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1 Defensive Lineman Pressure Package

I have been drawing in the dirt some of the possibilities of using a 1 DL front.

You can bring a field pressure that looks and feels like an overload pressure but is still
a 4 man rush with a 4 under 3 deep coverage behind it. The benefit of this pressure is
the Nickel should get a free run. The OT may fan to the outside Rush LB but is unlikely
to set all the way out to the Nickel.
This personnel also helps solve a fundamental boundary fire zone problem. In most
even front fire zone blitz concepts from the weak side or boundary the contain player to
the field is a looping 3 technique defensive tackle. In this pressure the field contain
player is a Rush LB aligned where a 9 technique defensive end would be normally. The
3 technique is a stand up Rush LB also and can easily handle a 3RH drop even
against a trips formation.
The B Gap overload concept (here from the boundary) that has been featured
previously is available from this personnel and with sound field contain.