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REALITY (du film « La Boum ») Paroles Musique Jeff Jordan Vladimir Cosma Tempo di Slow (J-72) G %. Ee /en: ae alo alo m Cm Bm B D7 G FF 1.Met you by sur-prise (D di dint re - a tise DIF you do ex - ist hho ney don't re - sist — wy alo Qn > a ‘That _my life would change ‘Saw you stand-ing there Show me a new way of Tell me that ee Cm BmT Em? AT op? (Di dint know fd care__ ‘There was some-thing spe- cial in the air ‘Show me what to do I feel some-thing spe- cial a - bout you =~ DREAMS. ARE MY RE - A-LI- TY the on- ly kind of real DREAMS ARE MY RE - A-LI- TY the on- ly kind of re 7 r f — oa BO -sy_—______ Il lu-sions are _a____ com mon thing 1 ty to___ live in dreams It May-be my foo-lish - ness is past and may-be—— now at last Til — > oR “be An? F bo G seems as___ if its meant DREAMS. ARE MY — RE - A-LI- ‘see how the real thing DREAMS. ARE MY RE - A a diff’ - rem kind of re a wond’-rous — world where Fi J. i c > oF Bm? Em? Am? ” 9 lov- ing in the night And ov - ing seems all right al - though it’s on- ly fan - ta - hhold-ing— you all night And hold - ing youseems right per - haps thats my @-a - ii - = i. \O js — Bm? Em? Am? Am? Do c G Opa ola eee CO Pagina 4 di4 100% leture