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Meeting called to order at 6:41 pm.

Present: Gene Myers, Jessica Oginski, Robyn Weidemann, Jessica Kearns, Brenda Davie, Brianne
Earish, Mrs. Bryce-Hanson, Mr. Vitella.

Regrets: Marie Fulcher, Damie Oliver, Heather Ward, Carter Ward, Darcy Davis, Margaret Joyce.
Denise McGee, Nicole Myers, Karen Harrop.

Approval of agenda and last meetings minutes

Deferred as we do not have enough voting members in attendance.

Principals Report
We have jumped right in for the beginning of the year! House league started for European Hand
Ball at second nutrition break Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We have boys basketball and girls
basketball on Tuesday/Thursday. Floor hockey is on Monday and Wednesday during the first
nutrition break. We are getting ready for JK open house February 22. We are also getting ready for
report cards which are going home on February 13th. The Spitfires ticket orders went home. The
choir is singing before the game which is this Thursday night.
Vice-Principals Report
We have a Parent Volunteer coaching the senior boys basketball team. Thanks to Mr. Querbach!!
He will be coaching with Mrs. Gostenik. The school will be initiating a Talk to 10 initiative
because word of mouth is best advertising for JK program. We are encouraging everyone
associated with the school to talk to 10 people about all the great things happening at Hugh Beaton.
(Last year we did speech bubbles by current students around the school, we may do that again.)
Parent interviews will take place on February 16th (Thursday night). Question regarding Mindforce
competition date: April 8, 7:30am registration, 9:00 opening ceremonies. Question regarding
Hospice money that was raised? The leaders are planning to present the money to Hospice.
Money was raised by pajama day, sweater day, and candy cane day. Question regarding Grade 8
graduation, tickets etc.? Price not set yet, number of tickets per family will be similar to previous
Committee Reports
Finance Email sent out with bank balances for up to December 16, 2016. No questions for
Jessica O. Motions deferred as we do not have enough voting members

Fundraising Nothing.

Library (Gene for Margaret and Darcy) The next book fair is scheduled February 22nd during the
JK registration night. (In the package for JK registration there will be $5 in Beaton Bucks to be
spent that night only at the book fair.)

Education Nothing
Bingo Jessica K. Next Bingo is scheduled for February 11, Saturday daytime. So far just
Jessica K. and Heather W. are signed up to volunteer. Last Bingo went smoothly.

Athletic Nothing

Social (Gene for Denise) Denise is going to start the process of booking a swim day or night.
We want to rent the pool at the new YMCA at Central and Grand Marias. The cost is $60/hr plus
$20 per hour per lifeguard (three lifeguards can cover 45-80 kids). Spring Fling do we want to
stay at Caboto Club or check other venues? Denise is welcome to check other venues but chances
are it will remain at Caboto. Question whether we want to do anything for Valentines Day, e.g.,
candy-grams, maybe for charity? Usually those events are done through school (leadership, Grade
8s, etc.), not Council. Question about holding a movie night in the gym (or outside on projection
screen)? We have wanted to do another one but have had some issues with parents just dropping
kids off, can discuss when Denise is here.

Fun Fair Very brief meeting after this. Fun Fair is Friday June 2.

Home and School Nothing.

Chairs Report

February 13th to 17th is Staff Appreciation Week. Home and School will do snack on some days
and one lunch day. Grab bags and treats will be put in staff boxes during the week.

GEPIC News Next meeting is January 24th. Mental Health Seminar Series schedule was handed
out. The organizers do appreciate an RSVP so they can anticipate numbers. Gene will be sending
the flyer out soon as a notice. These mental health seminars are sponsored by GECPIC.

Old business Question regarding new JK registrations have we thought of creative ways to
entice new parents? Talk to 10 people about some of the great things about Beaton is one of
them. Activities at JK registration will be tied into the bag of goodies they get from the Board.
There will be a day that potential JK students can visit in March as well. Have we thought about
starting to Tweet messages regarding joining us at Hugh Beaton. Mr. Vitella we can do that. Can
we advertise like John Campbell? We are going to put a sign on Tecumseh Road about a week
ahead of time. Have we talked to the Board regarding other ways to advertise? Mr. Vitella word
of mouth and Talk to 10 is the big push. Will there be a February calendar? It will be coming
out with January newsletter. Also, the calendar on the website is now up to date and there is a push
for staff to use Edsby more. Brianne is happy to help with any of the advertising. Brianne
provided update regarding submitting OTG Total Capacity We have to have numbers in January
31. Mrs. Bryce-Hanson Room numbers have been updated. Brianne Can we have the French
classroom changed to reduce OTG capacity by 23 students to reduce our risk of closure? Mrs.
Bryce-Hanson this doesnt need to go through Home & School, shes never closed a classroom
and it would mean having it locked and not cleaned etc. Brianne other schools have closed
classrooms to change OTG numbers. French room is used 5 out of 6 periods. Brianne
Principals Fund from the Board? Numbers and past spending (e.g., curtains) was discussed.
Brianne How do we get Capital Funding for work? Usually Admin or the Ministry comes down.
Mrs. Bryce-Hanson we are not sure when the last time was they came down, usually during the
summer. She doesnt have much say unless there are significant identifiable problems. Brianne
Have we thought about doing a little free library? Mrs. Bryce-Hanson not sure if we could put it
on school property.

New Business We are preparing for JK registration well provide sundaes in the gym and
maybe a craft.

Reminder that we are looking for a new Chair for Home & School next year, Denise probably isnt
able to. Question regarding qualifications? (e.g., does the candidate need to have been previously
involved in H&S?) There are no bylaws regarding this but it is ideal if the person has been
involved in Home & School.

NEXT MEETING: Monday, February 13, 2017, 6:30pm. Finance starts @ 6pm
Meeting adjourned at 7:26 pm.

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