt run any
tool which not only saves him time, but the Eastern Cape, even over the harshest Mercedes-Benz vehicles. When Kobus
also trains his drivers to be even more terrain and with inexperienced drivers finally made the leap, he started with 12
fuel efficient. He says, Monitoring all behind the wheel, the Proven Actros brand new Actros 2654 Truck Tractors,
aspects of my fleet can be very time fitted with hypoid rear axles consistently equipped with hub reduction rear axles.
consuming, but with FleetBoard fitted used 5% less fuel than hub reduction But then fuel saving became his top
standard on all Proven Actros with models. The Proven Actros now priority, and by earlier this year his
hypoid rear axles, along with FleetBoard comprises 50% of Kobus fleet, and he is Mercedes-Benz fleet had expanded to
professional training, this isnt the case. happy to report that a considerable 54 Proven Actros 52 of those with hypoid
As drivers skills get better and bad saving is achieved with the Actros. rear axles. Going with Mercedes-Benz
habits are neutralised, more of my time and particularly the Proven Actros was
is available to concentrate on other part of a strategic plan to save on fuel
aspects of my business. costs, and the Actros meets all our
expectations and is running trouble free.

50% of Kobus fleet

are Mercedes-Benz

50 |FOCUS| November 2014


A Daimler Brand


Kobus van Tonder, Managing Member,
Uni Freight
Kobus van Tonder and his wife Elaine established
Uni Freight as a long distance hauler in the late
eighties. Since then, he has served as the companys
managing member, and he is proud to say that it is
a successful family business that all our children
have become a part of. Uni Freight is run from
Harrismith in the Free State province of South
Africa, with its footprint spreading countrywide and
as far as most neighbouring countries Botswana
and Zimbabwe being the most popular destination.

12 54 96%



November 2014 |FOCUS| 51


arlier this year, we learnt about attention on gas developments to secure its being in Iran, Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil and
the moving out of the July 1, 2017 future fuel requirements. China. Many major vehicle manufacturers offer
compliance date for the general Extensive natural gas resources are versions of their products that are adapted to
introduction of new cleaner fuels known to be present in the region. These run on CNG or LNG. Other specialist companies,
in South Africa, and noted speculation that the include recently discovered coal-bed methane notably Westport of British Columbia, are active
legislation might only take effect in 2020. It deposits in Botswana, the shale gas deposits in the business of converting conventional
followed that this delay would have a negative in the Karoo that are central to the ongoing engines for operation on gas fuels.
impact on the introduction of some new- fracking debate, and natural gas deposits off In South Africa, natural gas from Mossel
technology vehicles into the local market, a fact the Mozambique coastline. Bay and Mozambique currently constitutes
subsequently confirmed in published comments There is a perception that further only about two percent of the energy mix.
from Kobus van Zyl, managing director of discoveries are likely to be made in the Globally, natural gas-fuelled vehicles are gaining
Daimler Trucks and Buses South Africa. future that will greatly increase the regions popularity in city and suburban passenger and
Although some short-term relief was importance as a gas producer. However, goods-carrying applications, because of their
provided by Sasols launch of its ULS 10 parts exploration and extraction is expected to be lower emissions. A project to convert 1 000
per million (ppm) diesel fuel through outlets in expensive, and substantial investments will be minibus taxis to CNG operation was recently
Gauteng and Mpumalanga, the lack of wider necessary to roll out the process. inaugurated in Johannesburg.
availability of this fuel would inevitably limit Natural Gas, in either liquefied (LNG) or Fuel distribution and availability are the
the vehicle purchasing options of transporters compressed (CNG) form, is widely used as a greatest challenges to the wider use of natural
with a broader operational footprint, especially vehicle fuel, with the main markets reportedly gas as a vehicle fuel, and the existence of
those working in the more remote areas of the fuelling facilities in major centres is another
country and across its borders. reason for the present urban concentration of
However, comments made at the Gas Week gas-fuelled vehicles.
conference held in Bryanston, Johannesburg, Recently, there have been a number of
during June and subsequently reinforced introductions of new gas-fuelled products from
by the South African Oil and Gas Alliance global commercial vehicle manufacturers.
suggested an alternative long-term direction Mercedes-Benz has announced the availability
for solving the problem. They put forward the
view that South Africa should be focusing more

The gas alternative

In his monthly review of global news for local truckers, FRANK BEETON
looks at some new developments in gas-fuelled trucks, and discusses their
relevance to local operators, examines Hinos Australian hot rod light truck
and its cheeky advertising campaign, recalls a once-famous name that lives
on in a new guise, and details MANs new top-of-the-range Euro-6 engine

52 |FOCUS| November 2014


of the M 936 G natural gas engine in its recently to Volvo Truckss FE and FL distribution trial with transport operator Coopercarga,
refreshed Econic range of specialist low-entry specialist ranges, and their newly adopted delivering beverages in central Rio de Janeiro.
waste collection and short-radius distribution 5,1-litre D5 and 7,7-litre D8 global engine This vehicle, which is powered by an MAN
vehicles. This six-cylinder, in-line powerplant is family diesel power plants. E0836 engine imported from Germany,
based on the 7,7-litre OM 936 turbodiesel, This year, Volvo has launched a methane delivered pre-service test results suggesting
producing similar outputs of 222 kW (302 hp) gas-fuelled version of the FE range, designated that it will return significant fuel consumption,
and 1 200 Nm in CNG-fuelled format. FE CNG, which is primarily intended for CO2 emissions and noise-level benefits over
Unique components for the CNG version short driving cycles involving frequent stop- the equivalent diesel model. MAN reports
include an asymmetrical turbine turbocharger, starts, including refuse collection and local substantial interest in the possibility of operating
charge-air ducting, a spark-plug and coil-ignition distribution duties. (Methane is the generic CNG fuelled trucks among fleet owners in Brazil,
system, exhaust gas recirculation equipment name for both natural gas and biogas, with the Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and Venezuela.
and lightweight carbon-fibre-encased steel gas former emanating from deposits beneath the From a local perspective, the delay in the
cylinders. earths crust, while the latter is extracted from phasing-in of Euro-5-type fuels in South Africa will
The inherently soot-free combustion decomposed organic material.) add additional momentum to local arguments
characteristics of the gas engine have obviated The Volvo FE CNG is equipped with a short in favour of gas as an alternative. Presently, the
the need for a particulate filter, leaving exhaust day cab, and uses an all-new, nine-litre G9K lack of a comprehensive distribution system for
emissions to be processed through a three-way Euro-6 engine fitted with spark-plug technology, any form of gas-based fuel in the country is an
catalytic converter. producing power and torque outputs of obstacle, but its protagonists are advocating
This power unit is claimed to be quieter than 240 kW (320 hp) and 1 356 Nm, respectively. shorter-term importation of natural gas, ahead
its diesel counterpart across the entire engine The engine draws fuel from a 160 m fuel tank of large-scale local or regional exploitation, in
speed range. Features and specifications of the and is partnered by a six-speed fully automatic order to develop the market for this type of
latest Econic line-up were detailed in the June transmission. fuel.
2013 FOCUS, and the CNG-fuelled NGT version Meanwhile, in Brazil, MAN Latin America Wider use of CNG by the taxi industry,
continues to follow that general description. has put a CNG-fuelled Volkswagen Constellation and some adoption of this fuel by city and
Last July, we reported on the latest updates 24.280 prototype into service on a six-month suburban bus fleets, could also be supportive

Volvo Trucks has introduced a methane

gas-fuelled version of the FE distribution

November 2014 |FOCUS| 53


developments. Clean fuel availability is becoming

a key issue in ensuring the safe, environmentally
acceptable and sustainable operation of
transport, and the country needs a clear and
affordable strategy going forward to achieve
these goals.

Hinos Aussie Hot Rod

Australias light-duty truck market 3500 to
8 000 kg gross vehicle mass (GVM) is very
similar to South Africas medium commercial
vehicle (MCV) market segment (3 500 to
8 500 kg GVM), with the important difference
being that it excludes integral panel vans, which
are reported separately down under.
In 2013, Australian light-duty truck sales
totalled 8 550 units, and the suppliers were Hino Australia has added a 151 kW option
headed up by Isuzu (38 percent market to its 300 Series range.

share), Fuso (21,8 percent share) and Hino

(20,3 percent share). This makes it an The fact that the top power output is of the once great British motor industry gained
important battleground for these Japanese available only in the automatic transmission momentum and became a self-consuming rush
brands, and Isuzus dominant position in light version is interesting, and follows the lead to virtual extinction.
trucks has contributed significantly to its overall of some manufacturers at the top end of Just to recap, that process had started as
leadership of the Australian truck market for the heavy-duty market that will only pair early as 1925, and eventually encompassed
the past 25 consecutive years. their most powerful engines with automated a whole slew of iconic car, truck and bus
Consequently, major efforts are being transmissions, thus protecting their drivelines brands including Leyland, Albion, Scammell,
made by Japanese manufacturers to provide from the ravages of over-zealous driving! AEC, Thornycroft, Aveling-Barford, Guy, Daimler,
Australian operators with exactly the vehicles Clearly, with these flagship 300 Series Triumph, Rover, Jaguar, Austin, Morris,
that they want, and specification levels are models, Hino has set out to create a drivers Wolseley, MG, Riley and Bristol.
constantly on the rise. Features now to be found truck, and has included features such as The end result was the breaking up of
regularly on Australian market light trucks overdrive ratios in both transmissions, the British Leyland empire (which had been
include state-of-the-art entertainment systems, a suspended drivers seat, dual airbags, an politically engineered to contain all of the
satellite navigation, reversing cameras, ABS, entertainment system and vehicle stability aforementioned), and the sale of most of its
disc brakes and stability control. control in the specifications. remaining constituents to foreign capital. Alas,
As can be seen from the 2013 results, Hino Hinos advertising of this premium light many of them did not survive the process, and
has some catching up to do. The Toyota-owned truck can only be described as interesting. today, the Leyland Catherine wheel logo can
company has frequently stated its intention The ad shows a 921 chassis engaged in a tug- only be seen adorning Indian Ashok Leyland
to chase down Number One in the Aussie of-war with another truck of similar size, facing products.
market, so an aggressive approach to light away from the camera to hide any identification. However, Leylands name does still live
truck marketing is an important component of However, any knowledgeable observer would on in the commercial vehicle industry, as
that strategy. immediately recognise its distinctive cab shape Leyland Trucks Limited, but not as a vehicle
Earlier this year, Hino shook up the as being that of the market leader! brand. Since 1998, it has been a subsidiary
status quo by putting a five-litre JO5E engine, Although no comment is offered, the Hino of American trucking family Paccar Inc, and is
developing 151 kW, and 600 Nm of torque, looks extremely composed, apparently winning today the United Kingdom (UK) production and
into a 300 Series truck. Thats right, a 205 hp the battle, while the competitor is wreathed in development base of that group.
engine in a truck rated at 8,5 t GVM, or even smoke, presumably coming from its spinning The company currently employs more than
in a 4,5 t GVM version that is also available for tyres being pulled mercilessly backwards. The 750 people, and its facilities occupy 60 000 m
operation with a car drivers licence! By way of ads headline reads: Australias most powerful of space in the famous town. These include a
comparison, the equivalent South African 915 light-duty truck. And its an auto. Provocative, parts distribution centre, and a design and
model has a four-litre engine rated at 110 kW indeed! development facility employing 100 engineers.
(147 hp). During July, Leyland Trucks celebrated the
The Aussie line-up includes the 920 model, Whats happening at Leyland? production of the 125 000th DAF LF light
which has its JO5E engine down rated to There was a time when the town of Leyland, to medium-duty truck with these products
139 kW (189 hp)/510 Nm (still very substantial in the English county of Lancashire, the home having been supplied to the UK, European,
outputs in this mass class) and is equipped with of Leyland Motors Limited, would have been Israeli, Malaysian, Australian and South
Hinos MZZ6F six-speed manual transmission, many peoples choice as heavy truck and bus American markets.
and the 921 with fully rated, five-litre engine and capital of the world. This was certainly the case The Leyland operations current production
Aisin A465 six-speed automatic gearbox. in the 1950s, before the ill-fated consolidation includes Euro-6 DAF LFs, covering the GVM

54 |FOCUS| November 2014


GPS-controlled cruise-control system, Electronic distortion of the valve head at the seating ring.
Stability Programme, Emergency Brake Assist, The pistons are manufactured from forged
Lane Guard System, and Adaptive Cruise steel, enabling the use of shorter pistons with
Control. longer connecting rods, resulting in reduced
Other D38 features include XL, XLX and surface contact between piston and cylinder
XXL cab sizes, left or right-hand steering, and a liner wall, and less wear.
selection of axle/drive configurations including The D3876 induction system consists of
4x2, 6x2 with mid or rearmost drive axles, 6x4 two-stage exhaust turbocharging, and two-
tandem drive, and 8x4 tandem drive. stage charge air cooling. The two differently
The D3876 engine has a number of sized turbochargers are connected in series,
interesting design features. The engine is with the smaller, high-pressure unit tasked to
constructed from a number of different optimise low-speed response, while the larger
materials, with the block and cylinder head unit comes more into play at higher speeds
and loads.
The third-generation, common-rail fuel-
injection system operates at pressures of up
to 2 500 bar, providing pre-, main- and post-
injection events. Euro-6 emissions compliance
has been achieved through a combination of
cooled external high-pressure exhaust gas
recirculation, selective catalytic reduction, and a
closed particulate filter employing continuously
regenerating technology. MAN claims that
this combination reduces AdBlue usage by
60 percent when compared to a Euro-5
The engine also has foam-filled
encapsulated cable harnesses to
eliminate vibration fatigue, and a demand
controlled two-cylinder air compressor of
476 cc displacement, which is brought
spectrum from 7,5 to 18 t, into operation only when required. Engine
and powered by four and six- braking is provided by an exhaust valve brake
cylinder Paccar PX engines. (340 kW retardation at 2 400 r/min), or a
Turbo EVB, which increases the retardation
MANs new engine The 480 kW D3876 level to 600 kW at 2 400 r/min.
is the flagship engine in
At the end of June, MAN Truck and Bus Last December, we asked: Has Euro 6
MANs Euro-6 line-up.
revealed details of its new D3876 engine (which put the lid on the power race at the top of
you might have read about on page 25 of the global truck market? The arrival of the
FOCUS October), prior to its appearance in the made of cast iron with vermicular graphite, D3876 may have provided a partial answer to
TGX 41.640 8x4 heavy-duty truck-tractor at the the flywheel housing of aluminium, and the that question, as it is less powerful than MANs
2014 IAA show in Hanover (see page 14). sump and rocker cover of plastic construction. 500 kW (680 hp) D28 engine, launched as
This six-cylinder in-line diesel, which The cooling system is described as top-down, far back as 2007.
displaces 15,2 litres, can produce outputs with the liquid coolant pumped through the However, this new engine is also claimed to
of up to 480 kW (640 hp), and 3 000 Nm, engine from top to bottom, giving priority be 160 kg lighter than the Euro-5 D28 V8, so
and is the flagship of MANs Euro-6-compliant to high thermal stress areas such as the an argument can be made in favour of greater
engine line-up. injectors and exhaust valves. efficiency.
The TGX 41.640 is capable of working The system is also claimed to ensure even For the time being, however, it seems that
at gross combination mass (GCM) of up to cooling of all cylinders, drawing less engine Volvo Truckss 551 kW (750 hp) FH16 will
250 t, and, as part of MANs new TGX D38 power for the operation of the coolant pump. retain the title of worlds most powerful truck
truck range, is equipped with a new-generation The engine also employs domed valves, claimed that it gained in September 2011, until a new
TipMatic 2, 12-speed automated transmission, to be a first for truck diesels, which reduce Euro-6 champion is crowned. |FOCUS

Global FOCUS is a monthly update of international news relating to the commercial vehicle industry. It is compiled exclusively
for FOCUS by Frank Beeton of Econometrix. Do you have a comment or thought you would like to share based on this column?
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November 2014 |FOCUS| 55


Babcock Financial
Services to finance
DAF trucks
Babcock, sole importer and distributor of DAF trucks in the
southern African market, has announced that, with immediate
effect, it has established a dedicated finance company, Babcock
Financial Services, to provide finance for the purchase of DAF
Wilna Steyn, CEO of Babcock Africas transport solutions Hello Hino Tshwane
division, made the announcement in October, saying that this
development had been planned for some time and that she After many years, Hino Pretoria North is no more. Dont despair,

believes the offer of finance will significantly boost sales of DAF though Hino Tshwane is your new port of call in the 012, located

trucks in the South African market. at 1 Visagie Street, Pretoria West. Headed up by dealer principal

When we took on the DAF brand four years ago, we became Henk Viljoen, the new facility forms part of the Imperial Group

aware of the importance finance plays in the extra-heavy truck which also has three other Hino dealerships: Parrow, Nelspruit and

market. To address this issue, we initially entered into various Germiston.

joint ventures and partnerships with local banks to offer a On behalf of Hino SA, its my honour to thank the Imperial Group,

solution to our customer base. However, these solutions did Toyota South Africa Motors and Hino Motors Limited in Japan, for

not fully meet all the requirements of our customers, who were investing in the facility and relocating it here. What Henk and his

really looking for an in-house finance solution. The establishment team have done here is magnificent, says Ernie Trautman, Hino SA

of Babcock Financial Services will now meet these needs, vice president.

explains Steyn. Refurbishment and renovation of the 10 000 m2 facility cost

She adds that, in addition to the recent renewal of R2,1 million and took a year, explains Viljoen.

Babcocks DAF distribution contract for a further five years, Manned by an experienced team of 30, the new facility offers

this development also demonstrates Babcocks commitment to true one-stop convenience to its customers. In addition to the usual

servicing and growing the DAF brand in this country. sales, parts and finance solutions, the facility offers a state-of-the-

Within a very short period of time, Babcock Financial art drive-through workshop that can service up to 20 vehicles a

Services has already enjoyed a huge take-up from customers day. In the workshop are a brake tester, suspension tester and a

from all parts of South Africa and Steyn predicts that this will wheel-alignment system. There is also tyre fitment and balancing

grow very rapidly over the next 12 months. equipment.

It doesnt stop there though Also on site is body builder Jurgens
Steel Worx, while future plans include a certified roadworthy testing
station, overnight accommodation for drivers, stocking of body
panels to supply nearby panel beaters, as well as a dedicated used
truck refurbishing and sales operation.
Weekend servicing can be done by special arrangement and the
dealership has a 24-hour breakdown service and parts availability.
A Toyota Dyna is now being equipped as a mobile workshop that
can support, service and repair on the road or at a customers
The standard has just been raised you can do anything here,
says Trautman. Therefore, the customer expectation will also
increase So I have put a challenge to the staff of Hino Tshwane
do not maintain the standards youve achieved, raise the bar to the
next level. To the customers, I challenge you to utilise Hino Tshwane
and give them feedback. They want to provide the best level of
service you can find at a truck dealer, he concludes.

56 |FOCUS| November 2014


Pamodzi and FAW set up

new company

FAW South Africa has set up skills transfer, employment and

a company with the long- poverty alleviation.
established Pamodzi Group to The company will be involved
focus on business for trucks in in handling African business
South Africa and other countries relations, including dealing with
in sub-equatorial Africa. This new government departments, Altech Netstar
company, Pamodzi-FAW, has parastatals, private businesses acquires Fleetpro
a structured shareholding of and companies in Mozambique,
The purchase of FleetPro, a fleet and asset management solutions
51 percent held by Pamodzi and Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia,
provider, by Altech Netstar has established a strategic platform
49 percent by FAW South Africa. Namibia and Angola.
that will enable the company to offer its customers a fully
The official announcement of FAW CEO, Yusheng Zhang,
comprehensive range of fleet solutions, according to Harry Louw,
the venture was made at the says: We believe that Pamodzi- Altech Netstar managing director.
African International Aerospace FAW is in a good position to be a He says the acquisition is revolutionary in local fleet
Defence Exhibition which took major supplier of military vehicles management, as it closes the loop in the provision of an extensive
place at the Waterkloof Air Force in sub-Saharan Africa, as we suite of fleet solutions from a single provider. Altech Netstar has
Base in September. The new have 30 FAW dealerships in the seized the opportunity to expand its services to provide solutions
company had three trucks on region offering sales and service, for key southern African fleets, he adds. A strategic imperative
display, based on 6x6, 4x4, and or service only. They are backed for Altech Netstar is to deliver the most all-encompassing range
6x4, 343 kW (460 hp) truck up by a parts warehouse in of fleet solutions in the market, and the acquisition of FleetPro
provides a unique offering, while enhancing the companys position
tractor chassis cabs. The military Spartan, with stock worth almost
as technology leader in fleet management.
trucks recently underwent R80 million. There are also parts
FleetPros John Bell, who has been at the helm of the company
extensive testing and evaluation hubs in Cape Town and Durban.
since its inception, says the comprehensive package includes fleet
at the Gerotek facility, west of
finance and maintenance management; fuel, accident and fines
Pretoria. management; as well as personnel and driver management.
Ndaba Ntsele, chairman of Our fully integrated fleet management, rental and leasing
Pamodzi-FAW, explains: We system already has a successful history of providing large and
see Pamodzi-FAW as a total small fleets in southern Africa, Africa, the Middle East and Europe
business partnership and not a with optimal management advantages and competitive bottom-line
BEE venture. We view it as an results. The acquisition of Fleetpro by Altech Netstar takes the
important building block aligned companys offerings and solutions in fleet and asset management
to government imperatives that From left: FAW deputy CEO: Jianyu to a much higher level, with the opportunity to extend these beyond
Hao, FAW executive director: Richard the present borders, he points out.
prioritise localisation, as well as Leiter,Minister of Defence and
Military Veterans: Nosiviwe Masipa- Louw says that the extended range of complementary services
industrialisation, which are key
Nqakula,FAW CEO: Yusheng Zhang, available to both Altech Netstar and FleetPro clients is in line with
when addressing issues such as and FAW CFO: Haichuan Teng.
collaborative initiatives aimed at bringing business value to clients.

Twice as nice
The oil change intervals on diesel engines are doubled to 500 hours and the oil has showed no
on the rise as products are becoming cleaner signs of fatigue. It has also been proved that the
and more efficient but a helping hand is always product provides a lower rate of oil consumption
welcome, which Fuchs aims to provide. when compared to products used previously.
The company has launched a new engine oil; It adds that reduced fuel consumption, high
Titan Cargo MC 10W-40, which is suitable for all wear protection and fast oil circulation after
diesel engines with or without turbochargers start are additional advantages that Titan Cargo
in trucks, buses and industrial machinery. MC 10W-40 provides. The performance of
Fuchs states that the drain intervals of Titan Cargo MC 10W-40 makes extremely long
competitive products are around 250 hours. oil change intervals possible, based on the truck
With this product, these intervals have been manufacturers recommendations.

November 2014 |FOCUS| 57


FAW tippers keep Ross

Demolition on track

Ross Demolition (RD), headquartered in Cape Town, has

prospered for 116 years. It has survived many tough economic
times, spanning four generations of a family of engineers.
At present, Robert Ross and his son John manage the
business, which engages in contract demolition work across
the whole of South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, on a
contract basis. The business relies heavily on a competent fleet
of trucks to ensure all projects remain profitable, and continue
to uphold its reputation for delivering on its promises.
This is exactly where the companys fleet of FAW vehicles,
Racking up some mainly extra-heavy tipper trucks, is integral to its success. Our
recognition first FAW trucks to join the RD fleet were purchased to service
contracts in Africa, where uncomplicated, easy-to-drive and
Green is certainly the new black, as being environmentally friendly is the
easy-to-maintain trucks were the main criteria for completing
norm in todays society. Some, however, go above and beyond CNH
our excavation contracts with minimum downtime, explains
Industrial, a global player in the capital goods sector, has been named
Robert Ross.
Industry Leader for 2014 by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSIs)
At present, we operate 28 FAW units, mostly the proven
World and Europe indexes. and robust 28.280FD tippers. I am very happy with the
This is the fourth year in a row that the company has racked up operational efficiencies were getting. In most cases, we are
DJSIs top position with the 2014 assessment resulting in a score of realising superb fuel consumption at 2,3 to 2,8 litres per
87/100 for CNH Industrial, compared with an average of 50/100 for kilometre.
the participating companies in the machinery and electrical equipment Working in difficult and dusty, uneven terrain, dealing
industry. with steep gradients on and off site, and heavy payloads, we
In response to the news of CNH Industrials appointment as opted for a shorter-wheelbase configuration and a 400-litre
Industry Leader, CEO Richard Tobin expressed appreciation for the fuel tank. The Euro-2, Weichai WD 615,50 engines give us a
respectable 206 kW, with an effective torque of 1160 Nm to
acknowledgement of the companys work in sustainability: The worthwhile
pull payloads some beyond the prescribed 12-t parameter.
practices and activities we promote are essential for future strategic
The FAW trucks have succeeded admirably in all our initial
development. They provide us with a solid and ethical basis by which to
trials. The first units coped beyond our expectations, thus
conduct our business worldwide.
weve deployed them on all our projects; locally and across
CNH Industrial received the highest score in the principal areas of the border, from confined inner-city projects to distant mass-
analysis in the environmental dimension (which includes environmental excavation sites, he adds.
policies and management systems, climate strategy and water-related John Ross explains: Our fleet is efficient, robust and
risks), as well as in the economic dimension (comprising supply chain and reliable. Our drivers are well trained. We employ sound fleet-
innovation management). management systems, including trackers, to ensure that we
get the necessary performance to maintain our margins.

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58 |FOCUS| November 2014


Built for

R680 000 28.380 FT - 380 HP

Chassis cab only
R680 000 excl. VAT. R775 200 incl.VAT.


Success on the move
Bloemfontein (051) 432-3332 George (044) 802-0900 Mthatha (039) 727-6200 Pretoria West (012) 372-1323
Botswana Gaborone (00267) 3163200 Harrismith (058) 622-2486 Namibia (+264) 61 266224 Randburg (011) 791-0355
Botswana Francistown (00267) 2415458 Kimberley (053) 836-5500 Nelspruit (013) 757-0585 Shelley Beach (039) 315-0012
Cape Town (021) 987-1909 Klerksdorp (018) 462-4041 Pinetown (031) 700-5167 Vereeniging (016) 455-5131
East Rand (011) 392-1530 Malelane (013) 790-0341 Port Elizabeth (041) 819-9888 Vredendal (027) 213-1090
Ermelo (017) 811-5225 Middelburg (013) 246-2606 Pretoria East (012) 804-3699 Wonderboom 072 110 5678 November 2014 |FOCUS| 59


Commercial vehicle sales report for september 2014

Note: For the time being, Great Wall Motors SA (Pty) Ltd will only report aggregated sales data. The GWMSA market split
volumes are estimates based on historical trends and forecasting techniques.

Light Commercial Vehicles < 3 501 kg Total: 15 179

AMH 764
Fiat Group 15
Ford Motor Company 2 973
GMSA 2 619
GWM estimate 176
Jaguar/Land Rover 59
JMC 51
Mahindra 181
Mercedes-Benz SA 4
Mitsubishi Motors SA 102
Nissan 2 409
Peugeot Citron SA 17
Renault 12
TATA 138
Toyota 5 226
Volkswagen SA 433

Medium Commercial Vehicles 3 501 8 500 kg Total: 904

AMH 13
Fiat Group 21
Ford Motor Company 18
GMSA 173
Iveco 50
JMC 21
Mercedes-Benz SA 184
Peugeot Citron SA 3
Toyota 229
UD Trucks 58
Volkswagen SA 78

Heavy Commercial Vehicles 8 501 16 500 kg Total: 487

FAW 25
GMSA 126
Iveco 4
Mercedes-Benz SA 54
Powerstar 2
Toyota 102
UD Trucks 115

Extra-Heavy Commercial Vehicles > 16 500 kg Total: 1 247

Babcock DAF 34
FAW 26
Iveco 20
MAN 130
Mercedes-Benz SA 407
Powerstar 35
Renault Trucks 39
Scania 151
Toyota 40
UD Trucks 124
Volvo Trucks 177

Buses > 8 500 kg Total: 119

Iveco 18
MAN 50
Mercedes-Benz SA 22
Scania 21

*Source: National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa).

60 |FOCUS| November 2014


bustrains: a true

SA bus seat No sleepless nights over

manufacturers in the distortions in public
hot seat for survival! transport?

MAN and Buscor make


The culmination of a seven-year journey, Buscor has just taken delivery of a world-first fleet of 12 MAN
HB3 bi-articulated buses. GAVIN MYERS hops onboard

ost of South Africas bus safety, reduced environmental impact and Fitted for safety, driver convenience
industry and public transport traffic congestion, and quicker travel times for and passenger comfort are a ZF intarder,
aficionados should be quite commuters. electronic braking system, full air suspension, an
familiar with Nelspruit-based The transport sector is the heartbeat of 80 km/h speed limiter, seatbelts on all seats,
operator, Buscor. The company, according to social and economic development; it is central to three escape hatches and two maintenance-
executive chairperson Nora Fakude-Nkuna, South Africas growth trajectory. Transporting free Hbner articulation couplings. A kneeling
has been rated the best-managed commuter 137 people at once reduces the number of system lowers the chassis for easy access.
transport company in Africa and, since 2007, people standing, promoting productivity. We While the prototype ran on super-single
has been in the headlines for its pioneering are truly grateful and congratulate everyone in tyres, the new four-axle units sport dual
bustrain project. this initiative, says Minister of Transport Dipuo wheels, which significantly improve vehicle
With the blessing of the national Peters. stability. A drag-reducing aerodynamic frontal
Department of Transport and MAN Truck We need to, literally, move South Africa design helps improve fuel consumption and
& Bus South Africa, Buscor developed and forward. MAN and Buscor must remain our airflow to the cooling system, which has been
tested ten bi-articulated bustrains (or double- partners, she enthuses. designed to handle Mpumalangas sub-tropical
bendies as theyre affectionately nicknamed Geoff du Plessis, managing director of temperatures, says Philip Kalil-Zackey, head of
by the MAN staff). The prototypes were put MAN Truck & Bus SA, says that the challenge bus sales at MAN Truck & Bus SA.
through a 2,2 million kilometre pilot project, to supply a bus fit to carry Buscor into the The buses are also fitted with bright yellow
transporting a total of 3,3 million passengers. future was multifaceted. It demanded a great handles and grab rails to help the visually
Following some fine-tuning of the prototypes, deal of teamwork between Buscors technical impaired and some of the units will be fitted with
the vehicles were granted full Performance department, MANs engineering divisions in a wheelchair lift system.
Based Standard (PBS) certification (see sidebar) Munich, Germany, Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal Buscor was discerning in selecting 35 of its
and 12 new fully compliant bi-articulated buses and Oifantsfontein, Gauteng, as well as road best drivers to take the helm of the bustrains.
have now been handed over to the company. transport engineers specialising in the design They needed to have a minimum of five years
Buscors goal to field a fleet of 50 and testing of abnormal-length vehicles. behind the wheel of an articulated unit and were
bi-articulated vehicles has gained critical He adds: Not only are these the longest sent for training for the National Certificate in
momentum. These buses will be used during buses in Africa, they are also the longest Professional Driving (NCPD) qualification, as well
peak-density periods, significantly reducing the bi-articulated front-engined bustrains in the as advanced skidpan and vehicle manoeuvrability
number of vehicles required, says Fakude- world that are allowed to operate without route driver training at the Gerotek testing facility.
Nkuna. restrictions. With over 70 percent of Buscor commuters
With capacity for 172 passengers (137 The vehicles consist of the MAN HB3 4x2 coming from surrounding rural communities, the
seated and 35 standing), a full bustrain can prime mover, which is powered by the 287 kW buses and their drivers have to be prepared to
take up to 60 cars off the road with clear (390 hp) Euro-3, common-rail D20 diesel engine tackle all manner of road conditions and utmost
advantages for increased efficiency and road with TipMatic automated manual transmission. vehicle durability and driver professionalism are

62 |FOCUS| November 2014


non-negotiable. After all, Buscors 415 buses

complete 160 000 passenger trips per day
(without the articulated units, the company
would field a fleet of over 700 vehicles)! A pioneering spirit
Its little wonder, therefore, that the
company is known for its professionalism and Leon Grobbelaar, group technical PBS certification, meaning these buses
forward thinking. Many of our countrys much manager at Buscor, has driven Buscors may travel on all roads. Its been proved
smaller operations would do well to follow its bustrain project since inception. He that PBS vehicles reduce congestion on
lead. |FOCUS explains the intricacies of piloting this first- our roads and have a reduced risk of
of-a-kind project. being involved in an accident. PBS can
When one wants to put a 27-m long definitely improve road safety and save a
bus on the road, one has to ensure the lot of money.
vehicle exceeds all safety requirements, Grobbelaar says that the
and that the operator has done everything implementation of RTMS at Buscor was
to ensure that its operated as safely as important as building the bi-articulated
as possible, he begins. The way to buses. The company initiated the RTMS
do it is to design the vehicle to meet accreditation process in April 2012 and
Performance Based Standards (PBS) was granted accreditation in October
and for the company to receive Road 2012 becoming the first bus company
Transport Management System (RTMS) in South Africa to do so.
accreditation. The implementation of these
Todays regulations only address standards has directly contributed to
dimensional and weight requirements and significant safety, compliance and
not necessarily the on-road performance efficiency improvements, he notes.
of the vehicle, but, through the innovation Buscor has been able to monitor key
of PBS, a 27-m bi-articulated bus has a performance indicators and implement
better turning ability than a 22-m single- appropriate measures to ensure
articulated bus. It also causes less road continual improvement.
wear per tonne payload, compared to With these 12 new PBS vehicles and
other bus types, when at full capacity, he our RTMS accreditation, Buscor is ready
enthuses. to provide a safe and reliable service that
Following years of prototype testing will change the face of public transport
the design of the vehicles was optimised, in both Mpumalanga and the country,
MAN Truck & Bus MD, Geoff du Plessis, hands over
the key to Buscors Nora Fakude-Nkuna, with Minister allowing the company to achieve Level 1 Grobbelaar concludes.
of Transport Dipuo Peters, MEC for Public Works and
Transport DG Nhlengethwa and Kgosi Mokwena.

November 2014 |FOCUS| 63


take a


Bus seats are sometimes not given the attention they deserve, even though they are vital to the safety
and comfort of passengers. CLAIRE RENCKEN speaks to a couple of local bus seat manufacturers about
the challenges they face

eat manufacturing companies light of our governments weak stance when it 1997 has only now doubled in price. What has
find that operating in the South comes to the protection of local content. The happened with the pricing of other components
African market is tough. The bus rapid transit (BRT) tenders have proved and buses? It could be an interesting exercise
new bus market comprises only that local content is just a popular phrase, to make the comparisons, he notes.
around 1 500 buses annually, which is very but that no action is taken to drive it and assist He goes on to explain that seat
small compared to other African countries. local manufacturers to protect themselves, manufacturing companies do not have the
Furthermore, we are also faced with a growing he adds. luxury of part sales to boost profits and must,
Chinese presence. The pricing difference Sadly, Wolmarans has also noticed that therefore, make their money on the sale
between local and imported Chinese products some local bus body manufacturers expect of products. This has become exceptionally
is huge and no South African bus body builder unrealistic discounts from seat manufacturing difficult. As a result of the small market and
or seat supplier can compete, explains Peter companies. Local component suppliers oversupply of manufacturing capacity, the few
Wolmarans, director of Seat King. are facing serious challenges in terms of major seat manufacturers are fighting little
We will see more and more buses being profitability. We are looked upon to subsidise price wars to please the original equipment
imported from China. At present, it is mostly the ever-increasing prices of buses and bus manufacturers (OEMs) and some major
semi-luxury and luxury units, but theres nothing components, due to the worsening of the rand corporate operators.
to stop the Chinese manufacturers from exchange rate. A prime example is that the All this will just lead to more Chinese
bringing in commuter buses, particularly in seat with which we started our business in products coming into South Africa, more job

64 |FOCUS| November 2014


opportunities lost, and more crime. The time has designs and models have been introduced
come for the local OEM market to understand from time to time, mainly driven by marketing
that the local seat manufacturing business is in hype and the need for differentiation, the
danger of disappearing, and that they, as huge major market requirement has been for
international conglomerates, need to assist and cost-effective, practical seating, which can
protect the smaller component manufacturers. contribute to a cost-effective bus operation for
As a small South African manufacturing the operator.
company, we have no alternative but to diversify Thankfully, its not all doom and gloom.
into other products and focus our efforts in Brittz adds: Local content requirements
other markets, he says. for transport products allow us to capitalise
Charles Brittz, a director at Ulrich Seats, on our international technology and supply
highlights another challenge facing local bus relationships, by industrialising world-class
seat manufacturers: The cyclical nature of products suitable for the local market. Our
the market, driven mainly by state/provincial lower cost base and reduced import costs
and metropolitan planning and funding, give us a competitive advantage, which has
dictates a short-term strategy, to minimise the enabled us to operate a sustainable business
business risk inherent in the uncertain market for 24 years.
conditions. In terms of the actual manufacturing
When asked how the local industry process at Seat King, it is done in-house with
measures up to its international counterparts, the exception of foam, powder coating and
Brittz has the following to say: The majority trimming materials, such as vinyl and cloth,
of seat models manufactured locally are at which are contracted out.
the lower end of the market, in terms of Computer numerical control (CNC) bending
technologies and styling, compared to Europe. machines are used, as well as a variety of other
Seats originating from and targeted at the equipment, to ensure that quality control is
developing markets are technologically maintained. Seat samples are subjected to
equivalent at best, but in our experience are various tests, which are undertaken on our
not comparable in respect of durability. in-house testing equipment, in order to satisfy
Invariably the durability requirements management and clients that the products
demanded by operating conditions are not are always manufactured in line with the
recognised and catered for. While new seat requirements of the South African Bureau of
Standards (SABS), explains Wolmarans.
Our major strength is that we continuously
develop new products and improve the strength
and comfort of existing seats. Our new luxury
recliner seat has been well received by major
operators as it competes well with the luxury
seats in imported coaches. A new concept
commuter seat, SK 2020, is gaining more
and more market acceptance as the shape
changes the historic perception of commuter
seats, he adds.
An exciting new development for Ulrich
Seats over the last few years has been the
introduction of a locally designed and produced,
new-generation city commuter seat for the new
BRT/metro bus operations. This seat, targeted
specifically at short-distance commuters, has
additional moulded foam trim pads for added
passenger comfort.
So, what might the future hold for local bus
seat manufacturers? Wolmarans concludes:
It is not only the bus seat manufacturers, but
the bus manufacturing market as a whole,
which will require serious assistance from
the government to, among other things, take
Seat King offers a range of cloth and vinyl choices and is constantly looking at new patterns
and improved quality. All seats, with the exception of two models, for which it would be a serious stand on the protection of local
impractical, can legally be fitted with three-point safety belts. content. |FOCUS

November 2014 |FOCUS| 65


Amongst a spate of recent European orders, FRANK BEETON uncovers an interesting development at
VDL Bus and Coach

he bus chassis manufacturing Most recently, Berlin Transport will include the Paccar 10,8 and 12,9-litre
division of VDL Bus and Coach NV Authority, in Germany, has reportedly MX series, and smaller displacement Paccar-
of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, placed an order for 236 Cummins-powered badged Cummins units.
first came into being in 1993, VDL Citea buses. We have also noted, Paccars own use of Cummins-sourced
when it absorbed the formerly spun-off however, that the Citea range can be engines for its lighter truck ranges adds
bus operation of DAF, the European truck supplied with a Cursor nine-litre engine further credence to VDLs new direction.
specialist manufacturer within the Paccar
In the interim, most VDL buses and
The reason for VDLs switch from DAF power
coaches have been equipped with DAF-
sourced engines and major components
is reported as the non-availability of the
as standard equipment. However, a recent latters 9,2-litre PR engine in Euro-6 format.
overseas media report has alerted us to a
change in the status quo.
During January and February, VDL from Fiat Powertrain Technologies, if a VDL will, however, remain with DAF power
supplied 19 Citea LLE-120 integral city larger displacement option, than those in its coach range, using the new 10,8-litre
buses to a Finnish operator, equipped with available from within the Cummins ISB Paccar MX-11 engine.
Cummins ISB 6,7-litre Euro-6 diesel engines. family, is required. It seems likely that the self-supporting
In April, a Belgian operator ordered 120 The reason for VDLs switch from DAF VDL chassis supplied to the South African
Citea SLF-120 Hybrid buses, powered by power is reported as the non-availability of the market will also follow this route once the
the Cummins ISB 4,5-litre engine, coupled latters 9,2-litre PR engine in Euro-6 format. appropriate fuel quality becomes available
to Siemens series hybrid systems. DAFs Euro-6 power units for its own products locally. |FOCUS

VDL goes Euro 6 with


66 |FOCUS| November 2014


A treatment that shines through
What makes Dura-Bright special is improvement in corrosion resistance; and,
that its not a coating, but a surface due to less hazardous material used in
treatment that penetrates the aluminium their production, increased environmental
to become an integral part of the wheel sustainability.
meaning it will not chip, crack, peel or Other benefits of the wheels include
corrode. ease of maintenance (cleaning, for
Alcoa says that the Dura-Bright EVO example, simply requires soap and water)
wheels have two to three times enhanced and, as with all Alcoa Forged Aluminium
hydrofluoric acid resistance; chemical wheels, enhanced brake, tyre life and
resistance between pH levels of two to 12 increased fuel efficiency. Alcoa also offers
(as opposed to just five to nine); a tenfold a five-year warranty.

RRT to become a work of art

Public transport stations have become Tshepang Maelangwe, assistant curator

much more than a means of commuting and Chanell Steyn, junior curator.
from point A to B they have been Muaaz Gani, marketing and
transformed into environmental communications manager for the RRT,
ambassadors that are adorned with comments: Our curator team has done
relevant artwork and Rustenburgs extensive research and went through a
new public transport stations wont be number of portfolios to find local artists who
excluded. may be suited for training to provide art for
September saw the start of a public public spaces. They are running workshops hardwearing materials, such as metal,
art programme that will see new and as an initial step in the development of art stone, mosaic and concrete, and installed
established young artists participate in for the public transport network. at stations.
creating artwork for the stations that form He adds that art themes, to which Artists whose work is selected will
part of the Rustenburg Rapid Transport people can easily relate, will be created oversee the production of their concepts.
(RRT) system. and concepts will be produced. Arising Station construction will commence in
The programme is being managed out of this process, the Rustenburg local 2015 and the public art will be one of the
by Clive van den Berg, an award-winning municipality will select final artworks final elements to be added before they are
public art curator and designer, Sylvester that will ultimately be produced using opened for operation.

Great Looks - Easy Maintenance
t Higher chemical and corrosion resistence
t Less weight and improved heat dispensation means better
payload, fuel efficiency, tyre and brake life
t Increased environmental sustainability
t Easy to clean
tFive-year warranty
t A revolutionary breakthrough in wheel treatments

November 2014 |FOCUS| 67

Alcoa South Africa (Pty) Ltd | Tel: 011 894 6640 | Fax: 011 894 6107 | email: |

By the time you read this, the e-toll review committee should have released its report. As this column
has tediously repeated up to now, there is no easy way out at this stage. Contracts have been signed,
money has been spent and loans must now be repaid. So lets use the Christmas break to reflect on how
we got into this state and to start thinking about damage control in the future

good place to start would be the passengers get about 1 200 times the subsidy Oh please! The exact opposite has been
annual October Public Transport that taxi passengers get! happening. In Johannesburg the introduction
Month, which has been running Taxi passengers can take comfort though. of BRT has resulted in duplication of services,
for 20 years now. It has become The handout tells us that the scrapping separate ticket systems and poor coordination,
a meaningless charade, and its time someone allowance has gone up from R66 000 to even within the BRT system itself. Not to
pulled the plug on it. All it achieves is to transfer R70 000, that taxi operators can become mention Gautrain; which operates a completely
funds from the taxpayer to the printing and shareholders in bus rapid transport (BRT) different fare system as well as an ineffective
catering industries. companies and that qualifying taxi operators bus feeder service. The story in Cape Town is
Im looking at a four-page handout included are exempt from paying tolls. Big deal! not much better.
with the New Age newspaper on October 1. But lets stay with rail for now. As part of A final nit-pick from the October handout,
There are 26 pictures in it, including one of a October Transport Month, Metrorail introduced which claims that billions of rand have been
Gautrain as well as one of a new Prasa train. a Business Express between Soccer City and allocated towards improving the lives of millions
Both of them are standing next to platforms Johannesburg station. If we look up the latest of train commuters The reality is that today
that are completely devoid of passengers. rail fares well discover that in Gauteng you can there are less than one million South Africans
Another picture shows a minibus taxi loading travel 100 km by rail (third class) for R10,50 who use trains each day. Spending R51 billion
a queue of 17 people. At least it is doing some thats the cash fare its even cheaper if on new trains to keep them happy sounds like
work! This is a metaphor for public transport you buy a weekly or monthly ticket. (For some a poor investment to me. Rather shave that to
in South Africa, where underperforming reason that completely beats me, it costs R40 billion and put the remainder into fixing the
modes get plenty of money, while existing road more R12,00 if you live in Durban or Cape taxi industry. (The bus industry can fix itself).
passenger modes (ordinary buses and taxis) Town). So there we have it. Public transport users
are starved of both management and funds. Try travelling 100 km by minibus taxi and are underfunded in some places, overfunded
This seems to have escaped the organisers see how much it costs. You would probably in others. Different service levels apply and
of Public Transport Month, whose handout have to change twice and would pay between through-ticketing is non-existent.
states that Gautrain has transported 13 million R50 and R100, if not more. Dont expect the e-toll review committee to
people in 2013. No mention is made of the Dont these distortions bother anyone? pick up on any of this. My guess is that it will deal
subsidy sorry, patronage guarantee of Certainly not the authors of the October with issues like user pay, regressive tax and
R1 billion, which works out at R77 per supplement, which proudly claims that our cross-subsidy, all of which are quite clever, but
passenger trip. transport infrastructure has evolved from a tool which should initially be applied to the massive
The handout also mentions that the taxi under apartheid used to divide communities distortions in the way public transport is funded,
industry handles more than 15 million trips to one that brings South Africans together operated and paid for.
in a single day, and proudly announces that and connects them to economic activities. Sort these distortions out first, and we will
the government has spent R2,5 billion on taxi Doggedly, it presses on: Over the years a find that fewer people will travel by car. Then we
recapitalisation in the last 15 years. number of strategic transport investments wont need a fourth lane on any freeway.
Please check my math, but that amounts have moved us closer to an integrated rapid Have a congestion-free 2015! Just
to less than R0,06 per taxi trip. So Gautrain public transport network joking |FOCUS

Vaughan Mostert is a senior lecturer in the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management at the University of
Johannesburg. He developed a love for public transport early in life, which led to a lifelong academic interest in the subject.
Through Hopping Off, Mostert leaves readers with some parting food for thought as he continues his push for change in the
local public transport industry.

68 |FOCUS| November 2014

A Daimler Brand


If youre not onboard,

youll be left behind.
Our buses might wait for passengers but progress waits for no one. And, when it comes to public transport,
progress undoubtedly means lowering harmful greenhouse gases and fuel consumption.

Thats exactly what you get with our buses new Euro V engines, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Dual-Fuel technology.

The George Municipality is already onboard. Dont get left behind.

Call 0861 133 355 or visit for more information.

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Introducing Ctrack On-the-Road with video and snapshot functionality, a complete
in-vehicle system that features everything you need to ensure a more productive
and efficient fleet. Whats more, On-the-Road also offers task management,
advanced navigation, messaging, optimal routing, PIN enabled driver Always Visible
identification, voice communication and even driver behaviour feedback
keeping your drivers informed, on the move and always visible.



70 |FOCUS| November 2014