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Innovative Power Transmission

of G series
Innovative Gear in Power Plants Systems
RENK MAAG Turbo Gear of G Series

RENK MAAG Turbo Gears

In April 2007, the RENK MAAG

GmbH took over the turbo gear G
series from MAAG Gear AG. Turbo
gears have been manufactured by
MAAG for more than 90 years. The
rst turbo gears were designed with
straight teeth with a circumference
velocity of the teeth of more than
60 m/s. Already at that time the
teeth of pinion and wheel were case
hardened and ground. Later the
single helical teeth and the double
helical teeth were introduced, which
have proven their reliability till now.
The turbo gear technology has
continuously been improved and
rened in the past years. Nowadays
the G series is continued by RENK-
MAAG GmbH to the same extent
and can be regarded as completion
of the SG, GB, GN, GS series types.
The most modern technologies and
the latest knowledge gained in the The photograph shows a GD 72.5 HET applied for a power transmission of 75 MW with 99.2%
eld of gear cutting and bearings
as well as in terms of design and
manufacture are being taken into

The proven technology is reected

by the G series:
The philosophy of gear rating
Single helical teeth and double
helical teeth
Case hardened teeth
Ground teeth with required prole
corrections and end relief
Thrust collar with single helical

Assembly of a HET-High Efciency Turbo gear.

These gears are specically designed for power
generation and com-pressor drive markets. Power
loss is 50% lower than with a conventional gear. The
efciency of a GD-80, 90 kW gear unit is 99.4%.
New G Series
Ratio range from i to 10

Type Centre distance SG GB GS GN

Variable i 2.5-6.5 i 6.5 10 up to 2.5

G-13 12-14 GN
G-16 15-17 GB-16 GN-16
G-19 18-20 GB-18 GN-19
G-22 21-23 GB-22 GS-22 GN-22
G-25 24-26 GB-25 GS-25 GN-25
G-28 27-29 GB-28 GS-28 GN-28
G 32 30-33
30 33 SG-320
SG 320 GB-32
GB 32 GS-32
GS 32 GN-32
GN 32
G-36 34-37 SG-360 GB-36 GS-36 GN-36
G 40 38-42
38 42 SG-410
SG 410 GB-40
GB 40 GS-40
GS 40 GN-40
GN 40
G-45 43-47 SG-430 GB-45
G 48-52 SG-500
SG GB-50
GB GS-50
GS GN-50
G-56 53-59 GB-55
GB-60 GS-60 GN-60
G-63 60-66 SG-610
G-71 67-75
6 5 SG-710
SG 0 GS 0
GS-70 G
G-80 76-84 SG-800 GS-80 GN-80
G-90 85-94 GS-90 GN-90
G-100 95-104 GS-100 GN-100

Explanation of type designation:

For the turbo gears of G series
the following was introduced: G-80 Standard gear unit type with slide bearing and base centre
distance of 800 mm.
Fully automatic, computer The actual centre distance is determined on the basis of the
supported rating and design operating data.
Optimisation of centre distance
and face width GX-80 Standard gear unit type with slide bearing and thrust collar
Casing made of steel, welded and a base centredistance of 800 mm.
(increased axial rigidity) The actual centre distance is determined on the basis of the
Individually adjustable bearings operating data.
Separation from axial and radial
bearings GD-80 Standard gear unit type with slide bearing and double helical
No bearing brackets, adjustable teeth and a base centre distance of 800 mm.
bearing for tooth contact pat- The actual centre distance is determined on the basis of the
tern operating data.
4-lobe support for easy
alignment GD-80 HET Standard gear unit type with slide bearing and double
helical teeth and a base distance of 800 mm, with vacuum
technology to achieve extremely high efciency.
The actual centre distance is determined on the basis of the
operating data.

The single helical teeth of G series may also be designed with thrust collar.
Upon customers request the proven SG, GN, GS and GB turbo gears will
also be supplied in the future. Deliveries of spare parts for turbo gears of
former types supplied and still to be supplied will be guaranteed.
Assembly of a standard gear unit
type G, which is specically
designed for turbo-compression
and power generation applications G-100 gear box for rail traction Assembly of a special gear unit type
up to 140 MW. electricity generation transmitting G-36s, including HS-26 synchronous
20 MW at speeds of 2976/1000 rpm. clutch coupling, which is specically
designed for gas expander drive.

All transmissions are tested by experienced engineers on one of the two test
rigs equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

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Tel.: +41 (0) 52 262 89 88