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SSCCGL2016 FLAT50% = [sscso]—fRtestoook Indian National Congress Sessions - GK Notes in PDF During the British rule, the Indian National Congress (INC) arose like a shiny ray of hope for India. With its very first meeting, it overshadowed all the other political associations established earlier to it. Gradually, Indians from all walks of life joined the INC and madeit the biggest political organization ofits time, Most exam Boards consider the Indian National Congress Sessions extremely noteworthy. This is mainly because these sessions played a great role in laying down the foundational stone of Indian polity. At the same time, INC sessions also led the course of many national movements as well as reforms in India. Consequently, the resolutions passed in the INC sessions reflected in the political reforms brought about by the British government in India. Although the INC went through a major split in 1907, its leaders reconciled on their differences soon after to give shape to the emerging face of Independent India. Here is a list ofall the Indian National Congress sessions along with important facts about them. This list will help you prepare better for SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, etc. Indian National Congress Sessions Given below is the list of Indian National Congress Sessions in chronological order. Apart from the locations of various sessions, make sure you also note important facts pertaining to them. Year | Location Tmportant facts session of INC 1885 |Bombay | President- W.C. Bonnerjee Lord Dufferin was the Viceroy of British India [Page B FASTEST WAY TO PREPARE 7 seg ~CURRENT AFFAIRS Kila IBPSPO 2016 ~— FLAT 40% Mtestoock i886 [Calcutta | President- Dadabhai Naoroji President: Badraddin Tyabji G* Muslim president of 1887 Madras INC) 1886 | Allahabad | President- George Vule G* English president of INC) 7889 [Bombay | President- Sir William Wedderburn 7890 | Caloutta | President- Pherozeshah Mehta i691 | Nagpur President- P. Ananda Charu 3592 _| Allahabad | President- Womesh Chandra Bonnarjes io [Lahore | President: Dadabhai Naoro 39q__| Madras | President: Alfred Webb 1895 | Poona President Surendranath Banerjes 7896 [Calcutta | President- Rahimtullah M. Sayani 1897 |Amraoti | President C. Sankaran Nair 1898 Madras President- Ananda Mohan Bose 99 [Lucknow | President Romesh Chunder Date igoo | Lahore President N.G. Chandavarkar ipoi|Caloutta | President: Dinshaw Eduljes Wacha 302 | Abmadabad | President- Surandranath Banarjes 3903 | Madras | President- Lal Mohan Ghosh i904 [Bombay | President- Sir Henry Cotton igog |Benares | President- Gopal Krishna Gokhale i068 [Caloutta | President: Dadabhai Naoro Congress splits into extremists and moderates 3907 |Surat Rash Behari Ghosh was the President 2grd Session continued 1908 |Madras | psesident- Rash Behari Ghosh i909 | Lahore President- Madan Mohan Malaviya 310 | Allahabad | President- Sir Wiliam Weddarburn Jana Gana mana was sang for the fist ime zo [Kolkata | esident- Bishan Narayan Dar 21 Pace RBIGRADEB 2016 “299 Matestoook SSCCGL2016 FLAT50% = [scs0.] Metestoock Toint session with Muslim league Lucknow pact 3916 | Lucknow President- Ambica Charan Mazumdar 3917 [Calcutta __| 1" women president of INC- Annie Besant Bombay | Twosessions ast President- Syed Hasan Imam 1gi8 92° | and Delhi _| ond President- Madan Mohan Malaviya 3919 [Amritsar _ | President- Motilal Nehru 3920 [Nagpur | President- C. Vijayaraghavachariar 3921 | Ahmedabad | Hakim Ajmal Khan (Acting President for CR. Das) aga | Gaya President- CR. Das 3924 [Belgaum | Mahatma Gandhi was the president of INC. 3925 [Kanpur | 1st Indian women president of INC- Sarojini Naidu. 3926 |Gauhati | President- 5. Srinivasa Iyengar 1927 [Madras __| President- WA. Ansari 1926 [Calcutta _|President- Motilal Nehru Resolution for Poona Swaraj or complete Independence 3929 | Lahore President- Jawaharlal Nehru. aggi [Karachi Prasident- Vallabbhai J. Patel i932 | Delhi President Ranchod Lal Amit Lal 3933 [Calcutta _ | President- Nellie Sen Gupta 1934 [Bombay | President- Rajendra Prasad 3956 [Lucknow | Prasident- Jawaharlal Nera 1937 |Falgpur | President: Jawaharlal Nera 1938 |Haripura | President- Subhash Chandra Bose 1939 |Tripuri__| President- Subhash Chandra Bose ip40|Ramgarh _ | President Abul Kalam Azad Last session before the Independence of India 1946 | Meerut President- Acharya J B Kripalini session after the Independence of India 1948 | Jaipur President was Dr. Pattabhi Sitaramayya FASTEST WAY TO PREPARE a ecg CURRENT AFFAIRS Kila IBPS PO 2016 LAT 40% Mtestoock We hope you find this article useful. Like this list of Indian National Congress Sessions, find out about other significant facts and notes to ace the GK section of any competitive exam. 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