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Extended Financial & Capacity Planning

Get More Flexibility in Your Portfolio Planning Process

A PLM/PPM Consulting Solution Public

Extended Financial & Capacity Planning
The PPM Consulting Solution Extended Financial & Capacity Planning helps you
optimizing your planning steps during your annual portfolio planning and budgeting
The solution provides you extended features, such as simultaneous planning of
financial and capacity figures, on one screen and for multiple objects at a time, as
well as flexible adjustments to your planning window and period breakdown, and
extended integration features with MS Excel.
Extended Financial & Capacity Planning

Our Service
An implementation-ready Solution
Implementation of the Solution
Documentation of the Solution
6 Months of Bug fixing
Optional Online Scoping Session and/or Presentation at Customer
Extended Financial & Capacity Planning
Securing your customized planning processes

Define Plan & Approve Plan & Release Confirm Monitor

Requirements Portfolio Items Projects Tasks & Work Portfolio Execution

Access an integrated view on both planning aspects in one single planning screen
Perform simultaneous planning on multiple portfolio objects at a time
Handle and adjust your planning window as well as period breakdown flexibly, at runtime
Re-plan your portfolio objects: Shift, copy planning figures, etc.
Add comments with regard to planning actions etc. to single planning rows or even figures
Download and/or upload your planning figures to and from MS Excel

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Feature List in Detail
Some examples that illustrate your various re-planning needs

Multi year as well as detailed in-year planning possibilities by using flexible period break-
downs, switchable at run-time
Planning of financial and capacity figures on one single screen, providing extended
features to derive planning rates based upon your planning attributes
Planning for multiple portfolio objects, also with regard to different object types, such as
initiative and assigned items, items and assigned versions, etc.
Various validation and data consistency checks of all planning attributes and figures,
across the entire planning screen (time frame, maximum figures, dependencies,
authorizations, more criteria on request)
Additional calculations at run-time, such as ETC calculation, delta between plan and actual
figures, etc.
Flexible design of the entire planning layout (e.g. hierarchical, flat list, with or without
Flexible number of hierarchy levels, even depending on your own planning attributes (e.g.
organizational unit)
Flexible re-planning using planning tools such as copy functions of individual planning
rows, shifting, upload
Add more features easily, as the solution can be extended per your request

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Financial Planning on a Monthly Basis
Multi year planning; switching between a yearly/quarterly/monthly break-
down enabled at run-time

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Integrated Financial & Capacity Planning
Simultaneous planning, custom specific planning attributes

Plan capacity as well as financial figures per planning row in one step, simultaneously
Evaluate person days with respective cost rates, derived from e.g. delivering organizational
units, and reflected instantly within financial planning (no need to flip planning screens
Define your own planning attributes, and leverage them in setting up your own, specialized
planning hierarchies
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Simultaneous Planning on Multiple Portfolio Objects

Select multiple planning objects to be planned in one go

Pre-selection can be done from within respective dashboards
Planning time frame adjusts automatically with regard to individual start/finish dates of the
respective objects (ready for input vs. read-only)
A mixture of different objects is supported (e.g. initiative plus assigned items)
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Run as Stand-alone Application

Calling the solution in a stand-alone fashion is possible, providing its own selection screen
Possibility to pre-filter relevant objects, prior to starting the data selection, and thus
improving the overall performance on a massive multi object use case scenario
User specific pre-filters are saved individually, enabling a personalized user experience
when starting the application again the next time
The current design of the application allows to edit large planning matrixes, with more than
1000 rows and 60 columns, at a reasonable run time

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Add Comments to Your Planning

Each planning figure can be commented individually, on a period by period level

Comments are flagged with respective time stamp and user information, enabling later
analysis of historic re-planning activities
Overall comments are possible as well (e.g. per planning row)
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Versions Repository

Ver. 1.0 (2008 on RPM 4.0): Mining, South Africa

Planning screen available as stand-alone application
Foundations for financial planning, performance considerations, portfolio item based
Ver. 2.0 (2009 on RPM 4.5): Oil & Gas Provider, Nordics
Extended to also include capacity planning, portfolio item based
Multi element planning, access directly from within the dashboard

Ver. 3.0 (2010 on RPM 4.5): SAP IT, Germany

More planning objects (initiative, prep work to include buckets, integration into dynamic navigation)
ETC calculation, performance improvements

Ver. 4.01 (2011/12 on PPM 5.0): Car Manufacturer, Germany

Integrated financial and capacity planning on initiative or portfolio item
Enhanced flexibility on the planning screen, e.g. copy function for single planning rows

Ver. 4.02 (2011 on PPM 5.0): Nutrition, Switzerland

Shifting for multiple items within the capacity planning

Ver. 4.11 (2012 on PPM 5.0): Automotive Supplier, France and USA
Downport to RPM 4.5, and upload of capacity figures from an XLSX file

Ver. 4.12 (2013 on PPM 5.0): Water Supplier, Israel

Access from various dashboards, performance to allow more than 1000 portfolio items at a time

Ver. 5.0 (2014 on PPM 5.0): In Development

Re-design to move to FPM tables etc.

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Extended Financial & Capacity Planning
Get More Flexibility in Your Portfolio Planning Process

The consulting solution Extended Financial & Capacity Planning optimizes your planning activities by providing extended
features like integrated planning of financial and capacity figures, simultaneously on multiple objects, adjustments of
planning timeframe and breakdown and enhanced integration options to MS Excel.
Business Challenges Availability, Technical Details Contact
You want to plan financial and capacity figures simultaneously Available for SAP PPM 6.0 SAP Note: 1800165
You have to perform financial and/or capacity planning regularly on and SAP PPM 5.0
multiple portfolio objects at a time SAP Service No.: 50109202,
You want to comment your initial planning figures and subsequent Delivery via Transport Enhancement Services for SAP
deviations, respectively Application logic solely PPM
You want to extend your portfolio planning by tracking simulated implemented within customer
planning figures namespace
You need elaborated planning tools to ease your planning activities Contact:
Full documentation

Key Features
Financial & Capacity Planning on one single screen, simultaneously Related Services
across multiple portfolio objects Activity Task Creation
Flexible period breakdowns at run-time Easy Role / Resource Assignment
Flexible planning rate derivations, depending on your planning attributes
Various validation checks to guarantee planning consistency Integrated Cost Planning
Additional calculations within your planning (ETC, plan vs. actual, etc.) Subproject Creation
Flexible layout for your planning (hierarchy vs. flat list, aggregation)
Multiple hierarchy levels, also based upon your planning attributes
Planning tools like copy, shift

Business Benefits
Streamline your planning activities
Extended quality of your planning
Less effort in performing your planning activities
Increased fit to your individual requirements for portfolio planning
Cost reduction through optimized planning processes

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Contact Information

Tobias Glser
SAP Portfolio and Project
Management Consulting

SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG

Hasso-Plattner-Ring 7
69190 Walldorf, Germany

M +49 160 908 23181

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