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Goal Area: Career: Employment Plan

SMART Goal Upgrade my schools music department and be able to boost its students
talent at the same time by planning a month-long music festival, called
Strangers in Paradise, composed of a series of competition.
Outcome/Resu Gain experience in planning/creating a campaign which I can use and refer
lts to in future campaigning endeavors.
Action and Action steps Timeline
Time Line
1. Create a proposal At most 2 weeks
a. Research
b. Planning
c. Encoding
d. Estimate budget for campaign/festival
period including promotion period

2. Present proposal to school At most 1 week

administration, faculty
a. Get approval (At most 5 days)
b. Revise proposal if necessary
At most 2 weeks
3. Look/meet sponsors
At most one week
4. If approved, start dissemination of before event
information stage (promotion period)
a. Create/layout advertisement materials
(print ads: flyers, posters, tarpaulin)
b. Print materials
c. Post posters, tarpaulins
d. Handover flyers
e. Create Facebook page

5. Campaign/Festival proper
a. Dont Forget the Lyrics A contest 1 month
which will test the knowledge about a. Week 1 (1
song lyrics night)
b. The Sing-Off: Awit Namin, Tulong Para
sa Inyo A contest for acapella b. Week 2 (1
groups. There will be tickets sold. night)
Proceeds will go to a charity
c. Perfect Rhythm The schools
version of battle of the bands
d. True Talent: The Search for the True c. Week 3 (1
Talented Superstar A singing contest night)
for students d. Week 4 (1

Support 1. The students

Network 2. Music enthusiasts
3. Music department
4. Family

Obstacles 1. Busy schedule of students

2. Other events which may coincide with the campaign/festival
3. No one might be interested
Adjustments The need to research and establish connections in and out of the venue for
easier planning which may also come in handy for future
campaigning/planning endeavors.