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C•CURE 9000 v1.93
Security and Event Management System


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Executive Brief │ C•CURE 9000 v1.93 is an exciting milestone for our security and

event management platform. The strengths of the C•CURE 9000 have always been

its standards-based architecture, industry-leading encryption and data security, and

customizable interface. This version adds key functionality in the management of

areas, and in the ability to customize personnel fields. At the same time, the addition

of basic reporting and other improvements to the C•CURE 9000 Web Client simplify

customers’ ability to access their system from any computer. In short, we’ve provided

C•CURE 9000 customers with highly-anticipated functionality, and compelling

migration opportunities for C•CURE 800/8000 customers wishing to transition to

C•CURE 9000.

com . With these new features. whether intentional or not. an 2│www. On the other hand. and unauthorized entry is prevented. With an unlimited number of custom views which can be assigned by role or personnel type. they also need to make sure they’re not exceeding maximum occupancy levels in heavily populated areas (like conference rooms.). and all clearance levels (doors and locations they are allowed to access). Not everyone belongs in every location. Create an unlimited number of custom Personnel Views using the easy drag/drop tool Personnel records contain information about people who have access to a particular facility or facilities within an organization. etc. occupancy levels are maintained. a customer will have tighter control over what groups of personnel may enter restricted areas and prevent potentially disastrous situations from occurring. You may have a customer in the government or healthcare sector that has highly-classified areas within their facility.swhouse. personnel type.Security and Event Management System Key Features Ensure maximum and minimum occupancy levels are enforced with Occupancy Restrictions and N Man Rule Create an unlimited number of custom Personnel Views using the easy drag/drop tool Enhance security by requiring monitoring station operators to confirm their credentials before manual activation of critical events Use dynamic Clearance Filters to automatically modify access rights of all personnel based on a change in threat level Create your own personnel data fields to capture information specific to your environment Customize LCD messages on RM readers New simplified software licensing process New intuitive reports in C•CURE 9000 Web Client Supports iSTAR Edge four-door IP door controller Supports C•CURE Mobile upgrades Ensure maximum and minimum occupancy levels are enforced with N Man Rule and Occupancy Restrictions Let’s face it. access credentials. This eliminates any chance of “wrongdoing”. visitor centers. you can tailor what information is displayed and how it looks to each user. Minimum and maximum occupancy level features in C•CURE 9000 make it easy to comply. it is critical to ensure that information is protected or to minimize the risk of exposure to potentially harmful materials. There are offices or rooms in a customer’s facility that need some extra “babysitting”. Benefit Controlling area access is about ensuring that confidential areas are kept protected. cafeterias. For those rooms. users can make sure each person has to have a partner when they enter. For example. The information may include their photo.

S/he will only be able to view specified employee or visitor information when on duty. and obtaining the information for unauthorized use. and one for . can be detrimental to security. Using manual actions.Security and Event Management System administrator may need to see a unique view based on personnel type: one for contractors. It gives administrators control over who sees what information based on privileges within the company. one for employees. the guard can automatically lock down all of the facilities secured by C•CURE 9000. 3│www. and visitors. particularly in emergency situations. to ensure that only authorized personnel have the ability to execute this powerful feature. Benefit Customizing personnel views allows administrators to limit access to classified personnel data and to create custom views to facilitate efficient data entry. That is obviously a very powerful feature and one that. if misused. contractors. for example. Take.swhouse. unauthorized execution of these events is virtually eliminated. this very dramatic situation: A guard is notified that a gunman has been spotted on campus at University X. This prevents users from viewing classified information about employees. Conversely. Benefit Since the guard must authenticate credential information when manually activating events. they are now prompted to reenter credential information for verification. So. Additionally. a guard may only be privy to limited personnel information. this enforces operator accountability. Enhance security by requiring monitoring station operators to confirm their credentials before manually activating critical events Manually activating an event can sometimes be extremely important.

or as the result of a specific event (the lab technician presses a . airports. 4│www. For example. This ensures that only those people assigned to a particular area are allowed access. which means only those personnel who have a clearance filter of “3” or higher will be permitted access. Clearance filters allow customers to assign a clearance filter number to personnel which must match or be greater than the clearance number of the protected area. the reader that secures the room has a clearance filter number of “1” and each person with a clearance filter number “1” or greater on his/her access card can gain access. and bio- hazardous laboratory where preparedness for emergency situations is critical.Security and Event Management System Use dynamic Clearance Filters to automatically modify access rights of all personnel based on a change in threat level For many corporate and government customers.m.5:00 p. a first floor laboratory may be accessible to all pharmaceutical personnel during normal operating hours. . the clearance filter on the reader can be automatically changed to a “3”.m. it is critical to be able to dynamically change clearance levels based on changes in threat level or other emergency situations. during normal operating hours). however. In the event of a hazardous spill. indicating that a hazardous spill has occurred). During this time.swhouse. The changing of the clearance numbers can be configured to occur at predetermined times (such as from 9:00 a. Benefit Assigning clearance filters to personnel is a powerful tool in applications like government.

For example. University X Medical School students have a special pass that allows them access to the main parking lot and three satellite lots. 5│www. as well as enabling them to find and/or process information more . Benefit Customized fields give customers a unique feel to their system.Security and Event Management System Create your own personnel data fields to capture information specific to your environment Every company has information that is specific to its operation.swhouse. The administrator can add a field called “Parking Pass Number” to the personnel records for those students authorized to enter the lots. an administrator can specify the type of field and customize the label for each field that is specific to his/her application. In C•CURE 9000 v1.93. especially related to its security procedures.

6│www. The license information for both temporary and permanent licenses is delivered in single.swhouse. Benefit Previously. Now.93 require that you install a new permanent . intercom and other rd 3 party system integration options. in the form of a compact file. These files eliminate typing errors and enable customers to perform license upgrades themselves. time display. intrusion. is delivered via email only – no faxes or phone distribution. encrypted files that are directly imported into the C•CURE 9000 license application. they come with a pre-installed 60-day temporary license that is activated upon startup). not when it leaves our factory. users can configure each apC and/or iSTAR controller with sets of customized text along with date order and time display. License information. We ask for an email address specifically for license information at the time of order. Specifically: The temporary license period of 60 days starts when the software is installed. New simplified software licensing process We’ve improved the way our C•CURE 9000 security and event management software is licensed.m. New intuitive reports in C•CURE 9000 Web Client C•CURE 9000 Web Client has been updated to include the ability to quickly extract information from the journal and/or audit log to provide basic reporting functionality. date order of MM/DD/YY and a 12-hour a.m. (Note: C•CURE 9000 SiteServers do not require an email address for the initial order. Benefit These important licensing changes will make the C•CURE 9000 licensing process quicker and more efficient. / p. without requiring a separate call-back visit. temporary software on a new computer and start a new 60-day temporary license period. You may want to consider setting up a separate email address for license information. Should you experience any technical issues on the original computer. this also allows you to re-install the original. so that a direct permanent license can be obtained.Security and Event Management System Customize LCD messages on RM Readers Users can now configure RM readers to show customized messages on the LCD. A utility is available to determine the new “Host ID” of the computer before the upgrade. All C•CURE 9000 and C•CURE 9000 SiteServer upgrades to version 1. This prevents any issues on a job site when the software is installed after the temporary period has expired. fire.S. You no longer have to re-start the C•CURE 9000 driver in order to activate video. apC and iSTAR controllers had a limited canned set of English language text that was used to display such messages as “PRESENT CARD” or “ACCESS GRANTED” along with U. and for the permanent license.

5W provided at the controller) will normally provide enough power for four readers and two locks (each door having an entry and exit reader). train. The following new features enhance user experience and offer additional security for any of these offsite locations: Display date/time of expiration of cardholder credentials Secure communication between C•CURE 9000 and the C•CURE Mobile device with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption Set privilege levels based on user role within the organization Reads bar code card format 7│www. at specified mustering points in emergency situations. Supporting four doors now allows customers to further reduce cabling costs while adding two doors.swhouse.Security and Event Management System Benefit You can now remotely create a permanent history of who went where and at what time from any remote location. Please note that PoE Plus (25. C•CURE Mobile offers customers this option. boat. Support for iSTAR Edge four-door IP door controller A new version of the iSTAR Edge now supports up to four readers. especially when using Power over Ethernet (PoE). The controller is easily expanded to support the additional readers through the RM bus. Benefit iSTAR Edge can greatly reduce customers’ cabling costs by allowing them to leverage existing network infrastructure. or simply at a temporary entrance . but will not have enough power to support four doors and four locks – you will have to use local 12V or 24V local power. Please consult the power calculation spreadsheet on the Member Center to determine your exact power requirements. Supports C•CURE Mobile upgrades Oftentimes it’s necessary for a company to verify its employees’ identities at offsite locations such as on a bus.

decide who sees what information User-Defined Fields – customize data fields for a more unique customer experience RM LCD Messages – display reader messages that are specific to an organization Easier software licensing. This will provide them with the ability to customize the system for specific organizational requirements. Users can view and customize personnel data within C•CURE 9000 more efficiently. Personnel Views – depending on privileges. For a complete comparison of features between C•CURE 800/8000 and C•CURE 9000 click here. These features include Occupancy Restrictions.Security and Event Management System Key Selling Points Additional security features offer tighter control of who goes where and . 8│www. and Clearance Filters. customers can control who goes where and when. More ways to view and customize the system. The new access control features in this release provide continued support for existing C•CURE 9000 customers but also present a compelling case for C•CURE 800/8000 customers considering a transition to C•CURE 9000. Below are a few ways in which data can be customized.swhouse. More solid migration path for C•CURE 800/8000 customers. creating a more secure environment for employees and enhanced safeguarding of confidential information. With more ways to control area access. N Man Rule. The new C•CURE 9000 licensing process is easier to navigate and gets customers up and running in a very short amount of time.

Actual products may vary from photos. Not all products include all features.  Datasheets o C•CURE 9000 o C•CURE Web Client o iSTAR Edge o C•CURE Mobile  Architectural and Engineering Specifications  Installation Guides and User Manuals For additional product information. and are used with permission or allowed under applicable . are the property of their respective owners.Security and Event Management System Available Documentation English versions of the following documents are available on www. including pursuit of criminal prosecution wherever necessary. Rick Focke Product Manager 978.4266 (Direct) 978. and its respective companies. Any misuse of the trademarks is strictly prohibited and Tyco International Ltd. All trademarks not owned by Tyco International Ltd. Product offerings and specifications are subject to change without notice.4000 (Main) SH0163-SG-201006-R01-LT-EN 9│www.577. logos. and service marks displayed on this document are registered in the United States [or other countries]. contact your sales representative.577.swhouse. © 2010 Tyco International Ltd. please contact the product manager listed The trademarks. will aggressively enforce its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law. All rights reserved. Availability varies by region.