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International Certicates- AAOIFI

Certied Islamic Professional

Accountant (CIPA)

Training Program to get CIPA, the International Certificate

issued by AAOIFI e-mail:

Certied Islamic Professional Accountant (CIPA)
Introduction Candidates
CIPA certicate is issued by from Accounting and - Professionals and executives who are currently
Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institu- involved, or with interests, in accounting, auditing,
tions (AAOIFI) which is an international autono- and nance, especially for the international Islamic
mous not-for-prot organization responsible for banking and nance industry.
developing accounting, auditing, ethics, gover- - Auditing and Accounting companies which audit
nance, and Sharia standards for the international and sign the nancial statements for the Islamic
Islamic banking and nance industry. It is sup- nancial institutions.
ported by over 200 institutional members from - Central banks employees and all supervisory insti-
more than 45 countries. It has its corporate oce tutions which monitor Islamic nancial Institutions.
in Kingdom of Bahrain.

Objectives Trainer
Through the CIPA program, candidates will gain - Minhaj Training Center depends on AAOIFIs
advanced knowledge on:
- Objectives and concepts of nancial accounting for accredited trainers to provide its certicates;
international Islamic banks and nancial institu- - Trainers have the necessary academic & practical
tions. background in the Islamic nance eld, to insure
- Accounting rules and treatments for international that the trainees cover their needs in both sides.
Islamic banking and nance transactions.
- General presentation and disclosure for nancial
statements of international Islamic banks and nan-
cial institutions.
- Application of Sharia for international Islamic bank-
ing and nance products and services.
- Eective governance and Sharia compliance struc-
tures in international Islamic banks and nancial

Program Content Program Details

CIPA program consists of two books: - Language : English
- The rst one is the Sharia Standards. (Arabic program is available also)
- The other is the Accounting Standards.
both cover technical subjects that are essential to - Hours : 36 hours
accountancy for international Islamic banks and - Days : 6 Days
nancial institutions.
- Certicate : Issued by AAOIFI
- Notes : Please nd the full program on
Minhaj website (upcomming
course Registration & costs).

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