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NMBA IT 03: DATA COMMUNICATION & NETWORK Max. Hours : 40 Course Objectives ‘This course provides an in-depth discussion of computer networks. It includes a detailed discussion of the different Network Models. Unit I (08 Sessions) Fundamentals of Communication System; Communicetion Links, Communication System Formats; Character Codes, Digital Data Rates; Asynchronous and Synchronous Data. Types of signals: AM; FM; PM; PCM; PDM; TDMA; FDMA; SDMA; CDMA: ASK; FSK; PSK Features: Error detection and correction codes; Hamming codes, Unit 11 (U8 Sessions) LAN topologies: Workstation; Server; Cables; Types of Ethernet; Broadband and base-band; Optical Fibers; Network Interface Card, Unit III (08 Sessions) Networks and accessories: LAN, MAN, WAN; Hub: Bridges; Switches; Routers; Gateways Cell Relay; Frame Relay; ISDN; B-ISDN Unit IV (08 Sessions) OSI Model; Broadcastin Socket; ATM: Tunneling: Multicasting; Point-to-point communication; IP Addressing, Concepts of Port; {irtual Private Network. Network Operating systems: Unix; Linux; Windows. Unit V (08 Sessions) Mobile Communication: Applications of Mobile Communication; Wireless Communication: Bandwidth, Transmission Impairment, Interference, Terrestrial Microwave, Broadcast Radio, Infrared & Light Waves, Mobile Internet & WML: Mobile IP, Wireless TCP& UDP, WAP, WML SUGGESTED READINGS: 1, 2) Comer - Computer Networks and Internets (Pearson Education, 4th Ed.) 2. 3) Stallings W - Data Computer Communication (Pearson Education, 2003, 7th Ed.) 3. 4) Tanenbaum - Computer Networks (Prentice-Hall, 2004, 4th Ed.) 4,5) Black - Computer Networks (Prentice-Hall, 1999, 2nd Ed.)