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Monologue sample - 'Girls',

by Theresa Ikoko
by Theresa Ikoko

Based on a true event in recent

history, Girls describes the plight of three of the girls abducted and enslaved
by a terrorist organisation in northern Nigeria. Exploring enduring friendship,
girlhood and the stories behind the headlines that quickly become yesterdays
news, Theresa Ikokos funny and fiercely passionate play is a Verity Bargate
Award finalist and winner of the Alfred Fagon Award (2015) and George Devine
Award (2016). Girls received its world premiere at HighTide Theatre Festival
2016 on 8 September 2016 in a production by HighTide, Soho Theatre and

Tisana stares in the mirror. For a while.

She looks for something to do. She considers picking bugs out of the garri.
It is not her turn, so she doesnt. She picks something up from the floor. She speaks
into it like a microphone.
Tisana (with a finger in her ear, mimicking an American news reporter) Thank you,
Phillip. I am all the way in this beautiful, exotic location . . . Here with Mr and Mrs
Danja, the parents of the now famous, Tisana. Mr Danja, you must be so proud of
your daughter.
She gets into the role-play. She becomes increasingly excited and carried away by it.
She flinches every time she is reminded of the pain she is in. She adopts her fathers
(Mimicking her dad.) Mercy, I cant even describe how I feel, proud does not even
cut it. When she was returned to us, I thought I could not be happier, but to hear the
stories from other girls, to read their letters of thanks, telling how Tisana was brave
and stuck to her convictions, how she would pray for them and recite the quotes she
had memorised from the Bible. My daughter, the martyr, the living martyr.
She shakes off her dad. She becomes the reporter.
(Mimicking the reporter.) And Mrs Danja, how do you feel to have her home?
She stuffs some of the rags in her top. She gives herself large breasts.
(Mimicking her mum.) She has always been my favourite child. I know a mother
shouldnt say such things, but its true. Ever since she was little, she has always been
very obedient . . . very well-behaved. And very beautiful . . . so beautiful. People
didnt see how pretty she was before, but since she has been home, everybody now
agrees that she is, in fact, the prettiest girl in town . . . maybe even in the country.
She rips out the stuffing in her top. She sticks a finger in her ear. She listens intently.
(Mimicking the reporter.) Mrs Danja, Im getting some news coming in on my ear
piece, hold on . . . Yes . . . yes, I can indeed confirm, that the data is in, and Tisana is
in fact, officially, the prettiest girl on the continent. Congratulations.
She opens her mouth wide and echoes a whispered ahhhh, to imitate the sound of
a cheering crowd.
She stuffs rags down the left side of her top. She turns to her right.
(Mimicking her mum.) Excellent. She turns to her left.
(Mimicking her dad.) Excellent.
She turns to the front and pulls out the rags. (Mimicking the reporter.) Excellent.

Girls is currently in production. For full details, visit the Soho Theatre website.
Girls is available for purchase here at 10% off the R.R.P.

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