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Persuasive Speech COM115


1. To allow students to demonstrate the culmination of their learned organization and delivery skills
2. To provide students with the opportunity to persuade the class into taking a specific action
3. To allow students to discern the most appropriate organizational pattern for their call-to-action criterion

Speech Details

This assignment finally gives you a chance to persuade your audience! This presentation will be 6-8 minutes long
and will let you argue passionately for your favorite cause. The goal of your persuasive speech will be to convince
audience members to take action. You want them to donate their time, money, or efforts to your cause.

There are different organizational patterns for different types of persuasive speaking. This presentation is meant to
improve your ability to make and evaluate arguments. You must have at least 4 sources for this presentation that
incorporate many types of valid evidence, including examples, statistics, testimony, etc. Let logic and solid
reasoning guide your presentation making sure to avoid fallacies.

Organizational Guidelines:

Speech must have an introduction, body, and conclusion

An organizational pattern must be indicated on the outline
Plan to speak from brief notes not a word-for-word manuscript
o This is called extemporaneous delivery
o Eye contact is vital for successful presentations
Speech must be grounded in logic but appeal emotionally to audience
Practice your speech several times before presentation day.
o You should know your time and get a feel for the flow of your speech.
o Time and eye contact are very important elements of memorable presentations.
The speech must be 6-8 minutes, with 10 seconds forgiveness either side.
A minimum of 4 sources need to be included and orally cited (use either MLA or APA citation style)
A Visual Aid is required

Speech Day Guidelines:

Wear clothing appropriate for your audience and occasion. You will be standing.
Turn in typed outlines the day you present.
A Visual Aid IS REQUIRED for this speech. Prepare it before the start of class
o If it is a digital file, have it saved in MULTIPLE locations (flash drive, e-mail, student drive) and make sure
the format is compatible with software in the classroom.

Jodie Bowers
Persuasive Speech COM115

Evaluation Rubric
Speaker: Day/Section:
Topic/Title: Date:


Introduced Topic Clearly (5) Prep. Outline Content (5)
Established Credibility/Ethos (5) Prep. Outline Format(5)
Previewed Body of Speech (5) Speaking Outline Content(5)
Gained Attention (5) Speaking Outline Format (5)
Bibliography (5)
BODY /45
Organizational pattern clear (5)
Main Points Clear (5)
Content is relevant/worthwhile/appropriate (5)
Desired audience action is clear (10)
Effective Transitions (5)
Included strong and diverse sources (5)
Great Job! You nailed it!
Content Clearly/Equally Covered (5)
Oral Citations: (5)

Summarized Speech (5)
Strong Concluding Remarks (5)


Preparation Evident (5)
Smooth integration into Presentation (5)

DELIVERY /45 Pay more attention to:

Eye Contact (10)
Body Language (5)
Vocal Projection/Variety (10)
Articulated Words Clearly (5)
Extemporaneously Delivered (10)
Delivered within 6-8 minutes: (5)


Appeared Prepared (5)
Appeared Committed to Topic (5)
Included Persuasive Message (10)
Connected to Audience (5)
Demonstrated logical (logos) appeal (5)
Demonstrated emotional (pathos) appeal (5)
Adapted message and content to audience (5)
Met Assignment Goals (5)
Additional Comments:

Total /200

Jodie Bowers