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33Dan tolong-

kamu dalam
(mengerjakan) rasa

Penggalangan dana
kebajikan dan kemanusi
takwa, dan aan kita
jangan tolong- Stop pertumpahan
menolong dalam
berbuat dosa
Dan bertakwalah
kamu kepada
tact person :

Cp : 085229573322(lailatul
azizah sy)
Key Offerings
Dont be shy! Show them how fabulous
you are. List or summarize key points
here about what you do. And heres one
more tip for the road
Your company is the
greatest. I cant imagine
Key Clients
anyone living without you.
You might want to mention a few of your
- Very smart customer
most impressive clients here:

Big, important company

Really well-known company

Very impressive company

Make It Yours Contact Us

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benefits at left and a brief client success
Customize in Almost No Time story or some of those glowing testimonials
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