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32 Torque Converter Quick Data Index —Bushing 32.3 —Code letier 32.2 —Draining 22.2 installing 32.3 Ol seal 32.3 32 Torque Converter cut free end of drain hose at an angle — place canverter in sloping position squesze plastic bottle and hold while Inserting free end of drain hose into converter hub “end of hose must rest on bottom of ‘converter ~ release plastic bottle so that ATF starts deaining — loosen bottle cap so fluid can siphon Fig, 1 Converter code letter D-upte butd date 2/27/81 2-9/8 to 7/85, H-trom vas: Note ‘Torque converter with code fetter Z has ‘a modified impelter and turbine vanes and can be installed in earlie vehicles, Fig, 3 Converter oil see hub, checking a \ check that chamfer for oil sal is rounded at front cover hub bore in converter remove sharp edges and burrs with fine emary cloth ~ do not damage surface where oil seal contacts hub mn \ check hub (arrow) for scoring fram oil \ Note ‘Torque converter bushing can be replaced ‘separately. If torque converter assembly is defective, replace complete unit Fig. 2 Torque converter, deaining attach small inside diameter hose, about 8mrs (5/16 in.) outside diameter, to plastic bottle of about 2 liter (2 at ) ‘capacity ‘hose connection and cap must be alr ight BQ. ceonererassabi Torque Converter 32 Fis:4 Converter bushing, checking Fig. 6 Comerter bushing, nstaling tea i lameter 3.25 mm (1.9480 = press bushing in until eoates out ot round man, O03 mim { 0.001) ‘AUTION om ol | ‘When installed, bushing must have inside ||} thveadee nos lameter of 34,03-38.06 mi (1.340-1.341 in) It pushing la tee tna eintum inci ut oP ‘iamote it ey elozo, pe Arter Insalng bushing, check edge of ” E Converter nub for bur he a It vw aot Hus 401 or volced to103 rly 4 Ty Bushing 3 it Lock Nut conver <7 Vctsing us asa ea Fig, § Converter bushing, removing Fig. 7 Converter oi seal, removing — pry damaged seal out, carefully clean seal tor seal Staten 32.3 32 Torque Converter Fig. 8 Converter oll saat, Installing — dip seal in ATF and drive in as far as it will. go ‘CAUTION Be carelul when installing silicone seal. Seal is soft and can be easily damaged. Silicone seals must not contact gasoline or Similar cleaning solutions ‘Convertor assembly, installing * betore installing converter, pump shalt must be inserted fully into pump splines, — place converter carefully on one-way ‘clutch support * do not tilt or misalign converter —angage splines by turning converter back and forth 32.4 crscsinsating