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The Vital Forces and Particles of Life:

Akash, Prana, Kundalini, and Electricity

Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.
November 6, 2012

There are at least three distinct forces that emanate from our sun that are
not interdependent and cannot be converted into one another.
These include electric, prana, and kundalini.
The use of electricity is very well-known to our world.
Prana is a Sanskrit word which means, "to breathe."
The Kundalini is sometimes alternatively referred to as the Serpent Fire.
Those who are familiar with the esoteric philosophies and Eastern medicine
are well aware of prana and Kundalini.
The three mutually independent forces of electricity, prana, and kundalini
are briefly described below.

Electricity occurs as a result of movement of electrons within an electric
Electrons are negatively charged atomic particles that circulate around an
overall positive atomic core within a material.
These electrons are often arranged in pairs that fit within orbitals that are
arranged in well-defined energetic layers S, P, D, or F that fill and complete
energetic orbits around the positive nucleus.
The two companion electrons spin in opposite directions, one clockwise and
the other counterclockwise within an orbital, which are often designated as
spin numbers and - , respectively.
Generally speaking, the energies associated with the orbits that are closest
to the nucleus are higher due to the Coulombs Law of Attraction between
contrastingly charged particles, which states that the electrostatic force of
attraction is inversely proportional to the squared distance between the
oppositely charged particles.
The first electron orbit is often saturated with a single orbital within the S
As the distance between the electron orbit and the nucleus is increased,
additional energetic layers come to picture that include P, D, and F energetic
The second electron orbit can be filled with a total of 8 electrons that are
divided among the S, and P layers, with two electrons filling the associated
orbitals contained in each energetic layer.
Similarly, the third and fourth energetic orbits can be filled with 8 and 18
electrons respectively, which are distributed among the orbitals indigenous
to S, P, D, and F layers with an interesting pattern, although not within the
scope of our discussions here.
Suffice it to say, that by exciting the atomic structure of particular material
through, say, heat or vibration, it is possible to knock out one or a series of
the electrons from their well-designed orbits, causing polarization.
This way, an overall discrepancy of well-balanced charge within the
material/system is established.
Generally, a positive pole is developed when the negatively charged
electrons are knocked out of the system.
Conversely, a negative charge is created when a point receives electrons,
giving rise to a negative pole at the said point.
As charges of negativity and positivity are developed between two
contrasting poles, an electric potential is created between the two poles.
The tendency would be for the excess electrons to move from the negative
pole back to the positive pole.
If the two points are connected via, say, a wire, a shortening occurs.
An electric current, consisting of movement of electrons, flows from the
negative to the positive pole.
Ohms Law indicates that the current, I, flowing across the two points is
inversely proportional to the electric potential [difference in charge]
between the two points.
The latter, is often referred to as the voltage [designated as V], and the
constant of proportionality is called electric resistance R, which is measured
in Ohms.
The electrical resistance, R, simply denotes the resistance of the medium,
matrix, or material to flow of electricity.
Conversely, conductivity 1/R can be defined as the ability of the medium to
conduct electricity.
Metals, particularly, gold are found to be excellent conductors of electricity.
Human Beings constitute another source of conductivity for electric currents.
Many of our biological functions, namely as the synapses that occur within
our body are direct result of electric flow within our body.
Electrons are indigenous residents of human body.
Without them many electrochemical functions that take place within our
bodies would not be possible.
Electric force and electromagnetic force [EMF] are essential for our normal
functionality and survival.
And, electricity is very much provided to us as yet another Source of vital
importance from the sun.

Prana, which emanates from the Sun, enters the physical atoms that float
about the earth's atmosphere.
Prana is directly interactive with the Sun.
On sunny days there is more prana in the atmosphere, but on cloudy days
and at night there is less.
Prana is the force that interfaces with the third and fourth dimensions.
Prana forms into vitality globules that cause physical atoms to glow when it
enters them.
The combination of balanced feelings and clear thinking causes a reaction in
the body that allows it to assimilate more prana.
Prana is known as the force of vitality and the "life breath" of an organism.
Prana allows the astral body to communicate with the physical body by
means of the etheric double or sheath.
Through the etheric sheath, the prana runs along the nerves of the physical
body, amplifying its perception by uniting the fourth dimensional astral
world with the third dimensional physical world.
Prana enters our etheric body, and eventually our physical body, through the

When you acquire certain amount of consciousness through the Metatronic
Engine of Life, you become Alive.
Thereafter, you are everlasting, provided you can preserve your
consciousness units.
These conscious units equip you with a life force, which has many names in
different culture and spiritual philosophies.
The one we refer to, which is commonly used as a synonym to life force, is
called kundalini.
The purpose of life is to expanded our consciousness so we can increase our
kundalini, so we may, indeed, remain perpetual.
This is what mankind has quested for centuries by chasing to find fountains
of Youth, the well of eternity, etc.
And, all along, he/she is unaware of his/her true nature and eternal nature.
Mankind, who resides in Light, is constantly bombarded with Light, the
very essence of consciousness.
This Light which is provided from the solar system, gives life sustenance.
Our genetics are encoded to attract and absorb this divine light.
However, those who fall aside from the good and the Light, and who
willingly and purposefully join the Light for gaining favors and self-
indulgence, eventually become deprived from the life-preserving Light, and
thus, turn to parasitic act of vampirism.
By vampirism, it is inferred that they begin to leach on others to gain their
life energies.
This is done through inciting fear, anger, conflict, and other strong emotions
on others.
Emotions are one way that we can dissipate life energy, especially when they
are self-destructive and of a negative nature.
These emotions are often related to low-chakra dissipative acts which defy
expanded consciousness.
When we are born, our kundalini, our divine feminine Goddess, resides at
the very base of our root chakra.
It is safe there, and she is not to be disturbed until we gain adequate
expanded consciousness illustrative of about at least one octave increase in
our natural vibrational frequency, so we may ascend to the higher
Upon awakening and solid intend to attain such frequencies, our kundalini
begins to rise up our spine.
When it reaches our pineal chakra, and the seat of our soul, we attain Christ
consciousness and we are ready to enter the 5th dimension.
When our kundalini reaches the end of her journey and joins with our
masculine crown chakra, the process is completed.
We, then, acquire our full crystalline bodies and ascend to the 5th dimension.
Care must be taken as to not be plagued with any dissipative mechanism of
consciousness energy depletion.
In its simplest form, expanded consciousness occurs as a result of joyful
endeavors that would entice the conscious and the unconscious mind.
Conversely, worrying, anxiety, anger, jealousy, greed, fear, prejudice,
violence, etc., are all dissipative and culminate a reduction in natural
frequency as well as consciousness.
It is the law of attraction that states that those of the similar frequencies
resonate with one another.
Therefore, it is always better to try to resonate with those who possess high
consciousness without arrogance, false pride, and other aggravating traits
that may also lead to disgust and anger, both highly aggressive, diminishing
instigators of consciousness energy.
Avoiding of the low-chakra energy dissipative traits results in separation
from Dark energy parasites that thrive on negativity and inciting fear, anger,
and such in order to feed upon innocent people.
One needs to avoid these individuals with all intent and resolve.
It is said that sugar attracts bugs.
And, indeed, there is also such a thing as the Law of Opposite Attraction.
And this is, indeed, analogous to the case of electromagnetism that opposite
poles always attract one another.
Only care must be taken as to utterly safeguard against such opposites, as
they are the vampiric thieves of Light energy.
As they are deprived of receiving Light, they often resort to deceit, mind
control, and ultimately, plunder of ones precious life energies.

Akash: The Nexus of Life

The Earthen points of the New Crystalline Firmament, such as Newgrange,
are held in place by a nexus, a series of inter-connected spirals of energy that
carry conscious 'life-force' particulates of matter/non-matter between the
layers of the Cosmos.
These particles of intelligence maintain the cosmic purpose or "Codes" in
complete integrity, balance and harmony.
The 'Akash, nexus particles are encoded and programmed to expedite
transitions for the planned Ascension.
This includes the up-shift in human DNA.
More specifically, they are specialized coded energies that create new
This is one of the ways in which Earth and all that is related to it expands.
Newgrange is involved in the receival of these codes.
In its very balance, it interfaces all 12 dimensions, and thus a grounding
stabilization occurs.
Those metaphysicians prone to the delusional, to lofty, ungrounded,
grandiose meanderings, as often occur in such paths, will find themselves re-
centered in this nurturing energy blend.
Vortexes can become the distribution engines for both adamantine essence,
called akash, and higher dimensional energies received through portals.
Ether, the fifth element, generates a panacea, an essence we term akash or
adamantine from the inner realms of the planet.
Akash occurs in great abundance in the Canyon and provides a bounty of
benefits, beyond its tell-tale energy of well-being.
Etheric akash is, indeed, the rejuvenative elixir of life, and is merged
synergistically within the ionic plasma of the dynamic river.
The Grand Canyon is one of the largest and most complex library on our
In a true sense, the rafting through these fields in the canyon core is a
rebirthing process, regeneration within the chakric womb of Gaia.
Visiting the Grand Canyon in any location above or below is a beneficial
experience in terms of its effect on the human energy field.
A vast energy is emitted and amplified within its substratum, condensing and
rising to the rim where it spills over and feeds an enormous vortex that
circulates for hundreds of miles.
It is only within its depths that an incredibly more powerful energy pools.
These energy pools in the base of the canyon are quite unique in their
individual identity and expression, because above the rim, all of the
individual aspects are somewhat blended into the massive spinning vortex
that contains them all.
The floor of the canyon, the portions along the bottom between the
towering walls are ten-fold more powerful than the upper rim of the canyon,
containing concentrated energies that are in a continual state of
Electromagnetic energy, the basic source of ley energy, flows symmetrically
within the pancaked layer of each stratum.
When that stratum is sliced open at the cliffs and walls, this energy flows
into and amasses within the openings of the Canyon, where it is in boxed
It is charged further with the energy of all five elemental forces, and uniquely
so with the addition of the most rare element, akash, etheric life force.
The ionic field created by the brisk flow of the copper rich river amalgamates
with akash.
This creates a uniquely gentle stabilizing force that allows for the human
electromagnetic sheathe to interface extremely expansive energies without
fissuring under acute pressure differential.
As a result, the human EMF is so enhanced that it is quite unlikely for one to
experience negativity within this kinetic cornucopia, and quite likely to
experience a deep epiphany.
Auric field is expanded and dimensionally redefined with a greater paradigm.
One would not expect such a raw landscape to provide such a nurturing
embrace yet truly the Canyon is Gaias womb, indeed, nurturing occurs, a
true rebirth is provided by the serendipitous harmony of its stark dichotomy.
Those of senior age, those with slight infirmities who may have doubted
their veracity in signing on for such an arduous adventure soon find
themselves bursting with robust vitality, rejuvenated!
Accordingly, myriad benefits are enhanced, including a revitalization of the
body physical, indeed the life force, the libido is greatly augmented.
A clearing of the emotional field, a realignment of the chakras, mental
exuberance, and a vast expansion of the auric field will occur, must occur in
these natural forces.
After 3 days of staged expansion and balancing on the river, the auric field is
cleansed, and thus in a crystalline merkabic state.
The mind is clear, the body is robust, and therefore the body-mind-soul
trinity is in a rare state unified state of symmetry and thus clarity.
The akash elixir is an imperative ingredient in this process.
Without its abundant presence, the rebirthing would not be possible to all,
because the intensity of the telluric forces would be too great.
The akash is in greater abundance in the Grand Canyon than any other locale
on our planet.
It is, in fact, being generating in greater abundance now as our planet begins
its transformation.
It is generated through areas of tectonic stress, particularly around certain
volcanoes such as Mount Shasta and Hawaiis Kilauea.
But, nowhere is it generated in such quantity and held so purely in place, as
occurs in the canyon.
This essence is extremely beneficial to the human EMF and emotional and
mental components.
It aids in synergizing them into perfect symmetry and balance.
A very rare, aligned state of well-being occurs, as such.