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March 6, 2017

Owusu Anane, an educator, coach and grassroots political organizer, will run for the 10th Ward Common
Council seat in the City of Albany. Mr. Anane, a graduate of the University at Albany with a degree in History,
is a Teaching Assistant at the Woodland Hill Montessori School and Assistant Football Coach at Albany High

Over the last few years, I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with the youth of our city, to see their
dreams and their hopes; unfortunately, City government is not meeting the needs of our youth or the preceding
generations. Many residents are looking to move to other communities and many neighborhoods are neglected
in favor of projects that only benefit our main thoroughfares. We need new ideas and an independent Common
Councilmember whose only commitment is to the people who elected them.

Mr. Anane is a 10th Ward Committeeperson in the Albany County Democratic Committee. He previously
served as a Session Assistant for US Representative Hakeem Jeffries when he was a member of the NYS
Assembly and worked for the New York State Senate for progressives such as Senator Kevin Parker and
former Senator Cecelia Tkaczyk.

Albany County Comptroller Mike Conners in endorsing Owusu Anane said, The City of Albany has a
lot of hard work ahead of it to find sound financial footing and to rejuvenate its neighborhoods; having a
Common Council member with the passion and work ethic of Owusu is a step in the right direction to bring
Albany back

Active in the community, Mr. Anane is a proud member of the Elks Lodge Fraternity #49, the Pinehills
Neighborhood Association, is a Minster of Hospitality for St. Vincent de Paul Church, and serves as Treasurer
for The Obama Democracy Club of Albany.

Albany City School Board Member Kenny Bruce shared, I have seen Owusus connection with our
students first-hand. He relates to them, understands them and has helped to inspire and motivate them. He is a
wonderful role model and example for our next generation. I am enthusiastically endorsing his candidacy.

I frequently walk through our neighborhoods and connect with our residents, and I am excited about the
things we can accomplish together. I have a positive vision for our neighborhood and for the direction of
Albany. I look forward to asking each and every citizen for their vote.