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Surf Scoter 22 Cruiser

It has been over 20 years now since we first

conceived of and built the first of our venerable Surf
Brass Nautical Lamps Scoter 22 vessels and it was high time that we sat
Customer-Built Boats down to the drafting table, put the thinking cap on,
Gift Certificates and re-think and re-conceive the design. Many things Your cart is empty.
Books & Videos have changed over the years and in todays world it's
almost impossible to buy a 2 stroke outboard engine.
Logo Merchandise
The 4 cycle outboards have taken over the market
Boat Building Supplies
and brief forays into small diesel inboards and larger
Pre-Loved Devlin Boats
diesel Stern drives have all come and gone. What
Boat Study & Construction
makes the most sense in todays market, with the cost
of everything boat related in the far stratosphere
Boats under 20 feet price-wise, is to use the wonderfully quiet, smooth
Boats 20 to 25 feet running, and efficient 4 cycle outboards that are so
Lichen readily available these days. Mounting them on the
Specifications transom makes the most sense and this gives a
Curlew 20
Length: 22ft 8-13/16in cockpit that has the space to accommodate
Sea Bug 20 6,930mm everything in use from the fisherman to the long
Bullfrog 20 Beam: 8ft 2in distance cruiser.
Marsh Wren 2,489mm In addition to updating our traditional Pilothouse
Millie Hill 20 Draft: 1ft 6in model, we have produced a cruiser model with a
457mm stretched Pilothouse with a neat enclosed head so
Scout 20
Displacement: 4,290lbs that those skippers amongst us that desire our first
Fairhaven Flyer 20 mates to come along on our cruising adventures will
Song Wren 21 be equipped to keep them comfortable and
Power: Outboard motor
agreeable! There is still plenty of room for a galley,
Chinook 21 Hull type: Semi-displacement helm and co-helm seats in the pilothouse with 6-4
Little Cod 21 headroom. Under the foredeck, you'll find sitting
Archimedes 22 Related boat designs: headroom in the port and starboard berths and with a
filler plugged into the middle, a huge double berth can
River Crawler 22 Surf Scoter 22 Pilot be made up.
This new model is quite a bit wider than the older
Arctic Tern
version and the resulting stability will be appreciated
Dunlin 22 Cruiser by all. With a 90 hp outboard on the stern, the top
Dunlin 22 Pilot speed is 26mph and a cruising speed of 18 mph is
quiet and economical with a fuel burn of less than 4
Godzilla 22
gph at speed.
Sea Chaser
The plans are complete for both professional and
Surf Scoter 22 Cruiser
home builders and we offer them in
Surf Scoter 22 Pilot both measurement formats - American and for our
Mud Dauber 23 International customers, Metric. We are very pleased
Pelicano 23
to have had the chance to revisit this old concept,
throw a couple of new ideas at it and we hope that
Curlew 24 Sailboat you will love the result as much as we do! -- Sam
Sooty Tern Devlin
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Gannet 25
Shandy 25: Catboat
Godzilla 25
Surf Runner 25
Surf Scoter 22 Cruiser Surf Scoter 22 Cruiser Surf Scoter 22 Cruiser
Blue Blazer 25
Downloadable Study Plans Paper Construction Plans Downloadable Construction
Boats 26 to 31 feet (American/Metric) (American or Metric) Plans (Metric)
Boats 32 feet and over Price: $5.00 Price: $245.00 Price: $215.00

Quantity: 1 Quantity: 1

-- Pilot House Cruiser --

22ft 8-5/8in x 8ft 1-1/2in
-- Pilot House Cruiser -- 6.59m x 2.39m -- Pilot House Cruiser --
22ft 8-5/8in x 8ft 1-1/2in 22ft 8-5/8in x 8ft 1-1/2in
6.59m x 2.39m 6.59m x 2.39m

Surf Scoter 22 Cruiser

Downloadable Construction
Plans (American)
Price: $215.00

Quantity: 1

-- Pilot House Cruiser --

22ft 8-5/8in x 8ft 1-1/2in
6.59m x 2.39m

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Devlin Designing Boat Builders - Surf Scoter 22 Cruiser

Devlin Designing Boat Builders (360) 866-0164

3010 37th Ave. S.W. Email Sam Devlin
Tumwater, WA. 98512

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